President Obama thanks President Obama in teleprompter screw-up

by editor on March 18, 2009

“The president embarrassed America and showed the world just how stupid he really is last night.”

That’s how the media would have reported last night’s White House screw-up if President Bush were still in office. But we doubt that President Obama will receive the same harsh treatment.

Here’s what happened:

Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen was giving a speech when he realized he was repeating the same words President Obama had just read from the same teleprompter. Cowen stopped, turned to the president and said, “That’s your speech.”

Obama laughed. Oh, how he laughed. It was the laugh of a man who was thinking, “Damn, I’m glad that wasn’t me.”

Then he compounded the problem by walking up to the podium, staring into his trusty teleprompter and giving Cowen’s remarks instead of his own.

In the words of Fox News, “President Obama thanked President Obama for inviting everyone over.”

Joe Biden was once busted for stealing a British politician’s speech. But at least he was smart enough not do it right in front of the guy.

Source: Fox News

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haven’t we been told that ‘once’ something has been put on the internet, there’s no retrieving/stopping it – that it’ll always be somewhere ? guess the gov. [big brother] has technology their not sharing with us peons -maybe wikileaks can leak this – it could change the world – for the better.

Greg Zotta

They scrubbed the video from the internet. Only those who saved it would have it. I thought Glenn Beck showed it on his show and he does save and archives the videos. Someone with a Glenn Beck membership may be able to acquire it.


Alright, Harold, since you’re brilliant and truthful, where’s the video?


You’re so wrong about this accusation! Here’s a description of what REALLY happened: “Then it was Cowen’s turn, and he was in for a surprise. ‘We begin by welcoming today a strong friend of the United States,’ he said–then stopped in surprise as he realized he was reading President Obama’s speech off the teleprompter. ‘Why don’t these things work for me?’ he asked, as the crowd roared. ‘Thank you for having us. Who said these things were idiot-proof?’ Then he got his bearings and gave the same talk that he delivered in the East Room. When he ended, at 8:12, Obama stepped to the microphone and said, ‘First, I’d like to say thank you to President Obama…(much laughter). Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, everybody.’ Then we were escorted out. ”

He was JOKING. Is this site run by morons or liars, or both?!


So, random website on the internet, how would you like to see Obama improve? Say they release said video, you smear him all over the ‘nets, and the earth spins us back into the sun tomorrow. Feel better bud? Did you get it all out? How would you like Obama to do his job?


maybe the same guy who made the reset button for Hillary was working the camera.


Still no video has surfaced. Something smells fishy to me…


oc madam

of course you can’t find the clip. the media destroyed it…can’t have their golden boy on record making Bushisms


If anyone has a link to the actual video of the screwup, please post the link here and we’ll place it in. As of 6 AM PST, there is not one available yet.