Obama’s private golf outing renews tussle between White House, press corps over transparency. After all the things about Obama the press withheld before the election they have no room to talk about transparency.

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That’s the way John’s treat whores. Turn on the nice when they are needed, even might wine and dine them. But when the John is done using them they are treated like a used condom. Anyone see a parallel between the whores, condoms, and media-whores/condums?


Well, at least a used condom served a purpose.



Caution, this guy runs a little hot, so peruse the blog at your own peril and consider yourself warned. But the picture pretty well sums things up and I feel it was worth posting.

Porky Al Jimmydad

Do you people BELIEVE that crap about a private Golf trip? Dang, am I talking to a bunch of Democrat Kool Aid drinkers?

HOW does Obama work – how does he DO whatever he does? ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ – it always follows the same pattern. I’m sure that he got together with Tiger Woods – but what else was going on? This would have been a great PHOTO OP for Obama, but he turned it down. WHY? Nothing good is my guess – that’s why he was using Tiger Woods as a shield. You doubt what I’m saying? Go back and look at his schedule when he visited his Grandmother just before she died in Hawaii. He spent almost NO TIME with the woman who ended up raising him for a good part of his life, and then left to take care of some ‘special personal’ business. Granny was just ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ – he could have cared less if she croaked!

Progressive Hemrrhoid
Progressive Hemrrhoid

And I’m supposed to feel sorry for the Lame Stream Media in what way? They had better get used to not having unrestricted access to Bath Houses.


Really golf?? NO budget for 5 years, No upward move in unemployment,No answers on fast and ferious, No body of Osama, No ammo at bengazi,No trial at fort hood? BUT F*** me no video of THE KING PLAYIN GOLF!!!! Im so sorry i was wrong about the media that is absolutly the most outragous thing i ever heard. I hope they hang him out to dry. I was so concerned about his score i could not sleep!

AZ Dude

Could not have said it better, sir!


What’s the matter, MSM? Your sugar daddy cut you off from your crack? The crack you have your heads firmly planted? Jackasses!


The press corps (or is it press “corspe”?) are like a rich man who spoiled his new wife like a princess… and then wonders why she turned out to be such a demanding bitch.


Seriously?\They are complicit in this crap, now they want to whine about it?
F*** YOU!!!


Tussle between the press corp and the White House?

I’ve had overcooked Ramen noodles put up more of a fight than those press corp bastards have EVER given the WH!