Officer killed in shootout; fugitive ex-cop believed barricaded. The second officer is in critical condition. Someone’s done something, I’m watching the news now, the cabin is on fire, it’s quite a blaze. No one knows what else happened.

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The LAPD Chief said he was reopening the case of Dorner’s firing.
Sounds like they were trying to appease him, and of course, the standard deal where they will let him off to make nice will likely happen.

Big Al

Did they offer his job back? lol

barbiegirl ny

I hope they kill this son of a bit*h. The last thing we need is another Mumia Abu-Jamal, worshiped by the anal orifices on the left as a misunderstood hero. The thought of Dorner’s long, drawn out trial, and tax payer dollars to support his useless, hateful life is more than I can stand at the moment.