Olbermann’s ratings shrinking faster than glacier in global warming

by editor on March 13, 2009

Top 10 cable shows for March 10, 2009After several months of soaring ratings, the numbers have dipped a tad over at Fox News. But they’re not complaining, because the numbers are in absolute freefall at MSNBC.

Looks like the election of President Obama is the best news Fox News has heard in years.

The accompanying chart looks at the top 10 cable TV shows for Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Source: MediaBistro, Nielsen Media Research

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“Good night and good Luck.”


Olberman = Douchebag


Watching Oblerman and Maddow speak is like watching a smirking North Korean recording a propaganda film. Really, Fox can’t be blamed. It is just that Oblerman and Maddow are so very awful, so bigoted, so hateful and so Left wing. Oblerman plays the declining, bitter T.V. personality who has been a drag on every program he’s been on. Maddow plays the seething, sarcastic “educated” personality reporting through the myopic intellectual prism of being lesbian.

I think Jean Paul Sartre wrote the pilot: “Evil is the product of the ability of humans to make abstract that which is concrete.”


dab – I would occasionally watch {all} cable news during Clinton & Bush, but during this last election cycle I REALLY saw the bias when reading the Las Vegas Review-Journal, {excellent op-eds that validated the notion that most of the MSM had a decided liberal bent} so I decided to try an experiment.

I DVR’d all the main shows on MSNBC & FOX, and watched them all for about a month or so.

I soon noticed a common bent on both channels – MSNBC’s hosts/pundits were hateful and dismissive of other views whereas on FOX, they would use logic to refute other views.

Yes, I do notice when a host will get some pundit to espouse an extreme view/harsh criticism the host agrees with but can’t say on FOX, but MSNBC is so smarmy, I just can’t watch it!!!

FOX is the only one who will TRY to be fair and MSNBC shows have only paper tigers to rail against now – never questioning Obama after drilling Bush for every wrong, real or not!


ok I give up. I admit it I mainly watch fox but will flip to overman-mad-redux just to see what the libs are up to: and its always the same:bash bush,bash palin, bash fox,bash republicans,bash limbaugh, then interview some left wing teen age blogger no ones ever heard of or some lib errr “progressive” fish wrap hack that agrees with overman (“I’ve never been out of 30 rock or had an interview since espn”) blah,blah,blah. how much longer, now that msnbc has lost it’s GE cover before they just pull the plug on the whole mess?


Do You have any pull w/ ESPN? Can you get Chris Berman moved to MSNBC, so I longer have to watch him on ESPN ?


He burned his bridges there years ago. That’s the thing with Olby, when you look into his past, you will see a pattern of scortched earth when he does’nt get his way.