Olbermann’s ratings shrinking faster than glacier in global warming

by editor on March 13, 2009

Top 10 cable shows for March 10, 2009After several months of soaring ratings, the numbers have dipped a tad over at Fox News. But they’re not complaining, because the numbers are in absolute freefall at MSNBC.

Looks like the election of President Obama is the best news Fox News has heard in years.

The accompanying chart looks at the top 10 cable TV shows for Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Source: MediaBistro, Nielsen Media Research

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and a very liberal commenter at my site ( Ducky, for those of you hear who ‘know’ who he is!) suggested that CNBC was lucky to get rid of Glenn Beck because he had brought their ratings down! !!! Beck’s skyrocketing right now!

Jim Treacher

Olbermann and Maddow put together just manage to beat Fox’s #6, by the population of a very small town. That’s gotta be worth a non-sexual victory hug.


You have Hannity and O’Reilly together getting more viewers than all of CNN and MSNBC combined. That’s embarassing.


People are more likely to pull over and watch a trainwreck than to watch a news story on it. It’s too bad truth is so boring.

Hannity’s jaw implant would collapse if he ever told the truth. O’reilly’s incredibly boring I don’t know what people see in him. And folks watch Beck to see what it looks like when the inmates run the asylum; that guy is a horror-show. A wannabe baptist preacher spewing hell-fire and damnation and in the long run looking absurd. I’m fully convinced that people only watch that garbage because they *know* it’s not news.


Please enumerate the Hannity lies. I would like to see how they compare to the Obama lies.


All I can say is that the truth is not relative. It can’t be created or destroyed. Just as it was in the 90’s with all of Clinton’s “scandals” and the right-wing paranoia that came with it, none of what they claimed about him was true or ever came to fruition. And so it will be with Obama. But when none of Fox’s crazy claims about Obama never come to pass, the right-wing loons still will never give up. You and your ilk will never admit that you were wrong. That Obama is just another Democrat with policies that you don’t like, instead of whatever crazy conspiracies that you attribute to him this week (dealing in reality, I generally can’t keep up with all the new ones).

The right-wing has such an intense fear that their hold on this country is tenuous, that when they lose power they fear the Democrats will do good, responsible things (running the country competently…etc…) that will ensure a supermajority for decades. They’re right.

There was frothing at the mouth by the right-wing utopian idealogues (like Reagan) in the 1960’s over medicare. In reality their biggest issue with medicare was that they knew it would work, that people would like it, and that it would become part of the social fabric and that offends their ideoligical viewpoint on governance. Well medicare isn’t going anywhere and the same will be true of our healthcare bill in congress.

Once the Democrats push through their policy agenda, the people will realize that the country has been run by unethical, juvenile, crooks for the past 8 years and you’ll be lucky to find 10 Republicans in the Senate. Maybe then we can have a new, valid opposition party in this country.


mme.truffle “aka: high on crack” said: “…that when they lose power they fear the Democrats will do good, responsible things (running the country competently…etc…)”

Uh, truffle, we’ve NEVER been afraid that the demorats will do good, responsible things… Too much proof that demorats are too self-centered, self-righteous, and self-centered to do anything remotely good and/or responsible.

Amy Shulkusky

“Once the Democrats push through their policy agenda, the people will realize that the country has been run by unethical, juvenile, crooks for the past 8 years and you’ll be lucky to find 10 Republicans in the Senate. Maybe then we can have a new, valid opposition party in this country.”


Yep – “you’ll be lucky to find 10 Republicans in the Senate.” Today is gonna be FUN!!!


No, their biggest fear with Medicare was that it would eventually become bankrupt and the federal government would have issues dealing with costs that extend beyond revenue. Just like the universal health care we are talking about today. Liberals want to do what makes them feel good and not consider the consequences.


That’s the whole point though – scream from the rooftops that what you see WILL happen {given what is known} thereby assuring it WON’T actually occur!!!

As to social safety nets, do you really believe people wouldn’t have saved for retirement?

Or that a TRUE free market {which manages to provide low costs, ie: LASIK} would be *worse* than the ponzi schemes gov’t cooked up?

And the moral obligation bs doesn’t play – if gov’t hadn’t inserted itself we’d take care of each other like we used to!!!

da Patriot

This really does not surprise me at all. The only news I watch in the Fox News Channel. Olbermann and Matthews make me so mad that I want to throw things.


Gee Olbermann is right where he belongs, but where is pissy chrissy matthews? He call in sick with the curse maybe?


Maddow’s show is so much better than Keiths. She has that constant “Im liberal and smarter than you” smirk but its a lot less annoying than Keiths “The sun went down, its Bush’s fault” shtick.

Keith trying to prove he went to the Ivy League Cornell (rather than the Cornell-Agriculture school) was sad. By Keiths reasoning, NC State students claim their basketball team is in the top 5.


lets see olber(bearing)mann the liberal limbaugh! he hates bush and the repubs. as bad as rushhates the clintons, obama, and the dems.
this is a man who voices his opinion yet never allows oppossing views. must be hard to prep for a show when you only have guest who agree with you.
at least the democratic dike at 9 pm will let the otherside speak. msnbc is so far left that some time it makes fox look middle of road.sad part is they try to act as if they are above it. they spin thing just as fox does.
as a ind. i watch all to try to get my slant. one can be as bad as the other. hopfully so day news channels will move away from agendas and hold all politians accountable


Why are you lying about Keith Olbermann? He openly states that he went to the Cornell Ag school, primarily because he and his family couldn’t afford the tuition to the business school. Of course, Keith could then sign up and attend any of the classes the ‘wealthier’ students attended … and he did very well, graduating in the top 10 in his class. So, what’s the big deal? BTW – most of the USA’s current problems ARE Bush’s fault. At least Keith has the stones to say it. Why do people hate those who tell the truth? It’s so sad that Americans love lies so much. I guess the truth scares them. Poor idiots. It doesn’t say much for the future for this great country. Maybe if more people paid attention to what Keith is telling them, we wouldn’t be in this situation – and we certainly would have NEVER invaded IRAQ. What a complete disaster. Now, the ultra-conservatives have to figure out whose blood they can make money from after we leave Iraq. They’re just sick, perverted vultures. Wake up before there’s nothing left. Learn to take care of one another and stop preying on the meek. Remember, they will inherit the earth.


The problems we have are the DEMS fault. They have been in power since 2006. Why are Dems so stupid they have not realized they took control 4 years ago!


PLease try and live in the present. Obama has had almost a year. His solution for all of our “problems” is to get the gov. involved, apoint a czar and throw money at it. Wake up before there’s nothing left, is actually what I hope happens.

Eric Mikesell

If you hear it on fox, it is so. If you hear it on mslsd or cnn, You have to go elswhere to find out if it is true. They should stick to running LOCKUP! There you will soon find all the liberals!! Obama hates america, period!! Soon he will just be another lame duck, alla Jimmy Carter! A racist president will never succeeed! His legacy will be, see? Money really can buy you the presidency!!