Pelosi: Obama Can Keep Drone Strikes Against American Citizens A Secret He has to blow them to smithereens before you can see who they were.

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If a republican president where doing this plastic Pelosi would be at the front of the line screaming about due process and violating their civil rights. A last it’s barry the communist so it’s cool with her and the other leftist.


1) Who the hell cares what Pelosi thinks? She isn’t speaker anymore, she should stop speaking.
2) She has no idea what she is talking about anyway
3) Would she feel the same had Bush used drones on American Citizens? That is the definitive question. Would you feel the same if Bush had done it? Good or bad, if Obama can do it, then ANY Republican President should be ok doing it as well.


He has to blow them to smithereens

Just the ones he’s already blown.

Elrond Hubbard

“People just want to be protected…People just want to be protected…You go there and do it I’ll criticze you, but I want to be protected.”

So it’s okay to kill Americans with drone strikes and keep it a secret because “people want to be protected”. Yet Nancy would disarm these same people and deny them the right to protect themselves.

Generally, I’ve supported the drone strikes but I’m becoming increasingly uneasy with them. I can foresee drones spying on Americans inside the United States and from there it’s not too difficult to imagine these drones eventually attacking American citizens inside the United States. Our government is slowly, but increasingly, waging a war on its own citizens. Drones are only one of the weapons being used.

Joe Redfield

“Maybe. It just depends.” “What difference does it make?” Just the kind of strong, unequivocal leadership we need in these perilous times. Oh boy, are we screwed.

Progressive Hemrrhoid
Progressive Hemrrhoid

We are beginning to run out of amendments that these communist turds haven’t broken, ignored, or just plain stamped on. Hoax and Chains indeed.


And she has the definitive word on this how?


Because she is above the constitution, & she’s an asshole.People like Pelosi are just progressing toward the police state they have always wanted. The reality, she is a vile piece of crap who does’nt give a damn about this nation, & neither do the jack-offs who re-elect her time after time.