Piers Morgan’s ratings make CNN long for the good ol’ days (also known as “last month”)

by editor on January 30, 2011

Despite all the hype and all the promotion and a huge first night, Piers Morgan’s ratings are dropping faster than F-bombs from a rapper.

Glenn Garvin, TV critic at the Miami Herald, has the details:


Much to his dismay, the former judge on America's Got Talent is learning that America's also got discernment

Talking about ratings in the first couple of weeks of a talk show is usually unfair; it takes a new one time to build an audience. But in Morgan’s case, he’s losing an audience. His show debuted on January 17 with 2.1 million viewers tuning in to see him chat up Oprah Winfrey. They were so impressed that almost half of them didn’t return for day two.

Since then, Morgan’s ratings fell every day except for a small upward blip last Tuesday when Rudy Giuliani was the guest. By the time the Kardashians had finished hyperventilating Thursday night, Morgan had lost more than three-quarters of the viewers he started with last week.

(Hey, you wanna know who’s really enjoying reading this? Larry King. In its final six months, his show was averaging 613,000 viewers, was low enough to get him kicked off the air after 50 years in broadcasting. But it’s about 20 percent bigger than Morgan’s audience Thursday night.)

At the rate Morgan’s ratings are dropping, they’ll soon be smaller than the opening in one of Larry King’s ventricles.

Source: Miami Herald

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I dislike the trap he essentially laid for Kirk Cameron although Cameron should have declined to answerm, although Cameron’s views on homosexuality shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone either.


He’s a pompous ass. He should be banished to the Moon.


I give him until the summer when CNN will politely show him the door and replace him with “anything”.

William Prince

I think I’ve had enough of Piers Morgan! He keeps asking the same questions over and over. Even after a guest has answered his question, he keeps pretending as if they didn’t answer him. He doesn’t seem to understand any nuances regarding the Libya situation. I guess he only understands nuances when he talking about Liz Taylor. I’m totally fed up with him. I’m also increasingly annoyed with the spin this at CNN. Even Cooper Anderson, who I highly respect, has taken this “keeping them honest” stuff regarding Libya to the point of the ridiculous. I understand that the last thing we need is another war, but I’m not convinced that this is anything like Iraq. I have my doubts about Obama, at times, but this looks like he made an intelligent appraisal of a situation first and then took decisive action. I’m the last guy to support violence. But, compared to Bush, Obama has demonstrated great diplomacy. Yet, every effort is being made by CNN and others to criticize him based on predicting events that may or may not happen in the future. How many times must he say no boots on the ground? When that happens you have the right to criticize him. Until then let help the Libyans get rid of the dictator.Please, everything can’t always be reduced to a yes or no, especially regarding the unfolding events in the highly volatile middle east. I’m glad 750,000+ in Libya weren’t massacred, aren’t you? I haven’t heard a lot of negative comments even from radical arabs about the U.S. role in preventing a massacre have you?


Who is this guy and why should I care?


I am laughing. He spent a good part of a week complaining about an old feud with Madonna that Madonna probably doesn’t even remember nor cares. Pathetic.


I think it is hilarious… He claimed he’d kick Fox’s butt in the ratings for his time-slot. OOOOPS!

Old Goat

I’m not at all surprised. Known for being a complete prat in the UK, he is hardly likely to change his dubious spots because he is in America…


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