Politico insults IHTM, says conservatives are just now beginning to attack Michelle Obama

by editor on March 1, 2011

Politico is on drugs. They ran a story this weekend that said conservatives are finally beginning to attack Michelle Obama.

Finally? You insult us, Politico. We’ve been making fun of this second rate First Lady since day three. And the only reason we didn’t make fun of her on days one and two is that IHateTheMedia.com didn’t go live until three days after the inauguration.

michelle obama fashion

Good lord, Politico, the woman literally begs to be made fun of

Here’s how Politico explained its bizarre revelation:

Except for an ill-advised trip to an expensive Spanish resort last summer, Michelle Obama has escaped much of the criticism that has been directed at her husband, keeping a relatively low-profile while primarily focusing on childhood obesity, military families and the arts.

During her first two years in the White House, she was more Laura Bush rather than Hillary Clinton, but that has begun to change. Now, for conservative critics, it is open season on the first lady.

Obama’s admonishments on nutrition and advice on breastfeeding are examples of big government “nanny state” intrusion according to Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.); her eating habits are evidence of her hypocrisy, according to Rush Limbaugh; her athletic physique is something to be lampooned on Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government website, which posted a cartoon showing her as overweight and eating a plate full of hamburgers.

Puh-leeze, Politico. We can’t speak for other reporters nor other blogs, but Michelle Obama is what the military would call “a target rich environment.” We’re proud to say we’ve lampooned the media’s obsession with the First Lady, her god awful sense of fashion, her ass, her nanny statism, her pomposity, her extravagant taste in vacations and fashion, her good-for-thee-but-not-for-me attitude, and dozens of other offensive things she’s said and done.

Here’s proof. Every story we’ve done on the second rate First Lady since Barack Obama was inaugurated. All 67 of them in chronological order.

Any other questions, Politico?

Source: Politico.com

Feb 16, 2009
Michelle Obama’s Vogue wardrobe
Before the inauguration Michelle Obama wore inexpensive Target wardrobe, but now she’s wearing designer clothes.

Feb 17, 2009
“Impartial” author of Michelle Obama Vogue article hosted Obama fundraiser
The Michelle Obama Vogue cover story was written by editor-at large Andre Leon Talley who hosted an $1000 per plate fundraiser for Barack …

Feb 27, 2009
CNN proclaims Michelle Obama cool, cooler, coolest first lady ever. Cool.
CNN proclaims Michelle Obama. Cool. Cooler. Coolest. So cool. Really cool. Super cool. Mega-cool. Coooooooool.

Mar 3, 2009
CNN reports that Michelle Obama has a nice, firm pair of …
CNN breathlessly reports that Michelle Obama’s arms are very toned. She can be seen on the March cover of Vogue magazine (gasp) in a …

Mar 7, 2009
Oprah gives up impartial pretense, puts Michelle Obama on cover of “O”
Oprah Winfrey, the same host who wouldn’t allow Sarah Palin on her TV show, has now put Michelle Obama’s merry mug on the cover of her …

Mar 12, 2009
Michelle Obama, Beyonce and Wonder Woman. All wrapped up in one convenient story.
What do Michelle Obama, Beyonce and Wonder Woman have in common?

Mar 16, 2009
Michelle Obama to star in comic book. Seriously.
Michelle Obama is getting her own comic book andis due to hits the stands in April. It will follow her from childhood ito the First Lady.

Apr 10, 2009
Times of London reports on Michelle Obama’s “falsies”
The Times of London has reported on Michelle Obama’s “falsies.” Eyelashes.

Apr 27, 2009
CNN and Michelle Obama, sittin’ in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g
Michelle Obama has become the CNN network’s biggest star.

May 3, 2009
Media bias? Michelle Obama’s delightful $540 shoes versus John McCain’s shocking $520 shoes
Michelle Obama looks delightful in her $540 Lanvin sneakers, the press thinks, but wait, isn’t that the same press that complained of John …

May 18, 2009
Michelle Obama urges graduates to give back
Michelle Obama urges graduates to give back. The graduates at the University of California Merced may have thought she was talking public …

May 20, 2009
Dueling Headlines – Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama joins People “most beautiful” list. Supermodel Iman: Michelle Obama no ‘great beauty.’ but ‘bright’

May 26, 2009
CNN bizarrely salutes “Iran’s Michelle Obama”
CNN compares the wife of an Iranian presidential candidate to American First Lady Michelle Obama. Naturally, that comparison is an extremely …

Jun 25, 2009
Does Michelle Obama have a drinking problem?
Michelle Obama drinking problem? Some friends fear she is cracking under the pressure and turning to alcohol.

Jul 9, 2009
Michelle Obama spent more on her purse this month than you spent on your mortgage payment. A lot more.
Michelle Obama was spotted carrying a $5950 black alligator manila clutch made in Italy from the skin of an endangered alligator.

Jul 11, 2009
Michelle Obama turns children into sharecroppers, then tries to poison them
Michelle Obama invited a group of Washington, DC school children to plant a vegetable garden on the White House lawn, turning them into …

Jul 25, 2009
Woman creates Obama dolls, the perfect gift for the 7-year old socialist in your family
But now Fluet has reached the absolute acme of her doll-making career by creating lifelike Barack and Michelle Obama dolls. …

Aug 5, 2009
Michelle Obama bravely combats unemployment by adding to her own personal staff
Michelle Obama has assembled a staff of…are you ready…twenty-two with a total annual salaries of more than $1250000 (six of the 22 do not …

Aug 12, 2009
Don’t try to take a photo of Michelle Obama eating a cheeseburger
Warning: Do not attempt to take a photograph of the Michelle Obama eating a cheeseburger. Fellow patrons had their cellphones temporarily …

Aug 16, 2009
Watch out! Michelle Obama has her eye on your pie
The truth is most Americans don’t want much,” Michelle Obama insisted during the campaign. That someone, of course, does not include …

Sep 24, 2009
Fashionistas think Michelle Obama can do no wrong
President and Mrs. Obama attended a Medal of Honor ceremony for U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Jared C. Monti who was killed in Afghanistan …

Oct 2, 2009
Eat your heart out, Michelle Obama. Meet Carla Bruni-Sarkozy
Michelle Obama fanatical fans are apparently unfamiliar with Carla Bruni-Sarkozy , First Lady of France, heiress, former model, and now, …

Oct 4, 2009
Either Michelle Obama is a liar or she had a very unhealthy relationship with her father
Michelle Obama told the International Olympic Committee she sat on her dad’s lap and watched Carl Lewis in the Olympics. That is hopefully a …

Oct 12, 2009
Win $150 by dressing Michelle Obama, The World’s Most Beautiful First Lady
Mrs-O.org is promoting a contest in which you can win $150 for dressing a digital Michelle Obama in the best combination of fashion items.

Nov 13, 2009
Michelle Obama, the Most Fashionable First Lady Ever
C’mon, now, surely this ensemble will convince even the most ardent Michelle Obama worshippers that Michelle Obama is not America’s First …

Nov 19, 2009
Michelle Obama skips China trip. Chinese give a collective yawn.
The Chinese are not as entralled with everything Michelle Obama as the rest of the world. Upon learning this devastating news, Newsweek, …

Nov 20, 2009
Chicago heartache: Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey hate each other
A distraught Oprah Winfrey is telling pals her “thank you” for helping Barack Obama win the presidency has been a knife in the back.

Nov 30, 2009
J. Crew booted: Michelle Obama orders custom, thigh-high leather boots from expensive French designer
Michelle Obama just placed an order for two outrageously expensive pairs of custom-made, high fashion boots from French designer Robert …

Dec 10, 2009
Barbara Walters doesn’t know Michelle Obama is a Democrat
Last night Barbara Walters crowned The Most Beautiful First Lady in History as The Most Fascinating Person of 2009. What’s fascinating to us …

Dec 12, 2009
Michelle Obama named Most Fascinating Person of the Year, narrowly edging out Barack, Malia and Sasha and Mama Robinson
Stop the freakin’ presses! The Most Glamorous First Lady In History has been named Most Fascinating Person of the year by Barbara Walters.

Dec 16, 2009
Michelle Obama asks her husband a question everyone would like answered
Before picking up his prize and delivering an eloquent speech, the president and first lady visited the Nobel Institute to sign a guest book …

Jan 5, 2010
Is Michelle Obama the new Jackie Kennedy? A new book says yes, but reality says no
Given the raging success of Mrs O the website, which chronicles the fashion statements by the Most Glamorous First Lady In History, …

Feb 19, 2010
Uh-oh. First Lady stocks White House library with books on socialism
Michelle Obama has her eye on your pie · “Impartial” author of Michelle Obama Vogue article hosted fundraiser for the future president …

Mar 18, 2010
Michelle Obama has a hangover
This is not a story about Michelle’s reported drinking problem. It’s a story about her belly hanging over the edge of the table in this …

Apr 9, 2010
Michelle Obama leads children in pagan fertility ritual
Michelle Obama and some children performed a “growing dance” and chanted “grow, rhubarb, grow”, then circled the planter and finished by …

Apr 11, 2010
Robert Gates and wife comment on Michelle Obama’s latest fashion statement
Here Robert Gates and wife take note of the latest item added to Michelle Obama’s unfashionable fashions.

Apr 26, 2010
Sasquatch spotted in North Carolina woods
Turns out the bottom photo is of Michelle Obama, not Sasquatch. But c’mon, man, anybody could have made the same mistake. Same size…

May 7, 2010
Why is everyone staring at Michelle Obama’s lap?
At a White House Correspondents’ Dinner, a crowd gathered to stare at Michelle Obama’s lap. We explain our theory of what they were staring …

May 12, 2010
Washington Post examines both sides of Michelle Obama. And can’t decide which one it loves more.
The Washington Post continued its drive to be deemed completely irrelevant with an article that examined both sides of the First Lady – the …

May 12, 2010
A Marxist restaurant for Barack and Michelle Obama’s next date night
At the “Fragrant & Hot Marxism Restaurant”, you can order anything on the menu and the next guy in line has to pay for it.

May 13, 2010
Michelle Obama campaigns on childhood obesity, sat on board of snack food company
Michelle Obama campaigns against childhood obesity, but she sat on the board of directors of a large snack food company.

Jun 25, 2010
Wiretap catches Blago saying “Obama is henpecked by Michelle.” Gee, ya think?
Wiretapped Rod Blagojevich says Barack Obama is henpecked by Michelle Obama.

Jul 13, 2010
Michelle Obama thinks she’s the First Lady of a second rate country
Michelle Obama spoke to the 101st NAACP Convention on Monday. All you need to know about Ms. Obama is one line from that speech: “America is …

Jul 28, 2010
Michelle Obama wants you to send the President a birthday greeting
Please take Michelle Obama up on her request. Send a personal Happy Birthday message for President Obama.

Aug 16, 2010
Michelle Obama disliked slightly less than her husband
The number of Americans who have a positive opinion of First Lady Michelle Obama has fallen in the last 16 months, according to the new Wall Street …

Aug 19, 2010
CNN not only plays race card for Michelle Obama, it rewrites history
CNN.com played a bit fast and loose with facts about Michelle Obama. Heck, they even made some up.

Jul 13, 2010
Obama schedules another vacation, this one as far from the friggin’ Gulf Coast as possible
On her first trip to the Gulf Coast since the BP oil spill, First Lady Michelle Obama encouraged Americans to consider vacationing on the …

Sep 9, 2010
Michelle ‘Antoinette’ Obama ignored advisors who said trip to Spain would hurt her public approval
Michelle Obama’s aides cautioned against her going on the European vacation in which she stayed at a 5-star resort in Spain and mingled with …

Sep 16, 2010
Poor Michelle Antoinette: First Lady says her job is “hell”
Michelle Obama thinks being America’s First Lady is ‘hell,’ Carla Bruni reveals today in a wildly indiscreet new book.

Sep 21, 2010
Michelle Obama’s foolproof plan to regain her popularity
After seeing her popularity take a nosedive this summer, First Lady Michelle Obama has returned to the center stage with a foolproof plan to …

Oct 24, 2010
Wednesday morning: Feds announce war on potatoes in child nutrition program.
Wednesday afternoon: Michelle harvests potatoes with children in White House garden

Michelle Obama and a group of unpaid child laborers harvested crops from the White House plantation. Just hours before the White House …

Nov 2, 2010
Michelle Obama tells Democrats to vote early and vote often. Or something like that.
Michelle Obama: “You need to tell them that they can’t just vote once and hope for change to happen.” Spoken like a true Chicago Democrat.

Nov 2, 2010
“A few hundred” show up to see “rock star” Michelle Obama
A few hundred people did turn out to hear Michelle Obama’s speech, but there were swathes of seats left empty at the back, and plenty of …

Nov 14, 2010
Spend until the money’s gone: Michelle’s personal fiscal policy matches her husband’s government fiscal policy
Michelle Obama ran up a bill of thousands on an assortment of Indian handicrafts and textiles.

Nov 19, 2010
Michelle Obama named to Vogue’s best dressed list. No, seriously.
The people at Vogue are still drinking Kool-Aid. Need proof? How about the fact that they just named Michelle Obama to their Best Dressed of …

Nov 28, 2010
Michelle Obama’s wacky plan to build 6000 salad bars in public schools
Michelle Obama announced a plan to bring 6000 salad bars into public schools across the country through the campaign “Let’s Move Salad Bars …

Nov 30, 2010
Michelle Obama flaunts her wealth at Washington, DC food bank. Again.
In what’s become a bizarre and insulting tradition, Michelle Obama once again chose a very odd place to flaunt her wealth on Thanksgiving: a …

Dec 2, 2010
Michelle Obama just can’t bear the thought of an America without Barack Obama
The skies open and Lord Obama descends from the heavens to spread joy and enlightenment to the masses. Michelle Obama speaks, an enthralled …

Dec 15, 2010
It takes a village full of socialists: Michelle Obama says, “We can’t just leave it up to the parents.”
They’re putting salad bars in the schools. They’re restricting vending machines on campus. And they’re controlling what can be sold at …

Dec 17, 2010
Michelle Obama wears $2500 second-hand dress to White House Christmas party
In an effort to relate to the little people who are out of work, Michelle Obama wore a ($2500) second-hand dress to a Washington Christmas …

Dec 19, 2010
Ho-ho-ho! Just in time for Christmas, it’s the Michelle Obama figurine.
Got an extra $275 lying around the house? Then here’s the perfect gift for the Michelle Obama lover in your life – a First Lady figurine.

Dec 23, 2010
November: Michelle Obama announces plan to add salad bars to 6000 schools.  December: al-Qaeda announces plans to poison salad bars.
The First Lady announced her plan to put salad bars in 6000 American schools. Now comes word that al Qaeda is plotting to poison salad bars.

Feb 2, 2011
How do you respond to those who say, “I know what’s right for my child. I don’t want the government doing it.”
Robin Roberts asks Michele Obama the money question: “How do you respond to those who say, “I’m a parent. I know what’s right for my child.”

Feb 10, 2011
Michelle Antoinette defends White House Super Bowl fat fest, says “Healthy eating is about moderation.”
Michelle Obama said eat in moderation at Super Bowl parties. Moderation. Because , you know, everyone eats in moderation at Super Bowl …

Feb 14, 2011
Introducing the Michelle Obama Fitness Program: Lie your ass off
Michelle Antoinette appeared on the Tom Joyner morning radio show to promote her “Let’s Move” program. She tells Tom about what she calls a …

Feb 16, 2011
Time magazine: “Michelle Obama is one of the most stylish women ever to inhabit the White House”
Time magazine has yet written another article on the tres fashionable Michelle Obama. This one’s written by Kate Betts.

Feb 17, 2011
Tit for tax: Michelle Obama announces new breastfeeding program
We didn’t realize there were any barriers to breastfeeding. But apparently there are and Michelle Obama is planning on milking it for all …

Feb 25, 2011
Michelle Obama waiting at mailbox for a royal wedding invitation that’s never going to arrive
It’s sad, really. Poor Michelle Antoinette Obama is having a bit of difficulty accepting the fact that she’s been snubbed by real royalty.

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Holly mother of Jesus what a hideous out fit. Shows just how wide her ass truly is. This woman has no sense of fashion. She needs to hire someone to lay out her clothes every day.

Dressing herself seems to be the only thing that she has not asked the tax payers to pick up the bill for. All that is missing are the flashing lights and the wide load signs.


She used to remind me of James Brown. Hey Ed and Ad, this 67 contemptuous shots at fatassion plate second rate frgghkfst lady is like one every 11 days or so. Good work, guys! It’s numbers like that that’ll getchaz on the list! I am proud to participate. Thank you for all the opportunities!


What the heck is she wearing in that photo? Is like she is wearing something a girl would wear and then she noticed she would look stupid so put a pants underneath. Weird.


Athletic physique?


Why, yes! Percheronesque, you might say!

Although, there are those who simply draw the line at saying she’s merely sasquatchesque with a poorly developed sense of fashion, but a highly developed cadre of sycophants to tell her otherwise…


Why, yes! Percheronesque, you might say!

I disagree perlcat. My Percheron had better teeth, a nicer smile, and would nuzzle my arm, her way of apologizng, after she stepped on my foot. Oh, and she looked better in yellow and pink than FLOTUS.

Grammar Fuhrer
Grammar Fuhrer

Only started?

Please, I’ve been making fun of that woman for quite awhile now.


me too. Since day one when the MFM told us she was pretty and elegant I started telling my friends that she looks like a gorilla.


I love the photo you chose of ‘Shelly. She looks like she’s wearing a shirt made out of a rainbow chenelle beadspread.


No, ocmadam, looks more like drapery material to me.


She saw it in a window and just couldn’t resist.


She is NOT a wookie! Wookie’s don’t have wide rear ends.

She is a wookipotamus, and a skinny one at that.

Just one more entry into my government file..


Oh, but it is OK for them to rip viciously rip apart conservative women and even to some extent Hilary (not that I’m a fan).


Fashonista Michelle!


Where was the rest of the so-called conservative media when Michelle started her ridiculous “Move” campaign ? ( Hey look, there`s cheeseburgers and ribs over there, lets Move ) MIA that`s where while IHTM has been on the front lines battling it out.
IHTM has been ripping the skank from the beginning of her tenure as FSOTUS and I will defend the creators against any and all charges of bandwagon jumping.


This cracker thinks the Obamas have set back the black movement back 50 years. Not because he is President, but because the Obamas are such frauds and the vast majority of black folks I know still support him. He stands against everything hard working, decent people stand for, whether black, white, pink or purple.


The vast majority of blacks will support any black candidate, no matter what their position or their ideology. This is born out of my 47 years of living and election returns. How else can you explain Sharpton and Jackson being a “spokesman” for anything – blacks will always support blacks.


Yeah… and by the left’s definition of life, isn’t that racist?


My childhood “Fight the Power” dreams were shattered when I read Chuck D say he basically voted for Obama because he’s black. And for those who like rock, you don’t get off easy, either, since Gene Simmons pretty much said the same thing.


Only those who live on the public dole. I know quite a few black men and women who cannot stand the Obummer, his big butt wife, Sharpton or Jackson.

Their problem is that they have to associate with (big gasp here!) conservative white, hispanic or oriental folks! It should be a crime! My friends, who happen to be black, have to invite me, who happens to be white, to dinner at their house! The shame of it all! To make matters worse we have other friends who are from Mexico, Ecuador, Japan and Australia!

The funny thing is we pretty much agree that we don’t like “Big Brother”, our gooberment, sticking their nose into our business and their hands into our pockets. All of us like fried chicken and watermelon. We enjoy enchiladas and tacos. Ribeye steaks with a baked potato is a favorite. So is a good shrimp chowmein and noodle dish. In other words we enjoy each others company, it is that simple.

The Obummers, Sharptons and Jacksons in this world do not want “racial equality”, they want racial unrest. It is the fuel that feeds their egos and lines their pockets. Believe me, it is true, there are a lot of Americans who could care less about our current President, and the color of his skin has nothing to do with. It’s his socalistic policies they, like this white boy, do not like.


Supporting someone no matter what because of their color and not because of the content of their character… Isn’t that the definition of racism? Aren’t those same people basically saying they won’t vote for a white person because they are white? This stuff just keeps me laughing, if it weren’t so annoying.


No the definition of racism is when a black person doesn’t get their way you white ass muhfugga. Social contracts, law, equal application of it and responsible acceptance of consequences have nothing to do with racisms what so ever. If black maign don’t get what black maign want it be ray-cis’ gnomesayin’?


That is unfortunatly true.


I agree with you so long and the black is not a conservative Republican.