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Portland Bans Urinals In Public Buildings – Out of Respect to the City’s “Shared Values. If we’re ever in Portland again, which we doubt, we’ll just piss on the floor.

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Yawn. I don’t think in my nearly half-century of employment that I ever worked in a place that had urinals. That goes for blue-collar jobs as well as white-collar. Urinals take up space and are limited in function. They make sense in high-use recreational places like bars and stadiums, where you have enormous numbers of people and the peeing is constant and heavy, but really they aren’t generally necessary in a workplace. There’s probably some number that tells facility managers when you need to have a urinal in a bathroom–how often are you likely to have three or more guys using the bathroom at the same time, stuff like that–and it wouldn’t surprise me that this building, being full of office workers, doesn’t have those kind of simultaneous numbers.

Oh wait, when I read water meters for a while, and everybody was trying to pee and head out for the day at the same time, they had a long row of urinals in the mens room. Made sense in that situation. I bet cops need urinals too, so when a new shift is heading out for the day they can all go before they leave. And sports teams, you know they have urinals.

But an office building? Doesn’t surprise me they won’t have urinals.

Not so silent
Not so silent

I like your post but you forget the irony of politicians outlawing them….God there has to be a bunch of puns in there somewhere. And where would you put all those little round pictures of Hillary?


And where would you put all those little round pictures of Hillary?
Well, if they came in 2 ply……