President Obama out-secrets the “most secretive President” in history

by editor on August 19, 2010

Democrats seem to be having a bit of trouble figuring out a winning strategy for November’s elections.

They can’t campaign on TARP. ObamaCare is a campaign loser. And unemployment sucks. But there is one area in which President Obama has surpassed all previous presidents – his administration is now the most secretive in history.

barack obama robert gibbs

Barack Obama and Robert Gibbs talk more and say less than any other two guys in the world

Of course, that’s the same rap Candidate Obama laid on President Bush. But now that he’s president and while claiming to run the Most Transparentest Administration Ever, Obama has actually added extra levels of secrecy that the Bush administration had never dreamed of.

An article at refers to an Obama memo that promised an increased response to Freedom of Information requests and instructed government agencies to react accordingly.

“In fact,” Townhall states, “according to a March 2010 Associated Press analysis of FOIA responses at 17 major agencies, 466,872 FOIA denials were issued during the Obama administration’s first year in office – a 50 percent increase over the previous year. Also, a March 2010 study by George Washington University’s National Security Archive found that two-thirds of federal agencies ignored Obama’s memo and made no changes whatsoever to their FOIA policy.”

Beyond denying more FOIA requests than the secretive Bush administration, “Obama has refused to call for an audit of the secret Federal Reserve Bank and rescinded Bush-era disclosure requirements for labor union leaders – the same union bosses who provided over $100 million (and nearly half a million volunteers) for Obama and Democratic Congressional candidates in 2008.”

Throw in what Townhall refers to as the “…draconian new financial regulations Obama and his Congressional allies are imposing on the private sector” which make the Security and Exchange Commission virtually immune from FOIA requests and there you have it – the Democrats can honestly claim that they are less transparent than the least transparent administration in history.

We can’t wait to see the first campaign ads trumpeting this historic achievement.


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Secretive, because if all was known, he would be impeached, and possibly jailed for treason, pending trial and sentencing? That’s my guess.