Prominent Jew banned by Libyan government he helped put in power. Bernard-Henri Lévy wanted to accompany Sarkozy on his visit to Libya this week, but the Libyans said no because of his “Jewish background,” claiming Islamist militias would be so unhappy about having a Jew in the country they would attack him. Hey, Jewish liberals, how’s that Arab Spring working out for you?

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Yep helped the haters to rise to power and then are disrespected by the ingrates. Nothing like being used as a tool then thrown away and he can’t believe that the brotherhood would do him harm.

Some people won’t learn from history and doom themselves to repeat it.


Why American Jews consistently vote against America is beyond me. Over 60% voted for Obama in 2012 – a vote diametrically opposite of liberty.


Two words. Free stuff.


That’s my problem with the majority of the Jewish voters in America.
They want to protect Israel, but vote for the Dems.
They claim to be conservative and religious, but vote for the party that spits on both.
It’s all about the freebies.