Rabid Anti-Trumper Arrested in Calif. after Threatening to go on Killing Spree. Just the type to go shoot up a church full of innocent people. Again we say just outlaw guns from liberals.

Smith, 39, was arrested in Orange County, Calif., on Nov. 2 following an investigation involving the Joint Terrorism Task Force. He was charged with one felony count of making criminal threats after threatening a university professor through emails and posting threatening YouTube videos — in one he talked about going on a “killing spree.”

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OK article by PJ Media – whatever that is, but lame comment section. Tried mentioning that liberalism IS a mental disorder in several different comments and got snuffed each time as did others. Not sure what there hang-up is regarding the obvious with their article.

Not so silent
Not so silent

From his picture, I can see why he is angry, No girl that wasn’t already dead would date that.


He may need some survival swimming in Guantánamo Bay. Everything is handled naturally, sharks always clean up after themselves.