Alert the death panel: Lib talk radio dying a slow, painful death

by editor on October 14, 2009

Rush Limbaugh celebrates the ratings success of conservative radio

Rush Limbaugh celebrates the ratings success of conservative radio

Brian Maloney at did a great job detailing Rush Limbaugh’s incredible ratings success in market after market across the country.

But we thought it might be interesting to contrast the ratings success of conservative radio to the abysmal ratings failure of lib talk radio.

We defined “conservative radio” as stations that carry Rush Limbaugh and “liberal radio” as the stations that carry Stephanie Miller and/or Ed Schultz. (There are several markets in which both are carried by the same station, some markets where only one is heard, but no markets in which they are heard on different radio stations.)

Our snapshot research covers the most recent Arbitron ratings in the top 19 markets (we’ve eliminated Puerto Rico – market number 13 – because neither Rush nor Steph/Ed are heard there). Rush is carried in all nineteen of the remaining Top 20 markets, but Steph and/or Ed can only be heard in eleven.

Rush affiliates’ ratings are higher – considerably higher, in fact – in every market. They are often ten times higher.

Rush affiliates ratings rank among the top 10 stations in 13 of the top 19 markets. The highest ranking for any lib talk station is 21st (Minneapolis) and in many markets lib talk stations rank as low as the 30s and 40s and sometimes even 50s. In Boston and Nassau-Suffolk, lib talk affiliates have ZERO ratings. No one listens. And in most other markets the ratings are so low that they barely register.

The closest competition occurs in Seattle, where conservative radio attracts 250% more listeners than liberal radio.

1. New York
WABC Rush 3.7 (8th in market)
WWRL Ed/Steph 0.2 (50th in market tie)

2. Los Angeles
KFI Rush 5.0 (1st in market)
KTLK Ed/Steph 0.4 (48th in market tie)

3. Chicago
WLS Rush 3.8 (8th in market)
WCPT Ed/Steph 0.5 (38th in market tie)

4. San Francisco
KSFO Rush 3.5 (6th in market)
KKGN Ed/Steph 0.5 (41st in market tie)

5. Dallas
WBAP Rush 3.6 (9th in market)
KMNY Steph only 0.1 (55th in market tie)

6. Philadelphia
WPHT Rush 4.1 (9th in market)

7. Houston
KTRH Rush 4.7 (7th in market)

8. Washington
WMAL Rush 2.7 (17th in market)
WTNT Ed only 0.3 (33rd in market tie)

9. Boston
WRKO Rush 4.8 (6th in market tie)

10. Detroit
WJR Rush 4.8 (8th in market)
WDTW Ed/Steph 0.3 (33rd in market tie)

11. Atlanta
WGST Rush 1.9 (21st in market)

12. Miami-Ft Lauderdale
WIOD Rush 3.4 (13th in market)

13. Puerto Rico

14. Seattle
KTTH Rush 2.8 (19th in market)
KPTK Ed/Steph 1.1 (27th in market)

15. Phoenix
KFYI Rush 6.9 (2nd in market)

16. Minneapolis
KTLK-FM Rush 3.6 (13th in market)
KTNF Ed/Steph 1.1 (21st in market)

17. San Diego
KOGO Rush 5.0 (6th in market tie)

18. Nassau-Suffolk
WABC Rush 3.2 (11th in market tie)

19. St Louis
KMOX Rush 7.1 (2nd in market)

20. Baltimore
WCBM Rush 3.7 (7th in market)

Lib talk supporters wonder why they aren’t on the air in more markets. But the numbers shown above give rise to another question:

How in the hell do they stay on the air in their current markets?

Source: The Radio Equalizer,,,,

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[…] were still in place. Liberals/Democrats/Progressives/Socialists don’t like the fact that conservative talk radio is popular but liberal talk radio pretty much doesn’t have much of an ….  So, instead of competing with a level playing field against conservative talk radio, the libs […]


How are you liking those ratings now? ROFL


The worst thing that has ever happened to conservative talk radio (and television) was Glenn Beck. He crosses the line and jumps into the same insane pool that Olbermann and Schultz swim in every day. Olbermann is gone. Beck is now going because of a campaign called went after his advertisers successfully. NOW… can someone please do the same to Schultz? Once we get him off the air, we can go after Maddow. There should be no place in mainstream media for people who just spout lies, innuendo, and conspiracies that don’t exist.


Always a moron in every crowd. Love how you espouse the same old tired liberal drivel with no basis in fact….I’m sure your mommy is very proud.

Olberman is gone becuse, like you, he is a moron. Sgt Schlubb and MadCow should be next, true enough, but factually, Beck is not leaving because of the idiot lemming site, stopbeck…no one pays any attention to that site except a few mindless lemmings unable to think for themselves….kind of like you, apparently.

Beck states facts; historical facts, economic facts, does the research that used to be done by the media….he is a historian. Its unfortunate you are so dimwitted that you cannot see the light. And, I’d bet you’ve never even watched Beck, most who make the kind of inane comments you just did never have….you clearly aren’t smart enough….and obviously, as stated above, you cannot think for yourself…

Now, mommy’s calling. Its time to take your meddies….


Not quite sure what you mean, he has a lot of advertisers, just because the advertisers are not the classic ones that people expect it doesn’t mean that he is out of them. IF you watch his show, go to his website(s) you will see what I mean it is riddled with ads. Overall, he is creating new companies seemingly every quarter it is very interesting to see this man grow into a mogul in less than two years at Fox.


I think someone has bought into the liberal media spin.


Is that why I see Thom Hartmann everywhere. I hear about everything he says, & about what his effect is on America’s political landscape. Fact is, he is not a major player. Limbaugh is on over 600 stations nationally, & is in all 50 states. Hartmann is not, but he is on Sirius/XM, so if you live in a state Hartmann is not in, you can subsribe to a corporation that is profit driven. Plus, it’s non-union, so Hartmann should be a man of principal like Michael Savage & demand his program be pulled from Sirius/XM.

Tim, Hartmann beats El-Rushbo in few marxist strongholds here & there. But Hartmann does’nt have nearly the footprint El-Rushbo does, & unless the gov’t pulls him off the air, that won’t change anytime soon. Here are their stations…

…& it’s not even close.


Huh? Rush in number one? Thom Hartmann is beating him in all the major cities. And anyway, Limbaugh sucked when Howard Stern was on terrestrial and when Stern left, Limbaugh who had no competition, dropped from 30 million to 10 million

anon YMUS

—ALAN WATT who operates on shortwave, I think, but who you
can catch on Youtube videos –SMOKES– the competition for clearheaded,
well-researched, deeply informative takes on what’s unfolding in this,
the 11th hour of pre-NAU POST America.


Matt@American Politics

I find it interesting that the primary objective for liberal commenting here is not to debate the topic or provide some insight, rather its to instigate a name-calling fight like the ones a 5 year old might have on the Kindergarten playground.


I bet the Moron in Chief fires McCrystal. What’s that libtard saying “Speak truth to power”. Time to quit Stanley, this mission is FUBAR. Maybe Hal will volunteer.


The problem is, and you know its true, he did, Kimmy….. More stupidity in the world. Hal simply does not get that stupid people shouldn’t breed… he did…..and it simply means that we have to correct the wrong….

Hal Ginsberg

I trust that there is no threat against me or my family implied in this post.


Not at all, Hal…. It is a re-education thought…you should like that….it is from your hero…but it doesn’t surprise me that you would say something like that. You simply cannot get it through your thick, uneducated skull that we are on the wrong track, and that your ideology is a guaranteed failure. History is very clear. And, I’d place my substantial education, business, and world experience against yours, any day, or any other liberal for that matter. And, there you go, making it personal, and you drug me in the dung with you. My apologies to everyone…else.

BTW, Ginsberg….you’re Jewish….me too, and you embarrass me. Its funny, so many of us are running away from this comrade in chief…but you, still drinking his kool-aid…. Frankly, you should embarrass yourself…..


I hope Hal had a vasectomy and didn’t curse the world with progeny.