Alert the death panel: Lib talk radio dying a slow, painful death

by editor on October 14, 2009

Rush Limbaugh celebrates the ratings success of conservative radio

Rush Limbaugh celebrates the ratings success of conservative radio

Brian Maloney at did a great job detailing Rush Limbaugh’s incredible ratings success in market after market across the country.

But we thought it might be interesting to contrast the ratings success of conservative radio to the abysmal ratings failure of lib talk radio.

We defined “conservative radio” as stations that carry Rush Limbaugh and “liberal radio” as the stations that carry Stephanie Miller and/or Ed Schultz. (There are several markets in which both are carried by the same station, some markets where only one is heard, but no markets in which they are heard on different radio stations.)

Our snapshot research covers the most recent Arbitron ratings in the top 19 markets (we’ve eliminated Puerto Rico – market number 13 – because neither Rush nor Steph/Ed are heard there). Rush is carried in all nineteen of the remaining Top 20 markets, but Steph and/or Ed can only be heard in eleven.

Rush affiliates’ ratings are higher – considerably higher, in fact – in every market. They are often ten times higher.

Rush affiliates ratings rank among the top 10 stations in 13 of the top 19 markets. The highest ranking for any lib talk station is 21st (Minneapolis) and in many markets lib talk stations rank as low as the 30s and 40s and sometimes even 50s. In Boston and Nassau-Suffolk, lib talk affiliates have ZERO ratings. No one listens. And in most other markets the ratings are so low that they barely register.

The closest competition occurs in Seattle, where conservative radio attracts 250% more listeners than liberal radio.

1. New York
WABC Rush 3.7 (8th in market)
WWRL Ed/Steph 0.2 (50th in market tie)

2. Los Angeles
KFI Rush 5.0 (1st in market)
KTLK Ed/Steph 0.4 (48th in market tie)

3. Chicago
WLS Rush 3.8 (8th in market)
WCPT Ed/Steph 0.5 (38th in market tie)

4. San Francisco
KSFO Rush 3.5 (6th in market)
KKGN Ed/Steph 0.5 (41st in market tie)

5. Dallas
WBAP Rush 3.6 (9th in market)
KMNY Steph only 0.1 (55th in market tie)

6. Philadelphia
WPHT Rush 4.1 (9th in market)

7. Houston
KTRH Rush 4.7 (7th in market)

8. Washington
WMAL Rush 2.7 (17th in market)
WTNT Ed only 0.3 (33rd in market tie)

9. Boston
WRKO Rush 4.8 (6th in market tie)

10. Detroit
WJR Rush 4.8 (8th in market)
WDTW Ed/Steph 0.3 (33rd in market tie)

11. Atlanta
WGST Rush 1.9 (21st in market)

12. Miami-Ft Lauderdale
WIOD Rush 3.4 (13th in market)

13. Puerto Rico

14. Seattle
KTTH Rush 2.8 (19th in market)
KPTK Ed/Steph 1.1 (27th in market)

15. Phoenix
KFYI Rush 6.9 (2nd in market)

16. Minneapolis
KTLK-FM Rush 3.6 (13th in market)
KTNF Ed/Steph 1.1 (21st in market)

17. San Diego
KOGO Rush 5.0 (6th in market tie)

18. Nassau-Suffolk
WABC Rush 3.2 (11th in market tie)

19. St Louis
KMOX Rush 7.1 (2nd in market)

20. Baltimore
WCBM Rush 3.7 (7th in market)

Lib talk supporters wonder why they aren’t on the air in more markets. But the numbers shown above give rise to another question:

How in the hell do they stay on the air in their current markets?

Source: The Radio Equalizer,,,,

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This reminds me of the masses having to go to church once a week to listen to a charlatan(possibly) saying the same thing every week and getting rich while doing it.
Lets see…whats on the agenda this week guys?

Global warming isn’t real (Simply by listening to my own voice)


If that church is preaching “social justice”, then yeah, the preacher is a charlaton. Jim Wallace, Rev.J.Wright, & so on.


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Ever see the doc ‘Left of the Dial’? The liberal talk crew can’t manage the money they do get to run their operation. They lack business sense and that slits their own wrists.

Alice H

Of course, conservatives listen to talk radio to be told what to think. The popularity of conservative radio has everything to do with becoming a robot and has nothing to do with the scarcity of conservative news outlets at all, does it? Obviously stations like CBS *cough*Tang Memos*cough* and publications like Newsweek *cough*”the media wants Kerry to win”*ack* have no bias whatsoever, they’re totally centrist and have no deeper motivation than the straight reporting of facts.


Look Alice, of course I listen to conservative talk radio to be told what to think, but look at it this way. It’s a cheaper then going to college & having a bunch of marxist professors doing the same thing at between $20-80 thousand a year. Only to find out what you were “taught” was wrong anyway.

The idea of talk radio is to stimulate thought about various subjects, not to be told what to think about those subjects. Same should go for college. If someone has been taught what to think rather then how to think, that’s their problem.


As one whose politics is left of center, I really don’t care to listen to talking heads. If I want news, I’ll read the news; I don’t need anyone to tell me what to think about it. Far right wingers, such as Limbaugh fans, enjoy being called “dittoheads” and seem to have an inordinate need to be told what to think. I believe that in this lies the reason for the popularity of right-wing talk radio, this need of right wingers to be told what to think.


Another funny comment from another lemming….see my post above, you fit together well with spider…

Conservatives are generally well educated, create most of the businesses that liberals can actually get jobs from (when they actually look for one), and do not believe in handouts…they believe, generally, in the fact that you have all the rights you need in this country…check your history for the facts, if you can. We believe that our Constitution is a PERFECT document, which it is, and we fervently believe in personal accountability….any questions?

The other thing I might mention is, I said above that conservatives are generally well educated…apparently you must have failed 2nd grade english, the use of the english language, and proper grammer…it is evident in your post. So where do you fit in?

Frankly, you would be better served to actually listen to Rush once in a while so that you can make meaningful posts and add substantively to the discussion…as opposed to being a drain on society…


There is almost no market for “progressive” talk radio, it’s not entertaining, not very informitive, & you get the same point of view from the rest of the MSM. Another problem with “progressive” radio is that the gov’t funds their biggest compitition, NPR, & takes away from possible listeners. That & you can actually pick up an NPR signal, unlike Air America stations.

The left will never beat the right on the radio air waves, unless they rig the system through gov’t intervention. Paging Mark Llyod…

Alice H

Go demand it of Air America, Spider. Air America could have been what you wanted, it initially had the financial backing to go the distance, but, oh, wait, no one wanted to listen to liberal radio! That’s a problem as far as attracting sustainable advertising.

You can’t escape your liberal tendencies to let someone else create something successful and then demand that they give it to you because you can’t figure out how to create something successful on your own. You’re no better than a welfare queen who pops a dozen children from her stretched-out flappy vagina because she wants to get handouts so she can sit on the couch and watch daytime TV instead of doing something that actually produces something other than hungry mouths to feed.


Except that air america, like most liberal media poutlets, is dead……deader than a doormail….and for good reason….. Why is it that liberals NEVER can seem to come to grips with reality?

That was a rhetorical question…….


It’s not liberal talk radio I want. Its objective talk radio. I realize my comment was misconstrued. Nice venom btw! Trust me, my favorite part of Rush’s broadcasts are when he wins arguments with liberal callers, because it shows he can defend conservatism. If I could get my own radio show and be the format I’d like to hear, I would. Its not happening, at least not on mainstream radio. And that’s beautiful, AND democratic; free market working, people hearing what they want to hear. I can’t expect anything else. So I need to close that proverbial floppy snatch of mine and get a decent vlog going, which I would LOVE to have you on. You’d be my first guest! We could argue all day, shit we’d probably agree on more than half of the days issues. Thank you for your well placed venom.


That’s funny, spider….amazing that you cannot determine what is objective and what’s not… Let me help you out… Truth is always objective…. That make it more clear for you?

Liberals never have done well with reality……..or, history, or economics, or…much of anything for that matter….except, perhaps, for luring the uneducated to their masses (factually the minority) with the lie that they care….get over it, they don’t…you are just another lemming….


I expect better from such a promising website. Why pander to Dittoheads? Their wagons will always circle, and they should be applauded for their convictions. However, we already know that the right wing dominates radio…this is unlikely to change, and all arguments to the contrary are easily refuted. Instead, give to us denizens of the democratic process two hardcore news grinders, from both ends of the spectrum, ferociously debating and fact-finding their way to the Truth. Something like William F. Buckley and Gore Vidal, after a few hours together in Hunter S. Thompson’s hotel room. That’s a drive time I wouldn’t mind being stuck in traffic for.


Why pander to dittoheads? The answer to that question should be self-evident….if not, then you have no concept of reality….

Nuff said……………………………….


Abundantly clear why liberals want the government to “give” them airtime that open competition of ideas denies them!

Duke Guy

Maybe some of these markets with liberal stations should simulcast the Puerto Ricaan programs. The ratings couldn’t be any worse.