Hilarious: Another unintended consequence Al Gore never anticipated

by editor on October 1, 2009

Mmm, mmm good. Soy-based electrical insulation.

Mmm, mmm good. Soy-based electrical insulation.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if cars could be manufactured with fewer petroleum-based products? Why, it might keep eggs from frying on sidewalks and stop the seas from rising. Or it could have consequences boneheads like Al Gore never anticipated.

Recent reports indicate that automakers are now using wire insulated with a soy-based product and even making seats out of similar materials. Unfortunately, it turns out that rodents like the materials even more than they like cheese.

Here’s how TastyWires.com reports the story:

As if automobiles aren’t expensive enough with regular maintenance, repairs and wear and tear items, manufacturers are now making various parts of our cars from parts that attract rodents such as mice, squirrels, chipmunks and possums.

We want to know exactly which automobile manufacturers are using these soy based products. The emails we have received from people claiming to have parts of their automobiles eaten so far are from from Subaru, Honda, Toyota, Dodge and Mercedes. These automobile manufacturers need to take responsibility for making vehicle parts from what boils down to being tasty food for rodents of all kinds.

When thousands of folks are having to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars because rodents like the taste of something under the hood it’s more than just a little problem. They need to have a recall and refunds should be given to anyone who has shelled out money to replace soy based wires eaten by rodents.

Unfortunately, the automakers are taking the position that their warranties do not cover rodent repairs.

Think of it the Pest Control Industry Full Employment Act of 2009?

Source: TastyWires.com, CarComplaints.com, GreenCarCongress.com, CarComplaints.com, WombatNation.com

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This is not an act of nature and the fact that the auto companies are not covering it in their warranties is obviously because it is happening on a large scale due to the soy based wire covers. What auto makers are doing is making car parts out of animal bait. Therefore they SHOULD be responsible for their faulty manufacturing. This is a class action suit just waiting to happen and I hope it does.


Just paid $480 to have my wiring fixed. Dealer said same thing, soy based wiring and not covered under warranty (2010 Rav 4). I am not very happy. My husband is sitting out on our deck with an air rifle and says he is going to kill everyone of the bastards. Reminds me of Caddy Shack.


Gary Davis

I just had my wiring eat thru a wiring harness under the hood of my 2007 GMC truck. Dealer found and repaired for almost $400. He said this is now common because of soy based insulation.

Selena Kyle


Pat from Michigan

I really feel kind of bad for the car owners, but on the other hand I hope that all of them were ‘tree huggers’ and left wing environmental activists. I would love to actually hear someone say “Honey, something ate the car”.

Lost in OC

Cap and Trade. Bust a cap in the greenies and trade them to Iraq.


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