Open-minded, liberal San Francisco bookstores won’t carry Sarah Palin’s book. Or will they?

by editor on November 22, 2009

Is Sarah Palin a victim of censorship by book sellers?

Is Sarah Palin a victim of censorship by book sellers?

Going Rogue, Sarah Palin’s book, is the biggest thing to hit America’s bookstores in years. It sold 300,000 copies its first day and the publisher has already increased the total print run to 2,500,000 copies. Bookstores across the country are cleaning up. Except in the liberal land of San Francisco. reports the story of censorship by bookseller:

It might as well have cooties. Hardly anyone wants to touch the thing, or even get close to it.

The new autobiography by moose hunter and failed vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is harder to find in the Bay Area than a hockey mom. Some bookstores figure it’s one of those grit-your-teeth First Amendment deals that principled booksellers must put up with from time to time.

But many nonchain bookstores won’t handle it.

“Our customers are thinking people,” said Nathan Embretson, a bookseller at Pendragon Books in Oakland. “They’re not into reading drivel.”

There’s not a single copy on the shelf. Embretson said no one has asked for it except for one guy, who was kidding.

“He said he wanted to look at it but he also said he didn’t really want to read it,” Embretson said. “Anyway, he certainly didn’t want to buy it. I think he regarded looking at it as a kind of punishment.”

One of the non-drivel books preferred by the intellectual giants who frequent Oakland's Pendragon books.

One of the non-drivel books preferred by the intellectual giants who frequent Oakland's Pendragon books.

We went to Pendragon’s website to find out what kind of books their deep-thinking customers are interested in. Apparently, the intellectual giants who frequent Pendragon love non-drivel like Mommywood by Tori Spelling, Doris Day, the Untold Story of the Girl Next Door, and The Real Frank Zappa Book.

Contrary to what Embretson says, Pendragon must have some customers who want “this drivel,” because the company’s website features Going Rogue prominently at the bottom of their “Biography” section. In fact, it’s the only book highlighted with a photo on a long list of other bios.

The article continues with more tales of tolerant, liberal San Francisco book sellers who abhor Sarah Palin:

There are no copies of the book at Cover to Cover Booksellers in Noe Valley, either.

“Anything like that we wouldn’t carry,” said clerk Emily Stackhouse. “We’re a small store and it would probably gross us all out. Some things you carry because of freedom of speech, but a book like that is just gross.”

Gross, indeed.

However, Cover to Cover does carry a wide assortment of other Palin books. Such as Sarah Palin: A New Kind of Leader by Joe Hilley, Sarah Palin (Female Force) by Bailey, Davis and Howe, The Persecution of Sarah Palin (How the Elite Media Tried to Bring Down A Rising Star) by Matthew Continenti, and Sarah Palin and the Power of Prayer by Kristina Benson.

Perhaps these enlightened San Francisco booksellers can learn two valuable lesson from this experience:

One: Censorship never works. Especially when there’s money involved. And  two: In the real world, capitalism always trumps socialism.

Wonder if either store carries a book on that subject.

Source:, Pendragon, Cover-to-Cover

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Duke Guy

“Our customers are “thinking” people? When do liberals ever think? The answer to every problem is “throw money at it” That doesn’t take too much thinking.


No Duke, you have it all wrong. Liberals think all the time, deeply, about how to next take our money.


liberals call for fairness doctrine, except when it pretians to them. i am no fan of sarah palin, but why is it ok for liberals to pull this!!!!


Bipartisan, big tent, diversity? BS. Liberals are not the most intolerant people I’ve met. A few other groups I’ve opposed in my career such as the Khemer Rouge, North Vietnamese, Marxis guerillas in Latin America, and Islamic terrorist worldwide have an edge on liberals–but the liberals are quickly closing the gap.

My guess is that liberals are close to achieving what no other enemy of the United States has been able to accomplish: our destruction as a free and prosperous people.

If you want a good look at liberal “tolerance” please visit To the MSM, these liberal protesters are patriots but the Tea Party protests are extreme Swastika-wearing, racists, militant nut cases. You view; you decide.


Plenty of “saved or created jobs” on the Palin book tour.

Pat from Michigan

Hey, Leave Frank Zappa alone! Frank Zappa was a freaking musical genius. Why I will always remember how a young Nancy and I used to come in after checking the grapes and throw on some Frank Zappa albums like “Uncle Meat” my favorite. Well before long we were doing the horizontal cha cha under the squeaky ceiling fan, both higher than hell. “Nancy” I said “Did I hurt you? Are you okay?”…..”No honey pooo” (that’s what she used to call me honey pooo) you didn’t hurt me..why?” “Well” I said “For a moment there I thought you moved!!” Frank Zappa, damn that was good. I’m sorry, what was this article about??


This is another example of how the Democratic party operates.The Democratic party and their leftist trash are mentally and emotionally disturbed.The most obvious example is msnbc.We have very sick people in our country that will do anything to personally destroy this woman and any Republican or conservative.I never hear the leftist trash talk about unemployment,inflation,no increases for senior citizens for social security,bowing down to every foreign leader,forcing to to have their health care,Van jones, Acorn,Bill Ayers,Rev.wright,attacking news companys,and on an on.The democratic party is a disgraceful,hatefilled monster.

matthew s harrison

I laugh every time a lefty opens their mouth.

I love it.

I could give a “f**&” less about Sarah Palin personally. But, I sure love watching the left squirm in terror that they may be calling her Mrs. President.

They are so terrified of her being the first woman president they are willing to say or do anything they have to to keep that from happening.

I wonder if that moron by the way, thinks Al Gore’s book is drivel-you know the one that they can’t give away-the one that is more of his fraud-the one that has just been totally debunked once and for all?


I guess ……“Our customers are thinking people,” said Nathan Embretson, a bookseller at Pendragon Books in Oakland. “They’re not into reading drivel.”…… comic books are for they’re thinking people!? What bull caca! Look who’s being intolerant now.


Any “rogue” bookstores in San Francisco?


Excellent post. I personally have no plan to read Palin’s book but it’s ironic how the so-called open-minded, tolerant-obsessed liberal intellectuals in San Francisco prefer to embrace censorship, in a bookstore no less! — a place of learning and where true diversity of opinions, cultures, and ideology comes together. I guess we can look forward to seeing Palin’s book on the “Banned” list next year. She will have the last laugh.