Scientists say clouds can communicate. We bet they’re liberal (the scientists, that is)

by editor on August 18, 2010

If there was ever a scientific study that screamed out, “I was funded by the taxpayers,” this is it.

clouds communicate

It's now a scientifically-proven fact that clouds can communicate. Can you tell what this one is telling you?

A new study has found that clouds “communicate” with each other, much like chirping crickets or flashing fireflies on a summer night. The surprising findings, published online in the journal Nature, may have significant implications for our understanding of the Earth’s climate.

So the next time you find yourself laying on your back picking out shapes among the clouds, mull on this one: Are they talking among themselves about you?

“Cloud fields organize in such a way that their components ‘communicate’ with one another and produce regular, periodic rainfall events,” explained Graham Feingold, a research scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) and the paper’s lead author.

In other words, Feingold found clear evidence of self-organization in the regular patterns of rainfall and repeating growth of those floating puffs of cotton.

Got that? Clouds are thinking, sentient beings. Next thing you know, the ACLU will claim that clouds’ civil rights are being violated and demand that they be given the vote. Dark storm clouds, of course, will claim demand reparations. Wispy little clouds will demand that they be allowed to marry. And big, puffy cumulus clouds will claim they are victims of sizism.

And liberals will demand another tax increase to pay for it all.

Source: Fox News

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I think this website should now solely focus on stopping clouds from crossing the borders illegally. I’m tired of their kind coming over here, raining on my parade, taking my job (of watering my tomato plants when I get home). That’s something I can get behind. Although, now that I think about it, if we ever “compromised” with democrats over the border security issue, this is what we’d probably get.


See, the 1956 film The Rainmaker was correct, you can communicate with clouds.


Wonder if the SEIU is going to try to get them to join? Clouds are, after all, service providers, providing both precipitation and shade. Or maybe they already have. Witness the droughts ( clouds on strike ) in some areas.


This site is called ihatethemedia, yet it’s a website, which in the 21st century, is the biggest form of mass media in the world.


Aw, you caught us. We’re actually just a bunch of media-haters who go here to hate being here. More convenient that way.

BTW, nice Yellow Submarine avatar. 😉

Mountain biker 21

So if clouds “communicate,” maybe we should not fly through them in our fossil fuel burning air planes. Hmmmmmm.


I think they’re (the scientists) are using the word “communicate” loosely to convey the idea that clouds are apart of a bigger system, which works as a single “organism.” It is in this abstract sense that they “communicate.” Regardless: Whoever got the idea that sentience was implied, is an idiot.


Oh no, scientific discoveries! What could be more terrible?

chillie willie

Where are the Chachapoyas when ya need em!