Scott Walker dominates, Labor falters in Wisconsin recall primary. Gov. Scott Walker, running virtually unopposed, nearly got more votes than the four Democrats combined – 626,538 to 665,436. The Democrats managed to attract only two-thirds as many votes as the 900,000 who signed the recall petitions. Why did almost 300,000 people stay home? We surmise a lot of Mickey Mouses and Adolf Hitlers had better things to do on a Tuesday.

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Progressive Hemrrhoid
Progressive Hemrrhoid

Sounds like the Parasite Party is going to get their butts handed to them again, much like 2010. Kinda warms the cockles of my heart.


In Wisconsin sanity is making a come back.

I think it will be awfully hard to convince those people that either got property tax relief or not a hike in their tax. Of course job creation and keeping all of the teachers on staff is pretty good too.

I feel good about this but will still be sending more $ to Walker and Kleefisch along with the GOP senators. This is the beachhead and needs to be taken.


I live 10 minutes away from Wisconsin, & what many don’t really know is that outside of the Milwaukee area & the Madison area, Wisconsin ain’t nearly as liberal or progressive as outsiders believe. Unless there is massive voter fraud, Walker stays in the statehouse.

Elrond Hubbard

I live in Wisconsin and proudly cast my vote for Scott Walker yesterday. The vote was encouraging, I think Walker’s base is fired up and committed to his victory in the this recall.

The big loser was the public employee unions as Kathleen Falk, their candidate, went down in flames, losing to Tom Barrett, the inept mayor of Milwaukee. So the original reason for the recall, the unions’ loss of collective bargaining “rights” has now become a non-issue. Barrett even cancelled his appearance at a union rally in Madison.

The recall election is in 27 days, I’m ready.

KW Willy

Congratulations Mr. Hubbard!! I pray this is a preview of things to come in November. I also hope Scott Walker’s Lieutenant Guv gets as much support, the asshole republican party seems to have thrown her under the bus. They need to realize that the tea party just wants candidates that stand for what the repubs used to stand for before they became democrats, C-YA BIG DICK LUGAR


Elrond- my wife and I celebrated our wedding anniversary by voting for Walker!


I think they ought to make it a crime with a big bite for falsifying voter registration and false voting . In our state its not unusal for about 800-1,000 dead people to vote . The election judges know who is supposed to be purged , but faithful voters they still are .

I’m not sure how thw Walker recall will go , as deceit is all the Dems have , but they have much . How many actual Adolph Hitlers and Mickey Mouses do you know that vote ? —- Libtards— ” But the addresses are correct , even the vacant lots .

As many know , The Only Thing That Evil People Need To Succeed Is For Good People To Do Nothing. I’m sure that’s what the Dems are hoping for most.