Senator to DefSec nominee: Why have the Iranians endorsed you? Well, one possible reason may be Iran really wants Hagel to be DefSec and another possible reason is that they really don’t want him to be DefSec and hope that by endorsing Hagel, they will kill his nomination. Still another possible reason is that they want to screw with Obama. We’ll take door #1 and #3, Monty! Update: Senators reportedly suspect Hagel not very bright. Do tell.

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Senator Cruz splays hagel for the world to see what a lying, back-peddling ass he is and apparently always has been. The 0 couldn’t find a better whistle for his tune!


THIS is our proposed SECDEF? Why didn’t they just pull one ot those johns from the nursing home? It would be about equal. This guy has even fewer marbles rattling in his skull than bite me Biden has. And he acts like he has early demenia and his first (next?) stroke has already happened. Besides the military already has to answer to a civilian president, they shouldn’t have to tolerate another civilian political shill as SECDEF.


I’ll answer the question. The Iranians know that Hagel will be much harder on Israel then he will be on islamic foundamentlist nations like Iran.

Jim Stewart

Meanwhile in a parallel universe Chuck Hagel doesn’t lose his mind and maintains his 84 percent rating from the American Conservative Union and serves in the Senate with the same gallantry he exhibited in the Vietnam War.

Big Al

If there is a parallel universe then I have been cheated.