Sharyl Attkisson traces “fake news” war back to Google owner Eric Schmidt. The original goal was to start a propaganda effort to censor and belittle conservative news sources on behalf of Hillary Clinton for whom Schmidt was a campaign advisor. But then Donald Trump co-opted the term and started throwing it back in their faces, to the point where he pretty much owns the term now.

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The Candace Owens journey to Conservatism has everything to do with “fake news.” Just watch the first 10 minutes to see how deep this fake news really goes.


I’ve watched a good part of the video. Fascinating, and very encouraging to see young black people taking the red pill. Very smart lady.

Dave K

Schmidt went to UC-Berkeley back in the day. Go figure.


Eric looks like he would have made a good Nazi.

Not so silent

That should be, Eric is a good nazi…..

Joe Redfield

The only surprise here is that it was Schmidt and not George Soros. As usual, though, it came back and bit them on the ass.