Just when you think advertising can’t get any sleazier

by editor on December 14, 2009

Toyota in the land Down Under has been pressured to pull a new commercial after complaints that it was sexist and condoned incest.

“Clean Getaways” is an online commercial for the Toyota Yaris, a small car mainly sold to young women. It’s full of sexual innuendos and double entendres. The problems start right at the beginning of the commercial when a teenage boy tells his date’s father, “I’m here to take Jennifer’s virginity out tonight.”

It goes down hill quickly from there as boy says, “I hope I haven’t come too prematurely,” “It has traction control for when it gets a bit slippery and wet,” and “I’ll have her on her back by 11, I promise.”

The good news, if there is any in this story, is that the commercial wasn’t produced by Toyota’s ad agency, but was an an entry in a short-film contest organized in part by the company. The bad news is that no one at Toyota thought the commercial was tacky enough to reject. In fact, it won the competition.

Not long after the won the contest, the company was overwhelmed with comments from angry viewers and the commercial was pulled from Toyota’s website.

Odd, isn’t it, that a commercial that’s filthy from start to finish should be named “Clean Getaways.”

Source: Huffington Post

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Ffs it’s incestuous. Incest is revolting. Always and forever.


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Just so you know: You of course like anyone have a right to your opinion and in fact I wouldn’t have answered to it, because even though I didn’t find the comparison apt, it is still an opinion. It was your vulgar and unnecessary insult that spark me to comment. I don’t want to make a big deal out of it, but it struck me as petty to insult others for their opinions whereas you want yours to be accepted as is. Your assuming that I want to make it more scandalous is ridiculous just as your assertion that someone is wrong for not loving this ad as you do and then insulting them for it.

It is good to note that the other obviously more mature gentlemen that commented here didn’t have to stoop to that to validate or strengthen their opinion. They said what they had to say and although I disagree, good for them for pointing out their opinion intelligently without insulting others in the process. And gentlemen this post has nothing to do with your comments nor is it directed to you at all.

In response to your failed and laughable attempt at belittlement: I assume that like most commercials (especially about everyday products like cars) it airs during the day. Most average people watch TV mostly during the day and evenings after work. Those people that work are the ones that usually have the money to buy cars. The promotion of a car only during late night hours is a bad marketing strategy. It is not the same as promoting a strip joint or Girls Gone Wild.

Children can still see the commercial. I made no mention of during specifically children programming. I indicated “any time of day” in my last statement. That would be dumb to promote it during children programming, because as I stated above people that can afford a car usually tend to be working adults. However children still watch television OUTSIDE of children programming. At least the children that I know of. Why do you think most of the complaints came from? More than likely parents.

That, that was said earlier, was in response to your being okay with it because it is not as bad as late night anything in the US. The comparison wasn’t apt in my opinion as I said.

No there is no mention in the article of it being on during the day, but there is no mention of it being during late night hours either (so where did you get that assertion from?), which again will be a stupid move, because even though men that do stay watching TV during late night hours tend to be the audience that would applaud and love a crude and assinine commercial like this, the car company should want to promote to a wider audience… right?


Funny, Kimmy, the article makes no mention of what time slot the commercial is played in. Perhaps you’re assuming that it plays during children’s programming because that makes it more scandalous?


That was just a stupid commercial. Maybe it plays well in Australia. It seems much easier to shock in a commercial than to come up with a good idea.

Paul Freeman

I Belileve that Toyota is trying to get rid of the stigma that Yaris is a “Gay” car.
It’s gross, tough funny, but in my opinion, there is no reason for such a controversy.


The reason why certain things are on late night is obvious. Some people’s comments are hilarious because they are nonsense. This is not a late night show nor a late night informercial. This is a commercial that is meant to run at any time of day. Even children can see it. Some people’s panties are probably so loose that they fail to see the issue. Oh well…


I thought it was hilarious. Some people on this site need to pull their panties out of their behinds. It was no worse than anything that would be aired late-night in the US.


It is not funny. It is very gross and completely unnecessary. I feel that the toyota people think that the young people viewing and presumably buying the car would find it great… but I dont think that many respectable young women wold like to be equated to a car nor be reminded that there are jerks in the world…


That is hilarious.