So how’s that LGBT agenda working out for the UK? Badly. Real badly. The gays push their agenda preaching equality and tolerance but as soon as they win they start oppressing and expressing their intolerance using the power of the government. In the UK you can no longer hold political office, adopt a child, run a religious school, or, if Equalities Minister Justine Greening has her way, even have a church that doesn’t wave the rainbow flag madly and with sufficient enthusiasm.

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Dave K

I don’t GAS about the LBGT crap as long as they aren’t throwing it in my face. Live your fvcking lives and quit trying to shove your lifestyle up other peoples’ asses.


This was never about equality. It was about supremacy, determining the course of culture and society and punishing those that won’t accept them the way they want to be accepted.

No one has the right to be married inside a church or any other privately held or religious building or association or community. That is an outrageous claim.

No offense, but the militant alphabet brigade are stupid af. They are turning government into their deity, because they feel slighted by other deities and the people that worship them? Really…? A diverse opinion triggers you that much? What is more valuable? Your feelings or your life? Dumbasses, you are creating the future destroyer of your lives. You are creating a monster that will not relent power once it has it. It is not in the nature of government to do that. You are giving government powers that it shouldn’t have! It is astonishing how dumb people can be and this is not exclusive to the militant alphabet brigade either.

What happens when the government decides, as a deity, that the alphabet brigade is no longer needed/wanted…? That it is economically expedient to just be rid of them? What exactly do these people think is going to happen when the so called gay gene is found and it can be found in the womb? ha? Have they heard about Iceland and how the government are pretty much going down the road of… hey… it is tots ok to get rid of that Down Syndrome baby… we won’t yell at you… where do you think that is going? That will ABSOLUTELY become China where perfectly healthy babies are murdered by the government even if the Mother and Father want to keep their babies. Forced abortions are a real thing there and the babies are PERFECTLY viable and healthy. You can just imagined how quickly they want to get rid of undesirables babies. Gay gene happens, libs will do it in secret first, then more acceptance of it will happen, to the point where government says tots ok to get rid of that gay baby…

It is so frustrating… and of course quite predictable…


I hate all this so-called equality. Anyone talking “equality” is full of sh*t. People are into everything for themselves and for their own. Nobody likes to admit it, as if there was anything wrong with that.

You do for you and for yours. What’s the problem?

Oh, right… can’t become a “leader” and extract tribute or be paid bribes by simply promoting doing for one’s own self and theirs’.

Not so silent

Hitler would be proud of the gay Nazi’s….

Joe Redfield

So are British Muslims expected to get with the Alphabet Agenda or do they have some sort of legal opt-out, such as bombs or machetes?


Of course, they are exempt. Special dispensation. They are a more special group than the other special groups. By the time they get done assigning special status to all the special groups., nobody will be special anymore. Then they will start screaming to get more special privileges. It;s a never ending circle of stupidity.

Jim Stewart

Beheading people they don’t like is an effective opt-out for Muslims.