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Something stinks in Detroit

by editor on August 9, 2009

Just imagine how irresistible you'll be when you smell like Cadillac.

Just imagine how irresistible you'll be when you smell like Cadillac.

We didn’t like it when the government used our tax dollars to buy General Motors. Not at all. But we kept our fingers crossed and hoped the company would use the money and its bankruptcy to trim the fat, advance innovation, and win back market share.

No such luck.

The latest product out of General Motors is – we hope you’re sitting down – a cologne.

Yup, General Motors, fresh out of bankruptcy court, will is introducing “Cadillac,” a fragrance for men.

“Cadillac” combines the fresh scent of grapefruit and camomile plus an olio of geranium, tarragon and cinnamon. And don’t forget the sweet spice and incense.

Our comments: (1) If GM wanted a more appropriate scent, “Cadillac” would combine the smell of money with the stench of death. (2) Obama must have appointed a Sleazy Scent Czar while we weren’t looking. (3) Look for a product line extension called “Oldsmobile” that smells like your father.

Source: Minneapolis Star

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Not only are we screwed by this administration, they now can provide the back seat of the car. What next a condom? Oh, that’s right, they own Planned Parenthood!


How ’bout a cologne called “Pontiac Wide Track” for porkers.?


GM needs the cologne to cover up the smell of whatever it is they’re smokin’