What the hell is this thing they just discovered on Mars?

by editor on June 5, 2011

This is not the kind of story we typically cover at IHateTheMedia.com, but we’re making an exception because THIS IS FREAKIN’ STRANGE.

David Martines was playing with Google Mars when he stumbled across something that is absolutely inexplicable.

Let’s let David describe it:

“This structure is 700′ x 150′, and is colored white with blue and red stripes against the red Martian soil. This is not a rock or mountain. It is a manufactured structure. This is not something that I created, this is something that is currently on Google Mars. NASA won’t talk to me about it. I’ve sent them a few emails, and no reply. Go see for yourself. The coordinates are: 71 49’19.73″N 29 33’06.53″W.”

Watch the video and you’ll say the same thing we did:

WTF? What the F-in’ F?


Update: If you’re into discoveries found on Google Earth, you’ll might find it interesting to zoom in on this anti-obama crop circle in Louisiana.

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open you minds


open your minds.


I can’t believe the people who posted neg comments can’t see the structure in the image. There’s a smooth metal cylinder shaped structure there. The right hand side is more difficult to make out, but the left is pretty darn clear.


Thread, meet the Energizer Bunny. No one is questioning if there is a structure in the image. Do you really think the media jackals would miss an opportunity to hype this silly photo if it wasn’t already explained to death? Hey, I pay big bucks to receive this forum; let’s please get back to the witty indictments and sexual innuendo.


It’s one of many satellites which are orbiting mars. Not a structure on the surface of course.


orbiting martian satellites.. since when?


If this is real we need to find out how owns this place, maybe it’s for rent???

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