Study: New E15 gas can ruin auto engines: It must be pretty sweet to be the government. If you don’t have enough money to buy votes and send kickbacks to cronies you just raise some funds on the sly by regulating up the price of gas and then pocketing the difference. And if that isn’t enough you can always regulate that gas be diluted by adding ethanol -thereby driving up consumption and government profits. And if that still isn’t enough you can further decrease the efficiency of the gas by adding even more ethanol. So what if it destroys the engines of the people you’re ripping off to pay for your protectionist rackets and cartels? All that means is that they’ll have to buy new cars. Possibly from one of the car companies you forced them to buy you or the one you forced them to buy for the unions.

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If anyone is confused about where this stuff is being sold, here is the Ethanol website, and at the top is a link to a map of E15 station locations: So far, it’s only in the midwest, where, interestingly, most corn is grown. Hmmmmmm….


Not to mention any other small engine.
Chain saw, lawnmower, generator, etc…….


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Progressive Hemrrhoid
Progressive Hemrrhoid

Bad enough the E-10 mixture destroys anything that has fiberglass in it, now this garbage?


Does this means we’ll get to sue the feds under the RICO statutes?


Isn’t this old news? I thought E15 was what Brazil mandated several years ago and it killed about half the cars on the road in a year there eating up every bit of rubber it came in contact with.

Oops, PS -simulpost w/NSS, yeah same dam story.

I think I’m going to reinvent the steam car and burn coal, used motor oil, and tire shreddings in it.

Not so silent

Years ago when I lived in the midwest they tried this and found that the rubber hoses for fuel lines and some other parts, gaskets, etc, could break down causing fires or engine damage, not to mention the octane rating was so low engines pinged and knocked and timing was always needing to be adjusted. People stayed away from it in droves, now here we are again turning food into fuel that destroys your engine…..Like BIO-diesel, I refuse to buy it. My mechanic said to stay away from it unless I like calling tow trucks as part of my daily routine.


They haven’t put enough corn into our diets, and they are still subsidizing corn grower, so they have to find a place to use it. I don’t remember the exact statistics, but something along the line of 30% of ALL farmland in America is dedicated to corn.