Suspect in Twin Peaks killing released from jail days earlier. Another early release by a libtard judge and an innocent man is dead. We don’t feel sorry for the libtards in San Francisco anymore, they’re getting exactly what they voted for.

The district attorney’s office moved to revoke his probation July 11, but a judge ruled he should be released on what is known as assertive case management, a pretrial program that requires routine check-ins. The judge had followed a recommendation by the San Francisco Pretrial Diversion Project, a nonprofit group funded by the sheriff’s department and the mayor’s office.

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What will citizens do for redress when it is apparent the government doesn’t give a shit about our safety?


Shoot the bastards.

Joe Redfield

“Assertive case management” – a new euphemism for ‘soft on crime’.

Not so silent

Judges will keep doing this shit until one of these criminals Kills their family..then watch the shit hit the fan…maybe…depending on liberal they are….