This is what it takes for a Tesla Model S to become a police car

Tesla squad car runs out of battery chasing suspect at high speed, California cops say. On the up side it didn’t catch on fire.

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Not so silent
Not so silent

I love how the department says they cost less? I guess electricity is free in fremont. Or the fact the car has to be out of service for eight hours to charge. Hell in stockton we had “hot cars”, they would go from one shift to the next, after roll call refueled and back out on the street and we had over 110 patrol cars. Imagine trying to schedule this electrical shitshow for recharging every day….


Ah. Kommiefornia!


Yeah, okay, I absolutely hate electric cars for most purposes but one exception is police cars. They really are stupid fast out of the gate and they really can achieve remarkable top speeds. And let’s be real, sometimes a police officer likes to approach quietly, ya know? What’s better for that than an electric car? At night with the lights off you could roll right up to a perp and tap him in the back of his knees with your front bumper and he would never have heard you coming. A city cop shouldn’t normally have a chase that lasts long enough to use up the batteries. Maybe the state guys on highway patrol shouldn’t have electric cars. They need to have a little more range. In this case, as the article says, some dumbass forgot to charge it overnight… probably the same guy who ran out of juice during the chase, because it’s not that unusual for city cops to have their own cars they don’t share. Pretty much the height of laziness to be unwilling to plug the damn thing in at the end of shift.


The extension cord broke