The clown show that is the FBI strikes again. This time they didn’t secure a number of their websites, allowing hackers to access the personal records of thousands of federal agents and police officers, basically anybody who ever trained at Quantico. The information is now for sale to the highest bidders.

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Way to go FOOLS!!!! It’s not bad enough for us, now supposedly the “best law enforcement” in the world has compromised the safety and well being of anyone who did any training at Quantico. Comey’s Cluster F{}# legacy lives on.

There has got to be a full on open investigation into the
Wonder what’s next out of the clown car?

Not so silent
Not so silent

I have said this before, even at the local office level the F.B.I. is a waste of money and filled with dirty cops… I would neither cooperate or work with them after watching one of the local FBI asshats blow off a criminal political corruption case cause he knew one of the people involved..Disband the FBI, they screw up more than anyone else and are so political they are worthless…Just an armed protector of the DNC and dirty politicians everywhere..


But they have always had the very best public relations people, ever since Hoover made public relations a priority at the very beginning of the agency. They’re just like the gays who monitor and control how gays are portrayed in TV and movies–the FBI does the exact same thing. You never see negative portrayals of gays or the FBI in TV and movies. How many TV shows and movies have we seen with the brilliant FBI forensics people (who actually are so bad and have lied under oath so many times they have no credibility left anywhere) and the brilliant FBI profilers (who have zero successes to their credit)?

I always tell people, if you want a crime solved, keep the FBI out of it and let the local cops handle it. The local cops know the area, know the people, and know the limits of forensics. The FBI, far from knowing the area where they work, have a formal policy of transferring people to new cities during their careers, so they are often entirely ignorant of the city in which they are trying to work. This is supposed to keep them loyal to the FBI organization by avoiding attachments to a given city and its people. It’s entirely stupid. Add that to the fact that most of them have lawyer or accountant backgrounds rather than LEO backgrounds and you have a hot mess.