This is what’s known as a motivational poster

by editor on September 28, 2009


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Jimmy fan

Now there is a “Miss Me Yet?” billboard in Texas, but with Jimmy Carter. LOL!

Ticked Off Again

Heck yes I miss him. I ain’t never had a present I was smarter than, and this guy in there now is to smart. Bring W. back for a 3rd term. The Constitution don’t matter to him, so it don’t to me neither.

A.Y. Gramt

YES, Georgie Boy, I miss ya’ terribly. I have not been so scared since 1939 when headlines read “Hitler Marches ON Poland”.


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Road Warrior

I do miss Bush.

I was pissed at Bush because I thought he and the republican congress were acting like democrats. Was I wrong.

At least I was certain he was dealing with terrorists. Don’t think the current empty suit is up to the task. Hope whoever is pulling his strings wants to keep this country safe.


History will vindicate GW Bush.


Not if the media has any say in it.


Ahhh, everytime I saw that cat I laughed. He didn’t seem to take himself that seriously at times. BO seems so damned arrogant and snotty. Even his casual poses seem so staged and processed. Bush may have not been the sharpest tack but, I’d take him anyday over the current fraud.
Now I shall don my tin foil hat:
F*ck that globalist, new world order lovin dumb shit. He prepped the whole country for a huge socialist takeover. He signed laws that at the time sounded great to go terrorist huntin’, but they will be used on the populace. F*cking sad.



Pissed off about the Mullah’s? Let us pray for a leader that is part W., part Harry Truman and part Dr. Hannibal Lecter.


As many things as Dubya did that I didn’t agree with, I was always sure of one thing; when he did something, he felt it was right. And even as many times as he ticked me off (especially in his last few years) I do miss him. This picture is pure gold. 🙂


So true. Did anyone catch the Giants-Cowboys game last week from the new Cowboy’s Stadium. George W came out to be the honorary game referee.

He walked onto the field amongst THUNDEROUS applause!!!!!