Tim Geithner is one of People Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People. Seriously.

by editor on April 30, 2009

UPDATE: The truth comes out. Geithner’s brother is a VP at People Magazine.

Far as we can tell, merely being associated with Barack Obama makes you beautiful in the eyes of the media. The man’s aura is so powerful that anyone who stands near him is enveloped in a magical cloud of beauty.

tim geither beavis

Tim Geithner, one of People Magazine's Most Beautiful People, and his doppelganger.

Seriously. That media bias is the only conceivable way to explain the selection of Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner as one of People Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People.

Tim Geithner is beautiful? C’mon, he looks like the balding president of the neighborhood chess club. He looks like the guy who took his cousin to the high school prom. He looks like he dreams of being cool enough to wear a pocket pen protector. He looks like he’s afraid the jocks are going to give him another wedgie in gym class. For god’s sake, man, he looks like he shares DNA with Beavis.

Oh, well, at least People used a little judgment and left Janet Napolitano off the list.

Source: WeaselZippers.com via HotAir.com, Salon

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Not limited, Sunny, BLIND as in blind, adoration and worship. This White House is going to have superlative after superlative heaped up (upon itself) until the weaker minds of this country all believe that the Olympian gods have descended and taken residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
All Hail, Obama, Lord and King of Titans and gods!
Obama = Zeus, god of lightening and father god
Michelle = Hera goddess of hearth, home, wife of Zeus
Tim Geithner = Hermes (the god of thieves.)
Apollo = Obama in his incarnation as Rhetorician & Scientist


I’m loving the likeness of Tim Geithner and Beavis. Thank you for pointing that out as I never would have thought of it. My entire family has gotten a real big laugh out of the side by side pictures. And as for Geithner being one of the 100 most beautiful people….not sure who was doing the choosing but I guess their selection must have been limited.


If he is handsome I am Sophia Loren!
and trust me, I am not!
(genes come from the same part of Italia but something tragic happened on the way to 1951 – my mom met my future dad! ) LOL LOL
And neither of the Obamas are truthfully handsome in any great way. His face pouts, frowns, looks confused — look at his chin and cheeks, almost constantly. She is OK and tall, besides.
I’ve seen prettier black people right here in WA.
Is that bevis or butt-head? DEE You wondered that also.
I don’t watch the show.
The liberal media is obsessed with looks. If a person looks good, well then, they must be good – esp. if they are liberals. No conservative is pretty – Look at the names they are calling Prejean !
I usually like Greek ideas (Beauty= truth) but This goes too far and is ridiculous! We have the first “American Idol” president. He still hasn’t proven to me he has the faintest idea what the Constitution really says. And what about Lincoln? He was one ugly man but had a good heart and was REALLY intelligent .. and, something the modern Media doesn’t understand – Wise.
Janet Napolitano actually looks like a nun who forgot to put on her habit. She causes a shiver to go back my back everything she speaks … I had certain nuns in school that terrified me and she both looks and speaks like them.
She is another Italian who isn’t Sophia Loren.


Linda, not sure I can agree of Obama being attractive, but that would be showing political bias if they chose him Picking Michelle Obama, Tim Geithner and Rahm Emauel doesn’t at least. LOL!

And speaking of Michelle Obama? Tehy can’t be serious! Maybe one of the top 100 most beautiful linebackers in the world.


He’s decent looking! I wouldn’t say he’s one of the most beautiful people on the planet, but he’s certainly not ugly. If they wanted to pick someone beautiful from the Obama folks, why not pick Obama himself since he actually is quite physically attractive.


Beauty Is in the Mind of the Moonbat Media…

I knew our tax cheat Treasury Secretary looked familiar. Check out this “separated at birth?” comparison from Lucianne: …and from Weasel Zippers: See if you can guess which one of the handsome gents above was listed as one of America’s……

Jr Accountant

LOL at Geithner busted for his brother’s “questionable” connection to People mag: http://www.jrdeputyaccountant.com/2009/04/tim-geithner-not-so-beautiful-after-all.html

Now it all seems so CLEAR!


What kind of people are making these decisions? How embarrassing! Geithner?

Media Bias is becoming more blatant. Mostly, it is revealed in the stuff they don’t ask rather than what they ask.

At last evening’s press conference, no one even asked the Leader about the first quarter recession figures – they are getting worse and not better.

For more on ‘unasked’ questions:


Juliet Waters

Hilarious. But meanwhile have you seen my post about Janet Napolitano. Apparently, she’s separated at birth from Kyle’s Mom.



Jeez, embarassing but not surprised. This is the same woman (Napolitano) who said the Mexican border was super safe…. ack…I hate politicians.


My mind may be blown for the day … make that the week. I call TG “The Goon” and I mean it. He’s a SCARY looking dude. In what universe would he be considered beautiful? Uhm, not the one I live in.


I happen to think Tim Geithner is one of the hottest men on the planet!! He’s smart, sexy and totally wonky cool! Think what you will–I’d take him over any movie or tv star!


Sandy, one woman to another – he is a brainless idiot that will end up destroying the banking system in the country. I would take it for granted that you are joking but in these nutty times I don’t take anything for granted.
In a year you will be weeping about how much you are paying for bread and butter. You and yours will be lucky to have a job. Inflation is coming. It will arrive by the end of the year or early next year.
Government isn’t a popularity contest. Lincoln looked like a long faced ape, had a big, gaunt body that looked like it had been run over by a train.. but he was the one of the greatest presidents the USA ever had. Beauty? Hot? Darn, darn, darn, has every person in this country gone mad?! Not only that but look at that forehead he looks like one of the aliens in “This Island Earth” Give him a white wig and he could come from Metaluna!!


Well, it’s been TWO years and none of your melodramatic predictions have come true.

Dee Mac

Oh no you didn’t!!! That is such a true likeness both in appearance and personality!!! Good find. Is that one Bevis or Butthead?