Like a deer caught in the headlines: Time’s editor doesn’t know who Joe Sestak is

by editor on June 1, 2010

There’s nothing more revealing than those candid moments when libs are caught with his pants down (no Barney Frank reference intended).

In this case, we’re referring to the candid moment on MSNBC’s Morning Joe show when Mika Mxyzptlk asked Time editor Rick Stengel if the magazine’s latest issue would cover the Joe Sestak story.

Stengel was baffled. He stuttered. He stammered. He tried to fake it until Mika cattle prodded the inner recesses of his mind by saying, “The Sestak controversy. Joe Sestak.”

“Oh, Sestak.” Stengel said. “No. No. There is not. There is not.”

Time isn’t interested in this story. And you shouldn’t be, either. Barack Obama said so.

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John Smth

MikaMika is the daughter of Zbigniew Brzeninski, you know
ZE-BIG-NEWS Brezinski, Carter’s National Security Advisor
who because of his narrow-focused POLISH hatred of the
Russians, gave rise to the Mujahadeen in an effort to foment
anti-Soviet hatred within the Central Asian Muslims in the old
USSR. So Osama’s real daddy is an old bigoted Polack. Some joke.




Okay… this is sad and serious. If he knew and wanted to play dumb that is dangerous because OBVIOUSLY Obama intervened. However people still read the NYT for real news anymore?

If he DIDN’T know about it oh my goodness that is truly bad and explains why the NYT is dying and irrelevant.

Doc Savage

I KNEW her real name was Mxyzptik!


I would like to buy a vowel please…

Pittsburgh Z

What an ass.

NO….we do not think this is a story! DROP IT!