Top Dems urging Obama to raise debt ceiling all voted against increase in ’06. Reid, Durbin, Schumer and Murray “all voted against raising the debt limit. So did every other Democrat — including [then freshman] Sen. Barack Obama.” Well gosh, this article makes it sound as if those Dems are a bunch of despicable, self-serving hypocrites or something…

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Progressive Hemrrhoid
Progressive Hemrrhoid

Just follow the money with these crooks. They want “Dear Leader” to do the dirty work for them, none of them have passed a budget in 4 years.


Interesting, when W was the President, the Dems all thought raising the debt ceiling was a bad idea, now they think it’s the only way to go!
I never thought it was a good idea, but then, I’m not a self serving politician.

Hmmm, self serving politician, where have I seen that before?


Problem is once the roles are reversed again, the Republicans will think raising the debt ceiling is a good idea and the Democrats will think it’s a bad idea. The flaw in our two party system it seems.


When pelosi started driving the congressional bus, they never once did anything that might have shone any light that could be perceived as a good thing done by the Bush administration. Not one thing. They stumped and railed that everything ever done by anyone other than a democrat was an evil affront against the innocent goodness of democrats. When she and barney butthole and all the other democrats sent the letter to Bush advising him to ink that the bill to force banks to let unemployed people buy houses, they were loading the bases to break this nation’s back. I believe Bush should have fought that into the trenches, but what happened, is what happened. Never really liked any of the Bushes. Especially when I had to vote for em because the alternative was so much worse.


Why the reversal of all of these? Der leader is advocating doing so and they are all on their knees in front of him, that is why.

It’s time to send every last son of a bitch that votes to increase the debt ceiling back to being a private citizen and not an elected self serving politician.