Top Ten Reasons Bill Clinton Thinks It’s OK to Join
the Klan

by editor on July 7, 2010

kkk clinton byrd

Speaking at the memorial for the deceased Klan Kleagle Robert Byrd, William Jefferson Davis Clinton said it’s alright to join the Ku Klux Klan. Why?

Because Byrd needed to get elected.

And, of course, for members of the Clinton administration, getting elected improves one’s chances of having sexual encounters with staff assistants, interns, and New Age masseuses.

Here is our list of the top ten other reasons Bill Clinton thinks joining the KKK is OK:

    10. Robes also double as togas for White House office parties.
    9. Saturday Night Klan Monte Carlo night is perfect excuse for ditching the old lady and meeting the mistresses.
    8. Grand Dragon sounds kind of Bruce Lee, doesn’t it?
    7. Look on Obama’s face when former president shows up in full Klan regalia is priceless
    6. The Pope already has Hitler Youth and Volkstrum vote tied up.
    5. Few white separatists among D.C. paparazzi.
    4. Fond memories of wearing the hood and robe, sneaking up to Ted Kennedy, and saying, “Where are all the white women?”
    3. There’s no barbecue like a Klan barbecue.
    2. DNA stains don’t show up on white sheets like they do on blue dresses
    1. Good laugh every time Gore wins popular vote for Grand Dragon, but loses electoral college.


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11. Now with Removable Hood!
And voilà!!! The Hight of Fashion in Arab dress for those ‘over-nighters’ in the Middle East.


That’s a fine looking group of Demacrats there. Nice to see they took a few moments from lynching blacks, burning crosses & churches to pose for the photo.