US to become world’s largest oil producer by 2020. Obama better hurry up and ban more drilling. We can’t have this! The greentards will revolt!

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Fitting, given how revolting the greenturds are.

KW Willy

With Cap and Trade and all other ridiculous EPA standards I would imagine this last chance to save this country will be sold to china and other developing nations while we drive sail cars and wish we lived somewhere else.


He’s gonna claim credit for this – even though he made it tougher to produce oil during his first term, has plans to make it way tougher in his second – keystone pipeline and the latest closing of the ground for shale oil processing. And don’t forget about what happens when he bans coal –

Jim Stewart

Good news. Maybe we can tell the oil producing nations to eat their oil.


If they have any left after we blew it all up with all our wars over the past decade.

Not so silent

Creepy Crawley is back again….Perhaps you should explain what you mean by blowing it all up? Where are your facts? Or are you just talking out of your ass again? I am betting on the latter. Isn’t it time for you to Pray to Ron Paul? You do that like what five times a day? Again, Bugger yourself..I know you don’t know what that means.

Kip Hooker

We blow up oil in foreign countries? Someone needs to lay off the the thing that made Timothy Leary famous.


Hey John,

Ron Paul is tired of supporting you.

Jim Stewart

jcrowley1985 – check your history, Saddam Hussein blew the Kuwait oil fields on his way out. That’s the only major blowing up I am aware of.

BTW, are you a doorknob in real life or do you just play one on this web site?


Saddam went for total scortched earth in Iraq…

& in Kuwait…

…but don’t expect actual video evidence to be enough to help crowley understand. He will blame oil companies rather then Saddam & his troops.


Despite the best efforts of the regime to squash the private sector our business leaders and innovators always seem to find a way. It really does make us different than other countries.