USA Today: 5 politicians who were treated more unfairly than Trump. That USA Today feels the need to make a headline out of something like this goes a long way to proving Don Donald’s point. To get the rest of the way there we are prepared to pass judgement on their list.

Abraham Lincoln:
It is possible the media treated Lincoln worse than our current media treats Trump. Or at least they did until old Honest Abe started to put them in jail. Sure preserving the Union may be one of the most important things a President ever did, but let’s not pretend he did so without breaking any eggs.

John F. Kennedy: We’re gonna call false on this one. If Kennedy had been treated like Trump has been treated there is absolutely no way he would have gotten away with his daddy stealing the 1960 election for him; even if the people didn’t know about Khrushchev bragging that the Russians helped bring the thing home for them.

John W. Stevens: This one is probably legit, even if it is a case of apples and oranges.

Hiram Revels: Again, legit. Again, apples and orange faced Presidents.

Barack Obama: A claim so laughable that we are not sure that the entire USA Today Article is not a giant troll. Had Obama been treated the way Trump has been treated there is no way White House #44 would ever have survived any of the following scandals.

A. Colluding with the Iranians to influence the 2008 election and then paying them off handsomely over the next eight years.
B. Hacking journalists that dared to print items embarrassing to the regime.
C. Mobilizing the IRS to suppress political dissent.
D. Maintaining Kill Lists and assassinating citizens.
E. Suspending Due Process.
F. Aiding and training what became ISIS.
G. Running guns to Mexican drug lords.
H. Spying on every man, woman and child in the country.
I. Allowing for the Department of Justice to cover up HRC’s crime.
J. Participating in some of HRC’s crimes by knowingly using her unsecured server.
K. Turning the surveillance state into an organ of oppo research.

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Barky treated worse than Trump? Where is USA Today printed, in a parallel universe?

Not so silent

USA Today? Pravda in Print.