Wait… what? The Washington Post just admitted that Obama screwed up Afghanistan and Iraq:

“PRESIDENT TRUMP’S resolution to delegate decisions on troop levels in Afghanistan to the Pentagon is a worthy corrective to the approach of President Barack Obama, who micromanaged U.S. military forces in a way that badly undercut their ability to achieve their goals. By politicizing force levels in Iraq and Afghanistan and setting timetables for withdrawal unlinked to conditions on the ground, Mr. Obama helped to ensure failure on his watch in both countries. The Islamic State gained control over much of Iraq, forcing the redeployment of U.S. troops, while a Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan now demands a similar reversal of previous withdrawals.”

That’s exactly what we were saying for eight years while the Post was busy defending everything Obama did.

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Jim Stewart

I’m sure the Compost will issue a correction.


When did they start telling the truth about Barky?
How long will it be before the FBI starts investigating the editorial board?
Their biggest mistake was crediting the article to the editorial board. That keeps it from being pinned to one person, so now we are likely to see the whole editorial board dying in a bus crash, because nobody will believe they all committed suicide.

Kip Hooker

They had to change positions on this so fast it is a wonder they don’t have whip-lash.


It’s about time those with their feet in the dirt and shit get to make the calls. The US Military does two things very well. Kill the enemy and break the enemy’s shit. That’s what they are trained to do. That was until quagmire became president. Then they had to be social workers first and military second.

What will quagmire have to say now to the editors of the Potomac Fish wrap?



Joe Redfield

Maybe Russian operatives(in direct collusion with Trump) spiked the water cooler at the WaPo office with truth serum.