Washington Post calls Obama decision to read rights to Underpants Bomber “myopic, irresponsible and potentially dangerous”

by editor on January 28, 2010

We can't wait to hear his defense attorney say Abdulmutallab doesn't know how those explosives got into his underwear.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the infamous “underpants bomber” tried to blow up a Northwest Airlines flight on Christmas.

The Obama administration – we’re forced to say “the administration” because no one has yet taken personal responsibility for the decision – chose to read him his Miranda rights and charge him in federal court.

Even the reliably liberal Washington Post sees the lunacy of this decision:

This was myopic, irresponsible and potentially dangerous.

Whether to charge terrorism suspects or hold and interrogate them is a judgment call. We originally supported the administration’s decision in the Abdulmutallab case, assuming that it had been made after due consideration. But the decision to try Mr. Abdulmutallab turns out to have resulted not from a deliberative process but as a knee-jerk default to a crime-and-punishment model.

In testimony Wednesday before the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, and Michael Leiter, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, all said they were not asked to weigh in on how best to deal with Mr. Abdulmutallab. Some intelligence officials, including personnel from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, were included in briefings by the Justice Department before Mr. Abdulmutallab was charged. These sessions did provide an opportunity for those attending to debate the merits of detention vs. prosecution. According to sources with knowledge of the discussions, no one questioned the approach or raised the possibility of taking more time to question the suspect. This makes the administration’s approach even more worrisome than it would have been had intelligence personnel been cut out of the process altogether.

What’s that? The Obama administration is more concerned about the rights of terrorists than the lives of Americans?

We’re shocked. Absolutely shocked.

Source: Washington Post

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With all the unemployed Vets out there, lets put these Vets to work at the (TSA) Transportation Security Administration, With their experience wouldn’t they know what to look for? Call Congress NOW!


I really beginning to think that an idiot didn’t want to be labeled a racist, by someone (in the media perhaps but I believe probably) in the administration. Consider the treatment of the cop in Virginia (?) and the black professor… I mean… I just have that feeling.