You can always count on the New York Times for accuracy. Sort of.

by editor on May 29, 2010


Former Secretary of the Interior and Alaska governor Wally Hickel is turning over in his grave

The New York Times had to issue a correction – a series of corrections, actually – regarding its obituary on former Secretary of the Interior and Alaskan Governor Walter Hickel. Turns out the Times had more facts wrong than right.

An obituary in some copies on May 9 about Walter J. Hickel, the former governor of Alaska and United States secretary of the interior, included several errors.
Mr. Hickel graduated from Claflin High School in Kansas; he was not a high school dropout.
The 1994 book “The Wit and Wisdom of Wally Hickel” was a collection of quotations from Mr. Hickel, not his autobiography.
After being dismissed as interior secretary and returning to Alaska, he ran for governor four more times, not three.
 And while a federal judge did initially reject an agreement proposed by Governor Hickel to drop all state and federal lawsuits against Exxon in the Valdez oil spill case in exchange for the company’s paying for cleanup and restoration, a revised version of that agreement was later accepted.

A Times story with this many inaccuracies could only have been written by Thomas Friedman. Nice to see that he’s picking up a little work off the editorial page.


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Pittsburgh Z
Pittsburgh Z

so they did the original story through Wikipedia?


This article has been revised to reflect the following corrections
The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
What goes up must come down.
One mile = 5280 feet.


If Friedman’s Chinese fantasies were to come true, he would be lined up against a wall and shot for getting so many things wrong about a Party official.

Wondering if he’s still fantasizing about America being China for one day in order to solve our economic and environmental woes.