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Look who’s praising Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal: Iranians.

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Feminist professor gets her panties in a bunch over joke in elevator. We are not experts on feminism but we did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once; and we are pretty sure overreacting to a harmless joke and acting like a delicate emotional flower is not the way to advance the equality of women.

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Venezuela looking at 100,000 percent inflation by year’s end. Ah! the magic of socialism: people earning a salary will need a 275% raise every single day to keep up with the cost of living.

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Pope Francis says ban all weapons. This guy has gone from leftwing Looney Tune to plain old brain-damaged stupid. At some point we expect to see him sitting bare-footed and cross-legged in a San Francisco park wearing a hemp robe, smoking genetically-enhanced ganja, and singing Kumbaya.

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Coldest April since 1895, farmers delay planting. But you just wait: when the month is over the NOAA will announce that after adjusting the data it was one of the warmest Aprils in history.

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Here we go again: FBI knew about Waffle House killer last year. These guys are like the Keystone Cops. Every time a whacko goes on a killing spree, it turns out the FBI knew about the whacko ahead of time, interviewed the whacko ahead of time, and let the whacko go. (Sometimes, the FBI not only knew about the whacko, they encouraged the whacko and gave him ideas.)

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Dumbest. Tweet. Ever. Actor James Woods calls this tweet “The absolute end of the bell curve of #liberal insanity…”

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Hilarious facts about Tesla. To summarize: no ability to make a profit, no working capital, mammoth borrowing needs, huge debt including unpaid suppliers, top finance executives fleeing the company, and a $7,500 federal tax credit on every car sold that is about to end. Other than that, everything is going swimmingly.

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McCabe says Comey is lying. While Comey continues to rant about “integrity” on his book tour, just about everybody he ever worked with is calling him a liar, including McCabe, Loretta Lynch, and the president.

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Stormy Daniels releases sketch of man who threatened her in 2011. The resident geniuses here at IHTM, being sleuth-like in nature and sleuth-like in proclivity, having examined the faces of all 7,638,437,592.5 people on the planet (we only give Al Gore credit for being half a man in spite of his size) have narrowed the possibilities down to two people who both resemble the face in the sketch and have sufficient motivation to threaten Miss Stormy in a parking lot: Trump-supporter Tom Brady and the guy on the right… and you’ll never guess who the guy on the right is.

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Leftwing feminists versus Muslims (it does not go well for the feminists). If you’re looking for someone to root for in this video, don’t bother. The feminists are rude and offensive (as usual) and the Muslims are cowardly and violent (as usual).

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Comey ABC News interview summary: Donald Trump is “morally unfit to be president,” says the man who repeatedly lied to Congress, the American public, and the FISA Court; and who used the FBI to further his own personal political goals.

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LGBT activist sets himself on fire to protest fossil fuels. The silly pathetic political philosophy of the left, symbolized by the silly pathetic death of one silly pathetic man.

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Largest BLM page on Facebook is fake. It was started and run by, and the donations to “the cause” were collected and spent by… a middle-aged white guy in Australia.

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CNN commentator Tara Setmayer: It’s okay to call a black person “Uncle Tom” or “coon” if they’re Republican.

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Clinton Global Initiative member was second in command at busted NXIVM sex cult. As Bill would say, “It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘intiative’ is.” She took the ‘initiative’ to procure sex slaves for the leader of the cult and brand them with his ‘initials’.

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Just in time for Easter, Obamacare’s contraception mandate is finally dead. A federal judge in Oklahoma delivered the coup de grâce Wednesday, permanently enjoining the federal government from enforcing the mandate. The Little Sisters of the Poor can now go back to serving the poor instead of buying birth control pills, abortifacients, and condoms; and instead of paying lawyers to defend their religious freedom.

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Another FBI bungle? On Saturday, prosecutors revealed that Pulse nightclub terrorist Omar Mateen’s father has been an FBI informant since 2005.

(Ever notice how every time there’s a mass killing the FBI was involved ahead of time and did nothing to stop it?)

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Obama wants to create “a million young Barack Obamas.” Hey, good luck trying to sleep tonight after reading that headline.

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RIP, Bozo the Clown. He died Tuesday. Liberals in Hollywood were celebrating until they realized it was the other clown with orange hair.

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Muslim officer who shot Australian women charged with murder. Good. It’s a start. This is the Minneapolis diversity hire who refused to answer investigators’ questions after killing an innocent woman, apparently relying upon his ethnic status to protect him from consequences.

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Gal Gadot under fire for insensitive tweet. Here are the horrible, nasty, foul words this insensitive actress tweeted:

“Rest in peace Dr. Hawking. Now you’re free of any physical constraints.. Your brilliance and wisdom will be cherished forever”

If you’re wondering what the problem is, the left is all over Twitter explaining that her tweet was “ableist…” Which is like racist only directed at people who are not “able…” We think.

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Al Gore warns audience about “flying rivers” and “rain bombs.” Which those of us who are sane call “clouds” and “heavy rain.” Someone should start measuring this guy for a straitjacket… size extra huge, please.

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Illegal-alien multiple-felony dirtbag who killed Kate Steinle is suing America. He says he’s the victim. Specifically the victim of “vindictive prosecution.”

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Sean Penn wrote a novel. Or at least that’s what he calls it. Based on the excerpts, it’s more an uncontrolled excretion of bile and craziness. Apparently he wanted to add the title of author to his other two titles: legend-in-his-own-mind actor and communist dick.

Toward the end of the novel his character writes a letter to the Trump-like president and here is an excerpt, placed here as a red-beacon warning flasher to prevent IHTM visitors from ever wasting a dime on this embarrassing load of hooey:

“‘Your gasconade and cache of catchphrases, so limiting and reflexive, escalate the emasculation of you by a world whose patience is in nuclear peril. These sciences and sensibilities are our guns your narcissism neglects.”

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