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At Target, gays grooming children is just good marketing. That’s a photo of the kids department at Target, believe it or not. They’ve taken wokeness to a whole new creepy level.

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Mother Nature mocks Al Gore again. Al Gore was paid $320,000 of taxpayer money to attend a Global Warming conference in Queensland, Australia, and in the middle of the conference it snowed. In Queensland. Where it almost never snows.

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10 of 10 coastal Antarctic weather stations show zero warming. The actual data, unmassaged by Global Warming “scientists,” shows that over the last 40 years the coast of Antarctica has no warming and an increase in sea ice extent.

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CNN asking freelancers to wait 90 days for payment. If it looks like a sinking ship and it acts like a sinking ship…

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First sentence of Svetlana Lokhova’s lawsuit against Stefan Halper:

“Stefan Halper is a ratfucker and a spy, who embroiled an innocent woman in a conspiracy to undo the 2016 Presidential election and topple the President of the United States of America.”

After an opening sentence like that, we can hardly wait for the first day in court.

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Gillete jumps the shark AGAIN. The company took a sales hit when they ran the commercial insulting men. They didn’t do themselves any favors with the ads glorifying fat women. And now they have a new commercial with a proud father teaching his daughter-who-thinks-she’s-a-man how to shave… because, you see, the hormones she’s taking to “transition” have produced facial hair.

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CrossFit leaves Facebook. It’s a start. CrossFit, Inc.’s company statement:

“Facebook censors and removes user accounts based on unknown criteria and at the request of third parties including government and foreign government agencies… Facebook’s news feeds are censored and crafted to reflect the political leanings of Facebook’s utopian socialists while remaining vulnerable to misinformation campaigns designed to stir up violence and prejudice.”

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What the…!? AOC again, this time freaking out about a tornado watch in D.C. and then, on Twitter, blaming it on climate change. (Don’t try to figure out what she means when she sees people outside and says, “We need to get them out!” You might understand that outside is already out, but that’s because you have a brain.)

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AOC says growing cauliflower is colonialism. This is even dumber than usual, something heretofore thought impossible by scientists. We are sincerely worried that one of her two brain cells died.

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John Walker “American Taliban” Lindh released from prison… even though, as recently as four years ago, he was still advocating for violent jihad from his prison cell.

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Another person calls James Comey a liar. We’ve lost track of how many people have accused Comey of lying. This time it’s Loretta Lynch, who says she never told Comey to call the Hillary Clinton investigation a “matter.”

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Emily Ratajkowski reveals her inner Klansman. Arguing against the new Alabama abortion law, she suggests that we want black women to have abortions to keep the prison population down. Which makes Emily a true Margaret Sanger acolyte.

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The serial killer story the leftwing media is refusing to cover. They won’t talk about it because the alleged serial killer is an illegal alien and that doesn’t fit their agenda. And if they do mention the story they don’t admit the alleged serial killer is an illegal alien.

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Stunning victory for conservatives in Australia. The left made the election all about Global Warming and Al Gore showed up just before the election to tell Australians to vote for the Labor Party. Conclusion: Australians don’t like Fat Albert and his hypocritical nonsense any more than Americans do.

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So long, Salon, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Salon.com, the virulently left-wing online news site that never met an issue they couldn’t skew, is going out of business. Apparently, being a news site more interested in propaganda than the truth isn’t a viable long-term business plan.

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“Wrong-way de Blasio.” The New York mayor is famous for being late to everything and in August he was late to a Harlem walk-run event, his city SUV going the wrong way on a one-way street, lights flashing and siren wailing, when it ran into a boiler truck. The city has been doing its best to cover up the accident ever since.

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Cher says President Trump’s children aren’t “worth a damn.” In case you’re wondering about Cher’s expertise when it comes to raising children, that’s her daughter Chastity—yes, daughter—pictured above.

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The New York Times said WHAT?! The New York Times, that venerable institution dedicated to all things leftwing and slimy, which spent the last three years pooh-poohing the border problem, came out Sunday and said, “Congress, Give Trump his Border Money.”

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AOC: “Oh my God! Food that comes out of dirt! It’s magic!” Let’s just admit it: the republic is doomed. We’ve read the Roman empire was destroyed by lead water pipes and the Chinese empire by bureaucracy. Historians will say the American republic succumbed to the abject stupidity of its elected representatives.

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Man named Mary smashes world records in women’s powerlifting. He’s real proud of his achievements. Here’s what he posted to Instagram:

“What a day, 9 for 9! Masters world squat record, open world bench record, masters world dl record, and masters world total record!”

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A SpaceX spacecraft seems to have blown up on its Cape Canaveral launching pad and nobody is talking about it. Quick question: is there any Elon Musk venture that is actually successful?

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Sports Illustrated goes full dhimmi. For this year’s annual swimsuit issue they are featuring a Muslim model, Halima Aden. Instead of a bikini she wears a “burkini,” the sixth-century version of a swimsuit favored by backward paternalistic cultures who treat women like slaves. This is Sports Illustrated demonstrating how woke they are.

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Women: 4 reasons why you should NOT put garlic in your vagina. One, in spite of what you’ve read, it will not cure a yeast infection. Two, although reportedly effective against vampires, that’s not where vampires bite. Three, your boyfriend will freak out something fierce when a clove of garlic pops out. And four, it’s gonna be real embarrassing when you get on an elevator and somebody says, “Who’s got garlic breath?”

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“Fat Sex Therapist” blames Christchurch shooting on white supremacist fitness. And if that’s not delusional enough for you, St. Olaf College in Minnesota hired this crazy fat woman to give a two-hour speech to students.

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McCain family to support Joe Biden for president. As if the McCain name wasn’t already befouled enough…

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