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Republican Senator from Nebraska pens open letter about Hillary and Trump.

“If you are one of those rare souls who genuinely believe Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are honorable people—if they are the role models you want for your kids—then this letter is not for you. Instead, this letter is for the majority of Americans who wonder why the nation that put a man on the moon can’t find a healthy leader…

“It shouldn’t be hard to find a candidate who has not bought politicians or been bought… You know, an adult?”

Sen. Ben Sasse then went on to say there are dumpster fires in his town more popular than “these two dishonest liberals,” a memorable line worthy of Mark Twain.

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Guess who cheats at golf like Bill Clinton. It’s déjà vu all over again.

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Atheists place faith in wrong politician. The American Humanist Association asked Jewish congressional candidate Jamie Raskin if he was a humanist and he answered yes. He meant he believes in rational thought. They thought he meant he was an atheist and sent him $10,000. Now they feel cheated.

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Delicious irony. The Associated Press’s “Race and Ethnicity Editor” for the last six years is suing them for race, sex and age discrimination.

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Bad news for Trump. Turns out, size does matter.

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Speaking of RINOs… it’s been six months since McConnell, Boehner, Ryan, et al. cut a budget deal with Obama that suspended the legal debt limit and during that six months federal debt has increased by more than $1 trillion.

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On day of Indiana primary, Trump goes full Mad Cow. This is almost unbelievable. Trump went on Fox News this morning and accused Cruz’s father of helping with the assassination of JFK and then threatened the man’s freedom of religion and free speech rights.

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34% of San Francisco-area residents want to leave. Hmm, San Francisco, Venezuela, New York City, Detroit, Chicago… all those places that are in the crapper, what do they have in common?

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Man regrets harassing woman in elevator. This is the definition of just desserts.

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New York rats thriving under de Blasio regime. Swear to God, regardless of the headline, this is not a Donald Trump post.

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Trump campaign manager admits they’re working with McConnell. So that’s McConnell, check; Boehner, check; Chris Christie stands behind Trump at every speech like a mute, overweight lady-in-waiting; Rubio is suddenly “warming” to Trump; McCain, George Bush, and Bob Dole are virulently against Cruz… are there any establishment RINO boxes left to check?

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New poll shows Cruz with double digit lead in Indiana. Get ready for some epic, whiny-baby temper tantrums from the Donald & his Trumpsters.

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Number of Brits wanting to leave the EU goes up… after Obama’s London speech and UK Telegraph op-ed telling them to stay in.

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State-funded three-year study finds no problem with fracking. So of course the University of Cincinnati is refusing to release the study to the public.

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Boehner calls Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh.” Then he went on to say that he and Trump are “texting buddies.” Any questions? Do we understand which candidate represents the establishment yet?

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Loretta Lynch calls young criminals “justice-involved youths.” And instead of prosecuting them, which is her job, she announced that the Justice Dept. will spend money providing them with lawyers and housing.

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State Dept. spokesman insists Obama never said “no boots on the ground in Syria.” Even though Obama is on the record saying exactly that at least 15 times, now that he’s sending 250 more troops into Syria to fight ISIS, well… the record must be adjusted.

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Trump and Clinton share tax haven address in Delaware. There are 285,000 companies with a registered address of 1209 North Orange Street, Wilmington. One of those companies is Hillary Clinton’s lucrative speech-making/influence-peddling business and 378 of those companies belong to Donald Trump. So there’s your two probable presidential nominees: both of them say they want to raise taxes, both of them use a tax haven to avoid paying taxes themselves.

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Scientists film flash of light at moment of human conception. Kinda cool, eh? And the brightness of the light apparently signals the strength of the fertilized egg so the egg on the lower left must be a conservative.

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National Enquirer links Cruz to JFK assassination. Just when you think Trump Nation can’t get anymore irrational, here comes Trump’s tabloid buddy to suggest fervent anti-communist Rafael Cruz helped Castro kill the American president.

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Pope reneges on promise to Christian refugees. Instead, the Pope took three Muslim families from the desperate camp and is housing them in Rome. The Christians, including Roula pictured above, will now be shipped back to Syria.

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Yesterday morning on The Today Show.

Guthrie: Do you believe in raising taxes on the wealthy?

Trump: I do. I do–including myself. I do.

More and more he’s revealing the truth, that there isn’t a conservative bone in his body.

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Saudi king snubs Obama at airport. When the President of the United States lands in a foreign country and they send an underling to meet him at the airport, that’s a calculated sign of disrespect. Maybe Obama didn’t bow low enough on his previous three visits to Saudi Arabia.

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London gets its first naked restaurant. Because what could be more appetizing than watching a bunch of fat, pasty white Brits eat spotted dick.

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Trump weighs in on transsexual controversy. And of course he sounds like a liberal. Because that’s what he is.

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