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Fresh out of prison, Jesse Jackson Jr. still stealing from taxpayers. The corrupt former congressman is collecting $38,000 annually in disability payments from Social Security and $100,000 annually in workers compensation because he claims his bipolar disorder was caused by Congress.

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White black woman can’t get a job. Turns out that other than being a diversity hire Rachel Dolezal has no marketable skills.

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White House bans CNN, BBC, NYTimes, and others from press briefing. Oops, we accidentally posted this headline with the wrong link, darn it. Here is a link to one of the whiners the actual story.

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Witches uniting worldwide to cast spell on Donald Trump. Now you know what Hillary’s been up to since the election.

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New National Security Advisor doesn’t believe in “radical Islamic terrorism.” Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster doesn’t think the term is “helpful.” Great, another ostrich with its head in the sand running national security.

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American College of Pediatrics declares transgenderism of children is child abuse. Good for them! Of course this flies in the face of liberal beliefs so the shit storm has already started.

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University of Washington writing center declares grammar is racist. Begging the question, so why should anyone pay tuition to attend your writing center?

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Report: Hillary running for president again in 2020. The first thing they’re gonna need is some beefy guys to prop her up and carry her to the campaign bus.

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14 Medal of Honor recipients tell Sen. Blumenthal to “take a seat.” They don’t think a guy who for decades lied about serving in Vietnam has the right to question Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch’s background.

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Germany bans talking doll as security risk. It’s like a magic trick. While German parents are looking at the talking doll in the government bureaucrat’s left hand, his right hand is waving in tens of thousands of Muslim refugees to rape their daughters.

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Man who invented the word ‘Islamophobia’ admits he “got almost everything wrong.” He used to think Muslims immigrants could assimilate. “I should have known better,” says Trevor Phillips, former head of Britain’s Equalities and Human Rights Commission.

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Norma McCorvey, Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade, dies at 69. Little known facts the baby killers try to keep quiet:

1. She felt used and betrayed by the feminist attorneys who handled her case. She just wanted an abortion. They needed her to stay pregnant so they would have a case.

2. The central premise of the case, that she was raped and therefore shouldn’t have to give birth to the baby, was a lie.

3. She eventually became a born-again Christian and recanted her pro-abortion position.

4. The case took so long the baby was eventually born and given up for adoption. So the pro-abortionists’ signature legal case ended up with a pro-life conclusion and a pro-life plaintiff. That’s the definition of irony.

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Pope says Muslim terrorism doesn’t exist but Global Warming does. Satan and his minions are laughing up their sleeves.

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Remember when candidate Obama secretly communicated with Iran? Obama flagrantly undermined Bush and violated the Logan Act but the mainstream media didn’t even consider it a story worth covering.

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Jerry Sandusky’s adopted son arrested on child sex abuse charges. Guess we know now why Jerry adopted six kids. Perverts use any method they can to recruit.

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Extraordinary. The 9th Circuit is so worried about its recent embarrassing decision on Trump’s executive order by a three-judge panel, they decided to vote on the issue en banc even though nobody asked them to. It’s like they’re appealing their own ruling.

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Sarah Silverman sees Nazi swastikas all over the street. THIS is how stupid Hollywood liberals are. Those are surveyor marks, Sarah, relax.

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At least 72 convicted terrorists from 7 countries covered by Trump executive order. And that’s just since 9/11. And this is the minimum number since we don’t know the national origin of some convicted terrorists. Which begs the question: how could Judge Robart and the Ninth Circus say there is no evidence that terrorists are coming from those countries?

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Government inquiry into abuse by British troops in Iraq shutting down after seven years, £60 million spent, 3,500 allegations, and zero convictions.

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2015: Swedish high school wins “school peace prize” for accepting most migrants.

Now: School is reported to be a “hellhole.”

Newly fortified with barbed wire and security guards, the school is rife with criminal activity and ethnic brawls instigated by students from the Middle East and Afghanistan.

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South Australia liberals go all-in for renewable energy… and end up with rolling blackouts during a heat wave because wind turbines are only producing 7% of the power they promised.

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Clinton son-in-law closes hedge fund after losing most of the money. Looting over $20 million from the American public should be enough to promote Marc Mezvinsky from apprentice knave to certified crook. The Clinton Crime Family will probably have a special ceremony to honor the event: boil a couple frogs’ heads in goat urine, write a couple demonic incantations in chicken blood… you know, the usual stuff.

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Google redefines fascism. Google decided to add the word “right-wing” to the definition to disguise the fact that fascists, like the National-Socialist German Workers’ Party or Nazis, are fundamentally left-wing.

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Maxine Waters thinks Russia is advancing into Korea. And not one of the liberal politicians standing around her was smart enough to correct her.

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Seattle judge who ruled against Trump’s immigration order is a whacko. He even ended one decision by quoting a bogus statistic and saying “black lives matter.” And this was not a case that involved the Black Lives Matter movement.

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