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BREAKING: U.S. Attorney in D. C. recommends charges for Andrew McCabe. Are the American people finally going to get some justice against these Deep State bastards?

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Federal Trademark Office rejects Ohio State’s application to trademark the word “the.” Dumbass Buckeyes.

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Democrat congressman’s wife is “flabbergasted” …that her husband’s taxpayer-funded Blue Cross and Blue Shield healthcare coverage doesn’t pay for her mental health therapy and her marriage counseling. (P.S. Her husband is the guy who, when first elected, tried to bring a six-pack of beer onto the floor of the House. Because it was Friday.)

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Nobody shows up for George Soros-paid-for “Impeach Donald Trump” protest. Ol’ Georgie wastes an awful lot of money trying to cause trouble. Too bad he can’t find a more constructive hobby.

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Climate alarmists documenting loss of ice in Arctic… get stuck in ice and require rescuing by Coast Guard. Again. This seems to be an annual event.

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“He is a ghost who has disappeared without trace.” That’s a quote from French investigators looking into the Epstein child sex trafficking ring, referring to Jean-Luc Brunel, 72, a millionaire model agency boss who was expected to provide evidence in the case.

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Montgomery County, Maryland, is a sanctuary county… and they’ve had to arrest 7 illegals for rape or sexual assault in the last six weeks alone, many of which were assaults on children. ABC, NBC, and CBS have broadcast ZERO stories on any of these arrests. (However, ABC and NBC did broadcast several stories about how legal citizen-drivers of Montgomery County were endangering children by not coming to a full stop at school bus crossings.)

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AOC worried about diseases coming out of melting glaciers. If glaciers were actually melting, which they are not, and the meltwaters actually contained diseases, which they do not, and those diseases were for some reason worse and more incurable than all our present diseases, which seems farfetched, and they survived thousands of years of being frozen and then the melting process and then the rivers and oceans they melted into and then somehow reached and infected a human being and that human being in the process of being sick became massively infectious and passed one or more of those diseases on to the rest of humanity… well, then, she might have a legitimate worry. Yep.

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MSNBC trips over its own **** AGAIN. This time it was Lawrence O’Donnell accusing Trump of paying no taxes and having his loans co-signed by Russians… a wild claim which turned out to be false and for which O’Donnell was cravenly apologizing less than 24 hours later.

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CNN outdoes themselves with a show NOBODY will watch. On September 4th CNN is hosting a seven-hour climate-change town hall for Democrat presidential contenders. That’s right, seven hours.

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Michael “Hockey Stick” Mann loses lawsuit against climate skeptic. Not only did the Supreme Court of British Columbia dismiss Mann’s nine-year, multi-million dollar defamation lawsuit, they took the additional step of awarding full legal costs to the defendant, Dr. Tim Ball.

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Fredo Chris Cuomo criticizes Trump for… not visibly aging. Seriously? This is what passes for political analysis on CNN?

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Nature beclowns itself. In what one scientist called the worst paper she has ever seen in a reputable journal, Nature published a study which combines false equivalencies, cherry-picked errors in both category and categorization, and unreliable partisan sources to (somehow) reach the laughable conclusion that climate change skeptics have too much media visibility. Somehow the so-called study arrives at this conclusion without mentioning Al Gore, Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez, Leonardo DiCaprio, the pope, or the British royal family, begging the question of what they consider “media visibility.”

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Newly declassified documents show that every Hillary Clinton email, coming and going, was being forwarded to the Red Chinese. Spying is awfully easy when you can get the U. S. Secretary of State to forward every email to you, even the classified stuff. No need for James Bond-type shenanigans, no need for expensive espionage activities–all you need is a laptop, a cup of coffee, and a chair to sit in while you read.

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Joe Biden thinks he was Vice President when the Parkland shooting happened. This is a fairly advanced case of senility. He doesn’t just remember Parkland students coming to visit him in D. C., he also remembers how members of Congress, unlike his brave self, were afraid to meet with them. Pretty impressive, eh? Except the Parkland shooting happened in 2018, more than a year after Ol’ Joe left office.

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Liberal tells black Republican to “stop eating the coon flakes.” Nothing has changed in 170 years: scratch a Democrat and they bleed racism.

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Jeffrey Epstein somehow committed suicide while on suicide watch. He’s dead. He’s been on suicide watch since he ostensibly tried to hang himself back in July, yet somehow, in spite of being on suicide watch, he managed to hang himself last night. Uh huh. That’s what they’re saying. Yep. Nothing suspicious here at all, right? Another mysterious death of a person with dirt on the Clintons… but nothing suspicious, oh no.

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Another angry, disturbed, young man with visions of mass murder. And this one is running for president:

“My one and only goal in life became the termination of everything that was free and loving.”

“As I neared the young ones, I put all my weight on my right foot, keeping the accelerator pedal on the floor until I heard the crashing of the two children on the hood, and then the sharp cry of pain…”

“The more people I killed, the longer my dreams were.”

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Twitter suspends McConnell’s account and refuses to back down. All he did was share a video of the protesters in his front yard who were threatening him and using profane language. This was real events involving the actual politics of our nation, not ad hominem insult or irrelevant diatribe. JUST. WHAT. ACTUALLY. HAPPENED. And we’re talking about the SENATE MAJORITY LEADER they are silencing. This is how bad censorship of conservatives has gotten.

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Trump supporter organizes successful clean-up in Baltimore… and is immediately attacked by the Baltimore Sun in an op-ed accusing him of having political motives. Here’s a question for the brainiacs at the Sun: does it matter what the guy’s motives were, considering 12 tons of trash and garbage were hauled away and streets that used to be breeding grounds for rats are now clean and the residents of the area seem happy as clams with the result? Instead of writing bitter-baby op-eds, why weren’t you out there helping him?

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They had a socialist political convention in Atlanta this week… and they ended up with a day-long Saturday Night Live skit. (Keep in mind these are the people in charge of the Democrat Party now.)

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P&G takes $8 billion loss at Gillette division after “woke” ad insulted men. And now they’re afraid to apologize for their “toxic masculinity” ad campaign, because they’re worried about angering the SJW crowd. We don’t know what they’re worried about. Feminists don’t shave their legs and SJW men don’t have enough testosterone to grow facial hair so none of those people are customers.

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Rat photo-bombs live news report about how Trump is wrong about rats in Baltimore. Just when you thought the media could not make themselves look more stupid…

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Trans activist planning topless swimming event for 12-year-old girls. That’s the politically-correct headline. Here’s the IHTM summary of the story: A Canadian pervert who is obviously a pedophile and still an anatomically-whole man in spite of his claim to be a woman, is trying to lure young girls away from their parents so he can ogle them and probably (based on his social media accounts) sexually abuse them… but because he calls himself transsexual, Canadians are tip-toeing around afraid of their own shadows and letting his predatory actions slide.

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This week’s dumbass liberal Darwin Award nominee. Journalist Hodan Nalayeh, who traveled to Somalia to prove that Rep. Ilhan Omar’s homeland of Somalia is safe and that the conservative narrative about the country being a dangerous shithole is wrong, was murdered in that “beautiful place” along with her husband and a photographer who tried to photograph the terrorists who did the killing.

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