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Trump administration thinking about kicking press out of White House. “They are the opposition party,” one Trump official says. “I want ’em out of the building. We are taking back the press room.”

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Intelligence officials undercutting Trump with Israel. “American intelligence officials allegedly warned their Israeli counterparts not to share intelligence with Washington once Donald Trump becomes president of the United States,” their reasoning being that Trump might share the intelligence with Russia.

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Madonna publicizes protest march against Trump… by tweeting photo of her new pubic Nike tattoo.

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One final screwjob from the outgoing pretender-in-chief. With the stroke of his anti-liberty pen, Obama ended a long-standing policy of giving any Cuban who reached America automatic asylum. Now they will be sent back to Cuba to face prison or death. (Syrian Muslims, on the other hand, Mr. Obama will continue to welcome.)

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Rosie O’Donnell wants the military to impose martial law. Why? To stop the inauguration of Donald Trump.

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Leftwing Dutch woman denied Swiss passport because she’s “annoying.” She does look sexy in that cow bell though.

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The student behind the KoolKidsKlanKKK tweet at Baltimore high school is… (drum roll please) a 14-year-old African American girl. So yet another bogus hate crime.

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The perfect example of defense spending under Obama. The Army has a “proposal solicitation” for bullets and casings that are “biodegradable composites with embedded seeds” so spent ammunition will grow into “environmentally-friendly plants.”

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FBI got Trump smear dossier from John McCain. McCain admitted this morning that it came from him, but he’s trying to pretend he was just a concerned citizen. Uh huh.

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Minus eighty in Siberia, snow in Istanbul. Yale scientist warns of impending ice age.

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California begins default. You knew it was coming but still it’s a shock. It begins with the state defaulting on a federal loan to its unemployment fund.

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The CBS reporter from Bizarro World. Somehow CBS reporter Dean Reynolds managed to turn a racist attack by four black people on a white kid, into a racist attack on a black kid by white Trump supporters.

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Fort Lauderdale terrorist is Salafist Sunni Muslim. Why are we not hearing this from the mainstream media?

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Photo caption contest. C’mon, with all the brilliant, twisted, pun-obsessed minds here at IHTM, I think we can win this thing.

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Jill Stein held a “Count My Vote” rally in Madison. Quick question: if nobody except your mom and a bunch of journalists show up, is it still called a rally?

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Obama awarded himself a medal yesterday. We know, we know, just when you had that doggone blood pressure under control, we go and post this. Sorry.

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Study: liberal churches dying, conservative churches thriving. An early nominee for 2017 No Shit Sherlock Award.

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New York Times “unexpectedly” comes out in favor of filibuster. After being against the filibuster in 2013, for the filibuster in 2005, and against the filibuster in 1995. (You get a prize if you figure out the logic behind that flip-flopping.)

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The jaw-dropping new soda tax in Philadelphia. Wherever Democrats are in charge, government is dysfunctional and intrusive.

5.99 10-pack of soda
3.04 New soda tax
0.72 Regular sales tax
9.75 Total due

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U.N. Human Rights Council members for 2017: Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, China, Cuba, Iraq, Qatar, Burundi, Bangladesh, and United Arab Emirates. Lots of human rights “expertise” in that crowd, eh?

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Hannity interview: Julian Assange says Obama lying about Russians. WikiLeaks did not get the DNC emails from the Russians–he said it before, he’s saying it again.

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High crimes in Hollywood. New Year’s Eve night, someone snuck onto the iconic Hollywood sign and placed it into an altered state. So to speak.

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Former CEO of Clinton Foundation has been missing since October. Another loose thread murdered by the Clinton Crime Family, or does the FBI have him in protective custody?

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U.S. has no aircraft carrier at sea for first time since WWII. Look what Obama has done to the world’s only superpower.

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Painting which depicts police officers as pigs now hanging in U.S. Capitol. Brought to you by a Democrat congresscritter, of course, the “artwork” is hanging just 25 yards from where Capitol Hill police officers are screening people through metal detectors.

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