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Colorado climate marches cancelled because of cold and snow. Mother Nature keeps trying to teach these morons. How many climate gatherings have to be cancelled because of cold weather before they get it?

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Pope Francis warns against “invasion” of libertarianism. Because look at all the people killed and enslaved over the centuries by libertarians, right? Whereas socialists, communists, and Muslims–the people the pope likesthem we don’t need to worry about.

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Berkeley riot organizers tied to NAMBLA and Marxist pedophilia supporters. What in the world, you ask, could possibly be the connection between Marxism and pedophilia? Well, we answer, just like the connection between liberals and Islam, they are demonic allies.

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Yale grad students go on “symbolic” hunger strike. A symbolic hunger strike is when you’re allowed to go eat if you get hungry… which puzzles us, being so similar to what happens when you are not on a hunger strike.

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How crazy is U.S. immigration law? In border towns, Mexican kids line up every morning to cross the border so they can attend free public schools in the U.S. Why? Simply because their mothers crossed the border to have their babies in U.S. hospitals, they are considered U.S. citizens. They have never lived here and their parents have never lived here but we have to educate them.

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If you have “genital preferences” in dating, you are a bigot. That’s according to activist Riley J. Dennis, a man who thinks he’s a woman, who says being a man who prefers that his date have a vagina or a woman who prefers that her date have a penis is transphobic.

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In the 1950s Planned Parenthood admitted that abortion was murder. That was before they realized how much money they could make killing babies.

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The Nutty Muslim Professor. Another Muslim tries to get ahead by pretending to be a hate crime victim.

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Catholic diocese reprimands Catholic teacher for quoting Catholic saint. This is as illogical as Notre Dame University inviting Barack Obama to be their commencement speaker in 2009.

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Even MSNBC is laughing at Maxine Waters. After repeatedly saying she would “fight every day until [Trump] is impeached,” now she claims she never called for his impeachment. People are starting to use the ‘d’ word… as in dementia, not Democrat… although, let’s face it, that might be a distinction without a difference.

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MSNBC analyst gives targeting advice to ISIS. In a tweet, he posts a photo of Trump Tower Istanbul and says, “This is my nominee for first ISIS suicide bombing of a Trump property.” Classy.

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According to the Associated Press: The racist mass-murdering terrorist in Fresno didn’t shout “Allahu Akbar!” when he was arrested–he shouted “God is great” in Arabic.

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Chelsea Clinton on cover of Variety’s “Power of Women” issue. The million dollar question: why?

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90,000 Christians martyred in 2016. And the rate of slaughter is increasing.

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Napolitano was right. So will Fox News be issuing a public apology to Napolitano for suspending him? And will Shepard Smith be suspended now for calling Napolitano wrong?

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Michigan doctor arrested for performing genital mutilations on little girls. The Justice Department is refusing to state the religion of the doctor or her patients. The criminal complaint calls them “some members of a particular religious and cultural community (hereafter ‘the Community’).” Good grief. Like everybody in America doesn’t know what religion would mutilate little girls.

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MIT professor: White House intelligence report blaming Assad for sarin attack is bullshit. Just like the White House intelligence report blaming Assad for chemical warfare in 2013 turned out to be bullshit. Same intelligence agencies with the same ulterior agenda, different gullible president.

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Jimmy Kimmel’s United commercial. “You do what we say, when we say, and there won’t be a problem. Capiche?”

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EPA still performing experiments on human beings. This has been going on for years and when the shit finally hit the fan the EPA used its government financial clout to buy themselves a friendly investigation to clear themselves of wrongdoing.

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Muslim crazies massacre Egyptian Christians on Palm Sunday. Islam: the religion of pieces–human body pieces.

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Bombshell: Seth Rich was the “Russian” who hacked the DNC. With all that’s happened this week–nuclear option in the Senate, cruise missiles into Syria, Nunes resigning–this might be the biggest news of all. Seth Rich, you might remember, is the DNC staffer who was murdered on his way to meet with the FBI… another awfully convenient murder for the Clinton Crime Family.

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Target CEO admits transgender bathroom policy was a mistake. When are these idiotic leftwing CEOs going to learn? Target’s stock price fell 35% and they had to abandon expansion plans just so a few perverts could get into the ladies room.

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Democrat mayor of Seattle accused of repeatedly raping boys. Only on the liberal Left Coast could a guy like this get elected to public office.

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Glaciers are people too. A court in India has awarded legal personhood to a pair of glaciers in the Himalayas. We are confused. Does this mean Bruce Jenner can marry a big block of inanimate ice, or did that already happen?

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March for Science doesn’t want bill Nye leading the march. The march on Washington was to protest Trump’s lack of interest in global warming so naturally they asked Bill Nye to lead, but then they decided it should also be about diversity and gender issues whereupon it dawned on them Bill Nye is a white man… bottom line: it takes a special kind of crazy to be a liberal.

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