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Katie Couric caught lying deceptively editing anti-gun documentary. Hey, give her a break: if she wasn’t dishonest, she wouldn’t have a job.

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NY police hit man with five bullets, Carhartt jacket stops four of them. We knew Carhartt made tough stuff but damn…

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Investigative reporter finds hundreds of dead people voting in Los Angeles. One example: John Cenkner died in Palmdale in 2003 but somehow voted in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2010. When asked how this was possible, his daughter replied, “He took a lot of time choosing his candidates.”

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Kenneth Starr: from righteous warrior to pusillanimous academic. After investigating and prosecuting him in the 90s, now he sings Bill Clinton’s praises:

“President Carter set a very high standard, which President Clinton clearly continues to follow.”

Say what!?

“His genuine empathy for human beings is absolutely clear. It is powerful, it is palpable and the folks of Arkansas really understood that about him—that he genuinely cared.”

We wonder if Juanita Broaddrick “understood that about him.”

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U.S. officials worried about military coup in Venezuela. Here’s the $64,000 question: Why?

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Hundreds of oil tankers anchored or barely moving off the coast of China. The price of oil is so low they don’t want to dock and unload. ZeroHedge spotted the same thing off Galveston in November.

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Meet Spot, Mr. Puppy UK for 2016, who likes to dress as a Dalmatian. His former fiancée, Rachel (above), left him because, in her words, “I didn’t understand it. I didn’t want to understand it.” Sounds ruff.

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Trump campaign admits it didn’t raise $6 million for veterans. From the 2016 We-Told-You-So files, IHTM told you so back in February: Remember that $6 million Trump promised for veterans groups?

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Black Lives Matter leader with “social justice charity” turns out to be… a pimp? You couldn’t make this stuff up.

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Portland Public Schools board turns into book burners. The board passed a resolution Tuesday which will eliminate all books which “cast doubt on whether climate change is occurring and that the activity of human beings is responsible.”

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Iran orders Hezbollah to target Saudi Arabia instead of Israel. LOL. Israel will no doubt enjoy the break. Iran is that neighbor from hell with multiple pit bulls chained to the bumpers of multiple abandoned cars in his front yard, who sits on his porch wearing camo pants, infantry boots, and no shirt, repeatedly field stripping his AK-47 while staring at your kids.

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Is Trump backsliding on climate change now? He’s been a vocal skeptic but now that he’s got the nomination sewn up, listen to his “energy adviser:”

“My advice would be, while I’m a skeptic as well, he is a product of political populism and political populism believes that there needs [to be] some addressing of climate change.”


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And you thought abortion was bad:

“A handful of scientists around the United States are trying to do something that some people find disturbing: make embryos that are part human, part animal.”

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States renamed for countries with similar gun ownership. I live in Turkey. Our two presidential candidates come from Pakistan.

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Obama administration quietly approves delay of California bullet train. Somebody please shoot this project in the head and put it out of its misery.

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Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight. Kind of fun to watch if you can stomach that much uninterrupted lying.

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People’s Republic of New York goes all in on transgender appeasement. New York City businesses will be fined by the City Commission on Human Rights if they don’t use a customer’s “preferred gender pronoun.” And oh, by the way, the number of different pronouns in use by the LGBTQIA community is large. And fluid.

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Obama wants $1 billion for his presidential library. If this guy’s head gets any bigger they’ll have to enlarge the Oval Office.

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Maryland woman seeking to normalize naked breasts in public. Oh great, so what bathroom is she going to use?

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Study: Abortion more dangerous than childbirth. Which is the opposite of what Planned Parenthood claims.

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Bill Clinton’s son Danny by Little Rock street hooker. Sired in 1985 when Bill was governor. Both the mother and the mother’s sister passed lie detector tests but no paternity test was ever done.

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Bought and paid for. Bill and Hillary have received at least $100 million from Persian Gulf dictatorships and their leaders.

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Jenner has “sex change regret.” Caitlyn may “transition” back to Bruce again… or still is Bruce and wants to admit it… or something. We confess our confusion.

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So now that Muslim ban was only a “suggestion.” There is very little left of his various promises and pledges that he hasn’t backed away from since he clinched in Indiana. If you’re still a Trump supporter… why?

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Chelsea Clinton’s husband closes hedge fund after losing 90 percent of investors’ money. He’ll be all right. You don’t need to be a financial genius to succeed once you’re in the Clinton Crime Family.

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