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MORE failure at Parkland high school. Turns out, just two months before the shooting incident a retired Secret Service officer/security consultant met with school officials, told them their security was crap, and told them how to fix it. But they did nothing.

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CNN’s Jim Acosta screams rude questions at Kim Jong Un in Singapore. Then gets caught on a hit mic saying:

“If they’re not going to let me in the fucking meeting, that’s what happens!”

Seriously, did he really expect to be in the meeting? And if this admission isn’t grounds for kicking him out of the White House reporting pool, what is?

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McCain giving one last middle finger to Arizona conservatives by refusing to resign. Even in death the man shows lack of integrity. He hasn’t been able to show up for work in months but he’s still drawing that Senate salary and grasping those Senate perks and denying Arizona its second vote in the Senate.

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Deep State leaker arrested. Believe it or not, James A. Wolfe, 57, was actually in charge of security for the Senate Intelligence Committee. And he was funneling information to four different reporters; including one, at the New York Times, with whom he had an ongoing sexual relationship.

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Democrat Party tells primary candidate he’s “too brown to win.” Anybody surprised by such overt racism has never studied the long, consistently racist history of the Democrat Party.

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Off-duty FBI agent drops gun on dance floor, shoots bystander in leg. And that, ladies and gentlemen, pretty much sums up the level of professionalism at the FBI.

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Admitted pedophile running for Congress in Virginia. He wasn’t eligible to run for office until 2016 when Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D), hoping to create more Democrat votes, restored voting and other civil rights to thousands of convicted felons.

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Hillary Clinton would like to be the CEO of Facebook. We had trouble posting this item. As we pondered the notion of a woman so stupid she ran the Secretary of State’s email out of an unsecured broom closet and so computer illiterate she thought wiping a hard drive was something you did with a rag… as we pondered the notion of this woman running an Internet technology company… well, we kept breaking out into uncontrollable laughter.

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Photo of caged immigrant kids that has liberals steaming mad at Trump… was taken in 2014 when Obama was president. Oops.

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New superfood: organic freerange cockroach milk. If it’s healthy and nutritious that’s all well and good, but something tells us the job of milking those little buggers will be minimum wage.

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Fake black woman now charged with welfare fraud. This little dipshit is bound and determined to hit every liberal meme in the Democrat Party handbook. Now she can go to prison and claim she’s oppressed by The Man. We have a title for her next book: “White to Black to Orange: The Odyssey of a Liberal Chameleon.”

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Pawn shop sign in South Carolina hits the target. Hey, obviously we aren’t the only people who enjoy a good anatomical pun.

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Boy Scouts’ 24th World Jamboree in July requires distribution of condoms. As a practical matter, now that they allow gay scoutmasters they need those condoms so the boys don’t catch diseases from all the adult male predators.

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Loser shoots up school in Texas, left immediately starts lying about it. No, he wasn’t a Nazi. He had a bisexual pride pin on his coat, a hammer & sickle, and an Iron Cross… but the Iron Cross was a pre-1939 Iron Cross without the Nazi swastika. Wouldn’t it be great if whenever we had a national tragedy liberals were required by law to shut their stupid mouths for a week?

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Climate experiences biggest two-year drop in temperature in century. That’s straight from NASA’s own readings. Funny how we haven’t heard the mainstream media say anything about it.

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Hillary sent leftover campaign funds to company that manages her book sales. $149,456.78 so far. You aren’t allowed to convert leftover campaign funds to personal use–that’s a crime–so she labels the checks “rent,” even though her campaign never rented anything from that company.

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How did Mueller manage to indict an imaginary defendant? Robert Mueller might be the most incompetent law enforcement official ever. He makes the Broward County Sheriff’s Department look like Sherlock Holmes. This mistake might even top the time he arrested an innocent man for anthrax terrorism because two dogs wagged their tails. Defense attorney:

“And the reason for that, Your Honor, is I think we’re dealing with a situation of the government indicting the proverbial ham sandwich. That company didn’t exist as a legal entity during the time period alleged by the government.”

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Gun manufacturers severing ties with Dick’s. It’s gonna be hard to attract hunters into your stores when you don’t have any guns for sale.

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Okay, this is weird: Guess who was the captain of John Kerry’s high school lacrosse team. (You probably recognize him. He and Kerry still have the same faces, just older and dumber.)

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Look who’s praising Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal: Iranians.

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Feminist professor gets her panties in a bunch over joke in elevator. We are not experts on feminism but we did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once; and we are pretty sure overreacting to a harmless joke and acting like a delicate emotional flower is not the way to advance the equality of women.

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Venezuela looking at 100,000 percent inflation by year’s end. Ah! the magic of socialism: people earning a salary will need a 275% raise every single day to keep up with the cost of living.

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Pope Francis says ban all weapons. This guy has gone from leftwing Looney Tune to plain old brain-damaged stupid. At some point we expect to see him sitting bare-footed and cross-legged in a San Francisco park wearing a hemp robe, smoking genetically-enhanced ganja, and singing Kumbaya.

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Coldest April since 1895, farmers delay planting. But you just wait: when the month is over the NOAA will announce that after adjusting the data it was one of the warmest Aprils in history.

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Here we go again: FBI knew about Waffle House killer last year. These guys are like the Keystone Cops. Every time a whacko goes on a killing spree, it turns out the FBI knew about the whacko ahead of time, interviewed the whacko ahead of time, and let the whacko go. (Sometimes, the FBI not only knew about the whacko, they encouraged the whacko and gave him ideas.)

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