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Feminists clash with transgenders at London Pride Parade. IHTM, always concerned about properly edifying its loyal readers, examined the complicated emotional issues that divide these two groups and we now offer this succinct intellectual summary: lesbians and men who think they are women really really don’t like each other.

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Elon Musk sending engineers to help rescue Thai kids trapped in cave. They are doomed.

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Liberal white women tells conservative black man what bumper stickers he should have. Then gets her ass handed to her on Twitter.

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Pope Francis accused in pedophilia case cover-up from 16 years ago. The Church is removing this story from publications as fast as they can but it’s out there now. Francis was archbishop of Buenos Aires at the time. The church hierarchy protected a priest who admitted sexually abusing a young boy. In fact, they threatened the boy’s mother’s job (she worked for the church) to make her shut up.

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Progressive author accidentally lets her inner racism show. We don’t want to overturn Roe v. Wade, she explains, because that will mean more black babies getting born.

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California couple beats baby to death, no charges. Law enforcement officials are hoisted by the petards of their own illogical abortion laws.

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CNN ratings fall below Food Network. If every airport and half the bars in the country weren’t tuned to CNN out of habit, their ratings might be zero.

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Wait… the protestors are shouting what? There is great unrest in Iran, with protests in the streets against the ruling regime, and believe it or not they are chanting “Death to Palestine.”

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Crazy restaurant owner stalked Sarah Huckabee Sanders. After Stephanie Wilkinson kicked the White House Press Secretary and her family out of her own restaurant, the Red Hen, she followed them to a nearby restaurant and tried to organize a protest to harass them there. But Wilkinson was pecking at the wrong seed over there because by that time Ms. Sanders and her husband had gone home and the only people who got harassed were her liberal in-laws.

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Missouri State professor wants men to send in dick pics. She’s doing a scientific study of self esteem and says she needs photos of survey respondents’ junk to make sure they’re telling the truth about their penis size. Uh huh.

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Anti-Trump FBI “Agent 5” identified and photographed by Daily Mail. Her name is Sally Moyer. While working on the Hillary Clinton investigation Sally sent lovely text messages like “Fuck Trump” and called Trump voters retarded. Two points:

1. How does a jelly-bodied stringy-haired slacker who would likely have a heart attack if she tried to run a single quarter-mile lap and who looks like she graduated from Bryn Mawr with a degree in Feminism get to be an FBI agent? Don’t they have any hiring standards at all? Seriously, this person walks around with a gun and a badge and is supposed to stop international espionage?

2. Don’t we have any newspapers on this side of the Atlantic who could have investigated this story and exposed her?

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The human scum that is John McCain. Judicial Watch has obtained internal IRS documents that show McCain’s former staff director meeting with Lois Lerner and urging the IRS to “audit so many [conservative groups] that it becomes financially ruinous.”

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That Time cover photo? Completely fake. Not only was Trump photoshopped into the picture but the crying little girl, selected to represent all the poor “immigrant” children being separated from their parents, was not separated from her parents.

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Obama cyber chief confirms stand down order against Russian cyberattacks. “Stand down” seems to have been Obama’s standard response to every crisis. He issued a “stand down” order in the Ukraine, in Benghazi, in the South China Sea, in Iran, in Korea, and he even had NASA “stand down” from manned space flight. We thought he was our first black president… turns out he was our first French president.

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Don’t look now but Germany just capitulated to Trump on trade. According to the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. ambassador to Germany is headed to Washington with an offer from German automakers to “abandon all import tariffs for cars between the European Union and the U.S.”

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James Hansen wishes he hadn’t been so right about Global Warming. He must have been blowing out birthday candles because it sure looks like he got his wish.

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MORE failure at Parkland high school. Turns out, just two months before the shooting incident a retired Secret Service officer/security consultant met with school officials, told them their security was crap, and told them how to fix it. But they did nothing.

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CNN’s Jim Acosta screams rude questions at Kim Jong Un in Singapore. Then gets caught on a hit mic saying:

“If they’re not going to let me in the fucking meeting, that’s what happens!”

Seriously, did he really expect to be in the meeting? And if this admission isn’t grounds for kicking him out of the White House reporting pool, what is?

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McCain giving one last middle finger to Arizona conservatives by refusing to resign. Even in death the man shows lack of integrity. He hasn’t been able to show up for work in months but he’s still drawing that Senate salary and grasping those Senate perks and denying Arizona its second vote in the Senate.

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Deep State leaker arrested. Believe it or not, James A. Wolfe, 57, was actually in charge of security for the Senate Intelligence Committee. And he was funneling information to four different reporters; including one, at the New York Times, with whom he had an ongoing sexual relationship.

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Democrat Party tells primary candidate he’s “too brown to win.” Anybody surprised by such overt racism has never studied the long, consistently racist history of the Democrat Party.

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Off-duty FBI agent drops gun on dance floor, shoots bystander in leg. And that, ladies and gentlemen, pretty much sums up the level of professionalism at the FBI.

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Admitted pedophile running for Congress in Virginia. He wasn’t eligible to run for office until 2016 when Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D), hoping to create more Democrat votes, restored voting and other civil rights to thousands of convicted felons.

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Hillary Clinton would like to be the CEO of Facebook. We had trouble posting this item. As we pondered the notion of a woman so stupid she ran the Secretary of State’s email out of an unsecured broom closet and so computer illiterate she thought wiping a hard drive was something you did with a rag… as we pondered the notion of this woman running an Internet technology company… well, we kept breaking out into uncontrollable laughter.

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Photo of caged immigrant kids that has liberals steaming mad at Trump… was taken in 2014 when Obama was president. Oops.

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