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PBS cuts criticism of Hillary Clinton from Jill Stein interview. The left gets a taste of what conservatives experience on a daily basis.

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Federal judge cancels school board election. Why? Because he didn’t like the results. Can you say “judicial overreach”?

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One week after Dr. Drew questioned Hillary’s health… HLN announces that his show has been cancelled. Probably just a coincidence.

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Most of Hillary’s meetings as Secretary of State were with Clinton Foundation donors. Guess she didn’t have time for non-bribe-paying peons.

“If you dance with the devil, then you haven’t got a clue, for you think you’ll change the devil, but the devil changes you.”

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We’re from the government and we’re here to help. Louisiana residents have been doing an awesome job of helping themselves, including thousands of boat owners, dubbed the “Cajun Navy,” who took to their own craft to rescue neighbors. Now a state legislator wants to require training, certificates, and state permits for boat owners who want to rescue people during a natural disaster.

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Trump used $55,000 of campaign donations to buy copies of his own book. And here’s the punchline: he paid retail. So basically he converted campaign donations into money for his personal wallet.

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Wise Intelligent Supreme God Allah arrested in Akron. So just like that the problem is solved? No more suicide bombers? ISIS will disband, the Taliban throw down their guns, and Palestinians start looking for jobs? Good job Akron police!

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CNN’s racist headline. They were trying to make Trump look racist but their snarky headline implies that “black voters” and “felons” are synonymous.

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State Dept. says $400 million payment to Iran was “prisoner leverage,” not ransom. Clever intellectuals playing word games while the world goes to hell.

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Trump announces massive shakeup in campaign leadership. They keep trying to put lipstick on the pig but the pig won’t stand still.

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“Rising star” Democrat found guilty on all counts. Don’t worry about Kathleen Kane. Multiple felonies are just resume enhancers for a Democrat.

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UN troops in Sudan stand by while foreigners raped, beaten, killed. The rampaging Sudanese troops were especially looking for Americans to mistreat. The UN “peacekeeping” troops–from Ethiopia, Nepal, and China–were less than a mile away but refused to respond. They wouldn’t even drive over the next morning to look at the carnage so private security personnel eventually rescued the survivors.

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Medical doctor makes strong case for Hillary having Parkinson’s. Repeated falls, weird behavior, needing help to get up stairs: it all adds up to something being wrong with the woman.

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Weiner on weiner. He’s been caught sexting again, this time telling a girl in LA he was “deceptively strong like a mongoose” before giving her his cell number and telling her how to find him. Unfortunately, he was actually communicating with the girl’s boyfriend the whole time… so his mongoose urges went unsatisfied.

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Socialist Bernie Sanders plunks down $600,000 for third house. This one is on an island in Lake Champlain and has 500 feet of lake frontage. Some animals are more equal than others.

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Hacker demonstrates how to compromise voting machine. The dude didn’t even have to leave the voting booth. He brought with him a $15 device you can buy online which allowed him to vote as many times as he wanted. And he said that was only one way he could hack the results.

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Muslim-American fencer using Olympic platform to criticize America. Yet another reason not to watch the crappy & corrupt fiasco in Rio.

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Scientist predicts global cooling. Clearly this woman needs reeducation. If they pin her eyes open and make her watch Al Gore’s documentary twenty times in a row, she will happily rejoin the hive.

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Navy to name ship after gay child molester. Obama’s Secretary of Navy already sent the notification about the “USNS Harvey Milk” to Congress. It’s a Military Sealift Command fleet oiler… insert suitable wisecrack here.

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Why is there a hole in Hillary’s tongue? Either she had a biopsy on her tongue or she needed a hiding place for smuggling diamonds.

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Another disease outbreak among gay men: meningitis. Add this to HIV and every other form of STD, clinical depression, body image neuroses, substance abuse, domestic violence, various bowel disorders lumped under the classification “gay bowel syndrome,” lice, pinworms, scabies, and flea bites, all of which occur among gay men at a much higher rate than among the general population. But still we are supposed to teach our youth that the gay lifestyle is okay.

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A breakthrough in comprehending Democrats. A donkey ride company in London invented technology that interprets donkey “ee-awws” and facial expressions, translating them into English sentences. Could come in handy since both political parties are running a Democrat for president this year, eh?

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The Obama economy. The home ownership rate has been plummeting since he entered the White House and is now the lowest it’s been since 1965.

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Muslims storm French church, film themselves slitting throat of priest on altar. According to a nun who was present, they performed a little demonic ceremony around the altar before the murder. Any questions?

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Obama Face The Nation interview yesterday:

Host: “Is honesty overrated as a presidential quality?”

Obama: “I think it is absolutely necessary, because the trust you have with the American people is currency that can get depleted and is hard to build back up.”

Jesus wept.

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