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Louisiana high student solving math problem draws square root sign, fellow students think it looks like a gun, police end up searching student’s home. The whole world seems to have gone stark raving stupid.

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Paranoid hypersensitive Seattle author reports Confederate flag in her neighborhood. But alas! for her wounded sensibilities, the flag turns out to be a Norwegian flag being flown during the Olympics by a Norwegian homeowner.

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Billy Graham dies and Washington Post immediately attacks him. The only thing the mainstream media hates more than America is Christianity.

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Christian pastor has now spent 500 days in Turkish prison. With no charges filed so far.

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CNN and MSNBC promoted Russia-sponsored anti-Trump rally. Oh look, it’s The Year of the Hypocrite.

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Michael Moore participated in Russia-sponsored anti-Trump rally. We all knew he was a fat, dishonest, anti-American, leftist jackass. Turns out he’s also gullible, dumb, and Russia’s b—.

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For years they blamed declining frog populations on Global Warming… but now we find out the problem was a fungus; and the fungus was being spread around the world, from frog population to frog population, on the boots of the idiots who were studying the frogs and blaming the climate.

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Muslims wipe out 15 Christian villages in Nigeria, government does nothing. This is what happens when you elect a man named Muhammadu to be your president.

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Reporter suggests Florida shooting could have been prevented by abortion. And now she can’t understand why people are so riled up by her comment.

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Mueller worked with Lerner to target Tea Party. Yet another black mark for the FBI, IRS, and Obama administration; and yet more evidence that the Russia probe has no credibility because of the man who’s running it.

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Sharyl Attkisson traces “fake news” war back to Google owner Eric Schmidt. The original goal was to start a propaganda effort to censor and belittle conservative news sources on behalf of Hillary Clinton for whom Schmidt was a campaign advisor. But then Donald Trump co-opted the term and started throwing it back in their faces, to the point where he pretty much owns the term now.

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Iran accuses Sally Mander of spying for U.S. (Wait… what? Salamander, not Sally Mander?) Never mind.

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Barrack unveils official portraits of he and Michelle. And just like his presidency, they are WTF-awful. Barrack’s portrait looks like he was photoshopped into a 1990s Windows screensaver background and Michelle’s looks like she was water-colored onto a big piece of construction paper by a kindergartner who never before held a paintbrush… plus it doesn’t resemble her in the slightest.

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The Dreamers Democrats never talk about. Meet Judas Deluna, 21-year-old Dreamer from Harris County, Texas, who authorities say shot someone in a store parking lot three weeks ago, and then shot and killed the Good Samaritan who came to help the first victim. Judas is a fugitive right now but if Nancy Pelosi gets her way he will become a United States citizen.

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Robert DeNiro, giving speech in Dubai, calls U.S. a “backward country.” And the group of wealthy jackasses he was addressing, sitting there in the United Arab Emirates where only Muslims have full rights and some people still ride camels to work, laughed. Here’s a message from IHTM to Mr. DeNiro: stay there where you think it’s civilized, Bobby–we won’t miss you.

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Dumbest analysis of a Bible story ever? “Rabbi” Tamara Kolton, in a magazine for Jewish socialists called The Forward, says God abused Eve just like Dr. Larry Nassar abused little girls.

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Bitches can’t catch a break. Dog owners are complaining the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is stacked against females, with the proof being that twice as many males win “Best in Show.” And, in the spirit of fairness for which IHTM is famous, let us point out that not once has the top prize gone to a transgender dog.

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Eric Holder says DOJ wrong to apologize to tea partiers for IRS targeting. This guy has been so dirty for so long, he doesn’t even recognize dirt as dirt anymore.

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How stupid is Adam Schiff? Well, that might be an unanswerable question, like “How many stars are there?” but we do know he spent eight minutes talking to two Ukrainian comedians who claimed they had info about Trump doing bizarre things with a Russian porn actress, and after the phone call Mr. Schiff was so impressed, and still so completely fooled, that he sent follow-up emails telling them how productive the call was. Should someone this dumb be on the House Intelligence Committee?

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Chris Matthews labels Nancy Pelosi an “ethnic sort of person.” Chrissy was desperately trying to defend Pelosi and he no longer has that thrill going up his leg to guide his words so this is the result.

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Shitstorm at Winter Olympics. South Korea pulled 1,200 security personnel and replaced them with military personnel after an outbreak of norovirus linked to suspected bad water. North Korea, never a country to point fingers and cast blame, is preparing a statement of love and support for their neighbor, we are sure.

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Pope caught lying about sexual abuse victims in Chile. The Pope claimed no victims of the abuse by priests in Chile had come forward but it turns out they actually flew to Rome, visited the Vatican, and handed Cardinal Sean O’Malley a letter detailing what happened; and later the cardinal called them and said he personally handed the letter to Pope Francis. That was in 2015. This is 2018.

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Women’s March sides with man. Rose McGowan has been the heroine of the Me Too movement but last week a man-who-thinks-he’s-a-woman confronted her at a book signing and they ended up in a shouting match. Turns out the man-who-thinks-he’s-a-woman has been accused of preying on 13-year-old girls but, nevertheless, the Women’s March has rebuked McGowan for being “transphobic.”

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Democrats in Senate ignore science, block Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. The science is undisputable that babies feel pain after 20 weeks of gestation but the United States will continue allowing abortion until delivery, thanks to the Democrat Party, an evil institution since its founding, being bought and paid for by the abortion industry.

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Man pleads guilty to bribing New York mayor Bill de Blasio. And that’s the second man to plead guilty to bribing the mayor… but so far no charges against the mayor himself. Figure that one out.

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