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Christmas Thread: Santa Claus is coming to town. Who’s been Naughty and who’s been nice?

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Politico reporter has SCOOP about Donald Trump, Jr.! This is HUGE! Allegedly, Donald Jr. called a woman a bitch and used the F word. In pre-school. When he was three years old.

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FCC votes to end internet neutrality. Think your cable TV bill is bad? Get ready to bend forward some more.

We were sent this by our ISP immediately after the Net Neutrality Vote by the FCC.

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UK built a wall to keep out illegal immigrants… but the wall has unlocked doors in it. So illegals simply open the doors and jump on passing trucks like they always have.

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The Four Congressmen Remaining In Congress Despite Sexual Misconduct Accusations. Funny how the Democrats and some Republicans screamed and moaned about Roy Moore and now we have crickets. We also still don’t have a list of who that $17 million sexual harassment slush fund paid out for.

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Clinton Foundation whistleblower found dead with knife in chest. New York city police have ruled it… suicide? Wait, what? Seriously, who commits suicide by stabbing themselves in the chest?

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Los Angeles city councilman wants shelter dogs on vegan diet. Liberalism. It’s a mental disease.

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USA Today calls Trump unfit to clean Obama’s toilets. And yet the media still can’t figure out why nobody respects them.

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Roy Moore loses Alabama Senate election. Chalk one up for Deep State and the GOPe. McConnell must have shot the wad in his undies.

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Owns CNN’s Jim Acosta at Today’s Press Briefing After He Sexually Harasses Her. Note: In this instance we are using the progressive definition of “sexual harassment”

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Flashback: Gillibrand and other pro-Dealers got Iran cash Looks like Trump was right. She will do anything for money.

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Innuendo’ Toward Gillibrand Must Be Condemned: So now it is officially sexist for Trump to treat a woman the exact same way he treats men. A take so hot it could only have been brought to you by the same idiot that complained we weren’t giving enough job training to ISIS.

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CNN walking back another story. Maybe, to save time, CNN should just issue a warning at the top of every hour: “Everything we say is pure fiction invented with the intention of hurting conservatives and helping Democrats. We are not journalists, we don’t hire journalists, we don’t pretend to be journalists, we are simply asses who get to be on TV.”

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Man takes revenge on package thieves with trap that sets off 12-gauge shotgun blanks. Taking dog poop in a box to a new level.

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Another foot washes ashore in British Columbia. This is the 13th so far. IHTM as a theory: this is what happens when you switch to the metric system… nobody uses feet anymore.

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PETA declares war on macaroni and cheese. Liberalism. It’s a mental disease.

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Federal judge deals blow to prosecution in Bundy standoff by warning of mistrial. It appears to us that the prosecutors are trying to play games. We hope the judge whacks them good for it.

A Nevada federal judge raised the possibility of a mistrial Monday in the 2014 standoff at the Bundy ranch, citing the failure of prosecutors to provide the defense in a timely fashion with a slew of documents.

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Wife of demoted DOJ official worked for firm behind anti-Trump dossier. Nothing to see here, now please move on so we can continue to attack Trump with lies, BS and fantasy.

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Secret super PAC backing Jones in Alabama exposed. So, 152 years after the Civil War ended we still have carpetbaggers coming down from the north.

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That’s one way to secure a victory: Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro bans leading opposition parties from running in next year’s presidential election. You can damn well bet the Democrats are jealous over this. We’d bet it’s at the top of their want list. We’re also wondering why Jerry Brown isn’t dressing like this yet?

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Even PolitiFact Sees Anti-Reciprocity Hysteria As Nonsense. Wow, a liberal leaning BS factory sees reality. In states where you don’t need a permit to conceal carry and states with shall-issue concealed carry permits you don’t see people shooting each other 24×7. I was in the Dallas, Texas area last week, (a shall-issue state) and I didn’t see any shootings and I carried myself and didn’t shoot anyone. Go figure.

Edit: Oh there was a shooting in San Antonio. Good guy with a gun at Popeye’s. Father kills armed robber who pointed gun at family.

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Trump’s sexual misconduct accusers: ‘Now let’s try Round 2.’ If Gloria Allred and a porn star don’t work the first time, then try again. The granny spokesperson in the video must have confused Trump with French President Macron.

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Becerra Tried To Block Server Admin Over Red Flags, But Logins Continued, With Muted Reaction. Yes this is the same pendejo who’s California’s attorney general. You know, the guy who writes gun laws that were never passed by the state legislature and don’t exist. Evidently conveniently ignoring the Awan brothers hacking the DNC server and his caucus server is another one of his tricks.

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Dumbass Muslim blows himself up in Manhattan subway station. Apparently the pipe bomb he strapped to himself went off prematurely. Can we nominate an entire worldwide religion for a Darwin Award?

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Pictured curled up in failure: Brooklyn-based Bangladeshi cab driver, 27, in a suicide vest who caused rush hour panic in Manhattan when his homemade pipe bomb went off early. Oh my not a white domestic NRA member terrorist. Surprise he’s a Muslim and this was a terror attack in the name of ISIS. No virgins for him.

27-year-old Bangladeshi national Akayed Ullah

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