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Weekly Thread 5/6 – 5/13/19. Comments away!

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Got a post or a link? Stick it here – 5 – Month of May 2019.

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8-10 Somali Teens Armed With Hammers Attack Bystanders At East Bank Rail Station In MN; Media Oddly Quiet. Yet another case of why we hate the media.

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50 Dog Behaviors And What They Mean. If you’ve always wondered what your dog was telling here it is. They did miss one about hunting dog behavior.

3 duck hunters were out and bragging about their bird dogs. The first guy says “my dog can go over that hill if there’s ducks he’ll come back and tell me”. He tells the dog “go.” The dog goes over the hill and comes back and paws the ground once. The hunter says “see he’s telling me there’s ducks over there.”

The second hunter says “my dog can tell him how many ducks.” He sends his dog over another hill and the dog comes back and paws the ground 4 times. He says “see, my dog’s telling me there’s 4 ducks over that hill.”

The 3rd hunter doesn’t say anything but sends his dog over another hill. The dog doesn’t come back and the other two hunters are laughing at his dumb dog. The dog finally returns and starts humping his owner’s leg. The other two start laughing again making comments about his dumb dog. The 3rd hunter says “you guys don’t get it. He’s telling me there’s so many f**king ducks over the hill that he can’t count them.”

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Another person calls James Comey a liar. We’ve lost track of how many people have accused Comey of lying. This time it’s Loretta Lynch, who says she never told Comey to call the Hillary Clinton investigation a “matter.”

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Emily Ratajkowski reveals her inner Klansman. Arguing against the new Alabama abortion law, she suggests that we want black women to have abortions to keep the prison population down. Which makes Emily a true Margaret Sanger acolyte.

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Eric Swalwell Is a Financial Mess. Despite $174k annual salary, Swalwell has failed to pay down student loans, built up credit card debt as congressman. Don’t tell us he wouldn’t tax and spend like a mofo.

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California Wanted More Illegals, Now Border Patrol Will Grant Their Wish Three Times a Week. We love it! This is tantamount to Trump telling Gavin “Up your’s moron.”

The U.S. Border Patrol said Friday that “it would fly hundreds of migrant families from south Texas to San Diego for processing,” the Associated Press reported.

The flights will continue indefinitely three times a week, and each flight will contain 120 to 135 illegal immigrants, according to Douglas Harrison, the Border Patrol’s interim San Diego sector chief.

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The serial killer story the leftwing media is refusing to cover. They won’t talk about it because the alleged serial killer is an illegal alien and that doesn’t fit their agenda. And if they do mention the story they don’t admit the alleged serial killer is an illegal alien.

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Stunning victory for conservatives in Australia. The left made the election all about Global Warming and Al Gore showed up just before the election to tell Australians to vote for the Labor Party. Conclusion: Australians don’t like Fat Albert and his hypocritical nonsense any more than Americans do.

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So long, Salon, don’t let the door hit you on the way out., the virulently left-wing online news site that never met an issue they couldn’t skew, is going out of business. Apparently, being a news site more interested in propaganda than the truth isn’t a viable long-term business plan.

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Barr MOCKED Nancy Pelosi’s threat to imprison him, and he did it to her FACE! Barr doesn’t seem the least bit worried about the Democrats in the House.

As those seated on the platform waited for the president’s arrival, Barr, who Pelosi accused of committing a crime by lying to Congress, approached her, shook her hand and said loudly, “Madam Speaker, did you bring your handcuffs?” according to a source who witnessed the conversation.

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Converse Faces Huge Backlash After Partnering With An 11-Year-Old Drag Queen. What in the Wide World of Sports is going on here?

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Anthony Weiner Released After Completing Sentence for Sexting Teen. We wonder what the odds are in Vegas as to how long before he’s violated parole? (Below sung to tune Secret Agent Man).

🎵🎵 There’s a man they call Carlos Danger, he likes to send dick picks to female strangers, his wife ignores this stuff, cuz she’s up Hillary’s muff, how long before he’s back in the slammer. Carlos Danger man, Carlos Danger man, they’ve given you probation and now it’s up to you. 🎵 🎵

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‘Empire’ To End After Upcoming Season 6; Still “No Plans” For Jussie Smollett Return. No, Fox was not mugged by Nigerians in MAGA hats.

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“Wrong-way de Blasio.” The New York mayor is famous for being late to everything and in August he was late to a Harlem walk-run event, his city SUV going the wrong way on a one-way street, lights flashing and siren wailing, when it ran into a boiler truck. The city has been doing its best to cover up the accident ever since.

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The Mexican father of alleged Colorado school shooter Alec McKinney, 16, was jailed for domestic violence and deported TWICE, with his son posting how he missed him just days before the atrocity. Wacky parents have consequences.

  • Jose Evis Quintana, 33, was jailed for 15 months for domestic violence against McKinney’s mother Morgan Lynn McKinney and ‘menacing with a weapon’
  • Despite terrorizing  Morgan, 32, he convinced her to marry him in 2009 in Castle Rock, Colorado
  •  He was deported back to Mexico in 2010 and Morgan, who has three children including Alec with Quintana, divorced him in 2015
  • Quintana illegally came back into the country and was deported again in 2017 
  • Alec posted on twitter how he missed his father – just 11 days before the May 7 shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch near Denver, Colorado
  • Alec and friend Devon Erickson, 18, allegedly shot nine students, killing one, and will appear in court on Wednesday May 15
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Cher says President Trump’s children aren’t “worth a damn.” In case you’re wondering about Cher’s expertise when it comes to raising children, that’s her daughter Chastity—yes, daughter—pictured above.

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Parents say 2nd-grade teacher tried to convince their son, 8, that he was transgender: ‘He feels different now; he feels confused.’ Talk about brainwashing. Teachers have no business doing this whatsoever.

An Oregon mother and father are suing a school district for nearly $1 million after they say their son’s second-grade teacher last year asked him several times if he thought he was a girl and held him out of recess to read books, watch videos, and have one-on-one conversations about being transgender — all without their knowledge, KPTV-TV reported.

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Set of new HBO series starring Mark Ruffalo, Rosie O’Donnell destroyed by fire. Well, proof that Karma isn’t always a bad thing.

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No Change in California’s K-12 Performance Despite 60% Spending Increase Since 2011. The Democrats mantra is always “It’s for the children.” The problem is when they get it they blow much of it on unfunded pensions and insurance subsidies for retirees on Medicare.

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Newsom: I Will Take health Care $$ From Citizens/Give Them to Illegal Aliens. By the time Gaff ‘Em Newsom gets done jacking up taxes and plundering the state treasury California will be beyond broke.

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Echo Dot Kids Edition, a smart speaker with Alexa for kids - punch red case

Alexa privacy: Parents can’t delete what kids tell Amazon voice assistant. Alexa, we’re not glad we met ya.

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This graph shows the increase in immigrants coming across the Southern U.S. border, including those who cross illegally and those who present themselves at legal checkpoints. Each line represents the first seven months of a different fiscal year, with 2019 already seeing a sharp uptick

ICE has released more than 160,000 migrants into the U.S. since December – and 88% never showed up for immigration court, officials say. That’s about 140,800 people wandering around doing who knows what. Trump should send them all to San Francisco.

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Duluth Breaks 100+ Year Record With May 8 Snowfall. Gotta love that global warming. Al Gore not found for comment.

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