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Weekly Thread: Trumps picks for his cabinet? Whutcha think?

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Obama orders review into Russian hacking of 2016 election: Pay no attention to the lame duck despot behind the Reichstag curtain with a box of matches in one hand and a can of gasoline in the other.

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Washington Post story about fake news was… fake news. This week, under a barrage of ridicule and threatened lawsuits, the paper’s editor began backpeddling as fast as he could.

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John Glenn, American hero, aviation icon and former U.S. senator, dies at 95. WW2 aviator, test pilot, 1st American to orbit the Earth, oldest man in space, U.S. Senator. This guy had one helluva ride. Rest in Peace.


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First offshore wind turbine in U.S. breaks before it even starts. The company suspects “the turbine’s generator was damaged by a drill bit accidentally left inside.”

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Bad Santa. A Santa Claus in North Carolina told a tubby nine-year-old to “lay off the hamburgers and French fries.” The boy’s mother wants Santa fired for “fat-shaming.”

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Gotta love the Onion.

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Black employees file class-action lawsuit against CNN, Turner. So why they’re running around accusing everyone of being racists….


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Federal judge agrees to end Michigan recount. Hopefully the end of Votegate and Jill Stain Stein.

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Retired Marine Gen. John F. Kelly picked to head Department of Homeland Security. Looks like Trump is planning some military type action on the border. Looks like Kelly can talk the talk and walk the walk.



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Report buried Trump-related ‘hate crimes’ against white kids. We’ve been talking about this at home but mainly about how many of these so-called “hate crimes” seem to have suddenly appeared out of nowhere and many are busted a being false or blatantly suspicious. Now that we have this it seems we’re on the right track.

At least 2,000 educators around the country reported racist slurs and other derogatory language leveled against white students in the first days after Donald Trump was elected president. But the group that surveyed the teachers didn’t publish the results in its report on Trump-related “hate crimes.”

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Gun Dealers File for Summary Judgment in First Amendment Lawsuit Over State of California Ban on Handgun Advertisements. Novel approach. At least it puts pressure on the anti-gun soon to be Senator AG.

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Trump named Time’s person of the year. Well there you go. It appears the leftist press is genuflecting, but with a little snark.


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Forensic doctors in Denmark tested 800 Muslim asylum seekers claiming to be children. 600 of them turned out to be adults.

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Journalists Struggle To Define ‘Fake News’ Even As They Declare War On It: Clearly fake news is anything that disagrees with the current proglodyte narrative and its desire for a monopoly on information. And if you have a problem with that please report to Ministry of Truth for the proper reconditioning.

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Amy Schumer’s message to body shamers: I am strong and proud of how I live my life: Amy Schumer is like that fifteen year old that dyes his hair blue because he prefers ridicule to the anonymity of not being special in any way at all.

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France makes pro-life speech against the law. The forces of evil keep boxing us in, tighter and tighter.

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Carrier union leader says Trump “got up there and lied his ass off.” Apparently Trump sort of… ahem, exaggerated the number of jobs being saved. And, as Sarah Palin pointed out, a $7 million bribe from the government to keep 730 jobs isn’t exactly what the Republican Party is supposed to stand for and certainly isn’t anything to brag about.

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How guns are getting bigger—and possibly more deadly. We wonder if this dummy has ever even touched a gun? This article borders on being an incomprehensible jumble of cherry picking from an Article by the Trace, which also appears to be an abortion. Bigger guns? Seriously? We looked in the gun safe this morning and are happy to report none of them grew overnight nor did the caliber increase on any of them.



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Conservatives Call For Investigation (Possible Rico) Into Leftwing Groups Attacking U.S. Political Process. That or Jill Stein is batshit crazy.

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How bad is the U.S. election system? 392 of 662 precincts in Detroit may not be able to participate in the statewide recount because the number of ballots in their poll books did not match those of voting machine printout reports. That’s 59%.

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Which Fake News? Conspiracy theory, conspiracy theory, get your conspiracy theory.

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White House: Some ‘Embittered’ WWII Vets Will Get Over Japanese Leader’s Pearl Harbor Visit. We’ve known quite a few WW2 and Korean War veterans and never ran into anyone we’d call bitter. The only person who’s bitter is the one who flung this insult, Obama. Oh, and when is Japan going to apologize? It’s been 75 years.



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Wind turbines generating regret; $100,000 turbines to create $1.50 in electricity monthly. The green dream is alive and well. You put $100,000 in and out comes $1.50. Eleventy!


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Florida voters sue for recount. This is the price we pay for raising generation after generation of spoiled whiny babies.

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