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Weekly Thread 8/15 through 8/22/16. Who would you like to see running for President if we had a do-over?

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Hillary Clinton’s Health Is Superb (Aside From Seizures, Lesions, Adrenaline Pens). Note, this link does not go to the Huffington Post, it goes to Webcache. The Huffington Post page has been deleted. Another reason we hate the media, if they’re not lying they’re deleting.

Below is a screenshot of the original page before deletion.

Huffpo Screenshot Hillary Clinton s Health Is Superb  Aside From Seizures  Lesions  Adrenaline Pens

Below is what resides there now.

Huffpo No Longer There Hillary Snapshot

Note: If you can’t read this right click and open in new tab and you should get a larger photo.

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Huma Abedin says she’s leaving Anthony Weiner. It appears since she’s been with Hillary she doesn’t like the Weiner anymore.


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FBI: Foreign hackers broke into state election systems. No voter fraud to see here, now please move on so the NWO can ensure Hillary gets elected.

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A “failed policy based on failed research”: The destructive legacy of Bill Clinton’s 1996 welfare reform act. When the wingdings at Salon are complaining about a Clinton policy is it worth a read?  Well yes and no. Yes if you like comedy, no if you can’t believe what they’re complaining about.

With this legislation, Clinton promised to “end welfare as we know it.”

Obviously the “end welfare” part didn’t happen. What this really sounds like is a gift of never ending business to Planned Parenthood in states where a cap on children receiving welfare actually applied (a whopping 17).

Salon also complains about welfare recipients having to use (gasp!) contraception. Yes, we know it’s ridiculous to expect someone on welfare to prevent having the kid to begin with and avoid an abortion and other problems.

It’s evident Salon thinks they should be able to sit on their asses, pop out a new kid every year and get more money, which isn’t going to work either.

Note in this article no one mentions actually getting a damn job.

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Clemson University Administrator Stops Man From Praying on Campus “This isn’t a free speech area.” Check your 1st Amendment. The whole country is a “free speech area”.

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Kaepernick will sit through anthem until there’s change: Kaepernick is a man whose only talents are playing with balls and being offended. He is free to go to any number of countries that espouse the virtues he supposedly desires in a nation. But he won’t do so. He likes wealth and the freedom to be an asshole far too much to put the NFL’s money where his suck is.

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Donald Trump challenges Hillary Clinton to release detailed medical records: Inquiring minds demand to know!

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PBS cuts criticism of Hillary Clinton from Jill Stein interview. The left gets a taste of what conservatives experience on a daily basis.

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Leaked Memo Shows How George Soros Planned To Overthrow Vladimir Putin. Vlad the Impaler vs. Darth Soros. Popcorn anyone?


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Colin Kaepernick explains why he sat during national anthem: America, land of opportunity. Where even an idiot like this can make it.

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Federal judge cancels school board election. Why? Because he didn’t like the results. Can you say “judicial overreach”?

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One week after Dr. Drew questioned Hillary’s health… HLN announces that his show has been cancelled. Probably just a coincidence.

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VIDEO=> KKK Grand Dragon Endorses Hillary Clinton. If you like your segregation you can keep your segregation.

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University of Chicago Strikes Back: Bans Safe Spaces, Trigger Warnings. It’s about effing time someone found their cojones. We wonder how long John Ellison, Dean of Students, will be employed here?

One of the nation’s top academic institutions has a message to incoming students: this is a college campus, and there won’t be any coddling here.

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Exclusive: New Cash Infusion Will Lead to Massive Evangelical Vote Effort: 2 Corinthians walk into a polling station…..

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WikiLeaks Medical Shock: Hillary Emailed Details Of New Implantable Heart Defibrillator. If true it’s no wonder we don’t get to see her medical records.


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67 emails to “Diane Reynolds” released by Wikileaks. So who’s “Diane Reynolds?” Why none other than Chelsea Clinton. How transparent can they be?

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CNN behind Nick at Night and ABC Family channel.  They need someting new besides James Earl Jones saying “This is CNN.” We suggest they should consider “CNN the new MSNBC” or perhaps “The Clinton News Network.”

Ratings CNN Behind

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Most of Hillary’s meetings as Secretary of State were with Clinton Foundation donors. Guess she didn’t have time for non-bribe-paying peons.

“If you dance with the devil, then you haven’t got a clue, for you think you’ll change the devil, but the devil changes you.”

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We’re from the government and we’re here to help. Louisiana residents have been doing an awesome job of helping themselves, including thousands of boat owners, dubbed the “Cajun Navy,” who took to their own craft to rescue neighbors. Now a state legislator wants to require training, certificates, and state permits for boat owners who want to rescue people during a natural disaster.

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Trump used $55,000 of campaign donations to buy copies of his own book. And here’s the punchline: he paid retail. So basically he converted campaign donations into money for his personal wallet.

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‘All lives matter’ social media post gets university of Houston student in trouble. Now the university will give her some more brainwashing then she can go back to being a good little Stepford Student. Evidently they didn’t use enough brain bleach last time around.

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American University in Kabul under attack: Gunmen storm campus packed with students as explosions are heard and trapped victims tweet from inside ‘I’m wounded please help us.’ This is a horrible tragedy but it’s what happens when you live in a place where the only people with guns are the police and the criminals.

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President Obama Pledges to Rebuild Louisiana After Surveying Flood Damage: Let the eat lake!

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