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Weekly Thread: Who won the debate? Trump or Hillary?

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Leaked FBI Data Reveal 7,700 Terrorist Encounters in USA in One Year; Border States Most Targeted. So how many were released? No wonder the Border Patrol Union endorsed Trump.

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FBI Used Agents As Pawns To Insulate Hillary, Aides & Clinton Foundation From Prosecutions. Now known as the Federal Bureau of Insulation.

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Giuliani: I wouldn’t debate again after Holt’s ‘interference.’ Holt must be getting something for skewing his questions and playing fact-checker.

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Who does the world vote for U.S. president? Looks like Hillary isn’t very popular. Trump is even ahead on the Time Magazine poll. Red is Trump, blue is Hillary.


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PolitiFact caught red-handed. Trump said basically the same thing about black teenage unemployment that Bernie Sanders said a year earlier, but when Bernie said it they rated it “Mostly True” and when Trump said they rated it “Mostly False.”

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Trump Campaign: It’s Not The Job Of A Debate Moderator To Fact-Check. A moderator “fact checking” is just a euphemism for the MSM/DNC operative lying their asses off to help the Democrat candidate out of a tight spot. Case in point Candy C. and O Duce from four years ago. What’s that you say? Lester Holt is a Republican? So is George H.W. Bush, Colin Powell and NY Representative Richard Hanna. Guess who they’re all voting for.

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Suspect arrested in Cascade Mall shooting. No details. The fact he was almost immediately deemed “hispanic” and the MSM quieted down awfully fast leads us to wonder if he’s really a “Mohamed” kind of guy. We’ll post up when we hear.

UPDATE: The rumor mill has it: Person of interest Arcan Cetin originally from Adana, Turkey, 20 years old….

Must be from that ancient Turkish Hispanic Muslim Cult.

Facebook Page: Democrat Hillary Lover. Means this will whoosh off the planet in no time at all. Credit to Twitter follower Ayn Rand Paul @McCarthyKnew

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WATCH: Graphic Video Released by CMPD of #KeithScott Shooting. The link has the dashcam video, we couldn’t find it on YouTube yet. Below is the bodycam video. Then some other videos and a police evidence photo. Watch them and see what you think.

Below is a video based on the video his wife took, alleging to show no gun, then a gun, then no gun, then another gun. You be the judge.

Below is Mark Dice’s take on the no gun, gun thing. Makes more sense.

Below is a police evidence photo showing his blunt, gun and ankle holster.


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Calls for FBI Director Comey to resign over total sham of investigation. Comey is either corrupt up to his neck, or he’s just that stupid. Either way he shouldn’t be heading the FBI.

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NFL Boycott In FULL EFFECT! 44% Of Americans Will Stop Watching Football If Players Continue To Kneel Based on the previous item they should start boycotting baseball, too.

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Mariners suspend Steve Clevenger without pay for remainder of the season. So this guy gets suspended almost an entire season for exercising his right to free speech but Colin Kaepernick and his buddies keep disrespecting our flag and nothing happens. It’s all about being PC.

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LA Police Union: Police Commission Wants Cops To Run From Armed Suspects. Because it’s always better to let armed criminals and psychos run around endangering people.

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Dead people voting in Colorado. Every time some journalist gets an attack of professionalism and investigates, they find out, oh gosh, voter fraud really is happening.

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Obama used a pseudonym in emails with Clinton, FBI documents reveal. Of course none of the President’s emails will be released, including the name he used. We’ll assume it was Carlos.Dumbass.

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Loaded gun found in North Carolina had fingerprints matching victim: CNN. If lefty CNN is reporting this they must have a lot of faith it. More proof he did have a gun, not a book.

A gun recovered at the scene of the fatal shooting of a black man by police in Charlotte, North Carolina, was loaded and had fingerprints matching those of the victim, CNN reported on Friday as the man’s family released its own video of the encounter.

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GOP lawmaker: FBI gave immunity to top Clinton aide. Comey and the FBI smell worse than a beached whale that’s been dead for 2 weeks.

“No wonder they couldn’t prosecute a case,” said Chaffetz, R-Utah. “They were handing out immunity deals like candy.”

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Video Moments Leading Up to Charlotte Shooting of Keith Scott NBC News. Taken by his wife, not much to see here. No view of him, the shooting or a gun that we can see. You can hear “Drop the gun” being yelled a lot in the background. Hmmm.

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MONEY-LAUNDERING EXPOSED: 14 Pro-Clinton Super PACs and Non-Profits Implicated. Round and round and round the money goes, where it stops nobody knows.

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City leaders delayed declaring emergency over concerns of how it’d look. Idiots in charge believe in peaceful riots. Citizens and businesses who were injured/damaged should sue them, talk about malfeasance.

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Email shows federal immigration bosses in OT push to swear in new citizens ‘due to election.’ The smell of Democrat desperation is intensifying. Why the 1,800+ that should have been booted out were sworn in? We’d bet so.

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Guns Sell Out In Charlotte As Local Police Refuses To Release Shooting Video. Evidently the Police Chief wants more rioting. If it was a clean shooting as claimed, why not release it?

The reason the video is relevant is because many of the protesters dispute the official account of Scott’s death. Police contend he was carrying a gun when he approached officers and ignored repeated orders to drop it. His family and a witness say he was holding a book, not a firearm, when he was killed. “I’m not going to release the video right now,” Putney told reporters, the morning after nine people were injured and 44 arrested in riots over Scott’s killing.

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Police officer accused of fatally shooting an unarmed black man will face criminal charges. Officer Betty Shelby, the Tulsa police officer who fatally shot Terence Crutcher, has been charged with manslaughter and a warrant for her arrest has been issued. That was awfully fast. Appears the decision was made to try to avoid riots in Tulsa that rival Charlotte.


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House panel holds Clinton IT aide in contempt. So what does this mean? Probably nothing other than more Kabuki Theater. They have the power to arrest but the GOP will never have the balls to use it.

In 1821, the Supreme Court upheld Congress’s right to hold people in contempt and imprison them. Without this power, the court ruled, Congress would “be exposed to every indignity and interruption, that rudeness, caprice, or even conspiracy, may mediate against it.” Later, in a 1927 case arising from the Teapot Dome scandal, the court upheld the Senate’s arrest of the brother of a former attorney general — carried out in Ohio by the deputy sergeant at arms — for ignoring a subpoena to testify. (Source)

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OPENED UP TWITTER TO SEE THIS. Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) (Law Professor) was suspended for tweeting that drivers stuck in freeways in Charlotte should run over rioters if they were endangered. This is basic self-defence. The special snowflakes at Twitter evidently think you should just sit there and get injured or killed.


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