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Weekly Thread 4/19-4/26/18. Who’s going to jail? McCabe? Comey? Holder? Lynch? Your choice?

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Trump Calls Out California Governor’s ‘Charade,’ Federal Government Won’t Be Funding. That scream you hear will be Jerry Brown screaming because Trump beat him at his own game. Now Jerry can pay for sending the California National Guard to the border to do nothing.

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Illegal Aliens Caught near Border with ‘Assault-Style Firearms,’ Says Border Patrol. Wall? We don’t need no stinkin’ wall.

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McCabe says Comey is lying. While Comey continues to rant about “integrity” on his book tour, just about everybody he ever worked with is calling him a liar, including McCabe, Loretta Lynch, and the president.

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Judge on Cohen Case Colluded with Lawyer for New York Times & CNN to Make Sean Hannity’s Name Public: Hey Milhouse Mueller, we found your collusion.

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James Comey Reacts To GOP Lawmakers Calling For Investigation On Him, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch: What could be better than J. Edgar Comey getting fired on live TV? J.Edgar Comey finding out he’s going to jail while being interviewed on live TV.

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David Hogg, school shooting survivor, calls for investment firm boycott. 14:59

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NJ Tyrant & Legislator Loretta Weinberg’s Newest Bill Bans Travel to Free States. Achtung! Achtung! Loretta should get a swastika armband to wear to work.

Weinberg has introduced a Bill S2402 that prohibits any and all State-sponsored travel to 37 States that do not currently require firearms purchasers or owners to obtain a permission slip or ID card from the State.

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Jerry Brown Insists CA Sanctuary Laws Don’t Benefit Criminal Illegal Aliens. We have to wonder if Jerry’s going senile after reading this. Seriously? Does he ever read a newspaper? Perhaps he should consult with Kate Steinle? Oh wait, she was killed by an illegal alien. We wonder how she’d feel about the jury nullification her killer received?

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Stormy Daniels releases sketch of man who threatened her in 2011. The resident geniuses here at IHTM, being sleuth-like in nature and sleuth-like in proclivity, having examined the faces of all 7,638,437,592.5 people on the planet (we only give Al Gore credit for being half a man in spite of his size) have narrowed the possibilities down to two people who both resemble the face in the sketch and have sufficient motivation to threaten Miss Stormy in a parking lot: Trump-supporter Tom Brady and the guy on the right… and you’ll never guess who the guy on the right is.

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‘Homelessness, dirt and trash, open drug use and robberies… it’s disgusting’: San Francisco tourism chief is forced to tell the truth about his town as he begs city bosses to clean it up. San Francisco spends an estimated $241 million per year on the homeless? Where’s this money go? Down a shithole?

The president of SF Travel, Joe D’Alessandro, says he is greeted everyday by drug users openly shooting up o and their leftover paraphernalia, human excrement, homelessness, and more.

‘The streets are filthy. There’s trash everywhere. It’s disgusting,’ D’Alessandro told the San Francisco Chronicle.

‘I’ve never seen any other city like this – the homelessness, dirty streets, drug use on the streets, smash-and-grabs. 

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Swedes don’t want to be teachers anymore due to dangerous school environments. In Sweden it’s Muslim immigrants. If this happens in the US, will it be due to gun free zones?

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Venus, Serena Williams join Billie Jean King equal pay push:

Serena and Venus Williams are the 6th and 10th highest payed tennis players on the planet, respectively. That is despite the fact that there are around 1000 people out there that could beat them on the tennis court, but are paid less than the Williams sisters. And why are those 1000 people paid less than Serena and Venus Williams? It is because they are men. Now, we have no problem with that. The Williams’ are of a far greater value to the tennis world than any of the people they are being paid more than. What we do have a problem with is being lectured to by people that don’t understand that any pay gap is rooted in a productivity gap. We are also bothered by -possibly accidental- hypocrites that will take the money, but not the point.

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Leftwing feminists versus Muslims (it does not go well for the feminists). If you’re looking for someone to root for in this video, don’t bother. The feminists are rude and offensive (as usual) and the Muslims are cowardly and violent (as usual).

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Comey ABC News interview summary: Donald Trump is “morally unfit to be president,” says the man who repeatedly lied to Congress, the American public, and the FISA Court; and who used the FBI to further his own personal political goals.

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R. Lee Ermey (The Gunny) has passed away. RIP Gunny. The world is a worse place without you.

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TIMELINE: Surprising historical facts the Democratic Party wouldn’t want you to know. They like to spin this and claim the GOP did all this stuff.

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Rep. Todd Rokita Sends Letter to End Citibank’s Gov’t Contract Because of Their Anti-Gun Policies. We do have people in Congress on our side, just not enough of them.

Rep. Todd Rokita Sends Letter to End Citibank’s Gov’t Contract Because of Their Anti-Gun Policies.


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LGBT activist sets himself on fire to protest fossil fuels. The silly pathetic political philosophy of the left, symbolized by the silly pathetic death of one silly pathetic man.

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US, France, Britain launch strikes on Syria: Trump. And away we go.

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It appears to us that McCabe was a very naughty boy and should be in jail. Here’s the link to the report.

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President Trump poised to pardon Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff, sources say: For those that don’t remember Scooter Libby was convicted on a process crime trumped up against him when he was being investigated for a crime that the investigators absolutely knew he did not commit even before their investigation began. If that sort of gestapo tactic reminds you of J. Edgar Comey and Milhouse Mueller it should.

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Comey reveals Trump wanted him to DISPROVE ‘golden showers’ claim in case there was ‘even a one per cent chance’ Melania believed it – and calls president ‘untethered to truth’ in bombshell book. Of course Comey could do no such thing as he’s never stopped working for Obama.

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Suspect accused of killing Yarmouth officer had history of criminal offenses. History? This guy makes Al Capone look look like a saint. 114 priors and he’s out walking around to kill cops? Evidently the Attorney General of Massachusetts is more interested in banning AR-15’s than locking up criminals.

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