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Weekly Thread 5/16 to 5/23/16. Election of the century!

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Gavin Newsom Calls Transgender Gun Activist ‘Disgusting.’ We’ll take a pro-gun transgender over gun control pimp Gavin Newsom any day of the week.

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NY police hit man with five bullets, Carhartt jacket stops four of them. We knew Carhartt made tough stuff but damn…

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Investigative reporter finds hundreds of dead people voting in Los Angeles. One example: John Cenkner died in Palmdale in 2003 but somehow voted in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2010. When asked how this was possible, his daughter replied, “He took a lot of time choosing his candidates.”

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Kenneth Starr: from righteous warrior to pusillanimous academic. After investigating and prosecuting him in the 90s, now he sings Bill Clinton’s praises:

“President Carter set a very high standard, which President Clinton clearly continues to follow.”

Say what!?

“His genuine empathy for human beings is absolutely clear. It is powerful, it is palpable and the folks of Arkansas really understood that about him—that he genuinely cared.”

We wonder if Juanita Broaddrick “understood that about him.”

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Tesla Compared To Enron, Ponzi Scheme In Scathing New Research Report. We’re still trying to figure out how they’re going to fulfill 400,000 orders for their new Model 3 in a timely manner when from what we read they’re not even producing 1,000 cars per week (52,000 per year). While their plant in Fremont, California reportedly had a capacity to produce about 400,000 cars per year it doesn’t mean Tesla will be able to achieve that. Meanwhile, collecting their $1,000 deposit on 400, 000 cars leaves Tesla with a cash pile of $400,000,000 of other people’s money.

tesla enron_0

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Female Security Guard Removed Man who ID’d as a Woman from Bathroom, Faces Charges. Looks like “Ebony” may be looking for a big payday to pay for that Schlongectomy.

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Why the USDA is putting a new warning label on beef, starting this week. Blade tenderized should be a real thrill. Keep your Imodium A-D handy.

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VA head compares wait times at Disneyland to wait times at VA hospitals. This dope obviously lives in Fantasyland. H/T poppajoe49


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Obama Threatens Hospitals: Perform ‘Sex Changes’ Or Lose Federal Funding. Schlongectmies and Addadicktamies will soon be clogging the operating rooms.

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Report: Va. Governor Terry McAuliffe Under Investigation By FBI And DOJ. One of Bill and Hillary’s good buddies.

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CEO Raises Salaries to $70K for EVERY Employee, Now has to Rent Out his Own Home to Make Ends Meet: The 20th Century Motor Company arrives.

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U.S. officials worried about military coup in Venezuela. Here’s the $64,000 question: Why?

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BREAKING NEWS: Baltimore police officer found NOT GUILTY of charges related to death of Freddie Gray. We’ll be back later to cover the riots.

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VENEZUELA: BREW BEER OR FACE JAIL. It’s the fault of the “bourgeoisie” not Maduro….hahaha.

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Oil Bankruptcies Continue; Linn Energy Reorg Won’t Be Pretty. Speaking of oil problems the oil flood seems to be causing problems everywhere  but Taxifornia, where regular hovers around $2.85-$3.05 per gallon.

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Hundreds of oil tankers anchored or barely moving off the coast of China. The price of oil is so low they don’t want to dock and unload. ZeroHedge spotted the same thing off Galveston in November.

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Meet Spot, Mr. Puppy UK for 2016, who likes to dress as a Dalmatian. His former fiancée, Rachel (above), left him because, in her words, “I didn’t understand it. I didn’t want to understand it.” Sounds ruff.

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UK soldier becomes first transgender gay Muslim woman – why people are still talking about it. Must be a Target shopper.

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DOJ diverted MILLIONS to ‘slush fund’ to fuel big liberal groups; wait until you see which ones. How nice, your hard-earned tax dollars get to pay for people who want to screw you. Bend forward.

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Muslim Pilot Of Flight 804 Converted The Plane Into A Portable Mosque And Said Farewell Before He Crashed The Plane And Slaughtered Everyone. Time to ban Muslim pilots?

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Trump campaign admits it didn’t raise $6 million for veterans. From the 2016 We-Told-You-So files, IHTM told you so back in February: Remember that $6 million Trump promised for veterans groups?

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Group that helped sell Iran nuke deal also funded media. Anyone who thinks the MSM doesn’t get paid to spout Obama’s bullshit is nuts.

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HUD Cleared To Tell Americans Where To Live. Thugs coming to your neighborhood soon to drive down property values. Buy ammo.

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The World’s Largest Solar Plant Just Torched Itself. Glad we still have other sources of power LIKE COAL POWER PLANTS!

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