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George Takei:I was sent to a camp at just 5 years old — but even then, they didn’t separate children from families. That moment when the left goes so bat doodoo insane that a victim of FDR’s Internment Camps becomes an apologist for them.

Chris Pratt Gives Amazing Speech At MTV Movie Awards: National Treasure Chris Pratt gives nine rules that turn the usual MTV Dumpster Fire into a beacon of wisdom.

Clapper hopes Mueller will end Russia probe ‘soon.’ When the Clapper says to end it soon, it must mean this investigation (if you can call it that) isn’t serving Deep State’s goals anymore.

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North Pole Ice Twice As Thick As Ten Years Ago. Yes it appears James Hansen was indeed right, so was Al Gore. Snicker-Snicker.

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Armed shopper thwarts potential mass shooting by killing gunman after he opened fire at a busy Walmart and injured two. Oops. Another good guy with a gun stops killings. According to the left they don’t exist.

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“Terrified” San Francisco Tourists Shocked By Aggressive Vagrants, Discarded Needles, Dead Bodies. Welcome to the shithole, it gets worse here every day, you learn to live like an animal in the jungle where we play.

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James Hansen wishes he hadn’t been so right about Global Warming. He must have been blowing out birthday candles because it sure looks like he got his wish.

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Pair damaged Vietnam War memorial in New Mexico, police say. They should have to spend a month or two at WhiskeyRiver’s bootcamp.

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The 52-page report to Congress on the Mandalay Bay MassacreIn case anyone wants to read it. Warning: There’s an unfogged photo of the dead shooter in case you can’t deal with it.

We just completed reading this. Smacks of other involvement, possibly ISIS.

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‘We might have a new situation’ German MP predicts Merkel could be OUSTED end of NEXT WEEK. This would be a good start. Next get rid of the powers that be in the UK, Sweden and France.

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Video of Russian Taxi running over people on sidewalk near World Cup. This is why we can’t go places anymore.

UPDATE: “Moscow’s traffic management authority said the taxi driver had a driver’s license issued in Kyrgyzstan, a mainly Muslim ex-Soviet republic.”

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Florida man asks police to test the quality of his meth for him. Police are happy to help. There must be a “Stupid Contest” we don’t know about going on this week.

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Comey Broke From FBI Procedures in Clinton Probe, Watchdog Finds. This smells like another deep state whitewash job to us. The below text seems a good indication of what was going on. You can read the entire document here.

One example cited in the new report is an email exchange between Strzok and Page on Aug. 8, 2016. Page questioned whether Trump would become president. Strzok replied: “No. No he’s not. We’ll stop it.”


Comey, Strzok, and Page all used personal emails to conduct FBI business.

DOJ withheld the ‘we will stop Trump’ text from Congress but not the IG.

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Off-duty deputy’s un-holstered gun goes off in his pocket at a bowling alley and strikes a 10-year-old child in the back. It appears this guy may have been trying out for the FBI. $10 it was a Glock or similar with the safety on the trigger. You never carry one with a round in the chamber and no holster or you get this. We can’t fathom what’s so hard about figuring that out.

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Wow: Supreme Court Delivers Huge Ruling On Dem Governor’s Order Giving Felons Voting Rights. This works for us. They have to dump approximately 11,300 Democrat felon voters from the voter rolls.

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More Than 2,300 Suspected Online Child Sex Offenders Arrested During Operation “Broken Heart.” Hopefully all 2,300 will enjoy Operation “Broken Butthole” while in prison.

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MORE failure at Parkland high school. Turns out, just two months before the shooting incident a retired Secret Service officer/security consultant met with school officials, told them their security was crap, and told them how to fix it. But they did nothing.

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CNN’s Jim Acosta screams rude questions at Kim Jong Un in Singapore. Then gets caught on a hit mic saying:

“If they’re not going to let me in the fucking meeting, that’s what happens!”

Seriously, did he really expect to be in the meeting? And if this admission isn’t grounds for kicking him out of the White House reporting pool, what is?

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Judge blocks ‘assault weapons’ ban from going into effect in Illinois town. More tin pot dictators get their day ruined.

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Seattle City Council votes to repeal ‘head tax’ on companies like Amazon Another socialist other-people’s money grab stopped in it’s tracks.

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10 Years Ago Climate Scientists Said We’d Move to Antarctica… It’s -95F Right Now. It’s so hot right now the penguins are wearing bikinis.

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Supreme Court Backs Ohio’s “Use It Or Lose It” Plan To Scrub Lazy, Absent Voters From Rolls. Now the Democrats will have to do it the old fashioned way. Back to the graveyards.

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Robert De Niro yells ‘F–k Trump’ at Tony Awards. This seems to be about all this dolt can say anymore.

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State-level Dems funneled $84M to Clinton’s campaign, lawsuit alleges. It looks like we have yet another Clinton scam. We predict they’ll still be finding new ones 100 years from now.

As many as 40 state-level Democratic parties may have been involved in a scheme to funnel as much as $84 million to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, a campaign finance lawyer contends.

Dan Backer, an attorney based in Virginia, has filed a lawsuit alleging that a plan was in place to circumvent campaign contribution limits set by the federal government, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

“You had individuals giving $300,000,” Backer told the newspaper Friday. “They’re not doing it because they care about Nevada’s or Arkansas’ state party. They’re doing it to curry favor with and buy influence with Hillary Clinton.”

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