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The Weekly Thread We’ve Been Waiting for. 3 days until Obama is out.

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Obama Commutes Bulk of Chelsea Manning’s Sentence. Will be freed in five months, on May 17 of this year, rather than in 2045.


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Apprentice contestant files defamation lawsuit against Trump. The contestant is female, this is about an incident that supposedly occurred in 2007, and the lawsuit was filed three days before Trump’s inauguration… so what was our first clue the slimeball lawyer involved is Gloria Allred?

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Chicago: 32 Shot, 8 Dead On MLK Holiday Weekend. What a great way to honor peaceful Martin Luther King Jr. Oh, and according to the Department of Justice it’s the cops fault people act like animals.

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Reason number one million (or so) why mainline Protestant churches are dying. The pastor at All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena will no longer pray for the president by name because the word “Trump” is a “trauma trigger” and might “jeopardize the safety of the congregation.”

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John Lewis caught in flat-out lie. He claims he’s never missed an inauguration until now, but turns out he pulled this same, sore-loser, bitter-baby, boycott bullshit in 2001.

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Why DC Police Body Cameras Will Be Off as Officers Monitor Inauguration Protests. So no one will be able to video the uncivilized barbarians at the gate?

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Wife of Orlando nightclub gunman ISIS Terrorist arrested outside SF. They misspelled ISIS Terrorist. As you can see the FBI was really on top of this one.

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FBI: Censoring ‘ISIS’ From Transcripts Will Stop Terrorism. Yeah because shooting the bastards dead just doesn’t work. Someone should see if Comey is a member of CAIR.

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Trump on outgoing CIA director: ‘Was this the leaker of Fake News?’ Brennan is a great leader? Don’t they all put forth bullshit then whine when it doesn’t work?

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Audio of protest group’s plans to disrupt Trump inauguration. Yeah. Remember all the Republicans blocking Obama’s inauguration? Neither do we.

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Trump administration thinking about kicking press out of White House. “They are the opposition party,” one Trump official says. “I want ’em out of the building. We are taking back the press room.”

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Document reveals Clinton Global Initiative is shutting down. It appears the days of wine and roses pay to play are over.

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Celeb Snowflakes Gonna Survive: If this is the extent of celebrity talent then Hollywood must be every bit as rigged as the Democratic Primary was.

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Donald Trump Fires Back At John Lewis After He Challenged The President-Elect’s Legitimacy In the last several years John Lewis has sought to use race to silence critics,lied about the Tea Party and fought very hard to deny due process and the civil rights protections of many of his fellow citizens. Sadly this once great man has become like the bigots he, a lifetime ago, stood against.

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Intelligence officials undercutting Trump with Israel. “American intelligence officials allegedly warned their Israeli counterparts not to share intelligence with Washington once Donald Trump becomes president of the United States,” their reasoning being that Trump might share the intelligence with Russia.

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Madonna publicizes protest march against Trump… by tweeting photo of her new pubic Nike tattoo.

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One final screwjob from the outgoing pretender-in-chief. With the stroke of his anti-liberty pen, Obama ended a long-standing policy of giving any Cuban who reached America automatic asylum. Now they will be sent back to Cuba to face prison or death. (Syrian Muslims, on the other hand, Mr. Obama will continue to welcome.)

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Rosie O’Donnell wants the military to impose martial law. Why? To stop the inauguration of Donald Trump.

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FBI, Justice Department to be investigated over Clinton probe: Maybe they can probe into the Clinton/Lynch secret tarmac meeting, the Clinton cash that went Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik and why HRC is allowed to get away with crimes for which lesser mortals are sent to jail.

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Fiat Chrysler cheated on diesel emissions, EPA says: Big deal. Compared to destroying a river in Colorado and the water supply of Flint Michigan -as the EPA did- what Fiat/Chrysler is guilty of isn’t a pimple on Roger Clinton’s cocaine filled nose.

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O Duce’s Farewell Address: Yes We Did Yes, you droned innocent people to death. Yes, you used the IRS as a weapon to against political speech. Yes, you sent hundreds of millions to your cronies. Yes, you gave billions to Iran for no good reason at all. Yes, you used Hillary’s secret sever even though you knew it was illegal. Yes, you blamed Benghazi on a Youtube video and did nothing when the make of that video was sent to jail. Yes, you allowed your people to hack and silence journalists. Yes, you told Putin you would be more flexible after your last election. Yes, you did nothing when China hacked us. Yes, you forced us all to buy products from your cronies in the insurance industry. Yes, you funded terrorists in Syria. Yes, you armed terrorists in Mexico. Yes, you spied on Angela Merkel. Yes, you spied on every man and woman and child in this country. Yes, you stabbed Israel in the back. Yes, you tried to “hack” the last Israeli election. Yes, you tried to “hack” the last American election by encouraging foreign agents to illegally vote for the next President. Yes, you presided over the worst economic malaise since Jimmy Carter. Yes, you have been the worst President since Woodrow Wilson.

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Leftwing Dutch woman denied Swiss passport because she’s “annoying.” She does look sexy in that cow bell though.

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The student behind the KoolKidsKlanKKK tweet at Baltimore high school is… (drum roll please) a 14-year-old African American girl. So yet another bogus hate crime.

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The perfect example of defense spending under Obama. The Army has a “proposal solicitation” for bullets and casings that are “biodegradable composites with embedded seeds” so spent ammunition will grow into “environmentally-friendly plants.”

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