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Memorial Day Weekend Thread. Got a story? Got a relative or friend you want to honor? This is the spot.

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Chicago’s Memorial Day Weekend Gets Bloody Kick-Off with 23 Shot, Four Dead. And it’s only Saturday. Yet another gun-control fail.

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WATCH: Tucker Hammers Lindsey Graham For ‘Lying’ About Confidential Informant Not Being A Spy. Lindsey Graham isn’t a liar, he’s a teller of truths that just happen to be false.

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Mr. Robinson Drops Some Truth on Proglodyte White Knights: This guys needs to run for something so we can vote for him.

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New superfood: organic freerange cockroach milk. If it’s healthy and nutritious that’s all well and good, but something tells us the job of milking those little buggers will be minimum wage.

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Fake black woman now charged with welfare fraud. This little dipshit is bound and determined to hit every liberal meme in the Democrat Party handbook. Now she can go to prison and claim she’s oppressed by The Man. We have a title for her next book: “White to Black to Orange: The Odyssey of a Liberal Chameleon.”

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Grassley rips Strzok-Page redactions amid mystery text: Obama ‘White House is running this.’ We’d bet the Obama White House was running all kinds of ops trying to keep Trump out.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, drew particular attention to one text that suggested the Obama “White House is running this,” in reference to an unspecified investigation.

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Pawn shop sign in South Carolina hits the target. Hey, obviously we aren’t the only people who enjoy a good anatomical pun.

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Zombie Apocalypse? No problem with the Kel-Tec KSG-25 shotgun. With a capacity of 25 12 gauge 2 3/4″ shells you can take a mob of zombies out.

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Michael Avenatti’s law firm ordered by judge to pay $10M to ex-colleague.  It appears Mr. Holier-than-Thou ain’t.

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Thousands of German bikers head to Berlin to protest against Merkel in show of patriotism. News you won’t see on the regular news. Contrary to the propaganda, Herr Merkel isn’t all that popular these days.

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Boy Scouts’ 24th World Jamboree in July requires distribution of condoms. As a practical matter, now that they allow gay scoutmasters they need those condoms so the boys don’t catch diseases from all the adult male predators.

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Anti-Gun Professor Found Guilty In Vandalism Case Involving NRA Lobbyist’s Home. Just because you don’t like something it’s not an excuse to vandalize someone’s property.

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Reno-Area School District No Longer Bans Pro-Gun Clothing. Alternative title: Lawsuit Makes Ex-California Reno Libtards Tuck In Their Tails and Run Away.

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Loser shoots up school in Texas, left immediately starts lying about it. No, he wasn’t a Nazi. He had a bisexual pride pin on his coat, a hammer & sickle, and an Iron Cross… but the Iron Cross was a pre-1939 Iron Cross without the Nazi swastika. Wouldn’t it be great if whenever we had a national tragedy liberals were required by law to shut their stupid mouths for a week?

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North Korea lying? Satellite data suggest China, Russia, North Korea may be falsifying GDP numbers. Surprise! What’s a little 15-30 percent per year?

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Brent crude oil tops $80 a barrel as market grows more concerned about Iran sanctions. Get ready to bend forward, especially if you’re in California.

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Climate experiences biggest two-year drop in temperature in century. That’s straight from NASA’s own readings. Funny how we haven’t heard the mainstream media say anything about it.

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Michigan State settles with Larry Nassar victims for $500 million. As far as we’re concerned they should also get to whack this pervert in the nuts a few times each with a baseball bat.

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College May Not Be Worth It Anymore. Yep. Especially when you have professors teaching job getting classes on ANTIFA, Gender Studies and Commie 101.

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Weekly Thread 5/1/18. Will North Korea de-nuke or are they pulling Trump’s leg?

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Millions of dollars in suitcases fly out of MSP, but why? Here’s the latest scam to ripoff government money. Open a phony day care, sign up people, have them bring their kids check-in then leave, bill the government $100 million a year for a full day of child care. Allahu Ackbar folks.

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Disgraced Florida massacre cop now gets $8K-a-month pension. Yes Virginia, in the wonderful world of liberals it pays to be a coward.

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