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Weekly Thread 6/11-6/30/2019.

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Got a post or a link? Stick it here – 6 – Month of June 2019.

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Another photo of children in CBP detention facility goes viral… and once again, like almost every other viral photo of children in a detention facility, this one turns out to have been taken during the Obama administration, too.

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NY lefties decriminalized bus fare jumping and now 25% of riders don’t pay. Gosh, who could have seen that coming?

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Woke collision in San Francisco. It’s gays versus homeless. A sushi restaurant had the temerity to put a rainbow-colored rock in an outside alcove of the restaurant… which alcove could have been a great place for a homeless person to sleep/shit/lounge/pick his nose/harass customers/gross out customers. How dare those evil gays inconvenience the homeless? And how dare those homeless advocates question a rainbow-colored rock in San Francisco? Oh my!

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Elizabeth Warren will see your slavery reparations and raise you $57 million in gay reparations. Democrats never met a dime of somebody else’s money they didn’t want to give away to someone else. Maybe we should suggest reparations to Cherokees for fake Harvard Indians who confiscated their heritage–maybe that would shut her up.

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Trump Pick to Build Wall Up for Confirmation After ...

Officials accuse DHS chief Kevin McAleenan of leaking ICE raids plan to sabotage operation. For those who think Trump leaked this, evidently that’s not the case. Meet La Rata.

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Trump delays planned ICE raids to see if Congress can solve border crisis. Well so much for that. The Democrats are just delaying this so they can figure out how to stop it in court. Trump should strike while the iron is hot.

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ICE Expected to Begin Immigration Raids Targeting Families in 10 Cities, Including L.A., on Sunday. About time. We’ll enjoy watching the Democrat’s heads spin.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is pressing forward to arrest and deport families with court-ordered removals in 10 cities – including Los Angeles – beginning Sunday, according to a senior immigration official, after President Donald Trump’s tweet revealing an operation was imminent.

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Gov. Kate Brown deploys Oregon State Police after Republicans flee Capitol. Comrade Brown goes full KGB.

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President Trump Tweets on Iran. We have to agree.

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The new IHTM election reading list is available. If you want to prepare for the upcoming 2020 election at least read the titles. They pretty much say it all.

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Republican Jeff Flake, a Trump nemesis, heading to Harvard. Harvard seems to be taking in all the losers these days. Soon your degree from a Junior College may be worth more.

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Court Rules President Trump Can Defund Planned Parenthood, Will Cut Almost $60 Million in Taxpayer Funding. Good. This solves two problems in our mind. 1) A lot of children may live and 2) PP won’t be able to dump our tax money back into the Democrats coffers.

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The Maryland Peace Cross

Supreme Court rules government-maintained cross doesn’t violate Constitution. Suck it up liberals, elections have consequences. The main one being stopping butt-hurt anti-Christian morons.

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Wyoming rancher summarizes Mueller report:

“We know that old boy didn’t actually steal any horses, but he’s obviously guilty of trying to avoid being hanged for it.”

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18 People Attend Eric Swalwell’s Gun Control Speech Near NRA HQs. Eric is really lighting it up. He’s a shoe-in for dog catcher.

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Bill Banning Sanctuary Cities. Unlike California, illegal felons will be released to ICE when requested instead of being released back into the community to wreak havoc upon the United States.

The bill requires state entities, local governmental entities, and law enforcement agencies to use their “best efforts to support the enforcement of federal immigration law.”

It also prohibits restrictions from entities and agencies “on taking certain actions with respect to information regarding a person’s immigration status.”

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Muslim workers in Fort Morgan fired over prayer dispute walkout. Here’s one we haven’t seen on the MSM.

About 190 workers, most of them immigrants from Somalia, have been fired from a meat packing and distribution plant on Colorado’s Eastern Plains for walking off the job to protest a workplace prayer dispute.

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Chocolate Anus and 10 Other Disgusting Candies [PICS]

Now You Can Eat Fine Chocolate Assholes. Yes indeed. We predict these will be a hit in the Castro.

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Pope Francis wants a carbon tax to stop Global Warming. Dumbest. Pope. ever. This Jesuit nincompoop is three decades behind on his knowledge of science and three decades behind on his knowledge of the Catholic priest sex scandals. And seems to be falling further behind every day.

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Drug Warrior Mitch McConnell Tied To Millions In Cocaine ...

McConnell: ‘I Am Indeed the Grim Reaper When It Comes to the Socialist Agenda.’ Some days he’s RINO Mitch, some days he’s Cocaine Mitch. Today we’ll go with Cocaine Mitch over this comment. We hope Pelosi’s false teeth fell out when her jaw hit the ground.

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California moves to let felons serve on juries. Yes folks, having illegal aliens, early releases and the homeless committing felonies isn’t enough for the morons in Sacramento. Now they want to ensure no one gets convicted of anything by letting convicted felons on juries.

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Oberlin College hit with maximum PUNITIVE DAMAGES (capped at $22 million by law) in Gibson’s Bakery case. Total of $33 million. Well, at least one baker is winning. With this kind of scratch he’ll have enough money to ward off any future lawsuits.

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Visit LA. An experience you’ll never forget. Especially if you catch Typhus.

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