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Weekly Thread: Final Debate. Who won, who lost, did this change your mind or not?

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Trump campaign spent $300,000 on copies of his book over the past month. And that’s just the past month. Win or lose, he’ll make money.

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@GavinNewsom Ducks Debate – On His Own Proposition. Lt. Governor Siss-Pants strikes again. He also refused to debate Dana Loesch on his stupid gun law that will do nothing at all to reduce crime. It will only screw with law-abiding gun owners.

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Texas makes BIG move after machines switched votes. Another “glitch” where when you vote for Trump it switches to Clinton. Paper ballots being used in the meantime. What odds can we get in Vegas that those will dissappear?

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Wikileaks: Clinton aides scrambled to fix Obama false claim didn’t know about personal email or server. So Obama goes from suspicious to complicit. GOP will sit on their hands and do nothing.




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Woman “sexually assaulted” in virtual reality by cyber-groper. Hopefully, cyber cops rounded up all the usual virtual suspects…

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This New $100K Job Opening at the EPA Will Have American Taxpayers Scratching their Heads. WTF ever happened to the Personnel Department?

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WIKILEAKS Documents Prove Hillary Used Fake Polls to Suppress the Bernie Vote. Imagine the shenanigans going on with those polls now?

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State Department aide pleads the Fifth more than 90 times. Oh my. Another nothing to see here moment. If nothing happened then why did this guy need to plead the 5th….90 times?

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Texas voting machines turning Trump votes into Hillary votes. We all have touchscreen computers, touchscreen cellphones, and touchscreen eReaders. Heck, if you walk into an Olive Garden, every table has a touchscreen menu. How come none of those devices ever have “calibration” errors?

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FBI No. 2 pressured to resign over McAuliffe donations to wife. Nothing to see here. Only what appears to be a $675,000 payment to throw an investigation.

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The GOP Needs To Elect Trump, Then Impeach Him. Well now, this is a novel idea. President Trump immediately followed by President Pence. This would require a lot of assurance from the GOP and a lot of people would have to buy into it. The largest problem? The GOP leadership would have to find their cojones. Something they haven’t seen for a long time.

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Democrat thug exposed by Project Veritas linked to Trump campaign. The same guy exposed for inciting violence at Trump events on behalf of Hillary, was formerly inciting violence at Rubio and Cruz events on behalf of Trump.

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Rigging the Election – Video III: Creamer Confirms Hillary Clinton Involvement. Here’s the video everyone’s been waiting all weekend for. Better watch in case YouTube disappears it.


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Rhode Island man descends into yoga pants hell. He wrote a letter to his local newspaper suggesting that not all women should wear yoga pants and now hundreds of women in yoga pants are marching in front of his house.

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ABC News: “Clinton Vaults to a Double-Digit Lead.”


Washington Post: “Trump’s campaign manager admits: ‘We are behind’”

The poll results are so wildly different, either nobody knows WTF is happening or someone is lying.

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Wendy’s Automating THOUSANDS Of Stores After Facing Minimum Wage Increase. This will be fine with us. We won’t have to tell someone 10 times what we want and then get something else.

Employees and supporters demonstrate outside of a Wendy's fast-food restaurant to demand higher pay and the right to form a union on July 29, 2013 in New York City. Across the country thousands of low-wage workers are expected to walk off their jobs Monday at fast food establishments in seven U.S. cities. Workers at KFC, Wendy's, Burger King, McDonald's and other restaurants are calling for a living wage of $15 an hour and the right to form a union without retaliation.

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PSA: Madonna did not violate election law. IHTM researched the matter and while it is illegal to offer anything of monetary value in return for a vote, we determined that with her advanced age and new habit of wearing a “grill” on her front teeth, her offer of a blowjob to anybody who votes for Hillary has no monetary value.

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‘Calibration error’ changes GOP votes to Dem in Illinois county. Good old Crook County.

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DePaul University censors College Republicans for “bigotry.” They printed a flyer that proclaimed “Unborn Lives Matter” and University President Dennis Holtschneider went apeshit. DePaul is a Catholic school, by the way (supposedly).

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FEC Complaint Filed Against Clinton Campaign, DNC. Yes they “shall” investigate, meaning they have to, but we’d bet the investigation will be over long after the election.

In the aftermath of James O’Keefe’s videos showing Democratic operatives bragging about breaking the law and inciting violence at Donald Trump events, on Tuesday, a watchdog group filed a formal complaint against Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC), alleging that Clinton’s campaign violated federal election law.

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Australia Admits Gun Buyback Failure, Announces Amnesty. Even though the Aussies don’t have our Constitution, it appears “from my cold, dead, hands” applies there, too.

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WikiLeaks: Clinton Foundation Paid Women Less Than Men. My goodness, it seems their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

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INTERNET OUTAGE. It appears the US internet is under attack. Our Twitter has ground to a halt. Other websites appear unavailable. This seems mighty convenient that it’s happening shortly after Obama handed the internet over and shortly before the election. Who do you think it is?

A) Soros paid people off to cause this?

B) Russian hackers ordered by Putin to attack the US after Obama shot his mouth off about retaliating?

C) The Democrats?

D) People paid by the US Government to suppress Wikileaks.  (Remember they cut Julian Assange’s  internet, which didn’t stop anything)?

E) Practice run by someone who’s planning on screwing the internet over on election day?


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U.S. vote authorities warned to be alert to Russian hacks faking fraud: Pay attention, this is important. The groundwork is being set for Hillary to steal the election.

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