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Weekly Thread: Trumps picks for his cabinet? Whutcha think?

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The real reason black voters didn’t turn out for Hillary Clinton — and how to fix it. They blame it on GOP voter suppression, we call bullshit. If this had actually happened the news media would have been screaming from the treetops about it. Face it Salon, blacks didn’t turn out for Hillary because she isn’t black, which is the only reason many of them turned out to vote for Obama. Talk about racism.

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Members Of The Military Rejoice In ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis’ Selection as Secretary of Defense. No more rules of engagement that are like “you have to fire 5 warning shots and yell olly olly oxen free 2 times before you can shoot the sumbitch.”

U.S. Marine veteran, Captain and Counterintelligence officer Eric Kirsch: “No other living individual today exists more qualified.”


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Green Party Drops Statewide Pennsylvania Recount. Well it appears Jill Stein is screwed. Trump has 306 electoral votes, Hillary has 232. Michigan has 20 and Wisconsin has 10 a total of 30 votes. If she delays those two states so they can’t certify their votes that still would leave Trump with 276 votes. Her chances either state will flip to Hillary are slim and none, with none being favored. Also, she’s raised about $6.3 million. Someone please tell us why she didn’t pay the $1 million bond?

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Bank of England will change currency to make vegans happy. Seems there is a bit of tallow used in the manufacture of pound notes, and the vegans and vegetarians find that appalling. No word on how the lacto-vegetarians, ovo-vegetarians, lacto-ovo-vegetarians, semi-vegetarians, demi-vegetarians, pollo-vegetarians, raw vegans, Paleo vegans, and pescetarians feel but presumably they are in various stages of being appalled also.

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Bergdahl thanks Obama and requests pardon. He hasn’t even been tried yet but apparently he sees the writing on the wall.

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Uh, What: Liberal Says Ohio State University Cop Rushed To Judgment When He Killed Suspected Terrorist: Terrorist Lives Matter.

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Since Trump’s Election, Mark Zuckerberg’s Net Worth Has Fallen $3.7 Billion It’s a start.

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Dem bill requires TSA to develop transgender screening plan. Well here’s another case of why the Democrats lost the election.

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Recently deceased beloved (by liberals) revolutionary leader of Communist Republic of Cuba, where per capita income is about 10% of ours and many people are starving, leaves $900 million personal fortune to his family. Funny how that happens.

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Chris Christie: when a fat man falls, he falls hard. First he wanted to be president but it didn’t work out for him. Then he was briefly in charge of Trump’s transition but got fired. Then he was hoping to be Attorney General but “Uh uh,” said Trump. Finally, he was willing to settle for being head of the RNC but apparently Trump has other ideas there, too.

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Nobel secretary regrets Obama peace prize. This stuff just writes itself.

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Labor Department Appeals OT Loss. Obama is trying to legislate from the DOL. One of his appointees isn’t even buying it.

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Michigan Recount Postponed After Trump Files Objection. If he wins that’s all folks, if he loses the recount will go on and probably won’t be completed in time for electors to vote.

Trump’s objection states that Stein is not an “aggrieved” party because she came in fourth place in the election, and “is therefore not entitled to a recount.” Trump also argues that a recount would not be finished in time for the Electoral College to place their votes.

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Judicial Watch: San Francisco Crime Surge – Homicide Arrests up 55%, Rapes Arrests up 370%. But…but sanctuary city….but but gun control…but but keep electing looney liberals and this is what you end up with.

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Wisconsin Republican Party Files Complaint of Illegal Coordination Between Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton. Unless it’s Judge Stevie Wonder we fail to see why this should not be upheld. Watch Tucker Carlson lay waste to her campaign manager.

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Obama laments ‘fake news’ — to rape hoax peddler Rolling Stone! What could be more fitting?

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Christmas Party May Have Triggered San Bernardino Terror Attack: Police. Based upon this logic I guess Christians will attack Muslims during the next Ramadan.

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Hey Jill Stein, It’s Over! 72 Petitions of 425 PA Precincts Dismissed! Without Pennsylvania she can’t flip the election.  Yesterday we read Trump was already up over 400 votes in Wisconsin. Her and Hillary are screwed.

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‘Fixer Upper’ couple targeted by left for their faith. Looks like the left figured out they’re not getting to Trump so they picked an easier target.


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Levi’s: Go ahead and try the jeans, but leave the guns at home. This guy must think Citizens United gives him the right to be a junior dictator. Sorry dude, we’ll be buying from Wrangler and Carhartt from now on.

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Trollmaster Trump Is Driving Liberals to New Heights of Fussy Fury. This is one thing you can enjoy about The Donald whether you like him or not. Watching him drive the left-wing media nuts is a pleasure.

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Tony the Cowardly Pussy Cat. Kellogg Company has decided to blackball because the website’s conservative views are not “aligned with our values as a company.” Only one way to interpret this: Kellogg’s is not interested in selling you breakfast cereal unless you voted for Hillary Clinton or Jill Stein.

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House Democrats retain Nancy Pelosi as their leader. What’s that called when people do the same thing over and over expecting a different result?

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Green Party disowns Jill Stein. This is too funny. Not only did party members release a public letter complaining about the recount, the party scrubbed her name from its website.

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