#Oakland USA 2017: 55-Year-Old Man Viciously Stomped To Death, Robbed Of $1.14. The libtards in Oakland will no doubt try and blame the police for this. Meanwhile forget your concealed carry permit in Alameda County unless you’re connected. The Sheriff doesn’t want you shooting any thugs.

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German Foreign Office Issues Travel Warning For Sweden Due To Terrorism Risk. Here we have a case of the pot calling the kettle overrun by terrorists.

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Democrats demand Sessions’ resignation after Russian communications surface. We have to wonder where these dummies were when Hillary lied to Congress.

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Lesbian judge grants bail to wife of Muslim who killed 49 in Orlando gay nightclub massacre. You can cut the cognitive dissonance here with a knife.

Magistrate Judge Donna M. Ryu. Photo by Hillary Jones-Mixon 059-2012

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Tucker Carlson Embarrasses Pompous Fake Science Guy On Climate Change.

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Weekly Thread 2/28-3/8/17.

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A.T.F. Filled Secret Bank Account With Millions From Shadowy Cigarette Sales. Well they couldn’t make any money gun-running after they got caught in Operation Fast and Furious. What will they call this? Operation Puff and Stuff?

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Gov. Brown Signs Next Sanctuary Bill, $115M Cut From Middle Class Education For Illegals Instead. Then to top it off he has the nerve to ask President Trump for a couple of hundred million to fix the infrastructure he’s ignored.


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CA Gun Grabber Kevin De Leon’s name isn’t De Leon it’s Leon. It appears in addition to breaking the law by assisting his illegal alien relatives, he has now violated California Election Code 10283:

Any person who files or submits for filing a nomination paper or declaration of candidacy knowing that it or any part of it has been made falsely is punishable by a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000) or by imprisonment pursuant to subdivision (h) of Section 1170 of the Penal Code for 16 months or two or three years or by both that fine and imprisonment. 

We wonder if this makes all of his legislation moot because he used a phony name?

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Philadelphia Soda Tax Crushes Soft Drink Sales. What the libtards jack up must go down. Real easy to drive to another city or over to NJ to stock up on soda without paying extra. They passed this in the People’s Republik of Berkely awhile back. It’s real easy to walk across the street to Albany or Emeryville and buy your soda there for less.

Philadelphia’s six-week-old tax on sweetened beverages is already taking a toll on drink distributors and grocers, with some reporting sales drops of as much as 50 percent.
Canada Dry Delaware Valley — a local distributor of Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Sunkist, A&W Root Beer, Arizona Iced Tea and Vita Coco — said business fell 45 percent in Philadelphia in the first five weeks of 2017, compared with the same period last year. Total revenue at Brown’s Super Stores, which operates 12 ShopRite and Fresh Grocer supermarkets, fell 15 percent at its six retailers in the city.
“In 30 years of business, there’s never been a circumstance in which we’ve ever had a sales decline of any significant amount,” said Jeff Brown, chief executive officer of Brown’s Super Stores. “I would describe the impact as nothing less than devastating.”

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ICE: 949,382 illegals with ‘removal orders’ still free, raids get just .07%. Want to guess what those 1o,000 ICE officers below will be doing?

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DHS Authorizes Hiring 10,000 Immigration Officers. Quite a change from Obama’s look the other way and catch and release programs.

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FAKE NEWS: Trump Never Said There Was A ‘Terror Attack’ Last Night In Sweden. Then they wonder why Trump uses Twitter. Same reason FDR used radio. The news media lies.

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Company fires 18 employees after they participated in ‘A Day Without Immigrants.’ Tuesday was ‘A Day Without Immigrants’ and Wednesday was ‘A Day Without Employment.’Bradley Coatings

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De Leon

Mail: U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Phone: Department Comment Line: 202-353-1555
Department of Justice Main Switchboard: 202-514-2000
TTY/ASCII/TDD: 800-877-8339

Web Contact Us:…rtment-justice

De Leon Admitting half his family is here illegally with forged documents:

Petition to start an investigation in to De Leon’s statements:…-kevin-de-leon

Here’s another petition to repeal the NFA (National Firearms Act). H/T poppajoe49

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The Long-Abused Commerce Clause Will Now Bullet-Proof Concealed Carry Reciprocity. The interstate commerce clause has been bastardized by the Feds to control about everything. For example: If you make guns in California and only sell to people in California how does BATF get involved? They use the interstate commerce clause even though there’s no interstate about it. It’s time someone rammed it up the left’s ass.

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‘I don’t believe in fake news’: ‘Morning Joe’ host explains why she barred Kellyanne Conway from the show. Coming from MSLSD this is especially funny.

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Ratings: Arnold’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Finale Dead Last Among Big 4. The Douchenator has no business chastising Trump.

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Two dozen companies commit to leaving California. Jerry Brown and his merry band of tax and spenders drive off yet more companies to adjacent states. You can bet more laws and taxes will be forthcoming cuz stupid.


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Michael Flynn Resigns as National Security Adviser Over Talks With Russia. One down. Who will the screamers go after next?

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Governor Brown: Evacuate Sacramento or One Million Could Die From Oroville Dam. This is the same Governor Moonbeam who blows about $25 billion per year on illegal aliens, ignores infrastructure and then expects President Trump to give California money. Close to 200,000 people have already been evacuated because the dimwit Democrats in Sacramento are more worried about illegal aliens than California citizens. But keep voting in the Democrats dummies.

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ICE Fights Back Against Fake News on Criminal Alien Arrests. Well well well. It appears the people on the MSM left who’ve been screaming about fake news are the ones promoting it. Earth to Tim Cook.

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New twist in Bundy trial to reveal names, details of wrongdoing by feds. It appears the BLM may not be having a good trial.

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On Trial: Five Signs Even The Ninth Circuit Knows Trump Will Win Travel Ban Fight In End. Alternative title: ‘3 Judges Pull Law Out of Their Asses With No Basis in Reality.’

9th Circuit Judges Trump

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Dakota Pipeline Protesters Leave Behind Mountains of Garbage. Yes they all came to save the environment. Then they wonder why they’re called envirotards, envirowackos, greentards, etc.


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