Cold San Antonio weather ‘shatters’ 102-year-old record. 23 degrees yesterday (11/14/18). Global warming someting-something.

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Utah Rep. Love sues to halt vote count. It appears we may (haha) have yet another case of finding more Democrat votes after the election is over. How come they never find Republican votes?

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Trump is correct, forest mismanagement contributed to California wildfire devastation. Short version. Democrats and Greentards: “Like wow man, we just had a bong hit and got a great idea man. Let’s just let the forests grow wild, like back to Mother Nature man.” IHTM: “Um, excuse us, but forest fires are part of Mother Nature dummy. Have another bong hit.” Of course their excuse is the usual suspect – global warming did it.

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Homeless vet, couple allegedly made up story for GoFundMe scam. Remember folks, if it sounds too good to be good it may be a ripoff. Oh, and what is it about people with Bobbitt for a last name?

Prosecutors believe that Mark D’Amico and Kate McClure conspired with homeless man, Johnny Bobbitt to create their get-rich-quick scheme in 2017, NBC’s Philadelphia affiliate reported Wednesday.

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Weekly Thread 11/15-11/22/18. Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

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The infamous blue dress.

‘I thought it was spinach dip, nobody said I had stuff on my dress’: Monica Lewinsky opens up about THAT stain and reveals how Bill Clinton soiled her dress in Oval Office bathroom before she wore it out to dinner with friends. You can’t make this shit up. That being said we’ll never have spinach dip again.

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Florida Forced to Recount Votes Because of Broward Blockheads and Palm Beach Pinheads. We have other names that might be more appropriate such as crooks, vote thieves, frauds, etc.

The state of Florida, and therefore the nation, is forced to wait for the verdict of three statewide races thanks to the negligence of Palm Beach and Broward County election officials Susan Bucher and Brenda Snipes. Each county submitted their unofficial election results on Saturday after days of confusion, misplaced ballots, and questionable counting methods but the statewide process will continue due to the close margin of error in Florida’s Governor, Senate, and Florida Agriculture Commissioner races.

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Post Election Thread – Crooked Democrat Vote Counters. What the hell is going on in Florida’s counties of Broward and Palm Beach? They now have more votes than they reported on election night. Let’s add Arizona to this fiasco. Will Trump send in the FEC, FBI and DOJ?

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Why didn’t they commit him? PTSD gunman ‘fired a bullet through the wall of his mother’s home in April and spent hours holed up inside before police coaxed him out’ but he was CLEARED by mental health specialists.’ OK was making this point on Twitter all morning. But let’s blame the gun, not the moron “mental health specialists” who let him go. He should have been committed and had his weapons taken away.

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Rep. Linda Sanchez’s husband indicted on corruption charges. Another ‘winner’ from California.

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GOP Senate candidate Rick Scott files bombshell lawsuit accusing Dem Florida election officials of trying to ‘steal the election.’ We suppose the next thing will be a massive Democrat search for dangling chad.

Accusing Democrats of a coordinated effort to “steal the election,” Republican Senate candidate Rick Scott filed explosive lawsuits late Thursday against the top election officials in two heavily Democratic counties, as three major races in the state appeared headed for recounts and votes continue to be tallied.

In his lawsuit against Broward County, Scott and the National Republican Senatorial Committeee (NRSC) allege that officials there are continuing to hide critical information about the number of votes cast and counted. And in a parallel suit against Palm Beach County, Scott and the NRSC charge that the election supervisor illegally used her own judgment to determine voter intent when reviewing damaged absentee ballots.

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Florida teacher finds ‘provisional ballot box’ in storage area. Hmmm. No one knows what was in it or where it went. Probably full of Rick Scott votes in our opinion.

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Ian David Long, California shooter, was Marine maybe suffering PTSD. This appears to us to be another law enforcement failure that cost 13 people their lives. He was not taken in for observation, had extended magazines for his Glock that are illegal in California. Not to mention we wonder if he indeed had PTSD, was he being treated for it? VA Hospital? Hello?

“We’ve had several contacts with Mr. Long over the years, minor events, a traffic collision,” he said. “In April of this year, deputies were called to his house for a subject disturbing. They went to the house, they talked to him. He was somewhat irate. Acting a little irrationally.”

Mental health professionals sent to evaluate him concluded he did not need to be taken into custody, he said.

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Got a post or a link? Stick it here – 11 – Month of November

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KAVANAUGH REJECTED HIS $600K GOFUNDME, IT’S DR. FORD’S TURN TO DUMP HER $1 MIL. She won’t, not to mention her book deal. My wife said “How can you write a book when you can’t remember anything?” So true. Perhaps it will be listed as fiction.

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Revoking birthright citizenship would enforce the Constitution. Leave it to the liberals to interpret the Constitution based upon what they pull out of their asses.

President Trump is not proposing to “amend” the Constitution by executive order. He is proposing to faithfully enforce the Constitution as written, not how it has erroneously come to be interpreted in the last half century. It’s long overdue.

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Pelosi predicts Dems ‘will win’ the House, as Colbert pleads not to jinx it. If you need any extra motivation to get off your ass and vote, this is it.

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Typhus cases hit 100 in Los Angeles as feral cats and rats spread disease among the homeless. We predict the new fashion statement in LA will be a diamond flea collar for humans.

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FedEx drops NRA deal by snail-mail. When it absolutely, positively has to be there on time, use UPS.

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Hillary “I know they all look alike.” Yep. If you’re a Democrat elite you can get away with this.

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Second migrant caravan storms into Mexico: ‘Violent’ group from Central America carrying BOMBS and guns defies a huge police presence to cross the border from Guatemala as Trump deploys 5,200 troops. If it looks like an invasion and smells like an invasion it’s an invasion.

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Republican Party headquarters vandalized by gunfire in Volusia. Where’s the endless MSM hand-wringing over this? Oh nevermind, violence against conservatives is A-OK with them.

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Democrat Spews Racial Slurs at African-American & Latino Republicans. It’s nice to see the Democrats don’t have a racist bone in their bodies.

“You’re going to be deported. You’re going to be sent back to your hometown. Believe that,” to a Latino Republican.

“You are a coon, man. You have to go,” the same man can be seen saying to an African-American. “You gotta go. You have to go.”

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Angela Merkel to step down as German chancellor in 2021. Why wait? Oh yeah, perhaps she wants to FUBAR Germany some more.

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