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Federal judge in Virginia disagrees with Hawaii judge, upholds Trump travel ban. Finally! A judge who can read the U.S. Code and figured out the Constitution doesn’t apply to assholes in other countries.

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MS-13 Gangbanger Deported Four Times Rapes 2-Year-Old Girl: ‘Probably the most heinous criminal act I’ve ever seen.’ These are the kind of people the Democrats want in the country along with terrorists.


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In Wake of Rockville Rape, School Superintendent Accuses Parents of Racism. So this moron thinks if the kid would have been raped by a white guy that mom and dad would have been OK with it? No wonder these kids come out of school dumber than a brick.

Jack Smith

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Democrats Will Filibuster Gorsuch Nomination. Time for McConnell to nuclear option this bullshit artist.

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4-Year-Old Preschool Boy Suspended for Bringing Shell Casing to School. This is how insane the left-tards are.


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Annual Defensive Gun Use Savings Dwarf Study’s “Gun Violence” Costs. Well, so much for this item we posted.

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Gun violence costs healthcare system around $3 BILLION a year, study revealsLet us know when Jerry Brown stops spending $25 billion per year on illegal aliens and maybe we’ll work up some tears.

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American Spring Breakers chant ‘build the wall’ on Cancun cruise in front of horrified Mexican honeymooners. On a pirate ship cruise, must have been too much rum. Yo ho ho.

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Crackpot Senator Calls Nation’s Oldest Civil Rights Group “Extreme.” Yeah she’s been a “crackpot” for decades and now we wonder if she’s going senile. She’s a poster girl for term limits.

Feinstein gun 1.10.15

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Weekly Thread 3/21 to ?

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TSA orders electronic carry-on limits on some Middle Eastern flights. Evidently people in the same countries Trump wants to ban immigration from still want to blow up shit. Someone should make sure some dummy Federal judges read this.

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Interstate Legal Attack on Range Leaves More Questions than Answers. This could be the first interstate lawsuit against a gun range over noise. It smells enough to cross several state lines.


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Laptop holding Trump Tower floor plans, Hillary Clinton email investigation info stolen from Secret Service agent. What kind of dummy (much less a Secret Service agent) leaves anything (including used chewing gum) in their car anymore?

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CBO: Full Repeal of Obamacare Insures More Americans than Ryan’s Obamacare-lite Plan. So just repeal it. Tweak it later.

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WHEN WILL NBC RETRACT STORY ABOUT TRUMP NOT PAYING TAXES FOR 18 YEARS? Probably about the same time Hell freezes over.

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Credit Suisse Says Plan to Hire 10,000 Muslim Refugees Is Hurting Starbucks’ Brand and Sales. Meanwhile Black Rifle Coffee announced immediately after this that they will hire 10,000 veterans. Want to guess who’s expanding and who’s not?

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BUSTED: John McCain’s Phony Anti-Human Trafficking Foundation a Shady Front For Siphoning Donations. Raking in over $8.5 million and only donating $500k kinda sounds like the Clinton Foundation.

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Pelosi presses Ryan for ObamaCare repeal analysis before vote. Says the dingbat who said about Obamacare “You have to vote for it to see what’s in it.” Democrats have no self awareness whatsoever.

Pelosi Joint Session

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Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed. If you like your hacking you can keep your hacking.

CIA malware targets iPhone, Android, smart TVs

CIA malware and hacking tools are built by EDG (Engineering Development Group), a software development group within CCI (Center for Cyber Intelligence), a department belonging to the CIA’s DDI (Directorate for Digital Innovation). The DDI is one of the five major directorates of the CIA (see this organizational chart of the CIA for more details).

The EDG is responsible for the development, testing and operational support of all backdoors, exploits, malicious payloads, trojans, viruses and any other kind of malware used by the CIA in its covert operations world-wide.

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Cocaine boom USA: Number of drug abusers soars across the country with 1 million Americans taking the deadly narcotic for the first time. Next we suppose they’ll be bringing back disco music.


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Trump signs new travel ban executive order that no longer targets Iraq and exempts green card holders – but it won’t take effect for 10 days.  The only question is will the Democrats go to the same libtard judges or find new libtard judges?

  • New order will take effect March 16
  • It won’t affect green card holders
  • It will also exempt Iraq
  • ACLU already screaming
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Obama’s State Department Sponsored 2016 Meeting of Russian Ambassador with Sen. Sessions. Then they use it to impugn his reputation. Almost smells like someone knew what they were doing.

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PLOT THICKENS: Guess Who Appointed FISC Judges Who Authorized Wiretaps. Hint, it wasn’t Big Daddy Bush or GW.

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