Supreme Court rules than Sandy Hook families and survivor CAN sue the maker of the rifle used in the massacre that left 26 dead. We assume this may open the doors to all kind of product lawsuits. Get killed in a car wreck by a Ford? Sue Ford. Trip on a sidewalk? Sue the cement company. Seems to us like a backdoor way to ban AR-15’s. SCOTUS should be changed to MORONS in our opinion.

The lawsuit says the Madison, North Carolina-based company should never have sold a weapon as dangerous as the Bushmaster AR-15-style rifle to the public. Gunman Adam Lanza used it to kill 20 first graders and six educators. It also alleges Remington targeted younger, at-risk males in marketing and product placement in violent video games. Lanza was 20 years old.

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‘You couldn’t make this up!’: Furious backlash after it emerges that Google has secretly amassed healthcare data on millions of people. If there’s no HIPAA violation then why the big cover-up? Lawsuits anyone?

The data includes names, dates of birth, lab results, doctor diagnoses and hospitalization records on ‘tens of millions of patients’, according to the Wall Street Journal, which first exposed the story.

Neither doctors nor patients were informed that the data-gathering was taking place or given the chance to opt-out.

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ANALYSIS: Democrats have a Colonel Vindman problem. Yes they do. He’s an anti-Trump Colonel who’s violated the military code and should receive ‘vacation’ to GITMO and a court martial in our opinion.

1) Beyond his opinions, he had few new facts to offer.

2) Vindman withheld important information from investigators.

3) There were notable gaps in Vindman’s knowledge.

4) Vindman was a creature of a bureaucracy that has often opposed Trump.

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Chesa Boudin, Son of Incarcerated Leftists, Running for San Francisco DA

Hugo Chavez’s trusted advisor gets ready to run the San Francisco District Attorney’s office. Parents? Mother Cathy Boudin convicted of murder and member of the Weather Underground. Father? David Gilbert, currently in prison serving 75 years for 3 murders. Raised by Bill Ayers (convicted bomber) and wife Bernardine Dohrn, also a Weather Underground member. SF should be at the bottom of the drain soon.

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Bend Over Gas Nozzle Classic Round Sticker | Zazzle

Gas Prices Reach $5 at Some California Stations, Including in Los Angeles Area. Welcome to California now bend over. The usual lame excuses apply.

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Google slams “for-profit bail-bond providers,” won’t let ...

NYC’s latest: bribing people charged with crimes to come to court. Heard in a liberal mayor’s office: “Hey, let’s get rid of cash bail, the poor criminals deserve a break! What? They’re not showing up for court? I can’t imagine why? I know! Let’s pay them to show up  in court!” Brilliance that should soon be arriving to a blue state near you.

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California Governor Names ‘Genius’ Feminist Studies Graduate to Transform California’s Power Sector. Yep they’ll be transformed. We expect transvestites to be running PG&E in no time at all. Your meter reader will soon be asking if you’re A/C or D/C.

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Whistleblower Attorney Bragged About Getting Security Clearances For “Guys With Child Porn Issues.” We now get our choice of “Creepy Porn Lawyer” or “Creepy Pedophile Lawyer.”

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ImageUC Berkeley instructor calls rural Americans ‘bad people who have made bad life decisions.’ This overeducated genius must think his food comes from the basement at Whole Foods.

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Drag Queens Fundraise for Planned Parenthood with ‘Slave-Style Auction’ of Christian Pastors. This is right up their…um…alley.

A group that calls itself on Facebook Spokane United Against Religious Extremism & The Church at Planned Parenthood organized a Halloween event last week at a drag bar that featured drag queens mocking Christians with giant cardboard photos of area pastors and pro-family activists, the Christian Post reported Wednesday.

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BREAKING : 9th Circuit Court Still Denying Trump’s Original Ban Despite a New Ban Coming ...

Trump Has Appointed 25% Of All Circuit Court Judges. That’s what we call a good start.

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Mulvaney defies House subpoena, cites immunity ‘one minute’ before deposition. Up yours shifty Schiff.

Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney on Friday defied a subpoena for his testimony in the House impeachment probe at the last minute, in what is likely the Democrats’ final effort to hear privately from witnesses about President Trump’s contacts with Ukraine before their inquiry goes public.

Mulvaney did not appear for his closed-door deposition in the Capitol, citing White House claims of immunity, according to an official working on the inquiry. The official said Mulvaney’s outside counsel informed House investigators “one minute” before his scheduled deposition that he would not appear.

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Jeff Sessions announces bid to retake his old Senate seat. All we want to know is when will he recuse himself after he’s sworn in?

Former Attorney General Jeff Session on Thursday announced his plans to run for his old Senate seat in a bid to oust his replacement — Sen. Doug Jones.

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Over 823,000 voted for a KY Republican AG but only 704,000 voted for a Republican Governor? H/T Diamond and Silk.


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Another Kavanaugh accuser admits to fabricating rape story. They all think it’s OK to ruin a man’s life because they’re touchy-feely.

One of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh’s accusers admitted this week that she made up her lurid tale of a backseat car rape, saying it “was a tactic” to try to derail the judge’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

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Site Migration. We’re trying to migrate the site to a managed WordPress server. The plan I have now is doubling or more, this one is way less. If there’s a hiccup don’t worry it will get fixed. Hopefully nothing or not much will change. Thanks for your patience (if needed).

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VIDEO: Leaked ABC News Insider Recording EXPOSES #EpsteinCoverup “We had Clinton, We had Everything.” So who at ABC and/or Disney wanted to quash this?

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Left Coast Mayor Calls for Removal of Armed Soldier Silhouettes at Veterans Memorial – Port Angeles, WA. Mayor Sissi was quoted as saying “Gaaaah, guns, evil, Beto, ack ack ack, sputter sputter sputter.”

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MLBoyfriend: Week 18: Sean Doolittle

Nationals closer Sean Doolittle says he won’t join team’s White House visit. Closer? It should be loser.

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Joe Biden wishes he had spoken about Donald Trump sooner

Biden Called Out For Lying About Meeting Sandy Hook Families. The Alzheimer’s Party candidate faux pas again.

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Trump judicial pick breaks down in tears at hearing over legal group’s attack. ABA must stand for the American Bitch Association. Another honorable man attacked by the left.

One of President Trump’s nominees for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals broke down in tears during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday, as he disputed suggestions that he would not be fair to members of the LGBTQ community.

Lawrence VanDyke was the subject of a scathing letter from the American Bar Association, sent to committee leadership Tuesday night, which alleged that people they interviewed expressed this concern, and that VanDyke himself “would not say affirmatively that he would be fair to any litigant before him, notably members of the LGBTQ community.”

But conservatives have adamantly defended the nominee. And when asked about this at Wednesday’s hearing, VanDyke strongly disputed the ABA’s account.

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High Capacity Gun Magazine are Standard - Get the Truth, Read Facts

Judge Strikes Pittsburgh Ban on Use of AR-15s, ‘High Cap’ Magazines. Another blow to the Second Amendment is fended off.

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California Governor Newsom Took BIG Dollar Donations From Company Behind Power Outages. Maybe PG&E stands for Pacific Graft & Extortion? Have they donated to Jerry Brown or any PUC members?

Newsom and his allies took $208,400 from Pacific Gas and Electric during his run for governor before the public utility began controlled blackouts. PG&E gave the governor the maximum amount of $58,400 and gave another $150,000 to a political spending group supporting his candidacy.

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WOW! Top Democrat Witness and Pompous Nutjob Col. Vindman Tried and Failed to Tamper with Rough Draft of President’s Call to Ukrainian President. Yep you’re supposed to be impressed by this asshole’s integrity because he was in uniform.

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