I don’t agree with a lot of feminists; most are just another variety of loudmouthed schnooks. However, reading that Hillary is referred to as “THE war on women” is spot on. The other comparisons are just about as good.

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Should give you a warm fuzzy. All’s I can say is I know what the SAS guy felt after squeezing that one off — recoil. Gotta admire three kills at 1/2 mile, especially when the second two targets were probably jumping around filling their diapers.

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In case you were wondering “Who would the president and his administration side with: victims, or terrorists?”,

Let’s be clear. The terrorists. After all, those poor palestinians only have so much money to go around, and paying the terrorists and their next-of-kin takes priority. I have no words for this obscenity of a government.

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More history in the purging. As you dredge through the drivel where the author is gleefully listing the history he’d like to have stricken from the books, reading his gleeful “The URL reveals all” comments, bear in mind that his URL is ‘’, the website title is ‘Co-Exist’, and his goodspeak name for his previous gig was ‘Good’. Word to the unwise: The thing about co-existing is that purging your opponents is, by definition, NOT co-existing. But hey, what do you expect from the “If the data don’t fit, you must omit’ crowd — intelligence?

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To clarify

Just thought I’d clear up some confusion that seems to be out there.

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A modest proposal; people seem to have a hard time coming up with a term to describe Bill if Hillary should manage to lie, cheat and steal her way into the oval office. Many of the terms just don’t really cover it — “First Dude”, and whatnot. I’d like to suggest this term to more accurately describe Bill and his relation to his “wife”: First Unindicted Co-Conspirator. Going by his behavior, it’s an acronym he can live with.

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Stupidity virus runs rampant in Democrat land: This stuff just writes itself: I can only hope it’s a hoax. Scientists have discovered a “stupidity virus”. Enjoy the “man on the street” interviews with a collection of people who clearly suffer from it. Most mockable comments? “The gov’t must *do* something about it.” and “I hope they can come up with a vaccine for it.” I’ll give yoou three guesses as to their politics, and the first two don’t count.

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Crooked voting machines in Chicago? Say it ain’t so! I suppose it’ll be in all the papers about dogs biting, water wet, etc. In unrelated news, they’re so crooked in Chicago, they don’t even trying to hide it anymore. I suppose they will claim this is a labor saving feature, after all, unions and democrats are all about efficiency.

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A Modest Proposal:

Our Dear Leader insists that we cannot contract the Ebola virus through airborne means. His reasoning is that this is a “Junior Varsity”-type ailment, and much like ISIS/ISIL, if you denigrate it with your intellectual superiority, it will be properly ashamed at troubling the “Smartest Guy In The Room”(tm), and beat a hasty retreat from public life. I feel that as he *never* lies to us, and is always truthful, that we need to take him at his word. His cronies at the CDC all back him up — there is no reason to worry, and no reason to use the quarantine measures that that bad boy, GW Bush put in place, as the ACLU feels that impinges upon the “rights” of those “undocumented workers” A.K.A. “disease vectors”.

If you are ill, and feel you have contracted this minor ailment, hop in the old car, drive to DC, and hug your politician or your favorite ACLU lawyer. As they say, there’s no harm in it, so there shouldn’t be a problem. Just remember, kids, do it quick, while you’re still alive.

(Can anybody tell I’m being sarcastic here?)

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NBC has always been pimping themselves out for the news. Apparently, one of their producers has a problem with it. But my guess is, only because she was being used personally.

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There’s lot of articles about the unAffordable Care Act, and how it is imploding under its own stupidity. This is a good one, showing what kind of train wreck we have barreling down upon us. But most of them miss the point. We as a nation were sold this crock based upon the lie that it “works” in countries like England and Canada. However, those countries have waiting lists for basic things like cancer surgery. The only reason they work at all is because people in those countries have options. They can go to a First-World country (US) and get their medical needs taken care of at any time. Any person that does this reduces the waiting list, even for refuseniks who want to “wait it out”, health be damned.

What happens when the safety valve goes away? What happens when there is no first-world refuge when you have cancer, you have money, and no place to go deal with it? If the Canucks think they have long wait times now, just wait until they can’t head down South for medical tourism. What we are watching now may be the demise of socialized health care in the western world, collapsing under its own unsustainable weight. We may be watching the first stages of King Barky being impaled upon his own Cloward-Piven sword. I’d laugh, but it’s real people suffering under the weight of his incompetence. It’s going to be the epic failure of the millennium.

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Remember that idiotic quote that when Barky got into office, that that was the moment the oceans would slow their rising, and the earth was supposed to start healing or some such BS? E. J. Dionne topped it. with this line: “[O]n a longer view, 2013 could be remembered as the year when the far right began to weaken, the forces of obstruction began to recede and the country began moving toward at least the possibility of constructive government.”

Memo to ol’ E. J.: — when they refer to Liberalism as a race to the bottom, you aren’t really supposed to try to win it.

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A greentext adventure for the lovers of firearms, poetic justice, and schadenfreude amongst us. Probably didn’t happen, but I’m still laughing…

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Special Ed doesn’t like the laws he wants us to live by. As with all on the Left, he just wants us to finance his schemes. Like the headline says, he’s a “employee-stiffing, tax-dodging man of the people.” With friends like these, who the heck needs enemies?

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Poor West, Texas can’t catch a break. First the fertilizer plant explodes, and within two weeks, a second explosion of fertilizer devastates them.

Yeah, I know, I’m going to h— for this. So sue me.

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I’ve never read an article as full of uninformative hogwash and FUD.

You can’t print a gun barrel of ABS plastic. You’d suffer the geek equivalent of a Jihadi workplace accident.

Have fun making fun of it.

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short explanation.
Thoughts in the first post…

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Utah adoption agency fails to “get it” — and what a poor way to treat a father.

But the true gem is in the comments in the original article about the “adoptive” parents: Allowing them to keep this child is similar to allowing a bank robber to keep the money, because he’d developed an emotional attachment to it. Pretty much explains the statist point of view about our tax dollars.

The link to the exact quote. Contact info for the DI’s lawyer, if you want it.

H/T Karmaa

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Why are the NFL Talking heads talking about gun control?

Distraction, pure and simple. If they talk about how the eeeeeevil guns are killing people, they don’t look at the brute behind the gun — and even more important, they keep people from typing “football head injury turn violent” into google, and see some 5.1 MILLION hits about what happens to football players after a lifetime of head injuries. Anything to keep that ol’ gravy train rolling along. However, any fool could have seen that head injuries in football are a problem. Case in point: Chris Matthews.

H/T FDH — make sure you read the comments and see “pants” Piers Morgan get schooled. It’s right there next to the word “muskets”.

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I honestly don’t know why Bubblehead Jr. resigned.

  • Ethics problem? Not a problem for Democrats.
  • Sex trouble? Not a problem for Democrats.
  • Drugs? Not a problem for Democrats.
  • Incompetence? Not a problem for Democrats.
  • Incontinence? Not a problem for Democrats.
  • Voter fraud? Not a problem for Democrats.
  • Over-the-top bigotry? Not a problem for Democrats.
  • Unable to properly do his job for whatever reason? Not a problem for Democrats.
  • Batsh*t insane? Not a problem for Democrats.
  • Conflict of interest? Not a problem for Democrats.
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Washington DC is full of invasive swine, taking over the place, crapping on everything. Frankly, they’re dangerous. There’s an invasion of wild boar going on, too. Who knew? The only solution that works is allowing hunters to harvest them.

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Some shyster named Michelle Obama sent me a scam email, trying to get some charlatan in the White House. Didn’t fool me. I’m on to their shenanigans.

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Weren’t the oceans were supposed to stop rising once 0 took office. Now his hacks whine that he can’t stop the oceans from impacting his campaign? I figure that it’s like Dire Straits said in Industrial Disease about two people claiming to be Jesus — “One of them must be wrong.” So which is it, Tingles? Is he still Jesus, and intentionally inflicting misery on poor people in New York, or is he just another loud-mouthed schnook looking for an excuse as to why the entire nation is turning on his bankrupt policies?

H/T RobertW

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StrinaM says it best:

Ah yes. Children hate women. Children are the ultimate glass ceiling. Children stand in the way of a woman’s. success. No mention of PERSONAL responsibility on behalf of the woman, but….

With one caveat. If I was dating, and knew my gf was like ol’ Sandy there, I’d have a good reason to get the ol’ snip snip, save her a few bucks.

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Ah, yes, that pesky truth. It *is* offensive.

0’s shocked, I repeat *shocked* that someone would have the gall to speak truth to power when it’s his truth and his power that’s in question. (h/t StrinaM)

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