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Obamacare effect on manufacturing jobs: 85% of firms raise premiums, 91% raise deductibles, 74% raise out of pocket maximum, 15% decrease employment. “…look on the bright side: A net 2.9% of manufacturing firms cover a higher percentage of the lower number of employees they have.” Good enough, then! FORE!

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HHS official: “Delete this email”. Ooops: “…federal law requires federal officials to retain copies of –not delete– email exchanges. …the document to be deleted is covered under Congressional subpoena as well as longstanding Freedom of Information requests made by members of the media…” It’s time to delete this agency.

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Judge orders IRS to come up with better explanation of missing Lerner e-mails. How about: It’s Bush’s fault? Climate change? Bad immigration policy? Damn, then we got nuthin’.

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Tensions soar as Ukraine says destroys Russian armor. Hey, would some autographed golf balls calm things down? Let’s send Kerry over, this is obviously caused by climate change. Stupid Romney.

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D.C. Whispers: Obama waves off intel briefing – “Don’t bother me with this sh*t.” “…Update Susan or take it to Denis. You know the drill.” America really needs a “vote of no confidence” for the presidency. Four years is just too long to wait for a doofus’s term to expire.

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Study: You have “near-zero” impact on U.S. policy.“The statistical research looked at public attitudes on nearly 1,800 policy issues and determined that government almost always ignores the opinions of average citizens and adopts the policy preferences of monied business interests when shaping the contours of U.S. laws.” As the late Frank Zappa said, “what they do in Washington, they just take care of number ONE! And number ain’t YOU, you ain’t even NUMBER TWO!”

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More Hispanics tell Census Bureau they’re ‘white’. Well, hispanic isn’t really a race, it’s more an “official” way of lumping all Spanish-speaking people together even though their heritages may be from different countries. That makes it easier for politicians to attempt to manipulate them. There’s no other reason for it, really.

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Friends of Freedom: A number of celebs have backed Israel in its campaign against Hamas. Like The Rolling Stones: “Salon published a letter by members of Pink Floyd asking the Stones to cancel their concert as part of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement. The Stones ignored this absurd request.” They’ll never be anyone’s beast of burden.

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Romney got so much right. “Almost every day, it seems, brings a headline demonstrating how right 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was, and how wrong President Barack Obama was, on the critical issues facing America.” Yeah, but voting for a guy just because he knows what he’s doing? That’s just so 1983 or something. And RAAAAAACIST!

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Report: Coup underway in Iraq. Yeah, that was what was missing…

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Hawaii governor loses Democrat primary despite Obama endorsement. George W. Bush’s efforts to destroy America continue unabated.

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D.C. news crew robbed while reporting on app that identifies ‘sketchy’ neighborhoods. “A District of Columbia news crew reporting on an app that identifies ‘sketchy’ neighborhoods had their van burglarized while they were interviewing individuals who lived in a neighborhood the app identified as ‘sketchy’.” So the app works…

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Fed study finds 2 million in “Forced Retirement”, 52% cannot afford an unexpected $400 expense. Obviously due to climate change, which is why the political class is focused like a laser on it. But don’t worry, they’ll fix this by adding a few million low-wage immigrants to the labor force. Enjoy the recovery!

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Report: AFL-CIO, AFSCME, NEA top 2014 campaign donors; Koch No. 36. Don’t expect to see this mentioned in Harry Reid’s next political theatre skit.

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N.J. cop in Obama rant speaks out and resigns. “I don’t want to give a black eye to law enforcement.” America today: small-time embarrassments do the honorable thing and resign, big-time long-term serial embarrassments blame Bush (and everybody else) and just keep on golfin’.

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Brazil on Fire: Angry fans burn down bus station after loss to Germany. OK, if they burn down the soccer stadium when the bus is late, that’ll make it even.

bus station burning down

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Obama touts “pretty smart policies”. “The decisions we made early on not only stopped the slide, but they built a new foundation for our economy, and they’re paying off.” It’s so dark and empty inside his head, if you drop a penny it sounds like a Vegas jackpot to him.

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Liberals go to the barricades to defend crony capitalism. “In the current battle over the Export-Import Bank, Democratic politicians and liberal journalists have dropped their populist pretenses and openly embraced the corporate-federal collusion that Ex-Im embodies.” When they talk, it’s always about the middle-class and the [sniff] poor. When they act, they show you who they really care about.

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Robert Redford to play Dan Rather in “Truth”. Fake but inaccurate.

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Food prices are soaring and Washington doesn’t care. “Politicians insist that inflation is under control, just so long as you don’t include food, education, health care, housing, or energy…” Let them eat cake – or not.

food price graph

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A window opens onto the Left-Wing conspiracy. “There is always a certain dissociation when leftists gather at a Ritz Carlton hotel to discuss their commitment to the poor.” The poor are still poor but the leftists get richer by the day – we wonder how that happens? Well, not really.

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LA Schools realize giving every kid an iPad was a costly disaster, will give every kid a laptop instead. “Tech-savy students easily broke through the firewalls administrators had installed to keep them from using the devices to visit social media websites.” An “educator” is someone who doesn’t learn from mistakes.

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Great news from Obama: It’s time for some “economic patriotism”. We understand dissent is the highest form of patriotism.

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Vancouver Schools’ new LGBTTQ+ policy includes gender-free pronouns “xe”, “xem” and “xyr.” Xe think xeir idea is sanity-free. What say xyrou?

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Nonfarm Payrolls +288,000, unemployment rate 6.1%, voluntary part-time employment +840,000, full-time employment -523,000. “…strength was entirely part-time (and then some).” That doesn’t stop the Democrat-Media complex from celebrating, not unexpectedly.

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