LA Schools realize giving every kid an iPad was a costly disaster, will give every kid a laptop instead. “Tech-savy students easily broke through the firewalls administrators had installed to keep them from using the devices to visit social media websites.” An “educator” is someone who doesn’t learn from mistakes.

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I would say
“You have GOT to be kidding me”, but sadly, I know that’s not the case.

Joe Redfield

I suppose giving them each a pencil and paper wouldn’t be expensive enough.
And, if you had any lingering doubts as to why California is broke…

Not so silent

Biggest chunk of the budget after prisons is education in the People’s Comunist Republic of Kalifornia…Both the prisons and teachers have unions that own Sacramento…In Kalifornia it is always…”For da childrens and their inmate daddies”….


How will giving them laptops be any different? Do these brilliant educators understand that laptops attach to the Internet just like iPads?

The last thing kids need is more electronic devices. Somehow I managed to learn everything with nothing but a pen and paper. This reliance upon electronic devices worries me. My grandkids can operate an iPad before they can talk, but they don’t read & write for shit. And try to find a kid at a cashier station who can add & subtract. We’re raising a generation of imbeciles.


Yea, like giving a kid $21.50 when your bill is $11.39, will send his head spinning, and he will have to take a break to get rid of the headache he got trying to figure out what you just did.
I am getting tired of telling cashiers how to make change.


Meet the new boss…

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LA Schools has learned that having a byte at the Apple is expensive.