Romney got so much right. “Almost every day, it seems, brings a headline demonstrating how right 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was, and how wrong President Barack Obama was, on the critical issues facing America.” Yeah, but voting for a guy just because he knows what he’s doing? That’s just so 1983 or something. And RAAAAAACIST!

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The one thing in that Chicago Sun-Times article that really struck me was

“Putin meddles in the middle east”

Think about that for a few seconds.

Putin is bad because he is meddling in the middle east.


In the middle east.




Doesn’t matter who the GOP puts up. The media will select the candidate they feel is easiest to smear with lies and innuendo. Then promote that candidate and the RNC will think, “Duh, duh. Here’s a candidate that the media won’t crucify to b.s. the sheeple.” Then, as always, when it comes down to the R or the Commie, the media scum will tear them apart. The sheeple? Well they aren’t called sheeple without reason.


Lucy pulls the football away just as Charlie Brown is about to kick it. Once again.


Romney had his chance especially during the foreign policy debate and he didn’t close the deal. Being a middle of the road RINO is exactly why more than 3 million fewer people showed up to vote for him as they did for McInsane.


Whoever got nominated was kicking a hornet’s nest. I don’t think romney could do anywhere worse than obama has done. I know he wouldn’t go worldwide and apologise to every enemy we have. I know he wouldn’t give Cartels weapons to kill us with. He wouldn’t put the IRS on conservative business owners. I don’t think he would let the NSA spy on every breathing American. He wouldn’t trade terrorists for a miltary deserter. He wouldn’t let a million illegal aliens cross our border by telling the BP and ICE to do nothing. He would make sure the DOJ did it’s job. My God, there’s been a new scandle every other week! Holder does nothing about it because he’s the ‘SCANDLE GOALEE.’ Not “1” conviction for anything. This administration is nothing more than the CULTURE oF IMMUNITY. You get caught breaking the law, you get a job promotion. obama administrative scum.


OK, he was right, but would he have been any better than Barky?
These guys always talk a good game, but keep falling on their face when they get the job.

Not so silent

And the scary part is the media is pumping up Romney again and it looks like he is believing this crap and may try again….


If he does, we’re screwed, because the RNC will back him with every dollar they have, and kill off any challengers early in the game. There will be no chance in hell of getting a real conservative in the race, much less the office, and we will end up continuing down the drain, until either there is a revolution, or someone with balls takes out the RNC heads and takes over the party.

Not so silent

The RNC needs new leadership, that little turd with the queer name (queer as in strange) needs to take a fucking hike in the wilderness and never return. We could do Sooooooo much if we had leadership instead of liberal republicans sucking down glasses of democrat kool aid.


It’s long past due that we come to grips with one important fact –

No one we ever elect will ever be a solution, because government is not the solution, it’s the problem.

(where have I heard that before).

This is a trait inherent in government.

Also, with the gov’t being the size it is, and peoples’ short attention span, we all want to elect a president who claims he will go in and fix everything. So Perot gets support, Christie gets elected, and even we can include Reagan in that fold. But even Christie, who I truly believe wants to fix NJ at least financially, runs into such a leviathan that is it impossible to effectively change things.

Okay, that’s two important facts.

At the risk of bringing out the comfy chair and a washboard, I’ll just say the only solution is to limit the power of gov’t. I know it’s no guarantee, considering the SCOTUS justice, appointed by Bush, who was the deciding vote on keeping Obamacare in effect.

But while that is a solution we are not likely to ever see (I’m getting rather pessimistic in my old age), our only hope is that someone appoint justices who will a) not legislate from the bench, and b) maybe actually apply the constitution (as opposed to some interpretation thereof). And our odds are a lot better with someone like Romney, who might accidentally appoint someone like that, as opposed to Hilary, who will make it a point to appoint ONLY someone who will legislate from the bench.