Obama touts “pretty smart policies”. “The decisions we made early on not only stopped the slide, but they built a new foundation for our economy, and they’re paying off.” It’s so dark and empty inside his head, if you drop a penny it sounds like a Vegas jackpot to him.

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July 10, 2014
The most dishonest Obama presser of all time?
By Rick Moran

At a press conference last night, President Obama placed the blame for the border crisis on Republicans, saying that because they are trying to block his $3.8 billion supplemental appropriation, they are responsible for the mess.

He further stated that passage of his immigration reform bill would solve the border crisis for 20 years.

Daily Caller:

The Republican Party, but not the White House, has the power to block the flood of at least 100,000 migrants from Central America, President Barack Obama repeatedly told the nation in a Wednesday night press conference.

“Are folks more interested in politics, or are they more interested in solving the problem? … If the preference is for politics, then it won’t be solved,” said the nation’s Commander in Chief, whose administration spends roughly $18 billion each year on border security and immigration agencies.

“The challenge is, is Congress prepared to act to put the resources in place to get this done?” he said, after meeting in Dallas, Texas, with state politicians and Democratic-affiliated non-profits.

“If the [GOP majority] Texas delegation is prepared to move, this thing can be done next week,” he said about his July 8 request for $3.8 billion in extra funding.

“There’s a very simple question here, and that is Congress just needs to pass the supplemental,” said Obama, who is facing growing public criticism over his immigration policies, only a few months before the November election.

There is not one dime in that bill earmarked for repatriating the illegal alien children already here. And beefing up enforcement is useless. As soon as the illegal kids get ofver the border they are turning themselves in. All that bill is going to do is make the kids more comfortable.

Obama even used his crisis to try to revive the Senate’s unpopular and defunct “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” bill, which would have doubled legal immigration up to roughly 30 million over the next 10 years. Passage of the bill “solves [the border crisis] potentially for 20 years,” he claimed.

Is the president ready for a padded room? It’s frightening to think that he actually believes that. The reality is, he’s just making stuff up. Where did that “20 years” figure come from? Right off the top of his head.

But this week, after vigorous protess by Latino lobbies and progressives, Obama dropped plans to ask Congress to combine the supplemental budget request with a change in the law that would allow officials to repatriate youths before they could get into a courtroom.

At the press conference, however, Obama fudged the issue.

He suggested that extra funds would help close that 2008 loophole., saying that “part of what we’re looking in the supplemental is some flexibility in terms of being able to preserve the due process rights of individuals who come in, but also to make sure that we’re sending a strong signal that they can’t simply show up at the border and automatically assume that they’re going to be absorbed.”

Reporters did not ask him how extra funds could give officials extra legal authority to repatriate border-crossers before they can ask a judge for residency.

That’s another remarkable aspect to the president’s gross lies. The press is colluding in the falsehoods. Are we seriously to believe that it never occurred to any of the media present to ask the painfully obvious question asked by Neil Munro in his Daily Caller article? How would the extra funds translate into extra authority to deport the illegals?


There may have been nothing Obama said that was true in that entire press conference. He apparently thinks that anything that comes out of his mouth is the gospel truth and that everyone believes him. But he can’t evade his responsibility for the crisis on our border, even with his twisted version of the truth.


I know the perfect padded room for him, it’s the business end of an indoor shooting range near me. They use shredded tires instead of steel traps to contain the lead, in fact, this range, at 25 yards, is rated for up to 50 BMG.

Armed and Awesome

“PRETTY SMART POLICIES?” If this fucking retard gets any stupider, the SS are gonna have to teach him how to walk and breathe simultaneously.


Obama touts “pretty smart policies”……But he was talking about Reagan’s, not his own.


I doubt that. If it wasn’t on his teleprompter, it’s unlikely he ever said it, and we know Valerie Jarrett would never put those words in his mouth.
That said, if a thought that wise ever came across his mind, he would never recognize it as such, and toss it out as an anomaly.

Not so silent

Obama’s policies are smart? Whoooo shit..thats funny!!!!…WE would all be better off if Washington gave us back out money and we spent it all on liquor, lotto and in a casinos…..and ammo….


Obama judged by his result is a complete and absolute failure.

It really surprises me that an affirmative actioned person of mediocre intelligence with no private sector experience and zero executive history would be such a failure as president. The only thing in Obama’s CV was destruction.


Worth Reading: Our Roost, Obama’s Chickens: From the Middle East to Russia to our own southern border, Obama’s bills are coming due. By Victor Davis Hanson
Excerpt: Barack Obama likewise has done some crazy things that seemed for years to have no ramifications. Unfortunately, typical of the ways of Nemesis (a bitter goddess who waits until the opportune moment to demand payment for past hubris), suddenly the bills for Obama’s six years of folly are coming due for the American people. When a president occasionally fails to tell the truth, you get a scandal like the monitoring of the Associated Press reporters. When a president serially fails to tell the truth, you get that plus the scandals involving the IRS, the NSA, the VA, Benghazi, and too many others to mention.

Big Al

“He that lives upon hope will die fasting.” Ben Franklin

Joe Redfield

“Pretty smart” is what passes for modesty in BO. And I notice the article mentions his continued use of the “f” and “s” words*, which should be ample grounds for impeachment.

*Folks and Stuff


Yet another example of Ohole’s contempt for the voter’s intelligence. Not without due reason however. He knows he can say anything, no matter how outrageous, his leg humpers in the media will pick it up and run with it feeding it to the S4Bs who swallow the whole load…..Pun intended.