Fake news is killing people’s minds, warns Apple boss Tim Cook as he calls for a campaign against phoney reports. Yeah, the problem is who gets to decide what’s real and what’s fake? If it’s the libtards you can bet he’s all for it, if it’s conservatives, not so much.

Tim Cook

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Weekly Thread: Trump vs. Wacky Judges. Who’s going to prevail? The wacky judge in Washington State and the 3 Pendejos on the 9th Circuit or Trump?

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Court Ruling That Feds Owe Obamacare Insurer Could Leave Gov’t On Hook For Billions. Yeah baby! You have to pass it to find out what’s in it, which includes how f***ed everyone is.

You have to pass it Pelosi

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At least 72 convicted terrorists from 7 countries covered by Trump executive order. And that’s just since 9/11. And this is the minimum number since we don’t know the national origin of some convicted terrorists. Which begs the question: how could Judge Robart and the Ninth Circus say there is no evidence that terrorists are coming from those countries?

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Trailer for ‘racist’ Netflix series Dear White People ‘gets a million dislikes in just ONE day’ – and sparks customer revolt. “One of it’s writers, Jack Moore, posted on Twitter: ‘F***white people'” The response is like “Dear racists dummies at Netflix, f*** you plus, we’re cancelling our subscription.

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Government inquiry into abuse by British troops in Iraq shutting down after seven years, £60 million spent, 3,500 allegations, and zero convictions.

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2015: Swedish high school wins “school peace prize” for accepting most migrants.

Now: School is reported to be a “hellhole.”

Newly fortified with barbed wire and security guards, the school is rife with criminal activity and ethnic brawls instigated by students from the Middle East and Afghanistan.

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Appeals court upholds ruling blocking Trump’s immigration order. Like we figured the 9th Circuit Court of Schlemiels went full libtard. Here’s their ruling. (PDF)

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South Australia liberals go all-in for renewable energy… and end up with rolling blackouts during a heat wave because wind turbines are only producing 7% of the power they promised.

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Elizabeth Warren ‘Silenced’ Again After Video Surfaces Of MLK’s Wife Thanking Senator Sessions. Warren can’t deal with reality she only promotes faux facts.

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Former NSA Contractor Faces 200 Years In Prison For Stealing Classified Documents. It appears the the Russian Hackers may be working for the NSA.

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MLK’s niece says Elizabeth Warren is improperly taking advantage of King name. We say this trumps Fauxcahontas.

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Clinton son-in-law closes hedge fund after losing most of the money. Looting over $20 million from the American public should be enough to promote Marc Mezvinsky from apprentice knave to certified crook. The Clinton Crime Family will probably have a special ceremony to honor the event: boil a couple frogs’ heads in goat urine, write a couple demonic incantations in chicken blood… you know, the usual stuff.

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Google redefines fascism. Google decided to add the word “right-wing” to the definition to disguise the fact that fascists, like the National-Socialist German Workers’ Party or Nazis, are fundamentally left-wing.

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Old-Guard Republicans to Push Carbon Tax at White House Meeting. We have a better idea. Just get rid of onerous regulations and forget taxing the snot out of everyone you greedy bastards.

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Senior ATF official proposes loosening gun regulations. About damn time. The lemmings think silencers make guns go pffft pffft like in a James Bond movie. Reality is they merely reduce the sound to a level it doesn’t blow your eardrums out.

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NOAA Whistleblower Claims Data Were ‘Adjusted’ to Make Global Warming Seem Worse. Well, lying, cheating and stealing is the government’s mandate.

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Maxine Waters thinks Russia is advancing into Korea. And not one of the liberal politicians standing around her was smart enough to correct her.

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California State Senate Leader: ‘Half My Family’ Here Illegally. Yes Senator Kevin DeLéon (Dumbass-Los Angeles) approves of this. This pendejo also approves taking your guns away.

Kevin De Leon Gun Dummy

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Cancelled $25k 84 Lumber Order Because of Commercial.

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IRAN: ‘ONLY SEVEN MINUTES NEEDED FOR THE IRANIAN MISSILE TO HIT TEL AVIV.’ Now please remind us again why we want to let people from Iran into the US?

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Audi Attempts to Exploit the Gender Pay Gap Myth with Lame Superbowl Commercial: If Audi could get the same amount of productivity for 30% less they would only hire women -of course Audi knows this is a myth or they wouldn’t be making ads trying to sell their incredibly expensive luxury items to the ladies. But don’t take our word for it, ask Audi to put their money where their motor-mouth is by charging no more than 70 cents on the dollar for every car a female buys.

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Seattle judge who ruled against Trump’s immigration order is a whacko. He even ended one decision by quoting a bogus statistic and saying “black lives matter.” And this was not a case that involved the Black Lives Matter movement.

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WHOA: Look what we found about the judge who BLOCKED Trump’s travel ban. Sounds to us like he should have recused himself. In the meantime Trump’s DOJ appealed this order but it was upheld.

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Soros-Funded Group Gave 50K to Goons Who Provoked Berkeley Riot. Follow the money.


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