Wasserman Schultz’ ex-IT aide indicted on 4 counts. And so it begins. We wonder if he’ll be offered a deal to rat on Debbie?

Imran Awan, a former IT aide for Democratic Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, was indicted Thursday on four counts including bank fraud and making false statements. The indictment also includes his wife Hina Alvi.

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Nearly 83 percent of Bay Area renters plan to leave, says survey. Who will the liberal elite have to wash their dishes, mow their lawns and change their depends when they all leave?

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Three police officers are run over at Barcelona terror attack roadblock as driver escapes on foot after shots are fired from a Ford FocusKeep importing Muslim terrorists and this is what happens. More terror. (Duh?)

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Chuck Todd: Trump’s Press Conference “Gave Me The Wrong Kind Of Chills,” “I’m A Bit Shaken”. That is precisely how we felt after we learned about Barrack Hussein Obama’s kills lists, framework for the indefinite detention of American citizens without trail and a surveillance state that watches everything we do.

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#BankFraudBernie says Trump Bears Some Blame for Charlottesville: By this logic Bernie bears some of the blame for the terrorist acts that at least two of his supporters have committed. But then again it is Bernie Sanders. The only thing more bankrupt than his sense of logic is Burlington College.

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As long as we’re tearing down statues, how about this one? Exalted Cyclops in the KKK, filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act, tapped the federal treasury for hundreds of billions in pork… seems highly inappropriate to honor such a filthy lout with a statue in the state capitol.

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NJ Dems Have 20 Gun Control Bills Lined Up If Murphy Becomes Governor. Like California the Democrats in New Jersey are absolutely crazy.

Assuming Weinberg means the same bills that were previously vetoed – Murphy will essentially be banning all semi-auto rifles, instituting a magazine capacity limit of 5 rounds, mandating home inspection for gun owners, requiring psychological evaluations to own a gun (you have to pay for that by the way), and probably much more we don’t know about, if elected.

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Virginia Governor McAuliffe repeatedly lying about Charlotte protesters. The state police keep correcting him: no, they did not discover weapon caches around the city; and no, the protesters were not better armed than the police.

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Update: ‘Two dead’ in Barcelona terror attack after van crashes into pedestrians in Las Ramblas tourist district before ‘two gunmen storm restaurant.’ Yep, it’s beginning to sound like Muslim terrorists again. We’ll wait for the ‘we don’t know yet’ comments from the police and government.

UPDATE from The Sun: Barcelona attack – ’13 15 dead’ and 32 50 64 at least 100 injured including kids after terror truck ploughs into pedestrians along Las Ramblas before ‘two armed men take hostages in restaurant.’ 1 2 captured one still on the loose.

Driss Oukabir – Renter of the Terror Van

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CT Denying Deceased Vets Honor Guard Salutes at Their Funerals. Yet they have money for Planned Parenthood and bus line expansion. Leavenworth would be too good for Gov. Dan Malloy D-Conn. H/T poppajoe49

Even as veterans are being denied a final salute, the Malloy-Wyman administration found time to pledge up to $6 million for Planned Parenthood if the federal government defunds the organization at any point.

And, as Reclaim Connecticut reported last week, the Malloy administration also rolled out a $1 million-plus expansion of Connecticut’s bus system.

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HORROR IN SPAIN Barcelona van crash: ‘Many injured’ after ‘van ploughs into pedestrians’ along iconic Las Ramblas tourist hotspot. Guess who?

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Defense lawyers waive closing arguments, Bunkerville retrial heads to jury. We’re not sure if we side with the defendants or not, regardless they deserve a fair and unbiased trial. It appears to us that U.S. District Court Judge Gloria Navarro is trying to throw this trial in favor of Federal prosecutors. Of course she’s a (guess what?) Obama appointee.

Perez, Lovelien’s lawyer, and the rest of the defense attorneys have complained that U.S. District Court Judge Gloria Navarro has improperly denied the four men a fair trial. The defense couldn’t tell jurors why defendants joined the Bundy Ranch protest, they couldn’t mention the legality of openly carrying firearms in Nevada, and they couldn’t say anything about how joining a militia was legal. They were also prevented from arguments mentioning First or Second Amendment rights. Perez said it was nearly impossible for the defendants to offer meaningful arguments in the trial.

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Trump ‘Ending’ WH Advisory Councils ‘Rather Than Putting Pressure’ on Members. Who wants a bunch of clucking chickens around who are worried more about losing business then doing good for the country. CEO’s like this are a part of the problem.

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Pro-Life’ Groups Praise Trump but Are Silent on Charlottesville: We are truly saddened by how well the progressive plan to kill large numbers of African-Americans through abortion has worked out.

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Chris Cillizza: Donald Trump’s presidency is headed to a very dark place.

(CNN)Donald Trump’s insistence Tuesday that “both sides” were responsible for the violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, has turned what was a fumbling presidency into what now appears to be one on the verge of total collapse.

The progressive fascists that Cillizza is running cover for bear a lot of responsibility for the alt-right or, as they would be more properly termed, the Woodrow Wilson left. They have launched organized campaigns of racism and violence that have accomplished little other than to legitimize those two horrible things as tools of political protest. In addition to this have have tirelessly worked to demarginalize their counter-part racists by insisting that everyone they don’t like (and the seem to hate the majority of people in this country) as bigots deserving to have their rights stripped from them.

Note: Hey Chris, we are not shy about calling out the scumbags in the alt-right. Why won’t you call out the fascists of the left?

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Predominantly Black Dallas Group Forms To Protect Confederate Monuments. Perhaps they realize “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it

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IRS Rehires 213 Employees Ousted for Falsifying Documents, Avoiding Taxes, Other Offenses. Pay as we say not as we pay. The IRS makes the mafia look like angels.

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Another boy/girl/boy story. This poor little kid was being raised by his divorced mother as a girl. She claimed he hated his penis. But when a judge removed him from his mother’s presence at age 7, and gave custody to the father, he immediately started acting like a boy. Our conclusion: toss the crazy leftwing mother in prison and throw away the key.

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Report: ‘Unite the Right’ Organizer Jason Kessler Was Obama Supporter Involved With Occupy Movement. Wow, it is almost as if the left could be following the playbook of that guy Hillary wrote her thesis on.

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Nazism is Socialism: If you are to the left of FDR, as far as we’re concerned, you should be considered a leftist. The Nazi’s were to the left of FDR. As the ultimate owner of all inputs of production and distribution within their state they were also the textbook definition of socialists. Many on the left will try and obfuscate this point because they would rather people not know that there is quite a bit of overlap between what the progressives wanted and what was accomplished in Nazi Germany. Don’t let them.

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Federal prosecutors pursue information on Trump opponents: If true (and coming form CNN a bit more than a grain of salt is required) we must ask Donald Trump to not act as Barack Hussein Obama did for his eight years in office. He needs to be better than O Duce.

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Kim Jong-Un decides not to fire missile at Guam. Stay tuned: later today he might cross the road.

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Mattis: If North Korea fires missile at US, it’s ‘game on.’ This will be like Hulk Hogan vs. Michael Moore.

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Gun Control Org Blames Va. Gun Laws For Violence In Charlottesville Despite Lack Of Gun Violence. Well no shots were fired dummies, but don’t let reality get in your way. Maybe they should try banning cars and see how far they get?

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Emanuel: ‘Members of the neo-Nazi and the KKK think they have a friend in the Oval Office.‘ That’s OK Rahmbo, the gangs in Chicago think they have a friend in City Hall.

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