Matt Damon Talks Time’s Up: ‘I Should Get in the Back Seat and Close My Mouth for a While’. So brave. Hey Matt, if you’re really sorry for not being woke enough how about giving back that $20 million dollars you were paid to star in a movie about income inequality? It could be equally distributed to all the Harvey Weinstein victims that could have been saved if you’d cared more about their safety than your money.

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‘Your Amnesia Is Complicity’: Booker Blasts DHS Sec’y Nielsen for Not Recalling ‘S***hole’ Comment. By that absurd standard Senator Booker is complicit with the millions of dollars that were stolen from Haiti and later used to pay for Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

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Bet you won’t hear about this from the mainstream media. Grateful leaders in Logar Province, Afghanistan, pooled their meager funds to make a gold Medal of Bravery and awarded it to Donald Trump for standing up to Pakistan:

“Akbari told RFE/RL that members of the community have waited 16 years for someone in the U.S. administration to make comments of the sort that Trump has made in recent weeks concerning Pakistan.”

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Three out of four people convicted of terrorism in the U.S. are foreign-born. The Departments of Justice and Homeland Security have released the data on terrorism for the first time and now we know why Obama did NOT release it.

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Is any of your investment money managed by BlackRock? If so, pull it out now and put it somewhere else. The CEO of BlackRock, manager of “$6 trillion in investments through 401(k) plans, exchange-traded funds and mutual funds, making it the largest investor in the world,” has decided it will only invest in socially responsible corporations from now on… and, as we all know, “socially responsible” is code for leftwing whacko bullshit like windmills, waterless toilets, and donations to Democrat political campaigns.

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Alveda King has a message for Rep. John Lewis on MLK Day and you are going to want to hear it. John Lewis DOESN’T want to hear it. He also doesn’t want to hear he’s a bitch.

“I do not believe President Donald John Trump is a racist,” she told “Fox & Friends” on Monday. “The economy’s up. Jobs are up in the black community. There is great promise to get a lot of people who have been unfairly incarcerated out.”

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‘I don’t want n***ers on my set anymore!’ Security guards who worked on House of Cards claim their company was let go after Kevin Spacey ‘refused to acknowledge or shake hands with predominantly black staff.’ We have to wonder how Kevin Spacey celebrates MLK day….

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13 victims, ages 2 to 29, kept shackled in foul Perris home by parents, officials say. Again we’re having a WTF is wrong with people moment.

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U.S. media bias ranked worst in world. That’s according to a Pew Research Center study.

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Dems Mad That Government Report On Gun Sales Didn’t Confirm Their Talking Points. Funny how the GAO is always right when they agree with the Democrats and terribly wrong when they don’t.

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Wall Street Journal makes up Trump quote. And that’s not even the weird part. After the White House called them on it, the newspaper released an audio tape of the conversation that… wait for it, wait for it… backs up the President’s version. (Seriously, it does. Go to the link and listen for yourself.) Apparently, the “journalists” at the Wall Street Journal are so blinded by anti-Trump bias they can’t even listen to an audio tape and hear what’s actually being said.

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That ambassador who resigned because of Trump’s “shithole” remark? MSNBC made up the whole thing. The guy actually resigned on December 27, two weeks before Trump made the remark.

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When Democrats run things…

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Weekly Thread 1/13/18 – 1/20/18.

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Illinois Attorney General Candidate Robbed in Broad Daylight in Chicago. OK, with regards to the “We don’t know whether to laugh or cry” thing we’re lauging our ass off. More lefty AG candidates and AG’s should get robbed. Perhaps after a bit they’ll figure out legal guns and legal concealed carry is OK.

Aaron Goldstein makes his pitch for Attorney General during the Cook County Democratic endorsement sessions Friday. | Logan Javage/For the Sun-Times

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Spike’s Tactical and Pipe Hitters Union Attacked for Anti-Antifa Ad. Amazing how it’s OK for ANTIFA to really attack people and nary a word from the MSM, but put an ad up that in reality hurts no one and they start screeching and heading for their safe spaces.

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No more Pink Pussy Hats. In the year since the Women’s March, Pink Pussy Hats have gone from ubiquitous leftwing symbol of female power to frowned-upon symbol of political incorrectness. “Why?” you ask innocently.

“The reason: The sentiment that the pink pussyhat excludes and is offensive to transgender women and gender nonbinary people who don’t have typical female genitalia and to women of color because their genitals are more likely to be brown than pink.”

In other words, because everybody on the left is crazier than a two-peckered billy goat.

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Food riots grip western Venezuela, mob reportedly slaughters cattle in field. Venezuela AKA: What Bernie Sanders wants to turn the US into. Equal misery for all.

SAN CRISTOBAL/BARINAS, Venezuela, Jan 11 (Reuters) – Hungry mobs ransacked a food collection center, and a supermarket in Venezuela’s western Andean state of Merida on Thursday and reportedly even slaughtered cattle grazing in a field as unrest over food shortages spread through the country.

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Trump Alarms Lawmakers With Disparaging Words for Haiti and Africa. Like Trum or not he says what he thinks and if you don’t like it too bad. Driving liberals crazy like a pro.

President Trump on Thursday balked at an immigration deal that would include protections for people from Haiti and African countries, demanding to know at a White House meeting why he should accept immigrants from “shithole countries” rather than people from places like Norway, according to people with direct knowledge of the conversation.

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Hoyer calls Pelosi’s ‘five white guys’ remark offensive. What to you call it when you’re racist against your own race? Race traitor? Stupid? Idiotic? Or a “Nancy Pelosi?”

“The five white guys I call them, you know,” Pelosi said, referring to five bipartisan lawmakers, including Hoyer, leading efforts to salvage the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. All five of the lawmakers are white.

“Are they going to open a hamburger stand next or what?” she said, referring to the popular fast food restaurant “Five Guys.”


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Liberals buying wrong “Fire and Fury” book. In their eagerness to read something derogatory about Donald Trump, they’ve been buying Fire and Fury: The Allied Bombing of Germany, 1942-1945, whose author, Toronto professor Randall Hanson, when he saw his book suddenly land on the bestseller list, wondered, “Can people really be that dumb?” They’re liberals, sir: so yes, yes they can.

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81 companies announce wage hikes, bonuses, benefits in afterglow of Trump tax reform. We wonder what Nancy Pelosi and her buddies still think there’s no such thing as trickle down economics?

AT&T: $1k bonuses for 200,000 U.S. employees
AAON: $1k bonuses for 2,000 employees
AccuWeather: Year-end bonuses for 450-500 employees
Aflac: Increase 401(k) match from 50% to 100% on the first 4% of compensation plus a one-time $500 contribution to every employee’s 401(k)
American Airlines: $1k bonuses for ~127,600 employees
American Bank: $1k bonuses for 60 employees
(More at the link)

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Authorities Concerned Over Gun Violence Wave On Australia’s Gold Coast. Wut? Gun-control isn’t working? Let’s face it Aussies. The only people you confiscated guns from were law-abiding citizens who for the most part would never use one for a crime. Surprise! The criminals kept theirs and continue to get more on the black market.

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Muslim converts to Christ beg Pope Francis to stop being an ass. Okay, yeah, we paraphrased somewhat but that’s basically what they said. Here’s the opening of the letter they sent him:

“Many of us have tried to contact you, on many occasions and for several years, and we have never received the slightest acknowledgement of our letters or requests for meetings. You do not like to beat around the bush, and neither do we, so allow us to say frankly that we do not understand your teaching about Islam…”

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