Pelosi’s son has been getting paid by a Ukrainian oil company too. Weird coincidence, eh? Oh, and did we mention that John Kerry’s stepson was also a paid director at the same Ukrainian company that was paying the Biden kid? So they had the Secretary of State’s kid and the Vice President’s kid on their payroll at the same time. Weird.

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Planned Parenthood builds huge secret megacenter in SW Illinois. This place is huge, 18,000 square feet. It’s like the Wal-Mart Supercenter of baby killing. They chose the location so they could draw “customers” from Missouri, where abortion is getting difficult, and they built in total secrecy because… well… that’s where shameful things are generally done.

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Trump says Schiff ‘helped write’ whistleblower complaint, after House panel admits advance knowledge. Censure? He should be expelled along with whoever else knew about this.

A spokesman for House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., acknowledged Wednesday that the whistleblower alleging misconduct in the White House had reached out to Schiff’s panel before filing a complaint — prompting President Trump, in an extraordinary afternoon press conference at the White House, to directly accuse Schiff of helping write the document.

“It shows that Schiff is a fraud. … I think it’s a scandal that he knew before,” Trump said, as the president of Finland stood at an adjacent podium. “I’d go a step further. I’d say he probably helped write it. … That’s a big story. He knew long before, and he helped write it too. It’s a scam.”

Referring to Schiff as “Shifty Schiff,” Trump characterized Democrats’ impeachment inquiry as a “fraudulent crime on the American people.” Earlier in the day, Trump described the probe as “BULLS—,” and mocked Schiff as a “lowlife.”

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Intel Community Admission Of Whistleblower Changes Raises Explosive New Questions. This is like changing the rules of a football game at halftime to eliminate any touchdowns the opposing team made.

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Pompeo rejects Dem demands for officials’ testimony. Take this subpoena and shove it I ain’t playing your stupid games.

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Is It Safe to Reboil Water?

Journal ‘Nature’ retracts ocean-warming study. Caught with their temperatures down

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Former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter golfing in the Hamptons with Devon Archer, who served on the board of the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma Holdings with Hunter.

Photo: Joe, Hunter Biden Golf with Ukraine Energy Company Board Member in 2014. What was that Quid Pro Joe said? Something like “I never talked to son Hunter about overseas business dealings.”

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FBI: More People Killed with Hammers, Clubs than Rifles. Thus refuting the garbage that the Democrats spew every time there’s a rifle involved in a shooting.

According to FBI figures, 443 people were killed with hammers, clubs, or other “blunt objects” while 297 people were killed with rifles of every kind.

Breitbart News reported similar FBI findings regarding deaths by fists and feet vs. deaths by rifle. In fact, more than twice as many people were beaten to death with fists and feet than were shot to death with rifles.

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Scott Pelley on 60 Minutes: “We can lie even gooder than Schiff!” This is a full-blown propaganda effort and of course 60 Minutes never met a leftwing propaganda effort they didn’t want to participate in, so… Scott Pelley began their impeachment coverage last night by announcing that the whistleblower was “under federal protection, because he or she fears for their safety.” Except that is completely untrue, as the whistleblower’s own lawyers have been trying to tell them.

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California learns that decriminalizing retail theft results in more retail theft. Gosh, who could have guessed?

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Intelligence community modified whistleblower rules days before Ukraine complaint against Trump, to allow Ukraine complaint against Trump. This was nothing more than an orchestrated hit, a continuation of the coup attempt by our out-of-control Deep State “intelligence” apparatus. And like everything else the intelligence community does, it was bungled.

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File:Abc 2013 logo gold.svg - Wikimedia Commons

ABC Forced To Issue Correction as Big Ukraine Story Crumbles. What happens when you use fake news to try and take down a President.

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Adam “Pencil Neck” Schiff opens Intelligence hearing by reading entirely made up, fraudulent, and fabricated transcript of a telephone call that never occurred. And if that’s not dumb enough for you, when he was called out by a Republican congresswoman, he tried to excuse his lies by saying, “My summary of the president’s call was meant to be at least part in parody,” where the word he actually meant to use (but his peabrain was unable to recall) was paraphrase.

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Judge Napolitano says Trump committed a crime talking to Ukrainian president, BUT… here’s five other times when Napolitano was adamant that Trump had committed a crime, and every single time Napolitano was wrong. Basically, this guy has manufactured a new career out of falsely accusing Trump. That’s what gets him on the Shepard Smith show.

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Mitt Romney adviser sits on Burisma board of directors. Where there’s smoke there’s RINO Mitt Romney. Coincidence?

Mitt Romney’s national security advisor in his 2012 campaign — a career CIA spook who rose to its top levels — sits on the board of directors of Burisma, the Ukrainian gas company that formerly paid Hunter Biden $50k a month despite his complete lack of credentials or qualifications.

And it also an odd coincidence that Mitt has as CNN puts it “been a lone Republican voice expressing concern about President Donald Trump’s July phone call with Volodymyr Zelensky in which Trump asked Ukraine’s President to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his family.”

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Ukraine whistleblower’s lawyers work for group that offers to pay officials who leak against Trump. Wow. With free legal representation including rent and mortgage assistance, media coaching, doctor’s bills and counseling boy do we have stories about Trump to tell you.

The anonymous U.S. intelligence official accusing President Trump of improperly pressuring Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden is represented by two lawyers who run a group that offers financial help to fired whistleblowers.

Whistleblower Aid was launched in September 2017 — eight months after Trump’s inauguration — with an advertising blitz that involved mobile billboards being driven close to the White House, Congress, outside the Pentagon, and around the headquarters of the CIA and National Security Agency.

The group’s pledge of support, in addition to free legal representation including rent and mortgage assistance, media coaching, and doctor’s bills and counseling, is controversial among lawyers. Critics say it violates attorney ethics.

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Out of Order Fixture Covers - JaniWraps Products

Portland Bans Urinals In Public Buildings – Out of Respect to the City’s “Shared Values. If we’re ever in Portland again, which we doubt, we’ll just piss on the floor.

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Whistleblower complaint on Trump Ukraine call: read the document. Make sure your bullshit protector is on high. This is all second-hand information.

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This is what it takes for a Tesla Model S to become a police car

Tesla squad car runs out of battery chasing suspect at high speed, California cops say. On the up side it didn’t catch on fire.

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Trump’s Ukraine call transcript: Read the document. Yep, that’s it, there it is. Note the Democrats don’t talk about Obama telling Medvedev that he’ll be more flexible after the election or Biden extorting the Ukrainians to fire a prosecutor investigating his son.

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Everything you need to know about tonight's Emmy Awards ...

Emmy Awards receive LOWEST ratings of all timeYes, people are tired of self-aggrandizing liberal assholes.

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Canada’s global warming models threw out actual historical data and substituted models of what the temperature should have been. Hey ehh…let’s make shit up ehh.

Environment Canada, led by Justin Trudeau-appointed Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, is all-in on the hypothesis that manmade global warming is an existential threat to humanity. It is so important to hand control of energy use to the government that mere actual, historical data that might raise doubt about the extent of purported warming over time must be thrown out and replaced by “models” of what the “scientists” think the historical temperature record must have been.

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Biden made Ukraine fire top prosecutor investigating son’s firm. This is the kind of shit the mafia does.

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Justin Trudeau, now the prime minister of Canada, appears in dark makeup on his face, neck and hands at a 2001  Arabian Nights -themed party at the West Point Grey Academy, the private school where he taught.

Justin Trudeau Wore Brownface at 2001 ‘Arabian Nights’ Party While He Taught at a Private School, Canada’s Liberal Party Admits. Oops, ehh? Maybe him and Virginia Governor Northam can trade makeup tips.

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Trump administration rejects CA effort to obtain more funds to fight homelessness. Democrats create a nightmare then have the stones to ask Trump to give them money.

“Your letter seeks more Federal dollars for California from hardworking American taxpayers but fails to admit that your State and local policies have played a major role in creating the current crisis,” Carson wrote in a letter to Gov. Gavin Newsom and other officials.

“Further, illegal and inadmissible aliens are increasing housing demand and draining resources,” the letter also states. “Instead of protecting the most vulnerable Americans from the economic impacts of illegal immigration, California has doubled down on sanctuary State and city policies and provided benefits to illegal and inadmissible aliens.”

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