Weekly Thread: Trumps picks for his cabinet? Whutcha think?

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Flashback: Uncle Bernito praising Castro– Sure Castro was a homicidal maniac that turned his country into a de facto Gulag and silenced all political opposition with death squads and camps but he sure made up for all those shenanigans with free health care and all the education a person with a $14.00 a week job would ever need.

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Trump: ‘Very impressed’ with Petraeus as he weighs top diplomat job: Never forget this is the man that burned Bibles in Afghanistan while claiming that protests against the Koran put American lives in danger -not that we condone the burning of Korans, but it would be nice to have a General that honored the sacrifice of our service men and women by refraining from an assault on free expression.

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Uproar over ‘sinful’ Japanese skating rink: Attraction froze 5,000 dead FISH in the ice and even spelled out the word ‘hello’ using the creatures. After the uproar everyone went out for a nice sushi lunch.

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MSM jumps to conclusions about Ohio state incident. What was originally pounced on as a mass shooting turned out to be one Somali student who was legally in the US who used a car and a butcher knife. VP candidate Tim Kaine also pounced on it, we pounced on him.

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Poetic justice in the NFL. The back story: Colin Kaepernick, the America-bashing dipshit who kneels during the national anthem, arrived in Miami for yesterday’s game wearing a Fidel Castro T-shirt and was argumentative with the press about defending the mass-murdering thug. The story: on the last play of the game, as Kaepernick was headed for the endzone with a chance to tie the game, he was held up by one Dolphin and then utterly flattened by the son of a Cuban immigrant to end the game… the icing on the cake for about two million Cuban-Americans who had a very good Thanksgiving weekend.

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Rosie O’Donnell Defends Speculating That Barron Trump Is Autistic: And just like that the children of politicians are no longer off limits.

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Donald Trump: “Millions” voted illegally in election: Hillary Clinton is a woman who was given a career for agreeing to act as an accessory to her husband’s rapes; hypocrisy does not bother this woman at all.

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Journalists Hail Castro’s Achievements, ‘George Washington,’ ‘Folk Hero to Most of Us’: Yeah he was just like George Washington; if George Washington had used death squads and turned his nation into a virtual concentration camp.

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CNN: What happens if President Trump abuses power? They ask this after eight years of ignoring a man whose administration used the IRS to suppress political opposition, put a guy in jail for making a Youtube video, hacked journalists that dared question O Duce, killed innocent brown people via drone attacks, gave guns to narco-terrorists claimed that only special classes of citizens (as based on their race or sexual preference) deserved due process and insisted that the President had the authority to detain any American citizen for any reason and, if that didn’t work, to kill them.

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British regulators ban television ad for Heinz Beans. Nanny state bureaucrats thought the sight of people using empty Heinz Beans cans as percussion instruments might encourage people to copy the activity and cut themselves on a jagged edge.

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George Takai: This is the 2nd election in recent memory where the popular vote winner is not the one elected. It’s time to end the electoral college. We remember an election, not that long ago, when the citizens of California overwhelmingly voted to ban gay marriage. Strangely enough Mr. Takai had absolutely zero interest in supporting the will of the people when the result of that popular vote was overturned by members of the unelected Supreme Court.

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Clinton campaign: We are taking part in the recount. Remember when Hillary lectured the country about how the fate of our republic rested on the loser accepting the results of the election? Apparently she isn’t as committed to the will of the people (all of the people, not just the ones that live in California or New York City) as she had us believe.

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Fidel Castro dead at 90: Cuban TV. We don’t know what to say other than it’s about damn time.


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Another Obama first: a drag queen performance in the White House. Between the rap stars, the child molesters, and the drag queens, they will need to fumigate that place when the Obamas move out.

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CNN’s Boston channel accidentally broadcast 30 minutes of porn last night. Both viewers found the incident amusing.

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Jill Stein Can’t ‘Guarantee’ Money Will Go to Recount, Changes $$$ Goal. Well, she has a phat retirement account now. If you donated we hope you like gettting phucked.

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America’s first experiment with communism.

“By this time harvest was come, and in stead of famine now God gave them plenty, and ye face of things was changed, to ye rejoicing of ye hearts of many, for which they blessed God.”

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Jill Stein filing for recount in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Because, you know, she came this close to winning the presidency.

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CNN hits new low when white liberal uses n-word on live TV. And that’s not even the worst part. This nutjob was accusing Stephen Bannon of having used the word but had to apologize a couple hours later for having his facts wrong. “I mistook Bannon for Sessions,” said the nutjob. Oh, but wait: there’s no evidence that Sessions ever used the word either!

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Six rebel electors have signed an agreement to try to block Donald Trump from securing the 270 Electoral College votes needed to become president. Is this even legal? (Not changing votes but signing this agreement).

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‘Hamilton’ Star Who Lectured Pence Under Fire for ‘Racist,’ ‘Sexist’ Tweets. This must fall under the heading: “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone….”

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Judge blocks overtime rule. So the Obama administration will judge shop and find one to overturn this in 10-9-8-7…

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Dow crosses 19,000 in 7th longest 1,000 point advance in history. Yep Trump caused the stock market to crash.

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This Lawsuit Could Shatters ALL Federal Gun Control Laws. Another case of the Federal government wanting to levy a tax on items that don’t move in interstate commerce. We wonder if this could also put a stop to the Feds taxing your income and Obamacare?socom338-ti_profile

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