“Rising star” Democrat found guilty on all counts. Don’t worry about Kathleen Kane. Multiple felonies are just resume enhancers for a Democrat.

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Rudy Giuliani: There Were No ‘Successful’ Terror Attacks on U.S. Soil Before Obama. Oh really? 9/11 cough*cough.

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Globalists Unite: Hillary Clinton Running Mate Tim Kaine Dines with George Soros’ Son. Like we needed another reason not to vote for Hillary.

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Sailor Facing Prison Over Submarine Photos Cites Hillary as Defense. This is a classic example of how that slippery slope thing works.

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Joe Biden Points to Man at Hillary Rally Holding Nuclear Codes! Does the guy who says Trump can’t be trusted with the nuclear codes.

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Poll: Just 12 percent of Dems see Clinton as ‘honest and trustworthy.’ So basically more people probably trust Dan Rather and Brian Willams than Hillary. The Dems will vote for her regardless.

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Clinton, joined by Biden on trail, blasts Trump for failing to release tax returns. Says the woman who won’t release the transcripts of her Wall Street speeches or her emails.

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One Of Nation’s Largest Health Insurers Deals Devastating Blow To Obamacare, Drops Out Of Most Marketplaces. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, if you like your health plan you can keep your health plan, if you like your Obamacare you can keep your Obamacare. Yeah right.

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At least 12 released Guantanamo detainees implicated in attacks on Americans. Looks like Obama has used the smokescreen called the Milwaukee riots to cover his release of 15 detainees terrorist jihadis into the wild so they can wreak some more havoc. As an aside, we have to wonder what goes on in the mind of a POTUS who will release these particular terrorists while droning other terrorists.

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Omar Mateen’s Wife Located 7,400 Miles Away From Orlando in 5-Star Hotel. Evidently, being involved in mass murder pays. The question is, who’s paying?

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UN troops in Sudan stand by while foreigners raped, beaten, killed. The rampaging Sudanese troops were especially looking for Americans to mistreat. The UN “peacekeeping” troops–from Ethiopia, Nepal, and China–were less than a mile away but refused to respond. They wouldn’t even drive over the next morning to look at the carnage so private security personnel eventually rescued the survivors.

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Weekly Thread 8/15 through 8/22/16. Who would you like to see running for President if we had a do-over?

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Calais Locals Warned to Stay Away from Main Roads As Migrants Smash Vehicles. Another act of love brought to you by the religion of peace.

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“PAYBACK”: Cops Say Queens Imam Likely Shot In Muslim/Hispanic War As They Interrogate Suspect. Sorry folks, yet another it’s not a white Christian conservative NRA member.

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Secret Ledger in Ukraine Lists Cash for Donald Trump’s Campaign Chief. We just bought a case of popcorn over this one.

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Dallas Judges Shred Constitution, Steal Millions. Read the link. We’ve seen some disgusting crap that goes on with the Constitution but this asshole Judge Royal Ferguson takes the cake.

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Guy gives perfectly good reason for riots: ‘Rich people got all this money and they not trying to give us none.’ Sorry dude, but they not trying to give me none either and yet I’m not shooting at the police, rioting or burning my city down in protest.

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Kate Steinle Murder Trial Delayed Until After Election. Typical Democrat tactics, delay – delay – delay. Hillary’s email release is delayed until after the election, too. Yet Obama and his homies have the nerve to complain the Republicans won’t vote on his Supreme Court nominee.


Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez and Kate Steinle

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Milwaukee officials plead for calm after police shooting sparks violence. So every time the police shoot someone, justified or not, we get a riot. Seriously the police should a) refuse to go into the problem areas when called and b) refuse to do riot control. Let them ransack and burn down a few Democrat run cities and see what happens then.

A Milwaukee police officer shot and killed an armed suspect Saturday night during a foot chase on the city’s north side, setting off a violent confrontation between police and crowds protesting the shooting.

A gas station was set on fire and other businesses also were torched following an hours-long standoff between rioters and police, the Milwaukee Journal

Milwaukee Riot 1

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Angela Merkel urges company chiefs to hire more refugees to reduce the number relying on German state handouts. This is how her brain doesn’t work. If you hire reduce the number of refugees on welfare then you’ll increase the number of Germans going on welfare. She’s either that stupid or that evil.

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Medical doctor makes strong case for Hillary having Parkinson’s. Repeated falls, weird behavior, needing help to get up stairs: it all adds up to something being wrong with the woman.

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Weiner on weiner. He’s been caught sexting again, this time telling a girl in LA he was “deceptively strong like a mongoose” before giving her his cell number and telling her how to find him. Unfortunately, he was actually communicating with the girl’s boyfriend the whole time… so his mongoose urges went unsatisfied.

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Favoritism for Somali Immigrants from DHS. Airport security jeopardized because government doesn’t want to hurt Muslim feelings.

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Jerry Sandusky denies child molestation charges in court. In other news Obama just announced he’s quitting golf.

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Early morning explosion in DC leaves YET ANOTHER DNC staffer dead. The body count is getting up there.

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