Some California State Lottery executives accused of lewd behavior. No doubt Jerry Brown appointees no doubt Democrats.

Brown, Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom and various members of government. The letter alleges gross misconduct, inappropriate drunken behavior, and lewd sexually inappropriate public conduct by some members of the California State Lottery management team while traveling on the state’s dime.

The photos attached in the letter allegedly show different managers on a 2016 work trip at a Southern California bar. One giving someone the middle finger and putting his head up the front of a woman’s shirt.

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Ohio Finds Nearly 600 Uncounted Votes In Too-Close-To-Call Special Election. Oh yeah? Whose trunk were they ‘found’ in?

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A 5.4 acre park atop the new Transbay Transit Center will serve as an urban bathroom, 

Bay Area gains new icon with San Francisco’s ‘Grand Central Station of the West.’ The homeless and drug addicts will now have a new spot to poop, pee and pass out after going on a bender or shooting up. When they feel the call of the wild they can go use the facilities on the roof. Watch where you step.

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Feds Spend $140,625 to Reduce ‘Intersectional Stigma’ of Transwomen in Nepal. Well, whatever the hell intersectional stigma is, this is yet another waste of tax-payer money so someone can have a long vacation in Nepal

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Ocasio-Cortez: Think Of All The Funeral Expenses We’ll Save Under Medicare For All! Yeah, with people waiting a year or more for needed medical procedures they’ll die laughing. She’s got Cuomo getting that “Tucker Carlson stare.”

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Felony assault charges dropped against professor in Berkeley attack. If you’re an Antifa libtard you can literally almost get away with murder in California and get probation.

California convicted former Diablo Valley College ethics professor Eric Clanton of misdemeanor simple battery, but dropped three felony assault charges, according to the Alameda Superior Court database.

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Man arrested at New Mexico compound was training kids to commit school shootings, court documents say. Will all school teachers who don’t want to be armed, don’t want campus carry and don’t want the police or armed guards on campus please raise your hands.

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CA Gov. Jerry Brown Vetoed Bipartisan Wildfire Management Bill in 2016.  If you want to thank someone who’s responsible for half the state burning down call Jerry Brown.

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Every Planet Fitness Member Needs to Read This Shocking Story. The moral of the story appears to be that Planet Fitness has no morals. This is a long but interesting read.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez goes 0 for 3 on political endorsements. So much for that socialist wave Democrats have been trying to ride.

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InfoWars App Overtakes CNN on Charts, CNN Lobbies Apple to Censor. InfoWars is #4, CNN is #6. CNN even sucks in the App ratings. We downloaded it just to be pricks.

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670 ballots in a precinct with 276 voters, and other tales from Georgia’s primary. But the Democrats say there’s no voter fraud.

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Karl Rove Likens Trump To Stalin, Tells Him To ‘Tone Down’ Anti-Press Rants. Evidently Karl is still butt hurt his boy Jeb didn’t make it.

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Facebook Wants Banks to Hand Over Your Financial Information. Next Dork Boy will want an anal probe up your ass so he can tell what you eat.

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Mayor Blames Trump For Black Doll Hung In Playground. Reverend: Here’s Who Actually Did It. More Democrat jumping to conclusions. Take a guess then check out the link.

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Government-funded researchers discover basic ballistics. Our government has yet another overpriced no shit Sherlock moment.

The researcher found that the use of “medium” and “large” caliber guns resulted in more fatal wounds than the “small” caliber firearms.

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Facebook, Apple and YouTube remove pages and podcasts from Alex Jones for hate speech violations. We’re not Alex Jones fans, but this is about unheard of. It appears the very people who don’t like his conspiracy theories have conspired to keep him off the internet. Hypocrisy much?

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WATCH: Deranged Protesters Attack Candace Owens And Charlie Kirk For Simply Having Breakfast. Bunch of spoiled brats.

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At least 40 shot in Chicago Sunday, including 8 wounded in Gresham shooting. Meanwhile Rahm Emanuel and the Democrats continue to wear blinders.

Update: Now 71 shot and 11 killed. 

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France Passes Law Making the ‘Wolf Whistle’ Illegal. Gotta love the French. Muslims running about shooting, stabbing, raping and who knows what else and they’re worried about wolf whistles.

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Get Ready For Elementary School Drag Queen Reading Hour! Coming to a school near you soon! Dude, dude, dude looks like a lady!

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Details Surface About Chinese Spy Who Worked For Sen. Feinstein. It looks like Wo Fat has surfaced again. We guess when McGarret died he went to work for DiFi to spy on her. Got away with it for 20 years. DiFi’s really on top of things.

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Judge Ellis Loses Patience with Mueller Prosecutors and Ends Court Early Over Screw-Up. Yet more government shenanigans. Bundy had his case dismissed because of government missteps. It’s beginning to look like all they have on Manafort is his expensive wardrobe.

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Eric Trump: Everyone in my family has been mailed white powder. Keep telling us the left isn’t unhinged and doesn’t want to kill conservatives and we’ll keep finding stuff like this.

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Meet a new racist Editor of the New York Times. Well they sure can pick ’em.

NYT’s statement. What a crock.

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