Jill Stein filing for recount in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Because, you know, she came this close to winning the presidency.

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CNN hits new low when white liberal uses n-word on live TV. And that’s not even the worst part. This nutjob was accusing Stephen Bannon of having used the word but had to apologize a couple hours later for having his facts wrong. “I mistook Bannon for Sessions,” said the nutjob. Oh, but wait: there’s no evidence that Sessions ever used the word either!

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Six rebel electors have signed an agreement to try to block Donald Trump from securing the 270 Electoral College votes needed to become president. Is this even legal? (Not changing votes but signing this agreement).

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‘Hamilton’ Star Who Lectured Pence Under Fire for ‘Racist,’ ‘Sexist’ Tweets. This must fall under the heading: “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone….”

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Judge blocks overtime rule. So the Obama administration will judge shop and find one to overturn this in 10-9-8-7…

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Dow crosses 19,000 in 7th longest 1,000 point advance in history. Yep Trump caused the stock market to crash.

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This Lawsuit Could Shatters ALL Federal Gun Control Laws. Another case of the Federal government wanting to levy a tax on items that don’t move in interstate commerce. We wonder if this could also put a stop to the Feds taxing your income and Obamacare?socom338-ti_profile

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Saudi Arabia suddenly can’t pay its bills. The science of fracking has allowed U.S. drillers to produce so much oil and gas, the market for Saudi oil has plummeted.

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Trump won’t pursue charges against Clinton. So is this the elite club in operation and Trump lied? Or is this some psyops to keep the Clinton’s from destroying evidence until he’s sworn in?


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Donald Trump’s media summit was a ‘f—ing firing squad.’ LOL. We would have paid money to watch this.

“Trump started with Jeff Zucker and said I hate your network, everyone at CNN is a liar and you should be ashamed


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Fake News Alert: NBC News under fire for misleading tweets about Trump chief of staff’s answer on Muslim registry. While Zuckerberg and Facebook worry about fake news the real fakes are right under his nose.

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Brace Yourself for Four Years of Nonstop Freakoutrage. Trump needs to come up with a Waaaambulance Department equipped with Prozac and straight-jackets to haul them off to the funny farm.

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Obama reveals post White House mission: Global government. Send him to Mars on one of Musk’s spaceships and he can pontificate there to his heart’s content. H/T poppajoe49

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Alito: Obama besieged Constitution with ‘unprecedented challenges.’ Yeah, like ignoring the hell out of it.

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New overtime rule impacting millions of workers goes into effect Dec. 1. More nonsense from people who’ve never ran a business. $23,660 was the OT threshold, now you will have to pay $47,500 to exempt employees from OT. Simple math says that’s an additional $23,840 you’d have to pay to exempt someone, or $1,986 per month. You could hire another employee for that, or depending upon the type of your business, use McDonald’s answer to this and go to kiosks. Common core morons using common core math.

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NASA peer-reviewed paper: EM drive works! For you science dilettantes, a bizarre, exciting, and controversial conclusion that suggests we do not have a proper understanding of the physical design of our universe. Cool stuff.

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In Alabama, Jeff Sessions Desegregated Schools and Got the Death Penalty for KKK Head. This goes with the below post about the BS flying around put forth by sore-assed Democrats.

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Crying Wolf on Race: Top Sessions Critic Gerry Hebert Has History of Making it Up. Most if not all of the crap you hear about Sessions is straight up BS.


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Mock assassination of Trump stirs controversy at San Antonio school. Oh Secret Service? Where are you?


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Woman investigating Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s links to pedophilia… dies mysteriously in Haiti. Maybe the Clinton family made her an offer she couldn’t refuse and she refused?

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Twitter censored Trump campaign. Very interesting read. Apparently it was Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey doing the censoring and it cost his company millions of dollars because the frustrated Trump campaign eventually pulled all its Twitter ads.

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Actor James Woods exits Twitter over #censorship . Twitter begun censoring conservative posters right after the election. They can’t find anyone to buy them and they need posters like Woods to make money and he’s not playing.

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Whoa! When Abedin Found Out Weiner Cheated Through Sexting, Cameras Were Rolling! Remember the old saying “If looks could kill?” This is it.

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India leads world in number of killfies. Since March of 2014, 127 people worldwide have died taking a selfie. 76 of those people were in India. We have no explanation. But we do regret one particular missed opportunity.

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NOAA has record high temperatures where there are no thermometers. No wonder they report September as being hot. By the time the NOAA gets done interpolating/estimating/adjusting/concocting/inventing temperatures for the month, it’s a wonder September doesn’t resemble the Sun side of Mercury.

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