Trump signs new travel ban executive order that no longer targets Iraq and exempts green card holders – but it won’t take effect for 10 days.  The only question is will the Democrats go to the same libtard judges or find new libtard judges?

  • New order will take effect March 16
  • It won’t affect green card holders
  • It will also exempt Iraq
  • ACLU already screaming
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Muslim athlete heralded by liberals arrested in NY for fondling 12-year-old. When the Indian was initially denied a visa to attend the World Snowshoe Championships in Saranac Lake, N.Y., Chuck Schumer and other Democrat politicians mustered their outrage, rallied to his defense, and tried to blame Donald Trump. He arrived Feb. 23. A week later he was under arrest for giving a 12-year-old girl a “passionate kiss” and touching her “in an inappropriate intimate area.”

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Inbreeding among Muslim immigrants costing Denmark millions. And surely it’s the same story everywhere else Muslims immigrate. We’ve already seen similar stories out of the UK.

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ABC’s eight-hour miniseries about LGBT rights was ratings disaster. Gosh, a long preachy drama designed to appeal to 1% of the population while insulting much of the other 99% did not attract a lot of viewers? What a surprise.

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Obama’s State Department Sponsored 2016 Meeting of Russian Ambassador with Sen. Sessions. Then they use it to impugn his reputation. Almost smells like someone knew what they were doing.

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PLOT THICKENS: Guess Who Appointed FISC Judges Who Authorized Wiretaps. Hint, it wasn’t Big Daddy Bush or GW.

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Party Of Science: Democrat Congressional Candidate Brianna Wu Doesn’t Know How Gravity Works.  Sounds like she has a few rocks firing around in her head to us. H/T poppajoe49

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President Trump Accuses Obama Of ‘Wire Tapping,’ Provides No Evidence: With every inch of the United States having been “wiretapped” by Obama there is no need for proof that a single building within it is under surveillance. However, if they require proof that such occurs and is used to the advantage of the deep state we offer the example of United States citizen Michael Flynn. A man who was the subject of illegal recordings which were then leaked to the media when they could find no evidence of wrong doing.

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CNN’s Don Lemon:

“Loretta Lynch recused herself from any decision regarding Hillary Clinton because of that meeting of Hillary Clinton and Loretta Lynch, who was attorney general at the time, on the tarmac.”

A) That meeting on the tarmac was with Bill, not Hillary.

B) No, Loretta Lynch did not recuse herself. In fact, she adamantly refused to recuse herself.

C) Why does Don Lemon still have a job? Day after day he shows himself to be the most partisan, ignorant, and unprofessional talking head on television.

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Now that he’s job hunting… Colin Kaepernick says he will stand for the national anthem from now on.

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St. Louis man arrested for bomb threats against Jewish centers. The MSM has been trying to blame the recent spate of anti-Semitic incidents on Trump but the first guy arrested is a black, liberal, fake-news-perpetrating, Trump-hating, former journalist. Oops.

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CNN hires Valerie Jarrett’s daughter to report on Trump administration. The lengths they will go to in order to avoid objective journalism…

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Nancy Pelosi & hubby continue to enrich themselves with inside information. In 2012 the GOP tried to stop congresscritters from making money off inside information with legislation they dubbed the “Pelosi provision” but clearly it didn’t work. Nancy just passes the info to her husband and has him make the stock purchases.

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#Oakland USA 2017: 55-Year-Old Man Viciously Stomped To Death, Robbed Of $1.14. The libtards in Oakland will no doubt try and blame the police for this. Meanwhile forget your concealed carry permit in Alameda County unless you’re connected. The Sheriff doesn’t want you shooting any thugs.

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German Foreign Office Issues Travel Warning For Sweden Due To Terrorism Risk. Here we have a case of the pot calling the kettle overrun by terrorists.

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Democrats demand Sessions’ resignation after Russian communications surface. We have to wonder where these dummies were when Hillary lied to Congress.

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Lesbian judge grants bail to wife of Muslim who killed 49 in Orlando gay nightclub massacre. You can cut the cognitive dissonance here with a knife.

Magistrate Judge Donna M. Ryu. Photo by Hillary Jones-Mixon 059-2012

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Texas school solves Attention Deficit Disorders by tripling recess time. What!? Some common sense from public educators?

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Democrats sit on their hands during standing ovation for SEAL’s widow. What’s the right word for such behavior? Petty? Despicable? Self-destructive? Disrespectful?

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Polar bear population up 27%. But of course polar bears are still listed as a threatened species by the politicized U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, regardless of how well they’re doing. As JPAttitude pointed out seven years ago, the polar bear listing by USFWS was never about saving bears.

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60% of online Obamacare defenders are paid shills. And the other 40% are probably 25-year-old unemployed losers living in their parents’ basements.

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Tucker Carlson Embarrasses Pompous Fake Science Guy On Climate Change.

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Weekly Thread 2/28-3/8/17.

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Fresh out of prison, Jesse Jackson Jr. still stealing from taxpayers. The corrupt former congressman is collecting $38,000 annually in disability payments from Social Security and $100,000 annually in workers compensation because he claims his bipolar disorder was caused by Congress.

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White black woman can’t get a job. Turns out that other than being a diversity hire Rachel Dolezal has no marketable skills.

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