Campus-carry activist at Ohio State shot dead near campus. Shot by some raging anti-gun wingnut? Time will tell.

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54 People Shot During First Four Days of 2017 in Gun-Controlled Chicago. See what we mean about Chicago PD? Can’t find their ass even with a map.

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Obama awarded himself a medal yesterday. We know, we know, just when you had that doggone blood pressure under control, we go and post this. Sorry.

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Facebook Live Torture Victim Not Targeted Because of Race or Politics, Chicago Police Believe. No wonder these dummies can’t stop all the shootings, they have no brains.

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Holder hired to help California fight Trump administration: Unfortunately for Holder all of his ammunition is now in the hands of Mexican drug lords.

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DA charges Saucon Valley student with ethnic intimidation after racist video probe:

Saying he wants to send a message that racial harassment in schools will not be tolerated, Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli announced Tuesday that he has authorized criminal charges against a 14-year-old Saucon Valley student who produced a “repulsive” video in which he mocked a black classmate.

Note: At no point during this despicable video was any mentally challenged person kidnapped, bound, gagged, threatened with death, tortured, fed toilet water or forced to say “eff brown people”.

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Dan Rather teaching ‘Truth in the News’ course: Rule #1 for getting away with decades of partisan bias and seeking to influence elections through shoddy reporting and fake news: Make sure you’re a Democrat.

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Study: liberal churches dying, conservative churches thriving. An early nominee for 2017 No Shit Sherlock Award.

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New York Times “unexpectedly” comes out in favor of filibuster. After being against the filibuster in 2013, for the filibuster in 2005, and against the filibuster in 1995. (You get a prize if you figure out the logic behind that flip-flopping.)

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Four people arrested after footage of a young man being beaten and tortured was streamed live on Facebook. We guess it’s not enough for BLM that they murdered cops this year, now they’re after anyone who’s white. Make sure you thank Obama.


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Rep. Hudson Introduces National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill. Unless your Representatives are dummies like we have, write your Congresscritter to support this. If for no other reason that to cause mass confusion in the People’s Republik of Kalifornia.

Gun control groups oppose the plan. In an email to supporters last week, Everytown for Gun Safety described the idea of national reciprocity as “a dangerous policy that would force all 50 states to let dangerous people carry hidden, loaded guns in public–even people with violent criminal records, stalkers, and domestic abusers.”

Hey Everytown dummies. Those people already carry guns because they don’t obey laws. They’re called criminals.

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Gun Control ‘Expert’ Shoots Blanks When Tucker Asks About Assault Weapons. Yeah. “Assault weapons” kill you deader than regular guns that work exactly the same. Every moron knows that.

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Male college students to undergo ‘critical self-reflection’ of masculinity. Sounds like they want them to “dress in women’s clothing and hang around in bars.”

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The jaw-dropping new soda tax in Philadelphia. Wherever Democrats are in charge, government is dysfunctional and intrusive.

5.99 10-pack of soda
3.04 New soda tax
0.72 Regular sales tax
9.75 Total due

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U.N. Human Rights Council members for 2017: Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, China, Cuba, Iraq, Qatar, Burundi, Bangladesh, and United Arab Emirates. Lots of human rights “expertise” in that crowd, eh?

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Hannity interview: Julian Assange says Obama lying about Russians. WikiLeaks did not get the DNC emails from the Russians–he said it before, he’s saying it again.

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High crimes in Hollywood. New Year’s Eve night, someone snuck onto the iconic Hollywood sign and placed it into an altered state. So to speak.

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Former CEO of Clinton Foundation has been missing since October. Another loose thread murdered by the Clinton Crime Family, or does the FBI have him in protective custody?

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U.S. has no aircraft carrier at sea for first time since WWII. Look what Obama has done to the world’s only superpower.

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Charlie Sheen tweets for God to ‘take’ Trump next: How cute. Mr. Sheen is trying to secure some company for his career.

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FAKE NEWS? Rpt: Russian Hackers Penetrate U.S. Power Grid, Install Malicious Software Good gravy this is worse than the time the Russians sank the Lusitania, set the Reichstag on fire and murdered Harambe!

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Family Of Murdered Singer Files Lawsuit Against “Gun Free” Venue Where She Was Shot. We hope the family wins. Perhaps it will put a crimp in this gun free zone BS which is like saying to killers that no one will shoot back.

The theater where Grimmie was performing was a gun-free theater. Now, the Grimmie family has filed a lawsuit against the theater, claiming negligent security on the part of the venue. The premise of the lawsuit is if a property owner bans law abiding citizens with guns, then the property owner should be responsible if a tragedy like this one occurs.

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Painting which depicts police officers as pigs now hanging in U.S. Capitol. Brought to you by a Democrat congresscritter, of course, the “artwork” is hanging just 25 yards from where Capitol Hill police officers are screening people through metal detectors.

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Slate worries about self-driving cars causing an organ shortage. Because, you see, fewer traffic accidents will mean fewer deaths which will mean fewer organ donations. Big problem if you think like a liberal.

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Democrat caught fondling helpless 103-year-old nursing home resident. And if that’s not weird enough, the old lady is his mother-in-law.

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