Black Lives Matter leader with “social justice charity” turns out to be… a pimp? You couldn’t make this stuff up.

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Portland Public Schools board turns into book burners. The board passed a resolution Tuesday which will eliminate all books which “cast doubt on whether climate change is occurring and that the activity of human beings is responsible.”

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School Board Votes to Ban Having Valedictorians Because the ‘Competition’ is ‘Unhealthy.’ Your tax dollars at work preparing students for total utter complete failure.

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BREAKING: Famous LIBERAL Just Got 15 Years in Prison For Doing THIS To Little Kids… SPREAD THIS. One of Obama’s dreamers who was dreaming about the wrong thing.

Time Naim

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Police Chief Greg Suhr resigns after killing of woman. More like chickenshit Mayor Lee sacrifices Chief Suhr to mob rule. Wait until they go after him. We’ll enjoy the schadenfreude. Claim is the woman was “unarmed.” We guess the morons in San Francisco don’t consider someone trying to run over officers with a 4,000 pound as “armed.”

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This Man Saved A Girl From Being Stabbed To Death, And Now Target Is Suing Him For It. Just when you think the morons who run Target can’t possibly get any stupider they prove you wrong.

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Federal Judge Issues ‘Extraordinary’ Order Sanctioning the DOJ for Misconduct in Executive Amnesty Litigation. A government of the crooks, by the crooks and for the crooks.

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Republicans, Democrats Agree On A Bill To Bailout Puerto Rico. Won’t cost the taxpayers any money. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

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Iran orders Hezbollah to target Saudi Arabia instead of Israel. LOL. Israel will no doubt enjoy the break. Iran is that neighbor from hell with multiple pit bulls chained to the bumpers of multiple abandoned cars in his front yard, who sits on his porch wearing camo pants, infantry boots, and no shirt, repeatedly field stripping his AK-47 while staring at your kids.

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Is Trump backsliding on climate change now? He’s been a vocal skeptic but now that he’s got the nomination sewn up, listen to his “energy adviser:”

“My advice would be, while I’m a skeptic as well, he is a product of political populism and political populism believes that there needs [to be] some addressing of climate change.”


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And you thought abortion was bad:

“A handful of scientists around the United States are trying to do something that some people find disturbing: make embryos that are part human, part animal.”

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Liberal media turns on Sanders. It appears Bernie is becoming the Democrats version of Donald Trump. Proof the MSM is in the tank for Hillary.

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Mob burns Venezuelan man alive over $5 as justice fails. This is why you need to buy ammo and stock up on guns.

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The GOP Establishment Has Learned Nothing From Its Failure. They live in their own little bubble and they’ll be very surprised when it bursts (again).

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Van Jones: I wish Priebus was DNC chair. Well, we never thought we’d agree with Van Jones but we wish Priebus was the DNC chair, too.

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Donald Trump unveils list of his top picks for Supreme Court. Oops! He forgot about his sister.

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Oakland mayor: most dangerous place in America is Donald Trump’s mouth.  Yes, Oakland, like Chicago is such a safe Democrat run city.

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States renamed for countries with similar gun ownership. I live in Turkey. Our two presidential candidates come from Pakistan.

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Obama administration quietly approves delay of California bullet train. Somebody please shoot this project in the head and put it out of its misery.

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Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight. Kind of fun to watch if you can stomach that much uninterrupted lying.

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People’s Republic of New York goes all in on transgender appeasement. New York City businesses will be fined by the City Commission on Human Rights if they don’t use a customer’s “preferred gender pronoun.” And oh, by the way, the number of different pronouns in use by the LGBTQIA community is large. And fluid.

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Insurer sues feds over ObamaCare losses. Funny the health insurance morons were all for Obamacare when they thought they were going to get rich.

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German Linguistics Professor: Germans Need To Learn Arabic Because Of Immigrant Influx. No moron. How about the refugees learn German?

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The Chart That Will Make Every American Driver Angry. Bend forward for Chevron-Texaco, Marathon, Exxon, Shell, et al.


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US slaps Chinese steelmakers with 522% tax to protect home production: Commerce Department moves to stop Beijing ‘dumping’ cheap steel abroad. This is funny considering everyone’s complaining about Trump’s threat of slapping tariffs on China so look what Obama does. We’d also like to know who makes steamship containers in the United States? I met a woman in Kansas City years ago (same date as the OKC bombing 4/19/1995) who was closing her steamship container manufacturing company down because she couldn’t compete with the Chinese, Koreans and Italians (yes the Italians).

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