Senator Feinstein’s INSANE REQUEST After Comey Hearing. Her and Nancy Pelosi must be having a race to see who ends up in a mental institution first.

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WATCH: London Mayor Asked About 400 Jihadis Still In London. His Answer Is A Disaster. Khan artist.

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London terror attack: Jeremy Corbyn tells Theresa May ‘you cannot protect the public on the cheap’: Socialism will always fail because socialists will continue to waste resources until there are no more to consume. Case in point. Given a scenario in which one well trained officer with a gun is more effective than 20 uncoordinated, out of shape pity hires with clipboards Crony Corbyn will pick the boobie bobbies and expect the public to pay every time.

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California Hands China Propaganda Win with Rogue Climate Deal. California Dicktater Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown spewed carbon all over the place to sign a treaty with a foreign government (China) which is illegal. Sessions should have him arrested.

We gave Jerry a couple of egg rolls with his treaty so he wouldn’t notice he got bent.

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From Russia With Stupidity. Comey is certainly no James Bond. We have to ask why in the hell he would withhold the information that Trump was not being investigated all this time.

Comey’s lame excuse? “Well, I can’t tell the truth that the president wasn’t being investigated because maybe it’s theoretically possible that someday he might be investigated, and then I’d have to tell the truth a second time. Better to never tell the truth at all.”

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Idaho: Muslim refugees who sexually assaulted 5-year-old girl get probation, judge silences victims. Judge Assholio cannot silence IHTM.  Below is a photo of Judge Assholio. We hope he runs into some rapey Muslims out in the middle of nowhere some night.

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Comey: A six-foot, eight-inch Pajama Boy. Waaahhhh! That mean old President Trump scared me! Where’s my blankie?

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NSA Leaker Hopes Being ‘White And Cute’ Will Help Get Her Off The Hook. Like they say “1 out of 2 ain’t bad.”

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Video Captures Woman Fall Into Sidewalk Cellar While Texting. We don’t know about you but we’re glad she wasn’t driving.

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Media blackout in Wisconsin to protect Democrat Mark Pocan. Mr. Pocan, from Madison, as discovered by investigative journalists at the Washington Free Beacon, is sponsoring an anti-Israel forum on Capitol Hill where leftwing anti-Semites can showcase their propaganda… surely an inappropriate activity for either a U.S. government building or a U.S. congressman.

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North Korea accuses Trump of being ‘selfish’ over Paris climate pact There is nothing surprising about North Korea wanting America to engage in practices that will harm Americans. It is absolutely shameful that so many other people, that should know better, want the exact same thing.

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Elizabeth Warren As An Action Figure (Native American Headdress Sold Separately): Now with “tomahawk chop” grip!

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London mayor’s links to Muslim extremists. Just thought we should all know who this guy is, who is having a war of words with Donald Trump and trying to have the U.S. president disinvited to London.

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CHELSEA CLINTON REFUSES TO SIGN BOOK FOR JUANITA BROADDRICK. Evidently women who have been silenced doesn’t include daddy’s alleged rape partners.

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Liberal Judge Can’t Believe He Has to Uphold U.S. Immigration Law. This is a typical activist ‘judge’ planted by the Democrats in the 9th Circuit. Frankly we’re amazed this dipstick didn’t make up something.

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TOWN HALL SHUTS DOWN WHEN REP. NANETTE BARRAGAN RUNS AND HIDES FROM TRUMP SUPPORTERS. We say sock it to them. Let the left find out what it feels like to be shut down.

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Michigan’s first Muslim-controlled city council. Skip to the nine-minute mark and watch what happens to democracy when Muslims take over. Coming soon to a city near you.

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Our Salute to the Brave D-Day Veterans who Lived and Died. God bless them all.


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Notre Dame: Man shot by French police after ‘terror’ attack with hammer and knives. So far all we see is “man.” Perhaps the MSM will get creative in their efforts to hide Muslim terrorists and say his name is Maxwell and he had a silver hammer.

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85% drop in food stamp recipients after work requirement restarted. Gosh, who could’ve seen that coming?

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Secret Code in Color Printers Lets Government Track You. If you’re planning on sending threatening letters don’t use your computer printer.

Tiny Dots Show Where and When You Made Your Print

Tiny Dots Show Where and When You Made Your Print

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Bernie Sanders Made More Than $1 Million in 2016 Uncle Bernito got rich by condemning the rich and championing policies that would make us all poor. Socialist Troll Level: Master.

Bonus: Bernie says multimillionaires should be paying more in taxes but only pays 13.5 percent on his million dollar income.

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Gov’t contractor charged with leaking classified info to media: report. She’ll be getting a dose of reality now, Obama is no longer in power to provide cover.

Last month, the contractor — Reality Leigh Winner — allegedly “printed and improperly removed classified intelligence reporting, which contained classified national defense information” before mailing the materials to an unnamed online news outlet a few days later, according to prosecutors.

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Neighbor Kills Oklahoma Man Trying to Drown Twin Babies, Police Say. Good guy with gun saves day. We suspicion this is on NBC and MSN is because they’re hoping the cops will arrest him for murdering a murderer. H/T poppajoe49

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CNN Host Who Called Trump A ‘Piece Of Sh**’ Has History Of Profane Tweets. CNN has a history of being stupid.

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