Joint FBI-US Attorney Probe Of Clinton Foundation Is Underway. We won’t be holding our breath that anything will happen. Comey, Lynch or Obama will stab this investigation in the eye with a fork and kill it.

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US Attorney: Six face charges of growing pot on Shasta-Trinity NF. Typical press. No mention of their status as legal or illegal aliens. They did publish where they’re from. $10 says they’re all illegal aliens save for one. Jerry Brown welcomes people like this to California.

– Salvador Guzman-Juarez, 28, of Mexico.

– Dolores Castorena, 75, of Los Angeles.

– Pedro Nolasco-Sanchez, 36, of Mexico.

– Fidel Nolasco-Sanchez, 32, of Mexico.

– Zenon Nolasco-Sanchez, 32, of Mexico.

– Juan Nolasco-Sanchez, 27, of Mexico

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Leaked e-mail shows Soros urged Clinton to intervene in Albania civil unrest. Guess who she’ll be taking her orders from if she’s President?

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CENTCOM Altered Intel to Make Obama’s War Against Islamic State Look Better. Something else that sounds like the 3rd Reich, no one there wanted to give Hitler any bad reports. So much for the “JV Team.”

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Chicago’s bloodiest day in more than a DECADE: Nine people killed – including young boy shot in back as he played with his twin sister – as crime runs roughshod over Windy City. Again we ask: Al? Jessie? Obama? BLM? Where are you?

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Ten Minutes of MSM Cutting Off People Who Dare Criticize Hillary: They might as well be wearing “I’m with her” buttons.

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Female Sailor Captured by Iran Awarded Bravery Medal for Pushing Beacon Button. Acts of bravery just hit a new low. Obama should give her the Congressional Medal of Honor for extreme button pushing in the face of the enemy.

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Dems worried another hacked email trove could surface before November. We hope so. Bwahahahahahaha!

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UNHINGED ANTI-TRUMP MEDIA EXPOSED: Secret Service Confirms Top CNN “Journalist” Jim Sciutto Lied – -They Never Contacted Trump Over Hillary. Meaning Trump’s alleged threat was nothing other than screaming media making up BS.

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Macy’s plans to close 100 stores. We wonder how much of this is due to Trumpsters cutting up their credit cards?

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Dan Rather Warns Trump Supporters: History is Watching. Dan Rather knows something about the judgements of history. He is destined to be remembered as that guy that had to resign in disgrace after it was discovered he was trying to rig an election.

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Remember That Time Hillary Made a Veiled Assassination Threat Against Her Opponent? If not, feel free to refresh your memory. H/T deepthinker

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Socialist Bernie Sanders plunks down $600,000 for third house. This one is on an island in Lake Champlain and has 500 feet of lake frontage. Some animals are more equal than others.

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Donald Trump: ‘Second Amendment’ gun advocates could deal with Hillary Clinton Someone should ask Chris Stevens which is worse -being the victim of a bad joke about assassinations or being the victim of an actual assassination. Unfortunately nobody can ask Chris Stevens anything. Hillary Clinton let him die.

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Hacker demonstrates how to compromise voting machine. The dude didn’t even have to leave the voting booth. He brought with him a $15 device you can buy online which allowed him to vote as many times as he wanted. And he said that was only one way he could hack the results.

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Emails reveal Hillary’s shocking pay-for-play scheme. Oh lookie! Something else for Comey to ignore.

The stunning revelations include how wealthy contributors seeking influence or prestigious government gigs could fork over piles of cash to get access to Clinton’s inner circle, including top aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills.

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The Pipeline’s Approved – Environmentalists are Angry. We’d imagine Big Daddy Buffet isn’t too happy either. No more oil hauling on his choo-choos.

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U.S. Special Operations troops aiding Libyan forces in major battle against Islamic State. Seriously, can’t the morons in the Obama administration keep their damn mouths shut? This is endangering our troops and the British troops. Why don’t they just give ISIS the effing GPS coordinates?

U.S. officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a mission that has not been announced publicly, said the American troops were operating out of a joint operations center on the city’s outskirts and that their role was limited to supporting forces loyal to the country’s fragile unity government.

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20 Years In Prison: That’s The Punishment For The FELONY Obama Just Committed. No worries for Obama. The feckless chickenshit GOP on Capitol Hill with hide under their desks and go cuck cuck cuck.

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Muslim-American fencer using Olympic platform to criticize America. Yet another reason not to watch the crappy & corrupt fiasco in Rio.

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Scientist predicts global cooling. Clearly this woman needs reeducation. If they pin her eyes open and make her watch Al Gore’s documentary twenty times in a row, she will happily rejoin the hive.

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FOX News’ Medical Team: What Do Hillary Clinton’s Neurological Records Show? More speculation on Hillary’s medical condition. It would appear she’s either got a medical problem or she was tanked. Notice it appears the black gentleman who allegedly carries a diazepam pen is to her left.

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‘Budget-Crunched’ VA Has 167 Interior Designers On Staff. Well it must be nice for dying veterans who are spending months in the waiting room to see a doctor to have some foo-foo around to look at.

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Hillary Mystery Handler Spotted With Syringe Full of Shocking Meds Right Next to Her. Diazepam pen anyone? We can’t tell 100% from the photo at the link but there certainly is a resemblance. There’s another photo floating around on Twitter that purports to be on her doctor’s letterhead claiming she has seizures and dementia. We haven’t put it up because we’re unable to find any source at all much less a credible one.

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Will Smith Hopes America Can ‘Cleanse’ Itself of Trump Supporters. “Cleanse” sounds rather Hitleresque don’t you think? As an aside, we wonder what his Muslim buddies over there would do with his skirt wearing son? Tall building anyone?

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