First sanctuary city caves! Miami-Dade County, designated a sanctuary county by the Obama administration in 2016, just “ordered [its] jails to comply with federal requests to detain immigrants, citing President Donald Trump’s executive order earlier this week.” That’s one down…

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Amazon Sales of 1984 Soar Following Donald Trump’s Inauguration For years people have been spied on through their phones, misled to about the purpose of major legislation (remember Jonathan “The People Are Too Stupid To Be Trusted With The Truth” Gruber?) and lied to by the MSM with news that is “fake, but accurate”. Now all of a sudden they’re waking up. So thank you Donald Trump, you are already making Americans great again.

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Trump believes millions voted illegally, WH says — but provides no proof: Weird, that is just about the same amount of proof there is that Russia “hacked” our election.

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Dan Rather Blasts Kellyanne Conway, Says ‘Alternate Facts’ is a ‘Propaganda Tool’: Yes, this is the very same Dan Rather that got fired for presenting fraudulent documents to the American people as news in an effort to “rig” an election and later defended his lies as “fake, but accurate”. No, he has no sense or shame or irony.

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Islamic Terrorist Recruiter Hired By George Washington U. Has Been Busted For HOOKERS AND BLOW. We guess he just couldn’t wait for his 72 virgins.


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California Officials Instruct State DMV Programmers To Remove Undocumented Alien Flags on Drivers Licenses So now Jerry Moonbeam Brown is violating the law again. Looks like a twofold move designed to make it harder for the Feds to figure out who the illegals are and make it easier for them to vote.

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Mexican president cancels visit to Washington as tensions with Trump intensify. Maybe Presidente’ Pendejo will go visit Jerry Brown in Nutzifornia.

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The State Department’s entire senior management team just resigned. Well it appears the ‘mature adults’ have left the room.

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Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway allegedly punched a man in the face at President Trump’s inaugural ball. Charles Gasparino, who viewed the altercation said: “Now I know why trump hired her.”

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Soros and Mastercard join forces to profit from immigration. Helping screw the US and Europe by using MasterCard to fund it? Priceless.

Soros MasterCard

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Top 10 U.S. sanctuary cities face roughly $2.27 billion in cuts by Trump policy. Looks like he just told a bunch of liberal mayors and city councils to F-Off, too. We can’t wait until he gets to Jerry Brown and the nutbag Democrats in Sacramento.

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Trump Just Told Obama To F-Off, The 221 Million Dollars Is America’s Money, Here’s What He’s Doing With It Now! Hello? Terrorists? No money for you!

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Cynthia Dill: ‘Intersectionality’ defines Women’s March on Washington. I Hate the Media defines Intersectionality: When you’re a well to do white person that feels the need to appropriate some disadvantage points from a community that has historically faced greater marginalization.

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White DNC chair candidate: My job will be to ‘shut other white people down’. As the top democrat her job will to be shut all people down.

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Chelsea Handler says Melania Trump ‘barely speaks English’ despite First Lady speaking several languages: Hardly.

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Israel plans 2,500 settler homes in post-Trump expansion: Jews will not be the victims of segregation in their own homeland, take that Jim Crowbama!

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Gangster commuted by Obama is executed in halfway house. Well that didn’t work out.

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Trump continuing Obama’s executive amnesty on illegals. A huge betrayal. Trump seems to have forgotten it was his hardline stance on immigration that put him in the White House.

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Woman accused of smearing bananas on cars at Trump’s club. Man they just keep getting crazier. Then they wonder why people voted for Trump.


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Woman Slashes Trump Sign… Threatens To Attack Owner. And we have another ‘winner’ in the I’m an entitled libtard crowd.

Elizabetn McSurdy

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Passengers cheer as woman berating Trump supporter is kicked off plane. Well, I can’t find this on YouTube so you’ll have to go to the link to see it. It’s well worth watching how crazy the looney left can get. I feel sorry for her husband, poor bastard.

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Ashley Judd is a nasty woman. Every once in a whole liberals accidentally say something that is true. (23 second mark)

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Hillary bribed Republicans to attack Trump. The names mentioned will not surprise you: Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, Paul Ryan, John McCain, and Lindsay Graham.

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“They pray in church on Sunday and prey on people the rest of the week.” That’s what Nancy Pelosi, currently the leader of the Democrat Party, said Friday about people in middle America.

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Nancy Sinatra puts on boots and walks all over CNN. After CNN published an article claiming she was unhappy about Trump using her father’s song at his inauguration, she corrected them by asking the question we’ve all been asking for a long time: “Why do you lie, CNN?”

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