Gay pastor apologizes, says Whole Foods cake slur a hoax: That seems to be a theme with the Gaystapo.

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Congressman: Classified details of Iran’s treatment of US sailors will shock nationAt this point does anything the Obama administration screws up surprise anyone? It would be shocking if they did something right for a change.

“I think that when the details actually come out, most Americans are going to be kind of taken aback by the entire incident, both how Iran handled it and how we handled it,” Forbes disclosed. “I think that’s going to be huge cause for concern for most Americans. That’s why I’ve encouraged members of Congress to get that briefing so they do know exactly what did take place.”

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Maryland woman seeking to normalize naked breasts in public. Oh great, so what bathroom is she going to use?

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Donald Trump Calls Elizabeth Warren ‘Pocahontas’ We’ve been waiting on a candidate to call Fauxcahontas out for years. But why does it have to be this guy?

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Can Buffett-backed bid unlock Yahoo growth where others failed? More importantly. Can Warren Buffet start paying his own taxes before complaining once again that his tax rates are too low?

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“We’re Going To Do It, F**k It” – Venezuela’s Maduro Orders Military Exercises For Next Weekend. Communism sounds great until it ain’t. Hopefully their military will exercise on him and remove him from power before it gets any worse.

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Study: Abortion more dangerous than childbirth. Which is the opposite of what Planned Parenthood claims.

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Nevada Democrat Convention Erupts in Total CHAOS AND VIOLENCE (VIDEOS). Schadenfreude time.


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Democrat lawmakers in California are preparing to launch “Gunpocalypse” on Monday, May 16. Meanwhile the same bunch of morons are perfectly happy having illegal alien felons running all over the place and letting convicted felons out of jail early. They should change the name of the state from California to Cognitive Dissonance.

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Clarence Thomas tells graduates to simply be good citizens. Students run for their safe spaces and seek immediate psychiatric counseling. Thank goodness Justice Thomas didn’t have any chalk.

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German Gun Ownership SKYROCKETS To 301,000 In Response To Migrant Crisis. No matter what BS the politicians come up with people want to feel secure. If the government won’t do it, they will.

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High-ranking NYPD officer questioned in federal corruption probe commits suicide on golf course. It might be easier to say who isn’t included in this probe.

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Vegas Tycoon Sheldon Adelson Throws Support Behind Trump. We assume ‘throws’ means throwing copious sums of money, which means self-funding just got thrown out the window. Then you have to wonder what Trump’s going to do for the payback.


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Bill Clinton’s son Danny by Little Rock street hooker. Sired in 1985 when Bill was governor. Both the mother and the mother’s sister passed lie detector tests but no paternity test was ever done.

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Media Silent as Bernie Sanders Packs California Stadium Beyond Capacity. Hillary be like freakin’ out, can’t give a speech in LA for more than about a minute.


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OOPS! HECKLERS FORCE HILLARY OFF Stage In LA After Only One Minute. Man, if you’re a Democrat and can’t play to a crowd in LA you’re toast.

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Flight logs show Bill Clinton flew on sex offender’s jet much more than previously known. If Hillary is elected the First Pedophile can sneak down on AF-1.

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Pfizer Blocks the Use of Its Drugs in Executions. States with the death penalty should tell the drug companies to stuff their drugs and go back to firing squads, hanging, gas chamber or the electric chair. Too bad they don’t seem to worry about sick people as much as they worry about criminals. We refer to overpriced drugs you can get elsewhere for way less.


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House panel to hold impeachment hearings for IRS head. About effing time.

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Trump Hits Stephanopoulos for Pro-Hillary Bias, Says His Taxes Are ‘None of Your Business’: Love him or hate him this is why Trump is getting ahead. Because after years of milquetoast Republicans backing down and apologizing for offenses that pale in comparison to those of their Democrat counterparts there is finally a candidate that will stand up and unreservedly fire back.

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Obama administration tells schools to give transgender students extra bathroom privileges. The man who once famously said that he didn’t want his daughter “punished with a baby” is now itching to have your daughter punished with a sexual predator.

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Trump says Washington Post owner Bezos has ‘huge antitrust problem’: Amazon does their job better than anybody else in the world. And being that their job is providing consumers with the highest quality merchandise at the lowest price we’re kinda upset that the guy that couldn’t make money off of a casino is going to mess it up. Trump: Make America pay again!!!

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Clinton charity gave $2M to company owned by Bill’s ‘friend.’ We can’t wait until he’s in the White House as the First Sleaze.


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Subaru tells some Legacy, Outback owners: Don’t drive them. Just in case any of our readers have one of the affected models.  The recall covers 2016 Legacys and Outbacks made from Feb. 29, 2016 to May 6, 2016. Also covered are 2017 Legacys and Outbacks made from April 18, 2016 to April 29, 2016.

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Here Come A Lot Of Angry Teamsters: One Of America’s Largest Pension Funds Demands A Taxpayer Bailout. Here we go folks. The Democrats created this problem, so now we’re (the US Taxpayers) are supposed to bail them out. Hang on to your money.

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