Teen Vogue Writer Twists Knife After Taking Down Tucker Carlson: Or -to put it more honestly- vapid proglodyte cries sexism because the big bad man won’t let her win.

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A Defiant Israel Vows to Expand Its Settlements Sorry Jim Crowbama, but the Jewish people don’t need your permission to integrate themselves into their own country.

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Rabbi uses National Menorah lighting to trash Obama UN move: How are you going to celebrate the liberation of the Jewish homeland the day after you excoriate the Jews for wanting to live in their homeland? Make no mistake; had O Duce been alive during the time of Judah Maccabee he would have condemned him.

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Tweet o’ the day – Michael Reagan. Gotta love this one.

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Ha! Bloomberg Blew $20 Million On Unenforceable Nevada BG Check Bill. You have to love it when Mayor Big Gulp gets bitch-slapped.

Ballot Question 1 requires that private party gun transfers – with a few exceptions – be subject to a federal background check through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System administered by the FBI.

The FBI sent a letter Dec. 14 to the state of Nevada’s Department of Public Safety saying it would not conduct these checks. The department asked for a legal opinion on the letter’s ramifications.

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The Enemy Within: Bribes Bore a Hole in the U.S. Border. OK, so they’re nailing some of these people. What about a government that looks the other way as thousands of illegals cross the border into the US? Is someone going to nail them?

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Professor who called Trump election “terrorism” claims she’s been under constant attack. While we don’t condone harassing people or threatening their lives you have to enjoy a libtard getting some of her own medicine back. Calling the election “terrorism?” Plain stupid.

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Obama admin fires scientist for NOT lying to Congress. In the Obama administration if you tell the truth you’re screwed. H/T poppajoe49

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Senior Facebook Employee Arrested For Allegedly Soliciting Unprotected Sex From Underage Girl.  When real news hits the dummies who don’t like “fake news.”


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Poetic justice for singers who rejected invitations to sing at Inauguration. Jackie Evancho, the 16-year-old who accepted Trump’s invitation, has seen her album sales skyrocket. In fact, her Christmas album was selling so fast stores had to keep re-ordering.

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Weekly Thread: 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 days until Obama is gone. We’re down to single digits.

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California man facing DUI charges for having caffeine in his system. Just when you think California can’t get any dumber…

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Another Chicago alderman indicted. He stole charity money from poor children and extorted money from business owners but his lawyer says he was stupid, not a criminal. Quick lesson in basic logic for the lawyer: you can be stupid and criminal–one does not preclude the other.

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Obama stabs Israel in the back at UN. For half a century, the UN has tried to gang up on Israel while the U.S. vetoed anti-Israel resolutions in the Security Council. Yesterday, the U.S. abstained and let the resolution pass. Like a steaming oozy turd pile, Obama is determined to stink up as much as he can before he leaves the White House.

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Prince Charles tells Brits to be more mindful of Muslims during Christmas. If this yahoo ever reaches the throne, he’ll be the immediate frontrunner for Dumbest King in History.

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Founder of Snopes allegedly embezzled money to spend on prostitutes. Then he married a porn star and hired her as a Snopes administrator.

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Pope Francis knew about pedophile priest in Argentina and did nothing. The priest liked working at Catholic schools for the deaf because when he raped the little kids, classmates couldn’t hear the screams. When he got caught doing this in Italy, church hierarchy transferred him to a school for the deaf in Argentina. In 2014, his Italian victims wrote directly to Pope Francis, telling him what the man had done and that he was now in the Pope’s native country. The Pope did nothing.

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Court dismisses Michael Mann defamation lawsuit against National Review. Evidently Mann’s anal distress wasn’t caused by climate change or National Review as far as this judge is concerned. Perhaps that hockey stick is causing problems.

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The racist explanation for why Voter ID laws are racist. Hilarious video. First the guy asks white liberals to explain why Voter ID laws are racist–then he shares their explanations with black people in Harlem.

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Arrest made in 11/1 burning of black church in Mississippi. The arsonist spray-painted the words “Vote Trump” so of course certain assumptions were made by the liberal media. Now, guess what color the perpetrator is.

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Audit of Everytown’s Claimed 200+ School Shootings Since Sandy Hook. Reality is an entirely different thing.

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’Metallica Frontman Leaves Calif. Home Due to ‘Elitist Attitude.’ Yes there’s no shortage of that in Occupied Kalifornia.

To fit in you must be:

  1. Democrat
  2. Liberal while screaming the right should not have free speech
  3. Vegan
  4. Anti Gun
  5. Anti Hunting while eating a steak for dinner
  6. Pro Illegal Alien, including felons who murder innocent people minding their own business in SF
  7. Able to let felons vote
  8. Able to declare artists as special people who can live in hovel warehouses that are extremely dangerous while fining businesses who do the same
  9. Able to drive in your Prius at 45 MPH in the fast lane while ignoring the 500 cars who just passed you on the right while flipping you off
  10. Able to never signal if you drive a BMW
  11. Think Jerry Brown is a god
  12. Think cheater Gavin Newsom is the best choice for the next governor
  13. Think criminals actually obey laws
  14. Able to walk over or around homeless people with impunity and then ask what’s being done for the homeless
  15. Ignore smells of urine and poop in BART stations and lousy BART service while complaining the overpaid union workers need a raise
  16. Able to protest the death penalty and enjoy abortions
  17. Able to protest if a white cop shoots a black person but ignore black people shooting whites, Hispanics and other blacks
  18. Against fracking while driving  your 7 MPG Bentley
  19. Able to love Jerry Brown’s bullet train to nowhere
  20.  Able to complain about high taxes while voting for more high taxes
  21. Able to complain about the bad condition of roads while voting against raising the gas tax
  22. Able to send your children to private schools while complaining about school choice
  23. Able to complain about rampant crime while protesting the police
  24. Able to save mountain lions from hunting then complain they’re in your backyard trying to make your poodle FiFi into dinner.
  25. Able to save the trees then complain when there are huge forest fires all over the state
  26. Able to complain about the water shortage than protest any new dams for increased water storage and desalination plants
  27. Able to ignore Hillary rigged the Democrat primary and screwed Bernie Sanders then vote for Hillary
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Updated NASA Data: Global Warming Not Causing Any Polar Ice Retreat. Chicken Little proven wrong again.


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Yikes: MTV Video ‘2017 Resolutions for White Guys’ Airs Laundry List of Grievances Everyone in this “PSA” is making a rich white exec even richer. Well played Viacom, well played.

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