Fire breaks out at Hillary and Bill Clinton’s compound in Chappaqua, New York: Liar, Liar, compound paid for with ill-gotten gains on fire.

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Gov. Cuomo: State will sue to block federal tax overhaul. And why does Kooky Cuomo not like the tax overhaul? Because it eliminates the loopholes that allows citizens of the Empire State to shift the high cost of being a New Yorker to all the rest of the country. Or, to put it in terms the unhinged left might prefer, Cuomo is looking to rob the red states to pay for the blue.

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Manafort files Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief. He’s trying to bury the DOJ and Mueller. We think he has a shot. The entire complaint is at the link.

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Trump slams Bannon after criticism, says ex-chief strategist ‘lost his mind.’ It’s popcorn time! In the book, ‘Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,’  Steve Bannon claims the meeting between a Russian lawyer and Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort was “treasonous” and “unpatriotic.” Trump’s response is below.

“Steve Bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency,” Trump wrote. “When he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind. Steve was a staffer who worked for me after I had already won the nomination by defeating seventeen candidates, often described as the most talented field ever assembled in the Republican party.”

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Bernie Sanders Holds Up New York City Mayor As Model For The Trump Opposition. Dear Democrats, Please let Bernie keep running his mouth. With help like this Trump may not even need a campaign in 2020.

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London’s Metropolitan Police force will no longer investigate most ‘nonserious’ crime. London and California seem to be in a race to the bottom. Thanks to Proposition 47, in California if you steal less than $950 you basically get out of jail free.

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Progress Being Made on Jerry Brown’s Bullet Train to Nowhere. Yes IHTM has scooped up footage of Jerry Brown’s train. So far up to $1.7 billion for a whopping 119 miles of track.

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Long lines to buy legal weed in California. Yes folks, the California government wants you to be stoned and disarmed so you don’t mess with their illegal alien voters.

Customers line up at the counter to purchase marijuana at Harborside in Oakland, Calif., on Monday, Jan. 1, 2018. Residents of California can now legally purchase recreational marijuana. The store opened their doors at 6 a.m. to a crowd of over 250 people. (Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group)

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Welcome to California. Get your free Get out of Jail and Democrat Voter Registration Card. IHTM thanks whomever put this sign up. It has more truth in it than the entire state government has in their little fingers.

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Our first “No shit, Sherlock!” moment of the year: Baltimore residents are blaming the city’s high murder rate on reduced policing.

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They finally caught that Nigerian prince. And it turns out he’s not Nigerian and he’s not a prince. He’s a 67-year-old white guy from Louisiana.

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Niagra Falls is frozen over with parts of the United States are now colder than the surface of Mars. Yes it’s more global warming, brought to you by Al Gore and friends.

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California Led U.S. with 490 UFO Sightings in 2017. With legalized marijuana we are predicting 2018 will set a new California UFO sighting record.

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Meat Tax’ Proposal Highlights Why People Can’t Stand Vegans. More liberals who want to regulate everything. Regardless what it is it must be regulated.

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Idiot “protests” Trump by yelling at his robot doll during Disney World Show. Yes folks, this is how unhinged the left has become about Trump.

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Bed Bugs Force Closure of Urgent Care at Veterans Center. It appears to us Trump should go up there and spout off  ‘you’re fired” to some people.

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CNBC director accused of peeping at his teenage au pair girl with hidden camera. In her bathroom. Just when you thought all this sexual harassment crap was finally winding down, it gets even creepier.

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Asteroid the size of a bus that Nasa only spotted on Christmas Day is set to have a ‘near miss’ with Earth TODAY as it flies between our planet and the moon at 21,000mph. While NASA pontificates about global warming they miss this. Perhaps they should change their focus. If we get whacked by an asteroid global warming won’t matter one whit.


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EXCLUSIVE: Top Execs Continue To Flee Clinton-Linked Laureate Education. Another Clinton money-laundering apparatus appears to be on its last legs. An alternate title could be: When hillbillies play in the big leagues.

The for-profit education company is best known for paying former President Bill Clinton nearly $18 million to serve as the “Honorary Chairman” at Laureate International Universities (LIU), the company’s main corporate entity. LIU also donated up to $5 million to the Clinton Foundation, according to the Clinton Foundation’s website.

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Plummeting temperatures could send the world into a ‘mini ice age’ in 2030 and could OVERRIDE global warming, claim mathematicians. We hear Al Gore is planning on starting a new Carbon Credit Exchange where you get paid to drive an SUV, junk  your electric car, use your BBQ and burn wood in your fireplace.

In a little over a decade the world could be plunged into a ‘mini ice age’, scientists have warned. Temperatures will start dropping in 2021, according to a mathematical model of the Sun’s magnetic energy. This, they say, will lead to a phenomenon known as the ‘Maunder minimum’ – which has previously been known as a mini ice age when it hit between 1646 and 1715, even causing London’s River Thames to freeze over.

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Newsweek: Melania Killing Historic White House Tree. Yet more desperation from NewsWeak. The tree is dying and dangerous and needs to go, but hey, let’s blame Melania Trump.

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Happy New Year – What’s your resolution?

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One Third of Last Year’s Homicide Increase in the US Due To Chicago. What? Democrats will say that the first 50,000 gun-control laws didn’t work which is proof we need more.

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Trump’s top 10 accomplishments of 2017. Not bad for a guy who has some of his own party, the Democrats and liberal courts fighting his every move.

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The Senate Waited Until Christmas To Reveal How Many Harassment Settlements Were Paid Out. Of course we still don’t know who the harassers are.

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