Rapper’s Ankle Bracelet Goes off in White House: The Obama’s have turned the people’s house into an outhouse.

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UnitedHealth to Trim ACA Exchanges to ‘Handful’ of States. The law of supply and demand doesn’t work without profit. Something Obama and his band of liberals don’t comprehend.


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Weekly Thread 4/18-4/25/2016 Comments away!

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BREAKING: US Senate Makes Major Announcement That Concealed Carriers Will LOVE! Federal reciprocal concealed carry. But don’t get too excited. Obama will no doubt veto it.

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Lawmaker wants feds to harass small gun sellers out of business. If Dianne Feinstein had a son.

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45% of Americans pay no federal income tax. Today, “Tax Day, “should henceforth be known as ‘Income Redistribution Day” and IRS should stand for “Income Redistrubition Service.” We wonder if they’re counting all the illegal aliens?


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We’re from the United Nations and we’re here to help. UN Ambassador Samantha Power’s motorcade ran over a small child this morning while traveling through the small Cameroon city of Moloko at a high rate of speed. The child died at the scene. The motorcade did not stop.

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Battery charges dropped, Corey Lewandowski goes on Fox News and lies. No the chairman of the Florida GOP is not a Rubio supporter and no he doesn’t get to appoint 30 of Florida’s 99 delegates so no Trump isn’t getting cheated in Florida.

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Merkel allows prosecution of German comedian who mocked Turkish president: So which proglodyte entertainer currently boycotting North Carolina is going to be the first to cancel out on Germany?

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Ann Coulter: There’s No Rule Stopping a State from “giving all of its delegates to Kim Kardashian” It is true. State GOP officials are just as free to give delegates to a spoiled trust fund kid famous for reality TV and sex scandals as they are to give them to Mrs. Kanye West.

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Lena Dunham: ‘White Men’ Can’t Understand What It’s Like To Be ‘Under Attack’ Said no combat veteran ever.

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Muslim Woman Admitted To The Citadel… On Day 1, Makes STUNNING Demand. Imagine what would happen if you moved to a Muslim country and started demanding stuff? H/T poppajoe49

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Obama Just Named Navy Warship Something That Infuriated Many – A Big Slap In The Face To Military. It certainly is. Levin is one of the people responsible for decimating our military. H/T poppajoe49

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Federal Judge Says Texas Can’t Outlaw Harboring Illegal Aliens. We suggest Governor Abbott drop them off at the judge’s house for the time being.

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Coachella plans fall music festival with no performer under age 70. Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, The Who, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Pink Floyd… hopefully they will have replacements lined up in case someone keels over before the concert date.

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Bathroom laws spurring transgender Americans to organize: Because the right of preferred citizens to turn our bathrooms into centers of rape culture shall not be infringed!

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Obama boots anti-Castro activist out of U.S. The guy’s been here nearly 50 years and Obama is refusing to detain or boot millions of illegal border crossers in the Southwest, but hey, who cares about consistency? When you start dancing to Castro’s tune, you can’t stop halfway through the song.

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Sanders: ‘Of course’ Sandy Hook victims should be able to sue gun manufacturers. Based on this Bernie must think if some moron deliberately drives their car into a wall at 100 MPH the family should be able to sue the automobile manufacturer. If you were even remotely entertaining voting for this idiot, don’t.

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George Clooney admits money he raised for Hillary Clinton is ‘obscene.’ $353,400 for 2 plates of food? Obscene. Having to listen to him and Hillary screech for several hours? Unbearable.

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Mercury News editorial: Feinstein still clueless on tech after all these years. She’s also clueless on firearms and loves the NSA, FBI and CIA snooping around, unless they’re spying on her, then it’s different. But, she has a D after her name on the ballot so the morons of California will continue to re-elect her.

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How US covered up Saudi role in 9/11. So what about the Bush family? No mention of GW Bush who had to be responsible for this coverup? We also have Obama heading to Saudi Arabia this Tuesday? Why? So he can genuflect to the King and kiss his royal behind?

Actually, the kingdom’s involvement was deliberately covered up at the highest levels of our government. And the coverup goes beyond locking up 28 pages of the Saudi report in a vault in the US Capitol basement. Investigations were throttled. Co-conspirators were let off the hook.

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California minimum wage hike hits L.A. apparel industry: ‘The exodus has begun.’ Jerry Brown and the liberal Democrats driving off jobs by the thousands.


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Baaaad idea: DoD spent $6 million on failed goat-mating project. This really gets our goat.

Surprised Goat

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State seeks to pick up pace on bringing Syrian refugees to US. Yep, 1,500 per month. Notice not one word as to whether they’re vetted or not. Like they could actually vett them because either Assad has the records and won’t provide them, or they’ve been destroyed. If you like this vote Democrat.

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Billion Dollar Lawsuits Filed Following Deutsche Bank’s Admission Of Gold, Silver Rigging. Evidently they think they’re über alles.


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