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Joy Behar Lectures Ben Carson: GOP Should be ‘Applauding’ Planned Parenthood.

So, how important is birth control then to the Republican Party? They should be out there applauding Planned Parenthood for supplying birth control, mammograms, and everything else. Why are they against Planned Parenthood? Are you against birth control too?

Note to Joy Bahar. Good luck getting a mammogram at Planned Parenthood because the sad fact is they don’t provide them. Further note to Joy Bayhar. Don’t lecture us about the supply of birth control until you’ve held Planned Parenthood to account for all their puritanical efforts to keep it overpriced, over-regulated and most decidedly not over the counter.

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Obama finds new way to violate Constitution. Instead of appointing a person to his cabinet, which would require Senate confirmation, he simply promoted someone to the position “temporarily.” Temporarily as in for the rest of his term as president.

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Houston transgender bathroom bill debate centers on differing definitions of ‘men’ Men are those people you run across in society and are free to offend. Non men are those people that you run across in society and are not free to offend. Hope that clears everything up.

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Dropping Like Flies: Another HUGE Union Abandoning Clinton Endorsement. The fire fighters union’s hoses evidently went limp.

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In rural America, a startling prospect: Voters Obama lost look to Sanders. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice then I’ll probably be voting for the rich white guy from Vermont.

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Deportation of illegal aliens drops to lowest level in nearly a decade. What can we do when the chief executive refuses to enforce the law, and the Speaker of the House is too drunk and cowardly to impeach him?

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Last Gun Shop in San Francisco Shuts Down After 63 Years. At the end of October San Francisco will automatically become the safest city in America. All gun crime will immediately cease because criminals will not be able to purchase legal guns in San Francisco anymore. FYI we’re offering the Golden Gate Bridge for sale to the first moron with a million bucks.

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CNN turns Chris Harper-Mercer into white man. And the Los Angeles Times portrayed him as a white supremacist, even though his mother is black which actually makes him, well, you know, someone who could be Barack Obama’s son.

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Hillary Clinton Believes It’s Time to Act on Gun Violence. Yep! Smartest women ever. Except not one of these things would have prevented the Oregon, Sandy Hook or Santa Barbara murders. Also, again we have someone who’s dimbulb enough to believe criminals will actually obey the law.

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Dead woman in McDonald’s sits unnoticed for 24 hours. Hey, it’s China, we should be glad they didn’t use her as burger meat.

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Swedish bishop wants to remove crosses from church and mark direction of Mecca to make it more inviting for Muslims. Do it! See how long before a bunch of Muslims shows up at your church to rape you pray.

Eva Brunne

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Students warned: Bulging biceps, big guns advance unhealthy masculinity. According to this, it’s better to be a douchebag.

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Sydney, Australia: “Just some enigmatic dude” – The Muslim protection racket isn’t just an American phenomenon. We just saw a newscaster say the 15-year old Aussie police killer “was on his way home”. Unfortunately, she neglected to mention that he was on his way home from his radical mosque. Oh, well, the news is a lot more fun on our round-the-world blog. Follow it at

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Oregon Shooter’s Father Says What Could Have Prevented His Shooting Rampage: ‘What Right Do You Have…’ So here we have a dad who basically has ignored his son who’s now whining and blaming the guns and the gun laws. It appears to us that had “dad” done his job and taken and interest in his son perhaps he wouldn’t have turned into a mass murdering nut job. The guns didn’t get up and shoot people by themselves. If you really want to blame someone “dad” perhaps you should go look in a mirror. We’ll take it one step further and ask: are you getting your 15 minutes of fame on a bunch of needlessly murdered people? Call  us cruel if you like, we feel sorry he lost his son but  our sympathy in this case goes only so far.

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Obama to Hillary: ‘There’s a Difference Between Running for President and Being President’. Obama has to tell Hillary this because even after nearly eight years in office he still can’t show her.

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Obama says Syria ‘is not some superpower chessboard contest’ Perhaps if Obama were as interested in his chess game as he is in his golf game Russia would not be an ascendant superpower. Although at this point it is probably for the best that Obama not challenge Putin to any direct contest. The President’s embarrassed us enough already.

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Bernie Sanders tells Latino lawmakers: Undocumented immigrants should benefit from Obamacare. Do we really need to give illegal aliens “benefits” while there are so many children starving in this country?

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Geraldo says 2nd Amendment is bullshit. Maybe we should heed his words, since he’s the nation’s foremost expert on bullshit.

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How Electoral College uses illegal aliens to put Democrats in White House. The more illegal aliens in the country, the more electoral votes Democrats have in future elections and the more congresscritters they have in the House of Representatives. It doesn’t matter if they become citizens—it’s based on the Census, which counts everybody.

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Sweden: ‘No Apartments, No Jobs, No Shopping Without a Gun.’ If not already there, this is coming to your USA city soon.

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Secret Service agents: Hillary is a nightmare to work with. She’ll be a nightmare as President, too. You want someone like this back in the White House? You can’t bet she doesn’t have the Secret Service vote.

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‘Welcomed in Hell and embraced by the devil’: Details of twisted letter left behind by Oregon college gunman as it’s revealed he had Asperger’s and was kicked out of the Army in 2008. Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook murderer also had Asperger’s. We wonder what kind of drugs the Oregon mass murderer was on?

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Someone should ask Obama why the suicide rate has gone up on his watch. If we look at the below chart we can see that the suicide rate (12.3%) is almost back up to the peak of 13% in 1986. It would appear to us there was a lot of hope and no change for a lot of people. We wonder if that qualifies Obama as a mass murderer?

Media preview

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From One “Bitter Clinger” To President Obama On Guns: You Don’t Get To Disarm Us.  Kurt Schlichter puts Obama in his place.

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Obama Uses Australia as Example of Effective Gun Control, Shooting Takes Place in Sydney Shortly After. Yet another in a long line of Obama fails.

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