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Millionaire Corporate Tool Kanye West Lectures Oxford Students About Greed, Materialism and the Need for a Classless Society: The last time we were subjected to a philosophic rant of this caliber we were in the lunch room at Shermer Middle School and the guy giving it had just crushed up a Ritalin pill and snorted it up his nose. Not surprisingly that guy later scored a 12 on the SAT and is currently employed doing cautionary tale style PSA’s where he provides a greater service to the community than Mr. West does or likely ever will.

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Nobel Peace Prize Committee OUSTS Chairman Who Crowned Obama With $1.4 Million Award. Perhaps they should give him the Nobel Moron Prize.

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THE OBVIOUS – Other Hillary State Dept Aides Held Private Email Addresses For Secretive Communication Oops! More transparency! Time for Hillary to dispatch more flying monkey boys!

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DEFENDING HILLARY: DAVID BROCK’S BIZARRE ‘MORNING JOE’ APPEARANCE. Hillary dispatches another one of her flying monkey boys.

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Stage 2 of the Hillary email scandal has been achieved, as yesterday’s “confused old lady who didn’t understand how email works” defense utterly collapsed with the Associated Press’ discovery that Clinton’s mail server was located in her house (her estate in Chappaqua, to be exact — the one she had to settle for because she was “dead broke” after Bill left office) and was registered under the name of a man who does not appear to exist.


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Al Franken apologizes “for being a guy.” Don’t worry about it, Mr. Smalley, you don’t have that much to apologize for.

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Jane Harman Estimates $500,000 Unreported Algerian Donation To Clintons Got Lost In System. We think they mean “lost” as in now that it’s found it suddenly became “lost.”

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Nancy Pelosi: Netanyahu speech ‘insulting to the intelligence of the United States.’ No just the Democrats. Oh wait, isn’t Democrat and intelligence an oxymoron?

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Hillary’s Flying Monkey Podesta Was Outraged Bush Aides Used Private Email Accounts. Someone please drop a house on her.

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Wow! Democrats LASH OUT at Netanyahu, Tell Him to Go Home, Call Him “a Child” Another group of people that think Obama’s ego is worth more than the lives of six million Jews.

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Obama: Israel’s Netanyahu ‘didn’t offer any viable alternatives’ in Iran Speech to Congress. Hey, we thought Obama couldn’t pay attention to Bibi’s speech because he had a “full day”.

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The New York Times Ad That Has The White House Furious. Got Rice?

susan rice genocide ad 001

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‘We were never going to win’: House GOP caves on immigration. As predicted Boehner bends forward for Obama. We hope he had a few Johnny Walker’s on the rocks to loosen him up.

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Don’t Laugh But The First Guy To Inspect Lois Lerner’s Hard Drive Was Legally Blind (We Told You Not To Laugh). Perhaps the IRS has invented braille hard drives.

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State Dept. now says they DID NOT review or approve donations to the Clinton Foundation. Lies and back peddaling? Looks like another normal day at the State Department, too.

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EPA files were destroyed, information was not shared, action was delayed, and they lied. Nothing to see here, just a normal day at the EPA.

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Valerie Jarrett: Obama Won’t Watch Netanyahu Speech Because He Is Too Busy, Has A “Full Day.” All the technology in the White House and they appear to have never heard of a DVR. Oy vey!

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Hillary Clinton’s Private E-Mail Draws Scrutiny. More Clinton cover-up. They found this email account we wonder how many more she has hiding about.

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Obama: Netanyahu Lacks Judgement. Says the man that drinks Bud Light, eats dogs and thought giving aid, training and weapons to future members of ISIS was a good idea.

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Luther Campbell: Netanyahu’s Speech Disses Black and Jewish Civil Rights Activists. We look forward to a day when Uncle Luke can view all men as having been created equal and is no longer willing to sacrifice the lives of another six million Jews simply because their unflappable determination to exist is currently incompatible with Obama’s ego.

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Obamacare Returns to SCOTUS. What Will Roberts Do? Whatever those who have access to his browser history tell him to.

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Obama Unveils National ObamaLaw Plan. Yes! Because Obamacare is such a success! Brownshirts anyone?

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Good News: Sheldon Silver’s Replacement Accepted Cash from Convicted Mobster. Nice to see the corruption continue unfettered. You have to love the welcome letter on his official website.

As Speaker of the Assembly, I am committed to advancing the interests of our state to help families thrive.

He really should have noted which families he was talking about.

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Texas Secessionist Meeting Rocked by Sudden Unannounced Terrifying Raid by Federal Agents and SWAT Teams, Members Searched and Fingerprinted! Meanwhile Al Sharpton can stir up riots and evade taxes and he get’s invited to the White House.

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TO LEVEL PLAYING FIELD, SATS SPOT BLACKS 230-POINT ‘BONUS,’ PENALIZE ASIANS 50 POINTS.  They should change it to RAT . Racist Academic Test.

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