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The ISIS map of the world. The black is their caliphate, all Christian and Jewish countries eliminated. It would be funny if we didn’t all suspect that Obama has a similar map in his head.

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German forests full of radioactive wild boar. If we can teach these nasty critters to parachute and then push them out of a plane over ISIS territory… Hey, it’s a better idea than anything Obama has so far.

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GERALDO RIVERA: SECOND AMENDMENT IS ‘BLIND AND STUPID.’ Was Jerry was looking in the mirror taking another selfie when he came up with that line?

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VP Joe Biden speaks in Detroit on Labor Day. There’s a lot wrong with this picture.

Fox says: “Several hundred people, mostly union workers, crowded old Tiger Stadium to hear vice president Joe Biden speak Monday morning ahead of the organized labor’s annual parade. ”

It’s comedy gold that in a union town like Detroit that Joe could only get “several hundred” people to turn out. Tiger Stadium’s capacity is 52,416. We fail to see how “several hundred people” could be “crowded.” You gotta love Biden saying “The American people have not stopped dreaming.” Who’s he talking about? American citizens or the “dreamers they want to make legal?”

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The Empire Strikes Back: Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown Files Appeal To Force Crappy Teachers On Poor Kids. Jerry returns the BJ the teacher’s union gave him during the last election.

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Advice for foreigners on how Britons walk. For extra reference please see the video provided below.

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Libyan militia uses vacated U.S. Embassy in Libya as swim club. Darn! We thought we were going to see some sexxy Libyan women in burquinis.

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Pink Glocks? CA Lawmakers Target Makers of Toy Guns. Looks like the brain trust in Sacramento is incapable of figuring out that the first thing the crooks will do is start painting their guns bright colors thus rendering this law useless.

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Atlantic City losing 2 casinos, 5K jobs in 3 days. The first result of the 2014 Summer of Recovery is in.

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Ex-President Jimmy Carter says he still prays for peace in Middle East. Jimmy the Dhimmi.

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Having solved all other problems, Obama to fix your dishwasher. Which means like everything else that Obama touches, dishwashers soon won’t be worth a damn.

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Michael Sam out. Not out of the closet this time – out of the NFL because the St. Louis Rams cut him. As expected. That hissing sound you hear is the air going out of the LGBT community.

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Misunderstanderers of Islam Threaten to Machine-Gun Ohio School and Bomb Chicago Police. Yes, it looks like the FBI is right, we have no domestic Muslim terrorist.

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IRS Warns of Phone Scam In Which Fake IRS Demands Money, Threatens Arrest. The motto here is don’t steal the IRS hates competition.

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Louisiana Democrat Sen. Landrieu faces more questions about her residency. Pete Stark in California pulled this, too. Used mommie’s address in California as his residence then wrote the property taxes on his house in Maryland off on his income tax. Typical lying Democrats.

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Myth of arctic meltdown: Stunning satellite images show summer ice cap is thicker and covers 1.7million square kilometres MORE than 2 years ago…despite Al Gore’s prediction it would be ICE-FREE by now. First the Antarctic sets a recrd, now this. It appears we won’t be having BBQ Polar Bear on a stick anytime soon.

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FBI National Domestic Threat Assessment Omits Islamist Terrorism. Evidently they never heard of Dearbornistan or Detroitistan. Someone please send them a map.

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Beige Obama says Don’t Worry Be Happy, the world is a much better place. The president says Americans, confused and discombobulated by social media, simply don’t understand what a great job he’s done. Someone please tell him the stuff he’s smoking now is more powerful than the “ganja” he smoked as a teenager.

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California passes creepy new “Dear Leader” education law. AB1912, passed earlier this month by the California Assembly 76-1, is “an opportunity for Obama to take his rightful place in California textbooks,” and will “make sure that future generations understand that the election of our nation’s first African American president was a historic step.”

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Ouch: Harry Reid Just Received A Very Public Humiliation From His Own Alma Mater. Perhaps they should install an outhouse. We’d bet they’d raise the funds to put Harry Reid’s name on that in no time at all.

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Idiotic: VA Training Manual Depicts Angry Veterans as Sesame Street Character. Well, this is all you veterans need to know about what the morons who run the VA think about you.

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ISIS laptop reveals doomsday plan of weaponizing bubonic plague for mass death. Nothing to worry about, ISIS is just the Junior Varsity.

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Donut Emergency!!! Five Miami Police Vehicles Busted Flashing Emergency Lights on Way to Breakfast. Bad Cop = No Donut.

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Saudi king warns West will be jihadists’ next target. Meanwhile President Excuse tells crowd: Media to blame for sense ‘world falling apart.’ Yes, we know, all is well at the golf course. Our President knows less about what’s going on than the King of Saudi Arabia.

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CNN’S RACE-BAIT BUMP ENDS; BACK TO WRESTLING MSNBC FOR LAST PLACE. Hey, at least they’re still ahead of Al Jazeera! Eleventy!

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