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Lindsey Graham unfiltered: jokes about white men, Baptists. Joke or Freudian slip? Perhaps he should consider running on the KKK ticket.

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, who is toying with the idea of a presidential bid, joked in a private gathering this month that “white men who are in male-only clubs are going to do great in my presidency,” according to an audio recording of his comments provided to CNN.

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USDA Pays $17,500 for College Students to Wear Fat Vests. We suggest the people at the USDA who are responsible for this wear brain hats, so they can see what it’s like to have something between their ears.

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Judge approves California city’s bankruptcy plan. Do they have a bond status that’s below junk? Stockton just hit it. $2 billion down the credit tube.

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Lena Dunham goes topless in Instagram campaign for Planned Parenthood: Should this picture get wide enough dissemination Planned Parenthood will be faced with the all new challenge of insurmountable dearth of supply.

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Dem candidate for governor of Wisconsin was fired for incompetence. By her own family.

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Ignorant nimrods at EPA decide to ban Argon. To paraphrase Shakespeare: the first thing we do, let’s kill all the bureaucrats. Never mind that Argon is a chemically inert noble gas, which makes it completely safe, how do you ban the third most common element in air?

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US Envoy: To Defeat ISIS, We Must Highlight ‘Our Profound Respect’ for Islam. No wonder we can’t win a war. How did this guy ever get to be a general in the USMC? Ass-kissing? Where’s Patton when you need him?

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Tim Cook Comes Out of the iCloset: We’ve a strong belief in what Jefferson called the “natural aristocracy”. In this situation that can, and does, mean that we’ve no real interest in what Cook does in his private time and so long as he doesn’t stray too far from Job’s vision we will likely continue to be a fan of the products he is responsible for. However one thing within his statement did strike us as odd.

Being gay has given me a deeper understanding of what it means to be in the minority and provided a window into the challenges that people in other minority groups deal with every day.

We think this statement is lacking in sophistication. The depth of Cooks empathy is severely limited as -unlike African Americans under Jim Crow- he could keep this part of his identity secret and -unlike the Christians under Nero- he kept that identity secret until it became a benefit to him professionally.

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Breaking: ISIS Drops iPhones After Apple CEO Tim Cook Opens Up About Being Gay. Perhaps the CIA should let it out that all the weapons and explosives manufacturers are run by gays, too. Meanwhile, we assume anal jihad is still OK.

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Michael Jordan Says He Wouldn’t Golf With President Obama.

“I never said he wasn’t a great politician, I just said he was a shitty golfer,” said Jordan, who reportedly golfs with a 3 handicap, indicating a scoring average in the mid-70s.

IOHO he’s a shitty president, too.

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WENDY DAVIS’ BOOK HAS EVEN LOWER NUMBERS THAN HER CAMPAIGN. In our opinion Abortion Barbie’s book reviews are comical. Below are a few titles.

I am Texas Woman hear me roar.


George Patton would be proud of Wendy Davis. (Frankly we think he’d barf).

And our favorite review:

Wendy Davis Forgetting to be a Mom. So now we know not only did Wendy Davis chest on her husband, walk out on her husband, abandon their 2 daughters BUT she aldo aborted 2 babies! Sounds like a pattern of a person unwilling to accept responsibility and quits when things get tough! Sound like Wendy Davis “Forgot to be a Mom”


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Police Issue Arrest Warrant for Husband of Dem State Senator After GOP Volunteers Catch Him Red-Handed on Video. Nothing to see here. Just another case of the Democrat mantra the ends always justify the means. Besides, they always have crooked voting machines to fall back on.

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Video: Doctor quarantined in California after return from Liberia. Unlike nurse it’s all about me in Maine, this guy realizes you don’t want to let the Ebola cat out of the bag.

“I’m California’s most experienced Ebola physician. I won’t take a single chance,” said Dr. Bucks in a New York Times interview. “My wife is away, my dog is away — there’s no downside to a little personal convenience, 3 weeks will pass.”

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Ebola nurse showdown: Maine governor sends state troopers to home of nurse threatening to break quarantine – despite residents branding her ‘selfish.’ At least there’s one guy who won’t put up with her self-centered nonsense.

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Houston drops controversial pastor subpoenas.  Mayor Gaystapo backs down.

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Muslims in France: 7.5% of the general population, 60% of the prison population.

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Obamacare sends health premiums skyrocketing by as much as 78 percent. Well Nancy Pelosi, we’re sure finding out what’s in it. Bend forward.

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Investigator of Secret Service prostitution scandal also linked to prostitution. If we were the White House press weasel we’d spin this into – he was deep undercover during the investigation.

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Pro-Abortion NARAL Running Ads Claiming GOP Senate Candidate Cory Gardner Will Cause Condom Shortages…. Funny, we though global warming was going to cause condom shortages.

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Ask Well: Can You Get Ebola From a Toilet Seat? We can’t wait for the CDC brain trust to contradict this one.

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Washington Post publishes voter guide to where illegals can vote without ID. Then the Chicago chapter of Asian Americans Advancing Justice tweets the guide to followers. And then La Raza retweets the guide to its followers. But don’t worry: Democrats assure us there is no voter fraud.

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ALERT! Insurance Companies Begin Writing ‘Ebola Exclusions’ into Policies. So much for Obolacare’s no pre-existing conditions BS.

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Alaska incumbent Sen. Mark Begich avoids even saying ‘Obama.’ Like Betelgeuse if you say his name 3 times he’ll show up and ruin your chances for election.

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Over 214,000 Doctors Opt Out of Obamacare Exchanges. If you like your doctor, he’ll probably tell you to p**s off.

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POLL: 80% BACK EBOLA QUARANTINES. Quit backing President Obola or this will never happen.

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