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75% of Stories Ignore Law That Might Derail Newtown Gun Suit. Don’t worry, the new Republican Congress will screw this one up, too.

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Forget humans, RODENTS are the climate villains: Squirrels and beavers are contributing to global warming far more than previously thought. Save the planet! Eat a beaver!

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Democrats demand better treatment of transgender illegal immigrant children. No, this is not a link to The Onion.

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Jeb’s killer flaw — the name, not the ideology. Nice try at throwing the Bush card but we’re not buying it. We’d be happy to vote for a Bush who was against Obaños immigration fiasco, against the one world order BS and was anti-common core, to name a few reasons we won’t even hold our nose.

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Fail! McConnell Won’t Explain ‘No’ Vote Against Cruz’s Point Of Order On Executive Amnesty. It must be a turtle thing.


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Man Who Waterboarded KSM Rips Democrat ‘Torture’ ReportTell us how you really feel!

“These asshole Democrats never bothered to interview him or anyone from the CIA, and now his life is in danger. All so that hag Dianne Feinstein could get get some headlines.”

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Life on Mars? So far, NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has found both water and methane, the latter of which the planet mysteriously “burps” at irregular intervals. Sounds like another global warming problem begging for UN attention, eh?

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Obama begins talks to normalize relations with Cuba. Viva compañero Obama! When’s he going to grow a beard, wear a red beret and start smoking cigars?

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Bill Ayers: The United States Is the Foremost Threat to World Peace Today. This idiot is certainly a waste of oxygen.

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FLASHBACK: Valerie Jarrett Mistakes 4-Star General For Waiter. Oopsie! Where’s Holder?

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BEST-SELLING AUTHOR BRAD THOR: ‘IF JEB BUSH IS THE NOMINEE, I WILL NEVER VOTE REPUBLICAN AGAIN.’ That seems to be a trend because in this case clothespins won’t work.

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Obama overturns ban preventing criminal Ecuadorean Democratic donor from entering U.S. As long as some of that laundered money ends up in the Democrat coffers, what difference does it make?

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$524,403 Gov’t Study Examines Link Between Diabetes and Lesbian, Bisexual Women. Ummm…cuz they’re fat?

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In new interview, Obamas recall personal racial slights.

“The only person who came up to me in the [Target] store was a woman who asked me to help her take something off a shelf. Because she didn’t see me as the first lady, she saw me as someone who could help her,” Michelle Obama told People magazine, recalling a trip she made to Target, according to excerpts released Wednesday.

Perhaps it was because she was tall? Oh no, that couldn’t be. That customer had to be racist.

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For second year in a row, Obama wins Lie Of The Year. This year’s winning effort was really two lies in one. First the president called ISIS the “jayvee team.” Then, a few months later, when events on the ground were making him look silly, he turned around and claimed he never said it.

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Federal court nixes taxpayer-funded sex change for wife killer. No schlongectomy for you! This could be Time’s gurlyman of the year.

Michelle Kosilek.JPG

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US Army officer who deserted to join the French Foreign Legion where he had glittering career is jailed for four years. Joining the Taliban = good, joining the French Foreign Legion = bad.

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How did a plumber’s truck from Texas end up in the hands of Islamic fighters on the front lines of Syria? That’s one helluva rotor rooter on the back.

How'd it get there? This truck, once owned by Mark-1 Plumbing in Texas City, Texas, is seen here in an Islamist propaganda photo

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Re-tread: George Pataki looks at 2016 POTUS run. We guess if the Democrats can dig up voters in graveyards that the Republicans can dig up candidates.

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People Magazine’s worst selling issue this year? The one with Hillary Clinton on the cover. Isn’t this considered torture?

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Russia’s Economic Problems Just Getting More Grim By The Day. Time for a good old fashioned purge comrades?

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De Blasio Delays JetBlue Flight. The peeeepole’s Comrade Mayor is so glorious! Peasants can wait!

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Federal Judge: Obama’s Amnesty UNCONSTITUTIONAL. How long before this judge gets run over by a bus on his way across the street for coffee?

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Taliban Demand Investigation of U.S. for ‘Violations of International Humanitarian Laws.’ We’re not certain if our Hubris Meter or our Irony Meter is spinning faster. They have generated enough electricity to run a small country for a month or two.

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