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Another Professional Hollywood/Leftist Racism Fail – Django Actress Daniele Watts Accuses Police Of Racism for PDA Sex in public? And now you know the rest of the story.

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Clinton insiders screened Benghazi documents before ARB probe, official says. Well, they said ‘unfettered,’ they just forgot to say when the unfettering began.

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Grimes ad blasts away at Obama and McConnell. Obama, the toxic president.

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CDC issues Ebola checklist: ‘Now is the time to prepare.’ Nothing to worry about here, please move on.

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The Bad Touch president. After nearly six years in office, Obama is still ignorant – or unconcerned – about how and when it is appropriate for the Commander-in-chief to touch people in a military setting. If he’s not lovingly embracing the traitorous Bob Bergdahl, he’s insultingly patting up and down the arms of Medal of Honor winners.

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In developing his ersatz strategy to combat ISIS… Obama rejected the “best military advice” of his top military commander in the Middle East, as delivered to him by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Why? Well, because Obama went to Harvard and is real smart so he don’t need no stinkin’ military advice.

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“Startling” allegation from State Department official. Prior to providing documents to the Accountability Review Board investigating Benghazi, Hillary Clinton confederates spent a whole weekend culling from the provided information anything that made Hillary look bad. In other words, nothing ever changes with this woman.

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“Obama Plans Major Ebola Offensive” We weren’t really worried about the Ebola outbreak until we saw that headline this morning.

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Extent of Antarctic sea ice reaches record levels, scientists say. How cold is it? The Penguins are asking for people to send blankets.

Satellite image showing Antarctic sea ice

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The Panera Bread Company Just Delivered A Blow To The 2nd Amendment Debate In America. We used to spend a lot at the Panera down the street. We’re now spending it at the deli instead.

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Vermont bans brownies, turns kids on to kale, gluten-free paleo lemon bars. Just put marijuana in those brownies then liberals will approve them.

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Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick’s (Arizona-01) campaign float spurns American flag for Mexican one. Perhaps she should move to Mexico and run for office there.


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Cameron on ISIS: ‘They are Not Muslims. They are Monsters.’ Looks like Britain has their own version of Obama. What does the I in ISIS stand for? Umm…Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

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5 lies that have shaped the Obama presidency. Only 5?

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Transparently Bad: U.S. Whistleblowers Feel Blowback. In the Obama administration, snitches get stitches.

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This school district in California now has a military-grade ARMORED TRUCK just like the ones US soldiers ride to combat in Afghanistan. While we could chide the chief for wanting this in case of a major food fight, we feel the defensive reason for having this armored truck available for rescue is valid.

The school district’s police chief, Rueben Littejohn, says the truck is intended to be used as a rescue vehicle that could evacuated [sic] up to 40 children in the event of an emergency.

Meanwhile here’s the “expert” point of view.

School safety expert Robert Macy disagrees.

‘A school that has someone in charge of the school safety plan and someone in charge of what you do when someone is on campus and they practice the protocols — you are going to get more mileage out of that than many armed vehicles,’ Macy, who heads the International Trauma Center, told VICE News.

‘It’s not as easy as putting big heavy weaponry on campus.’

‘A tank is cartoonish,’ he added. ‘It gives the school a false sense of security.’

We don’t know where they found this “expert” but we’d send him back. First it’s not a tank. Second safety plans and protocols aren’t going to stop bullets. Third it’s been stripped of all weaponry.

This digitally altered image shows what school police officials in San Diego want their new armored truck to look like

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NBC’s 3 Steps for Home Invasion Defense: Use Wasp Spray Illegally, Treat Invader ‘Like Royalty’ and Don’t Own a Gun. We’re waiting for this genius to say that you can only use Wasp spray on White Anglo Saxon Protestants.

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Richard Branson failed to deliver on $3bn climate change pledge. Evidently keeping the green is more important than being green.

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Islam: sexually enslaving children worldwide. The Muslim-run sex ring in Rotherham, England, is the rule, not the exception. Matters are even worse in Muslim-majority nations where the government itself is usually commandeered to support the perversions.

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High School Principal Outlaws Chick-fil-A Sandwiches Over Gay Rights.. Short of committing some real crime such as murder, we believe that only a moron would cut off a large donor to a school.

The Chick-fil-A restaurant located in Ventura and its owner, Robert Shaffer, have donated $21,000 to the Ventura school district since the franchise first opened its doors.

The restaurant had planned to donate about 200 meals for the Ventura High School Football Booster Club to sell at the fundraiser. The booster club expected to raise about $1,600, which it would use for uniforms, food and other purchases.

Here’s the alleged moron’s email address should you care to provide him with your opinion.

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TV Commercial’s ‘Political Nature’ Led National Network to Yank It. See If You Can Spot the Problem. If she’d pledged allegiance to Obama it would have probably been left up.

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Video: Wisconsin voter-ID law reinstated by federal court for midterms. The Wisconsin Democrats are going to have to change their mantra to ‘One Person-One Vote.’

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Wondering why it’s so cold outside? The “largest climate march in history” is scheduled for September 21st in New York. The People’s Climate March is intended to pressure the United Nations into doing something about Global Warming. That’s why.

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