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Tina Brown Won’t Comment on Clinton Foundation Taking Money from Nations That Oppress Women: Come on guys women are gonna be oppressed no matter what we do, might as well make sure that it is a woman who is doing it!

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Women suing sperm bank for fraud. A man whose “deposits” have fathered dozens of children was touted as having an IQ of 160, an undergraduate degree in neuroscience and a master’s degree in artificial intelligence, and a start on his Ph.D. in neuroscience engineering. Actually, the guy is a schizophrenic college drop-out who was arrested for burglary.

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Israeli TV: Obama ‘president of Iran.’ Obama must have a tan Members Only jacket in his closet.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 12.14.59 AM

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Indicted Menendez Co-Conspirator Hosted Clintons at Lavish Dominican Villa. More play to pay? Any underage hookers around?

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New York City (Via De Blasio) Re-Enters Race For “Most Dangerous City” Status – 20 Weekend Shootings It looks like de Blasio is making his bones for his presidential run.

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Pressure grows on Marines to consider lowering combat standards for women. Yes, by all means, lets be PC and get people killed.

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New Book, ‘Clinton Cash,’ Questions Foreign Donations to Foundation. You gotta pay if you want to play.



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Anti Christian leftists on Tim Tebow signing with Eagles. Why don’t they complain about Sharpton or Jackson being Christians? Hmmm?

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Hilarious: Clown de Blasio in Secret Bid to be Dems’ 2016 Nominee. Instead of a cabinet he’ll have a drum circle.

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Are you a sex trafficker with child sex slaves? Planned Parenthood doesn’t have a problem with that.

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NYTimes op-ed: it was a mistake to believe the Hockey Stick. Now the warmists tell us they knew all along that Michael Mann’s graph was BS.

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The curious incident of the cop in the night-time.

“The cop did nothing in the night-time.”

“That was the curious incident.”

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“Trustworthy”? Brutal New Video Could Help Shatter Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Glass Ceiling Aspirations. Trustworthy + Hillary = Oxymoron.

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Filthy Liberals Celebrate Earth Day By Completely Trashing the National Mall!! Not only is there garbage. Look at all the plastic water bottles and Styrofoam containers!

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BREAKING: Citizens in This State Just Hit 3 Anti-Gun Lawmakers With Recall Petitions. We need more of this. If you can’t hit them with common sense hit them in the wallet.

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Chris Christie want’s to find “the right balance” on gun control. The right balance is called the Second Amendment. All Christie is, is another RINO pandering to the left, who will never vote for anyone with an R after their name.

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FBI admits that ALL its forensic experts exaggerated hair evidence at every criminal trial for nearly 20 years. Then the government wonders why only morons trust them anymore.

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Hillary’s Next Scandal to Break Soon…Passenger Lists of Her Flights Ordered Released by Judge.

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Ben Affleck’s ancestors owned slaves and he doesn’t want you to know. So that infamous beer-summit pipsqueak, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., host of PBS’s Finding Your Roots, censored the awkward discovery about Ben’s family out of his show. They should rename the show Finding Your Roots And Covering Them Up.

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HERE ARE THE PARANOID CREEPY RULES HILLARY HAD FOR ‘EVERY DAY AMERICANS’ TO MEET WITH HER. If you think Obama’s “transparent” wait until paranoid grandma gets in the White House.

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Another NBC reporter revises phony war story, this time in re his kidnapping. This begs the question does anyone at NBS tell the truth?

Richard Engel

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Surprised solar customers find themselves with liens. They just stuck their investment on your roof. Bend forward.

Photo courtesy of Jeff Leeds

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Feds Spent $410,265 Studying ‘Satisfaction’ Levels of Young Gay Men’s First Time. The new official song of the taxpayers whose money was pissed away on this study should be I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.

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April Blizzard Causes 70-Vehicle Pile-Up on Wyoming Interstate. It’s that dreaded warmal snowing.

IMAGE: 70-vehicle pile-up in Wyoming

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Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch launches ‘Hookers for Hillary.’ Want to guess where Bill wants the Western White House to be?

Nevada sex workers at Dennis Hof's famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch have launched a "Hookers for Hillary" Clinton website that endorses the former secretary of state's campaign for president. (Hookers for Hillary)

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