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When Asked ‘Yes or No’ Obama Question, Dem Senate Candidate Provides an Answer That Leaves Audience Laughing. Hopefully they’ll laugh all the way to the voting booth and vote for Brown.

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Dem Senate Candidate in N.C. Skips Debate. Well, either she was ripping off Clint Eastwood and his empty chair, or she didn’t want to answer any questions about her alleged judge bribe.

Anti-Gun Democrat Arrested At Ferguson Protest With Pistol, Reeking Of Alcohol. Hypocrite.

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Did Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) bribe a judge? On October 14, 2009, she submitted the name of Superior Court Judge Calvin E. Murphy for nomination to a lifetime seat as a U.S. District Court judge. On October 23, nine days later, Judge Murphy ruled in favor of her husband in a multi-million-dollar lawsuit.

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CNN YANKED FROM DISH NETWORK: WILL 14 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS EVEN NOTICE? Evidently CNN will take your money but they won’t dish it out.

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IL Poll Workers Break Law – Tell Obama to “Vote Democrat” at Chicago Polling Booth (Video). Like the voting machines in Chicago will let you vote for anything else?

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Feinstein’s fundraising plea for Democratic majority. We love the smell of desperation in the morning, it smells like…… Republican victory!

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Obama jokes about six-year-old unpaid bills stacked up in his Chicago home. “We’re leaving town so we don’t have to pay these bills,” pretty much describes his attitude as president, too.

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Young MMA Fighter Get’s A Mouthful Of Humility After Underestimating Older Man In A Boxing Match. Today’s feelgood story for all us old farts. Don’t mess with grandpa, he’ll kick your ass.

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Woman Kept Father’s Mummified Corpse In Storage, Collected His Social Security for Two Decades. We bet he’s voted Democrat for 20 years, too.

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DHS imposes new restrictions on travelers from Ebola-stricken countries. Don’t get excited, it’s just another President Obola placebo.

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Pro-Hagan Flier Uses Lynching Image, Warns Of ‘Obama’s Impeachment’ If Democrat Loses. It appears the North Carolina Democrats are returning to their KKK roots.

Pro-Hagan flyer has a picture of a lynching. Was put on cars parked at a Fayetteville church on Sunday #ncpol #ncsen

— Paul Woolverton (@FO_Woolverton) October 20, 2014

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Fed Up With Govt Misconduct, Federal Judge Takes Nuclear Option. Government fraud? Just another day in Obamaland.

Federal Prosecutor Alleges Boss Pressured Him To Engage in ‘Unethical Conduct’; Judge Calls Abuses ‘Egregious,’ ‘Pervasive,” and “Reprehensible”

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Cook County voting machine won’t let Republican vote for himself. “I cannot say whether or not this was intentional,” said candidate Jim Moynihan after the machine kept registering a vote for his Democrat opponent every time he tried to vote for himself, “but Cook County voters deserve better.” Yes they do and they have for a long time.

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FBI REPORT ON MASS SHOOTINGS RIDDLED WITH ERRORS, APPEARS TO PUSH POLITICAL AGENDA. It appears some people at the FBI have either graduated Common Core math courses with honors, or they hired some global warming experts.

Of the 160 cases the FBI discussed, many were not mass shootings at all, but rather other incidents that included a firearm in public. In 32 of the counted occurrences, no one was killed; in 35 others, only one person was killed.

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MASTER DEBATER: Wendy Davis Attacks Abbott With Dildos. Evidently Abortion Barbie has some deep issues.

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Thousands of federal workers on extended paid leave. The abuse of your tax-dollars continues unabated.

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OUTRAGEOUS! WHITE HOUSE DELETES PETITION TO STOP EBOLA! It appears President Obola just told the entire country to eff off.

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Surveillance Video Apparently Catches Guy Doing Something at the Ballot Box That Left Republican Monitor Stunned. As good of an example as any why voter ID should be required.

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Obamanesia: polls reveal people can’t remember voting for Obama. This explains how the same Democrats keep getting elected over and over. Democrats have selective memory loss.

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Ebola Czar thinks overpopulation is world’s biggest issue. Who better to battle Ebola than a guy who can look at a pandemic and see, not a problem, but a solution?

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Shooting Santa to Save the World. No, it’s not that reindeer farts are causing global warming.

If you ever doubted that warmism endorses a preening, totalitarian disdain for the lives and rights of others, take up a copy of “Climate Change” by graphic novelist Philippe Squarzoni, who imagines how virtuous it would be to go berserk with an assault rifle in a shopping mall. And yes, he’s not joking

So we have Rajendra Pachauri, Chairman of the IPCC writing porn novels and now this dude writing a gore novel (pun intended). Yet more proof the patients are running the insane asylum.

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Military to deploy Ebola response team within U.S.- It is curious, the military that could not be used to protect the citizens from foreign Ebola will now be used to control them because of it.

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Poll: 64% of Americans Say Things Are Completely out of Control. Remember, this poll was done on left-leaning Politico, which says a lot.

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