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Man bites dog! According to reports, a pissed-off Christian in Syria beheaded an ISIS jihadist.

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Rabbi Jonah Pesner on CNN: Taking a stand against hate speech We hope the day never comes when Reactionary Islam has the power to show Rabbi Pesner just how wrong he is about them. But should that day ever arrive he won’t get an ‘I told you so’ from those he is insulting now. He will get their undying devotion to the preservation of his life, culture and people.

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Baltimore DA Caught on Tape Promising in Church to Get Justice for Black Community ‘By Any Means Necessary.’ At this point we’re amazed the state doesn’t fire her for being incompetent.

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Former House Speak Dennis Hastert Indicted; Allegedly Paid Someone $3.5 Million To Conceal “Prior Misconduct”…Update: Breaking Now…Payoff To Man For Sexual Misconduct That Occurred When Hastert Was Teacher/Coach. It looks like Hastert’s next lobbying job will be for NAMBLA.

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Clinton Foundation shook down supermodel’s charity.  Bill only wanted a piddling $500,000 bribe honorarium, nothing to see here.

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FAA endangers public safety through illegal racial ‘diversity’ obsession. Soon Al Qaeda and ISIS won’t need to hijack planes and crash them. Our new crop of PC moron air traffic controllers will do it for them.

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See Why McDonalds’ Workers Won’t Have to Worry About Making ‘Minimum Wage’ Much Longer. One picture is worth a thousand paychecks.

McDonald's Kiosks

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Man named BACON arrested in fight over last piece of sausage. Some where in this there’s a joke, but we just can’t come up with it.

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Bernie Sanders Once Wrote That Women Fantasize About Being Gang-Raped. So what else has this old perv been up to? Or do we want to know?

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Judge Roy Moore: Impeach Ginsburg for Marrying Two Men Ahead of SCOTUS Ruling on Gay Marriage. Great idea! Let’s give Obama the chance to appoint someone even worse!

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The FCC rolls out a plan to give free broadband internet to Obamaphone users. Yet more income redistribution.

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20-Year-Old Video Surfaces, Reveals Who Barack Obama REALLY is. Grandpa’s buddy Frank Marshall the Commie, pornographer pedophile.

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Judge Blasts Administration Lawyer In Congress’ Separation Of Powers Lawsuit. Evidently the Judge (God bless her) doesn’t agree with King Obama that if Congress tells him “NO!” that it’s OK to have a temper-tantrum and do what he wants anyway.

U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer

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Government s’mores: Michelle O’s food police reinventing campfire treat. At least this doesn’t involve mystery meat.

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Bill Nye the Liar Guy Claims ‘Science Funding’ Is In The US Constitution. He must have checked with our Constitutional Professor President Obama on this one before shooting his mouth off.

crossed fingers behind back

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Confirmed: State Dept Knew Immediately Benghazi Was A Terrorist Attack. It’s a sad state of affairs when the Obama Administration, Hillary Clinton and her State Department ignore pleas for increased security, lie about the cause of the attack, falsely arrests an innocent man and locks him up to bolster their lie about the cause and then lies about the fact that they immediately knew it was a terrorist attach and not a bunch on insulted Muslims.

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Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert Faces Federal Charges.  Meanwhile the Feds completely ignore the Clinton’s and their currency acrobatics and payoffs.

Dennis Hastert

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Seriously, is this what presidential elections have come to? Is it all about whose comic book is better?

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Egyptian TV commentators laugh at and skewer President Obama. After watching this short video, you will naturally wonder why you don’t hear this sort of thing on U.S. television.

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The words Scott Walker did not say. Brought to you by another Politico nitwit.

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Hillary Clinton’s Southern Accent Returns. Yankee carpet bagger! Y’all remember Hillary. Y’all is singular, y’alls is plural and y’alls y’alls is plural possessive.

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More Bad News For Clinton: Trustworthiness Is In The Tank. We can’t even begin to wonder what kind of morons the 39% who trust her are like.

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When Republicans propose over-the-counter birth control, liberals suddenly oppose women’s choice. Based upon this the GOP should immediately tell everyone they’re voting for Hillary.

the pill

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Unrest will cost city $20 million, officials estimate. No, they’re not going to pay for cleaning up their own pig sty. They expect FEMA to reimburse them 75% of $20 million which is $15 million of your tax dollars. Yet another bend forward moment.

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Los Angeles Unions Want An Exemption From The Minimum Wage Law They Just Lobbied For. The rats are baiting the cheeses for business owners. Then, just when they think they’ve got it, wham!

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