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Hatchet-Wielding Man Shot and Killed After Vicious Attack on Officers in NYC. Sounds like another terrorist wannabe attack.

Hatchet Attack on NYC Police - Terror Link?

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Patient in New York City Tests Positive for Ebola. Yep! It can’t happen here! This guy went on Uber and went bowling. We wonder how many he infected? Hopefully none.


The doctor, Craig Spencer, 33, returned from Guinea 10 days ago after treating Ebola patients there. Since returning, Spencer rode the A, L, and No. 1 subway lines, went running, used an Uber livery cab, and went to a bowling alley in Williamsburg called the Gutter Wednesday night, said Dr. Mary Bassett, the city’s health commissioner. He also visited the High Line park in Manhattan at some point, she said. He began exhibiting a fever and diarrhea on Thursday morning,

Brilliant! Just brilliant!

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Wendy Davis: Greg Abbott Is Exploiting His Handicap. Dig deeper baby!

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BOEHNER GOES BIG ON EXECUTIVE AMNESTY: ‘OBAMA ADMINISTRATION HIDING THE TRUTH‘. Oh look! Captain Obvoius came out of the bar to say something.

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He Wore a Navy SEAL Trident Without Earning It and Now He’s Running For Congress. Wanna guess what party this guy’s a member of? Shame-shame-shame.

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FBI warns media: Journalists ‘desirable targets’ for ISIL. This must exclude most of the MSM. Perhaps some of the people at Fox News might be worried.

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Charlie Rangel: ISIS Not A Direct Threat To U.S. Security. Yes Charlie. That’s why the FBI issued a warning today. Clueless.

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Some U.S. hospitals weigh withholding care to Ebola patients. Perhaps they found out Ebola isn’t covered under Obolacare?

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Report: WH Lied About Releasing Illegal Immigrants Charged With Violent Crimes. What would be a headline is if someone in the White House actually told the truth for once.

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HILARIOUS: CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE FARTS ON-AIR DURING CANDIDATE FORUM. How do you spin a fart? We’re waiting for his Democrat opponent to complain he contributes to global warming too much.

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URGENT — FBI and DHS Issue Bulletin Warning of IS Attacks on Police in U.S. What? No threats from white christian conservative Tea Party members? Well slap us silly.

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Obama Asserts Fast and Furious Executive Privilege Claim for Holder’s Wife. It shouldn’t be long before Executive Amnesty is required. Don’t hold your breath for the GOP to hit on this any time soon.

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Democrats ‘expanding the map.’ Dippy Debbie must have found those other 7 states President Obola was talking about.

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Union demands send Japanese firm, jobs packing from California town. In most places this would be called what it appears to be – extortion. Chalk up another loss for Jerry Brown and California.

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Ewwww! Drunk Chinese man takes shortcut home from pub to avoid argument with wife – but ends up falling into tank of raw sewage. Next time you think you’re having a bad day, think of this guy.

Drunk: Chi Fang, 42, fell into a container full of raw sewage when he took a short cut home from the pub in the hope of avoiding an argument with his wife

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California prisons to end policy that segregated inmates by race after riots. Sounds like a great way to reduce the prison population if you ask us.

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Running Scared: Maryland Democrats Play The Race Card. The Democrats must have used up the whole deck by now.


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[Video] Canadian PM Harper Acknowledges Parliament Shooting Was ISIS Linked Terrorist Attack. Wow! Truth in governent! Something seldom if ever seen in the USA lately.

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“No Trademarks, No Peace” – Mike Brown Family Involved In Robbery Assault Over T-Shirt Sales (Video) It appears assault is a family tradition. For a trademark or copyright violation they should have just called DHS.

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NEW YORK TIMES TRIES TO DISCREDIT NRA ON BRUCE BRALEY’S GUN CONTROL STANCE. They should consider changing the name of the paper to Delusional Times.

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Cartoon of the year from the Halifax Chronicle-Herald. Cartoonist Bruce MacKinnon has drawn one for the ages. Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.

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‘F*** You Chinatown!’: Bottle-Wielding San Francisco Tour Guide Caught on Video Going on Vile, Racist Rant. But but she’s black, she can’t be racist! (Just as the Attorney General about that one).


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Read the Tough Letter a U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner Sent to Houston Mayor Regarding Sermon Subpoena: ‘A Chilling Effect.’ Hopefully this will have a chilling effect on her Gestapo tactics.

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Black newspaper was offered facts of Mike Brown shooting a month ago… but refused to print the facts because the editor was worried about alienating his newspaper’s audience.

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A whopping 9% of likely voters “enthusiastic” about Barack Obama. They probably couldn’t print what the other 91% had to say.

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